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Tony: Peter! Your lab is on fire!

Peter: *distressed* N-NO! No it’s not!

Tony: *points at light* Then what is going on in there?!?!?!!

Peter: Aurora Borialis.

Tony: A-Aurora Borialis, at this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, LOCALIZED ENTIRELY IN YOUR LAB.

Peter: N-Yes!

Tony:……may I see it?

Peter: no


Peter: No Harley that’s just the norther lights.

Tony: *walking away* have a good day Peter.

Harley: HELP HELP!

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Summary: After the accords and the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man the government decided all super-heroes need therapy. While Captain America, his best friend, and Iron Man have their fights; Thor and Loki try not to kill each other. How can you help them? The only way you see is helping these heroes relax…

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: language, tension, dirty talk, sex as a negotiation strategy, smut, unprotected sex, oral (female receiving), comforting

Therapy for Superheroes Masterlist

 “Sergeant Barnes?” Glancing at your new patient you sigh. He nervously looks around your room, not trusting you at all. “Can I call you Sergeant Barnes, or do you prefer something else?”

“Bucky…” His voice barely above a whisper the shy man glances at you.

“Bucky it is then. Nice name, I like it.”

Smiling widely Bucky nods, mumbling something you can’t understand. You can’t believe this shy man shall be a former killer, the great winter soldier himself.

“Why am I here, doc?” He asks now, still checking your office out. “The government forces all of you to go to therapy, Serge…I mean Bucky. I know it sucks but we must talk about something…anything. Just tell me about your day.”

“Nothing happened, doc…” Bucky is interested in your collection of books, so he gets up to slide his metal fingers over the covers.

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It took Agent Katie Stark and Captain Rogers a while to admit their feelings for one another, but now they have they realise that they face a whole new set of challenges whichever way they turn….

Steve Rogers x OFC


SMUT (NSFW!) So over 18s only please. And some teeth rotting fluff… and LANGUAGE

***I know it is a bit early for Christmas but the natural timeline of my story has taken me here a bit earlier than I planned so…yeah, sorry! This is the final chapter of Part 2 before we dive into the Winter Soldier Storyline in Part 3!***


December 2013

Steve loved his girl. He would die for her if he had to, without a second thought. But the one thing he dreaded above everything was the thought of shopping, not least as it was the middle of December. Frankly, when she was shopping for herself Katie was a nightmare. Not on purpose, she was just so indecisive about whatever she was looking for, insisting that things made her look too wide hipped, short, big assed, big chested (which he’d told her cheekily wasn’t the clothes fault she had good assets which had earned him a slap around the back of the head). It was ridiculous, she was ridiculous, and he had no idea why she was so insecure as frankly she was gorgeous and would stop a room if she walked in wearing a sack.

“You don’t need to come!” she chuckled at him, shoving on her jacket “I know I’m a pain in the ass and it’ll take me ages, plus it will be busy as it’s nearly Christmas.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah.” she smiled, dropping her arms round his shoulders from behind the sofa, her hands coming to rest on his chest. “I just need a break from that damned proposal and to be honest, I only make you come so you can carry my bags.”

“Nice to see I have my uses” he said sarcastically, rolling his head round so he could catch her lips.

“Well it makes me feel special.” she said, shrugging as she straightened up.

And damned it, after she’d said that, how could he not go?

“You know what, it’s fine. I’ll come. Give me a second.” he said with a slight sigh, and when he glanced at her he noticed her turn around with a smirk on her face and he knew then he’d been played, well and truly.

“You’re so full of shit…” he said, shaking his head as she laughed whilst he went to retrieve his boots.

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Only a Small Consolation

It all happened so fast, he had lost her, the only link to his family… May was gone like nothing, just like the summer breeze. She died in a car crash caused by a speeding driver. She was rushed to the hospital and died with Pete’s hand in hers.

Pete could hardly believe she was gone. He had no family, not even friends who could help him. Pete was left with no one but himself. He couldn’t do anything and there was nothing he could do. May was gone and never coming back.

Pete blamed himself for it all, if he hadn’t… if he hadn’t been at that stupid stakeout trying to stop some possible burglar. Now all he could do was wished he hadn’t been there, wish he hadn’t stopped them and hoped to have been able to stop her but at last he couldn’t.

Pete cried himself to sleep that night, no one knew where he was or even what had happened but for him everything had happened, and everything was very much real. However, his life would be changed forever.

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