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Okay, so to start I am not HOH or Deaf. I do not pretend to be an expert, because I am not, and my sign language skill is finger spelling and four words. On the other hand, due to the fact that there is a higher than likely chance I will start to lose my hearing in my late 30s/ early 40s (4x generations of my mom’s family have been moderate to severely HOH by the time they hit 50) I have learnt a bit about the culture just out of curiosity and due to friends who are members of the Deaf community. Therefore I am starting to get a bit annoyed at the Twitter and Tumblr comments. This storyline is more than just the fact he cannot hear. It is about shining a light in a community that millions do not even know exists. It is about showing that they are more than just deaf, they are Deaf (Google the difference).

Just watch the storyline, stop complaining about the sound and maybe spend five minutes on Google to learn why this is important.

Also, to any Deaf people who may read this? Yay or Nay on the implant? I have a friend with one who hates it (her parents choice not her’s) and I was curious about the feeling within the community because I know they are controversial.

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1. I’m affectionate

2. I’m a great listener

3. I do your homework for fun

4. I speak four languages (french, german, spanish and english (I also sign)) 

5. I bake for you

6. Dates are fun with me 

7. I write you love letters

8. I write fics for you

9. I tell you you’re adorable, cute, beautiful, hot af, etc everyday

10. I have a ton of cute nicknames to call you 

11. I like girls

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I’m feeling like absolute shit so can y'all share some good things that are happening in your lives. Or just good things in general

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noah fence but on february 27th, 1922 the 19th amendment was upheld by the supreme court

the 19th amendment is women’s right to vote


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Does any other lesbian who’s been with men before (especially if you’ve dabbled into BDSM too) still have problems with intimacy/sex even now?

I’m sad and I wanna know if this is gonna last forever or if there’s a chance I’ll heal one day, ‘cause it feels like I’m always gonna be broken.

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I’ve been feeling really fucking sad and I don’t know why. The sadness that sits on your chest and just pushes you down, makes me want to sink. I almost feel helpless and it pisses me off, because I hate it but I don’t know how to change it. Does anyone have any suggestions that could help?

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