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Speedster (Barry Allen x reader)

@deeppiecroissantfestival sorry it took so long


Originally posted by unicornships

You had a long day at work today but no matter how bad it could get, it always got better when you got home. Why? Because Barry was with you.

Barry was running a bit late this afternoon so you decided to get a head start on cooking. You put on some music on your phone and danced while you cooked. Before you knew it, Barry came home.

“Hey babe! Smells good in here!” Barry said after he zoomed in the house, grabbing your waist and kissing your cheek.

“Hey Barr, you’re looking extra happy today. Did you get the big bad?” You turned back to the spaghetti sauce in the pan.

“Yeah, we did. It was hard though but we did it.” He leaned against the counter.

“What were it’s powers?” You asked. Barry pushed himself off the counter before rambling on about the meta.

“Oh it was weird! Like, she could touch and shock anyone that she touched. Every time I would get close she would blast me away.” He sighed while he rubbed his shoulder.

“Wow. Sounds intense.” You stirred the pasta.

“Yeah. I mean, it was crazy. All she had to do was tap you anywhere and it’d just feel like a taser. Like this, zzzzz!” He tapered his fingers into your side without thinking and flinched when you yelped and jumped away. You both started at each other in shock for a few moments before a smug smile framed his face.

“Don’t even think about it. I’m not even ticklish.” You instantly regretted your choice of words when Barry fully smiled.

“I was about to ask.” He took a step torwards you and you made a run for it. As you ran out the kitchen you heard him laugh. “You can’t outrun me.” Either way, Barry loves the chase so he let you run away for a few seconds before running after you.

You were able to lock yourself in your bedroom before hearing Barry arrive outside. “You think you’re safe in there?” He chuckled.

“Just leave me alone!” You panted. Barry easily phased through the door and tackled you to the floor, forcing a yelp from your mouth.

“Okay, where to start?” He thought out loud. You tried to shake him off with no avail. He vibrated his fingers into your side again, this time with his speed and it tickled like never before. You screamed and kicked out.

“Imma kick your balls if you don’t stop!” You threatened loudly. Barry narrowed his eyes.

“Are you threatening me?” He mused. You decided not to answer him and instead just kick him. However, he foresaw this and grabbed your knee before it could get to him and squeezed right above it, making you kick your leg back down.

“STOHOHOP! BAHAHARRY!” You begged. “PLEHEHEASE!” Then you remembered. “THE PASTA! Lehehet me gohoho!”

“That’s okay, I’ll get it.” He laughed. In less than a second he returned to his place on your waist and you groaned.


Barry ignored you and lifted your shirt. As soon as he did that, you knew what he was planning to do. You started pleading with him but he only chuckled and blew a huge raspberry on your belly. You screamed and thrashed around as much as you would bolita he had you pinned tightly.

He continued to blow raspberries on your belly and sides until your laughs turned silent. He gave you a minute to breathe, occasionally poking your side or wiggling his finger in your belly button to keep you squirming. “Stohohop!” You whined.

Barry chuckled and purposely fell limp on top of you. You both stayed like this for a few moments, talking about the rest of your day and what else happened at work. After that you both went to the kitchen to eat your semi-burned pasta.

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Dark, Darker, Yet Darker World Teaser #39

“I think there’s every need. Your friend worries for you.”

“I know.”

“Then why-”

“That’s none of your business.”


Sarah just can’t seem to stay out of arguements.


Originally posted by lokidlaufeyson

And I’m sorry this is so late!!! I had a long day yesterday and completely forgot to post!

Just in case you missed anything~

Concept Art




And here is your one way ticket to our Calendar!!!

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Tony leans back in his chair, idly tapping the side of his glass of water as he watches Strange gulp down half the contents of a beer bottle for the third time. Tony didn’t even want to know where Strange procured that bottle. It had a label with words that Tony didn’t recognize and tended to refill itself when it was nearly empty. If he had been the man he was five years ago, Tony would have tripped over himself in finding out where he could get one himself.

But no. He was three years into his sobriety and he wasn’t stopping now.

“So,” Tony says, catching Strange’s attention. “Not that I don’t appreciate you dropping in unnoticed with an everlasting bottle of booze, but why are you here?”

Strange sighs, leaning his forehead against the bottle. He looked like he was close to a breakdown and Tony definitely didn’t want to be the one there to witness it.

“I’d like some advice on where to start climbing once you’ve hit bottom,” he says, moving to take another sip.

Tony snorts as he also moves to take a sip of his water. “Define ‘bottom’,” he asks sarcastically.

“That’s you, Tony,” says a new voice and Tony chokes on his water..

He spins in his chair and comes face to, well, abs, with Steve. Said Captain had a water bottle his hand and an apple in the other, having gone into the kitchen to grab an after work out snack, it seems. Tony didn’t even hear the guy approaching. o he can be sneaky after all…

“I beg your pardon?” Tony gapes.

“You said ‘define bottom’,” Steve says, an infuriating smirk curling his lips. “And I said “that’s you Tony’. Am I wrong?”

Steve didn’t wait for a reply before he walked out of the room, throwing a wink over his shoulder at a still gaping Tony. Tony just slumps in his chair and turns to look at Strange, who looks like he’d rather experience a double bypass heart surgery than have heard that.

“I don’t know whether to be offended by what he said or proud for him saying it,” Tony says in shock.

Strange only gulps down more of his beer.


Based on this, from the World’s Finest discord.


I felt compelled to write it.

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A place to hang out and chat with other members of your fandom while watching your favorite TV shows and Movies.

Just check the monthly schedule on the blog for upcoming Watch Parties and Viewing Times and send an ask or IM to subscribe to the specific viewing of your choice.

                                     Come Join The Party!

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