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Request/Summary: You and Bucky are dating. Steve continuously tells you two (Not so subtly) that he wants you to be pregnant.

Warnings: female reader

A/n: Steve has something similar to Spidey Sense, but its called Stevey-Sense and it tells him when to yell, “LANGUAGE” in fanfics. This has nothing to do w my story, btw, just dishing out the facts

Originally posted by copperbadge

You blocked the mans punch with ease, then twisted his arm to pin him down.

The man let out a wheeze of pain.

“Oh, boy, either we’re getting in a slump or supervillains just keep getting worse.” You muttered, tying the man to a nearby pole.

Steve snickered and finished untying the last of the hostages. “I mean, this was pretty elaborate. I doubt the police would have been able to stop this…”

Bucky rolled his eyes and continued glaring at the man he had apprehended.

“The two of you are really gonna miss this, huh?” Steve asked.

You blinked and turned to face Steve, confusion drawn on your face.

“What are you talking about, Tiny?” Bucky asks.

“Okay, first of all, that nickname used to work, but I’m bigger than you now! Second of all, I’m talking about when you have a kid!”

Bucky spins around to face you and you toss your hands up in an ‘I surrender.’ motion.

“(Y/n)?” Bucky asked. “S'there something you wanna tell me?”

“I have no idea what hes talking about, Buck, I am not pregnant!”

Buck continues to eye you, suspiciously.


You were sitting with Tony, who was one of your best friends.

He was on his phone, playing Galaga, and you were watching over his shoulder, throwing him off his game.

Steve walked in absent-mindedly. “Hey, I was thinking Ava if it’s a girl, Andy if it’s a boy, Quinn if you want a genderneutral name.”

Tony immediately stopped clicking his game. He turned it off and tossed his phone to the side.

“(Y/n)?” He asked.

You just rolled your eyes.


Bucky, Nat and Steve were in the training room, sparring. One v one v one.

“You know,” Steve panted. “(Y/n)’s known Nat longer than shes known Wanda, and you definitely seem closer to Nat, so… She should be the Godmother. Obviously, I’ll be the Godfather, since I’m your bestie and (Y/n)’s brother. You guys dont even get any say in this.”

Nat didnt miss a beat, she aimed a blow at Steve’s head, while saying, “I was thinking me and Clint. We’d make a good team.”

“Youd kill the child! Or scar them!” Steve objected (whilst blocking her punch, and tossing himself into Bucky’s arms, as is one of his fighting techniques.) at the idea of not being the Godfather.

Bucky caught Steve, using his metal arm to hold up the man, before tossing him back towards Nat. “You guys do realize we’re not actually pregnant, right?” He asked.

“That’s a work in progress.” Nat retorted, ducking under Steve’s flailing body.


“Here you go!” Steve said, merrily, setting a box of pregnancy tests by you while you ate.


Your phone rang in the middle of the meeting. Fury eyed you and gestured for you to slip into the hall if you were going to answer.

Though, you felt his eyes on you as you made your escape.

“Hello?” You asked, setting the phone to your ear.

“(Y/n)!” Your best friend said. “How could you not tell us you and Bucky are expecting?”

It took fifteen minutes to reassure them that you weren’t pregnant, before you could hang up and re-enter the room.

The second you entered, you knew something was wrong from the shit-eating grin on Steve’s face, the fact that Bucky was covering his head with his arms, and the beaming faces of Nat, Bruce, Clint and Thor.

Oh, and the fact that as you walked in, Fury said, “You better make me the Godfather.”

“Oh, for–,”


You and Bucky sat on your bed, in shock.

“How do we… Uh… We just… how…?” Bucky muttered.

“How do we tell everyone we’re pregnant after spending a month insisting we’re not?” You offered. “I have no clue.”

You stared down at the positive pregnancy test.

“God, if Steve was a nightmare before…” Bucky muttered.

As if on cue, Steve shouted, “Hey, Buck? (Y/n)? I threw out all of your condoms. You don’t need them anymore, right?”

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Sam: So your alibi is... a mysterious stranger ate Fury's last croissant, stole your metal arm, wrote "SAM ATE THE LAST CROISSANT" in finger paint on the bathroom wall using your metal arm, gave you your paint-covered arm back, and then planted the finger paint in your stuff?
Bucky: Well yeah if you say it like that I doesn't sound believable
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Listen...hear me out...I know we don’t see a SINGLE Academy Xer on that teaser image. But we have seen that Sage is gonna be in House of X even though she was nowhere on the spread. Not that I think the New X-Men are getting a big role in the story, but I wouldn’t put it past Hickman to at least have them in an important scene. Especially since he does typically deal with large casts. But I think I just have too much faith in the X-Office.

I will say the ‘Disassembled’ art teaser had characters the artist simply wanted to draw- so there is a possibility the NXM could be involved in House of X/Powers of X…

I’m not keeping my hopes up…nor am I really sure I want to see the NXM in this event, since I’m kind of already have event and AU fatigue…

Realistically…there’s probably a bigger chance we will see Bill the Lobster or Gateway coming back than any NXM in a large role (especially since fans were really upset with how the NXM were used in Age of X-Man…).

But there is always a chance.

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Off in their own little world – and separate table just for the two of them – Steve and Bucky sat, staring dreamily at one another. Their kisses soon started to taste like the red raspberry wine – a gift from Sharon and Sam – that they sipped from their custom glasses. Steve’s had Mr. Right written while Bucky’s had Mr. Always Right on his.

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WinterIron Mission

The cell door opened and the pair were thrown in before the door was slammed shut again. Bucky stood up and started pacing while Tony lay panting on the floor.

“Clear of all bugs,” announced Bucky.

“This might sound controversial but I think that went well,” said Tony, finally pushing himself into a sitting position.

Bucky raised an eyebrow, unimpressed.

“We got caught,” said Bucky. “We were supposed to infiltrate their base and gather Intel and we got caught.”

Tony blinked up at him before smiling. “But we did get into their base.”

Bucky threw his hands up and turned away to hide his fond smile from the infuriating man.

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I wanted to make more

Peter: Wait so where’s Tony Stark?

Miles: The dude who was put in prison for murdering Bucky-somethings parents?

Miles: Peter where are you going? Peter!


Miles: Hey you talk a lot about these “Avengers” who are they?

Peter:*tearing up* Let’s start at the beginning one last time


Peter: Gwen you know Avengers right?

Gwen: Yea! They’re a really famous band in my dimension

Peter: *Dying of laughter*

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