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please please feel free to send in any requests that you have that you would like me to write! the characters i write for are:

  • tom holland / peter parker / sam holland / harry holland / harrison osterfield
  • sebastian stan / bucky barnes
  • lucas till / angus macgyver
  • gwilym lee / brian may / charlie nelson
  • ben hardy / roger taylor / warren worthington iii
  • barry allen / grant gustin

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Pairing: Tony Stark x Pepper Potts (Established Couple)
Word Count: 1,717 words
Request: Nope!
Warnings: It’s a lil angsty, but it’s really fluff

Summary: After a long day of working at Stark Industries, Pepper Potts looks forward to one of the rare times within her workday where she gets to see Tony within the office. A bit of loving closeness is of course to ensue.

A/N: I imagine this takes place during somewhere between Iron Man 2 and Infinity War ( I know some kind of gap! xD ) I totally welcome feedback as this is my first time writing a non-Reader centered work :) I recently got into Pepperony, and even though I initially wrote this as a Reader / Anyone, I saw the potential for some Pepper / Tony and went for it! 

ALSO: I I’ll posted this over on Ao3! ( Here! )


Could time go any slower?

Virginia “Pepper” Potts thought to herself as she watched the analog wall clock slowly tick, tick, tick away of every minute left within the hour. Time seemed to be moving at an astonishingly glacier pace, when all she wanted to do was see Tony, head home, kick back, and relax. The day itself had been a taxing one with all the newfound assignments that had found their way onto her desk and with merely an hour left before the end of her workday, she couldn’t possibly find the motivation or drive to give a damn about what was in front of her.

Nevertheless, she pushed on, forcing herself to type each word that followed the next within her report on the recent spending trends of Stark Industries, typing as fast as she could with her eyes trained on that damned clock. She started to watch as literally at 4:59 PM as the clock ticked it’s final one, a feel of slowed time waved over her as it felt like Father Time himself was teasing her. Thankfully, he knew mercy, as 5 PM hit right on the dot. With relief, Pepper slumped forward letting her forehead land on the keyboard, adding an space after space after space to her document, and gave out a long awaited sigh.

Even with the hustle and bustle of the office during the day, it was always interesting to hear how right at the end the office seemed to be renewed with a new breath of life as everyone made their getaway. A woman in the office next to Pepper’s would quickly pack her lunch and her personal things before heading off to speak with her friend down on the 1st floor. The man overseeing the mailroom would actually lean back and watch as everyone crowded the way home, waiting the 5 or so minutes for it to thin out before even lifting a finger to do the same, but Pepper? Pepper knew this was the time to get her things and head upstairs towards the 3rd floor offices to see her Mr. Stark. This was really one of the few times Pepper even got to see him during the day, since with her now being the one in charge, Tony usually had a lot more time to do what what he felt was more deserving of his time. But, nevertheless, each time she saw him within the office, it was always a nice time to be had.

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(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Steve Rogers

Persona: Female

Word Count: 3,214 (whoops)

A/N - This will contain spoilers for Endgame near the start! It will probably be angsty in some places too and there will be multiple time skips <3

Steve was crouched on the floor, a hand in a pile of ash which he used to call his best friend. He watched in horror as more and more people turned to dust around him, “Oh God”, he whispered softly feeling the distress in the pit of his stomach curdle violently. 

The Avengers had failed. His worst fear come to life.

Dropping down next to him, tears welled in your eyes, “We…We lost”, you whispered completely distraught, it couldn’t be true could it? The Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes, finally defeated? You were a few seconds away from breaking down, sensing this Steve silently pulled you into his side by clamping an arm around your shoulder. Without a second thought you had his suit grasped in your hands as waves of sobs were unleashed, your face completely buried in his chest.

Steve wished with all of his heart that he could find the right words to console you, but not even himself, (who was full of optimism in the worst of times), could find the good in this. So he let you cry into him, silently holding you as close as he could out of fear you might disappear from his eyes within seconds.

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Still You masterlist

Pairing : Steve x reader

Status : ongoing

Synopsis :

Steve Rogers - popular author, used to the buzz of New York had once been a dorky Brooklyn boy, something not many people knew about him. He is content with his life, but one day when he runs into an old flame in his hometown he finds his life changing its course drastically.

Throw in hot-headed teenagers and a hell of confusion and sprinkle some classic romcom moments. Steve could probably write a book about his own story!

But the plot twists cruelly and one of you is forced to make a big decision, and it just may be the one thing that would change the course of your lives forever.

Chapters :

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Taglist : @lovingrevolution @spider-writer @miss-nerd95 (also tagging some of my faves) @revengingbarnes @lousimusician @sserpente @starksparker @youngmoneymilla @steverogersflowercrown @pparkerwrites @oliverwxod @generallynerdy @prettyyoungtragedy @mss4msu

If you want to be added to my forever taglist send me an ask or a message!

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Just something I had to get out there

I’ve been on AO3 since 2017 and it’s the best fanfiction site I’ve ever used to read or to write.

I am so obsessed with Winteriron fics (also if you have any good ones to recommend lemme know) so I’ve been reading alot of them (most of them aren’t even against team cap) and I keep seeing all these anti Tony stans posting so much hate towards the Authors, Tony Stark, etc in the comments section, some hateful person made a horrible drinking game in the comments to diss Tony Stark and his Stans.

First, I’d like to say read the damn tags, if you don’t like what you see then don’t read it. Archive is a fanfiction site for people to write freely.

Second, all of you Team Cap stans that are posting so much hate towards Tony Stark and the people that love him, you may be on Team Cap but he wouldn’t want you on his team, he wouldn’t try to surround himself with people who hate on others because of characters they like or the people who inspire them. Captain America wants good people and all of you out there posting all this hate are proving yourselves to be the opposite.

And Third, Tony Stark is one of Steve’s close personal friends, they may fight but they always make up, it may take time but they get there and I personally don’t think Steve Rogers would appreciate you hating on and treating one of his friends like garbage, especially using him as an excuse or a reason to be hurtful are cruel to others.

That’s just my take.

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