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#it makes me cry

I finally gave in and downloaded the newest phone update, and, if I’m being honest, I hate it. It has everything I hate in a phone interface. My phone now looks like a generic ugly phone. Is there a way to edit uhhh everything about a Huawei phone update? Cause I wanna send this bitch flying.

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“I’d give him all that I am. I’d give him all that I was. I’d open up a vein. I’d tie our hearts together, chamber by chamber.”


Like honestly, I had just read it and I swear to god I had choked up. I teared up. The sheer fucking beauty of this. The tenderness. The sadness.

And you know what surprised me the most? That it’s Simon who says this. Or thinks this. But yes. Simon.

Like, I had got to know about this quote before I had read the book and I just assumed that Baz must have said that because it’s so poetic. Baz is the one who thinks and says hopelessly romantic and poetic stuff like that.

But it was Simon.

And that just completely caught me off guard, made me breathless.

Like you see how they are both struggling to talk. Their relationship is in a rough phase. They can’t make sense of the chaos.

But we also know that in the end, they are in love. They are irrevocably in love. They just can’t express that.

And then Simon thinking this… Okay. I had cried. I had cried for a good ten minutes before I started reading again. I have always complained that we do not get enough of Simon appreciating Baz or Simon expressing how much he loves him.

But these four lines. These four lines just turned my world. They made me feel raw. They made me feel so much.

Conclusion: I am a hopeless romantic and I couldn’t handle this much love in just four fucking lines and I am crying again.

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we wash eachother everyday. he combs my hair in the shower and tells me how beautiful I am all the while. he always makes sure I’ve taken my meds and lately I’ve been getting breakfast in bed. my soulmate is finally here, everyone.

I’m looking back at my past self and thanking them for surviving all the confusing and hate filled years. I’m thanking them for taking the necessary steps they needed to take when they needed to take them.

I’m grateful for my resilience and strength. Because of those characteristics that I’ve fought hard to develop and keep I have found a true and patient kind of love. A love that cares for my wellbeing and nurtures my soul. A love that teaches.

I have found a love that grows and allows me to grow as well. I feel so lucky.

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I can’t stand all the men hate. Like people are saying “cis, straight, white man have to stop being transohobic/homophob/racist/whatever” but it’s not just them. It’s not just cis, straight, white men who are like this. Please, I know one person who’s really transphobic and she’s female. I know there are mostly men who are like that but all this negativity makes me feel so bad. I want to be be a boy so bad, I really want to but seeing so many people hate so much on men makes me hate myself for being trans. And it’s not the fault of cis, straight white men. Please, I can’t stand this.

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