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Strange Thought #100

Prompt: Someone leaving gifts at the Sanctum, but Stephen can’t believe they could possibly be for him and passing all of them along to Wong.
So someone thinks they are giving gifts to Stephen. Stephen is giving Wong gifts from his secret admirer and Wong thinks Stephen is giving him gifts.
Just imagine Wong and the someone at a romantic dinner setting both basically going. “You’re not Stephen.”

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Anyone interested in giving my new fic a cheer-read? It’s at 37k words and probably needs another 10-15k to fill the potholes in the plot. I’m worried the case aspect of it is getting dull and would love a second opinion. It doesn’t need a full beta (unless you have nothing else to do), just a read for content.

Working summary is “After a near death experience, Steve isn’t acting like himself. He sleeps most of the day, doesn’t leave the Tower when he’s awake and generally keeps to himself. The Avengers are understandably concerned but they also want to give Steve a chance to heal at his own pace. That all changes when Steve tries to assassinate President Gucetti.”

Let me know if you’re interested! Thanks in advance to anyone who is.

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Title: Alternate.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Summary: Who knew falling off a cliff after making a wish on the shooting star could make you end up in a totally different universe?

Possible Series.

A/N: This is yet another possible series that I had in mind.

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Peter: *opens door to his room* Guess who’s going out on a DATE TONIIIIIGHT!

Ned: Woah, you mean you finally-

Peter: Not me! That’s who! Woohoo! Imma go shower in MA TEARS NOW! *slams door*



Peter: *in the shower* NO, NED! WE CAN’T!

Ned: ok.



Ned: Hello, Mr. Stark. I’m calling cause I’m just a bit concerned about Peter.

Tony: How many times have I told you kids to go through Happy first?! I’m about to go into a meeting right now! Whatever he’s doing, I’m sure-

Ned: He’s uh- taking a shower in his tears?


Tony: The meeting can wait.

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Hi love! Could I get an MCU, Star Wars, and Harry Potter ship? My names Anshu. I'm 5'1, straight, black cat eye glasses, tanned skin, wavy shoulder length hair, average build etc. My passion is art. I love drawing, inking, screen printing, and costume/prop design. I LOVE vintage (1940's, 50's, and 70's especially) fashion. I also love reading (esp historical thrillers). I tend to live in my own world most of the time. However, when my friends bring me back to earth, I can quite talkative.

Hello dear, sorry for the late reply!

I ship you with Remus Lupin (marauders era) & Steve Rogers & Obi-Wan Kenobi

Remus and you hang out all time and because of that people already assumed that the two of you were together. But when McGonagall referred to you and Remus as a couple Remus completely froze. Like? He never thought of you as anything else as a friend? Well until now at least. Same goes for you. You just stood next to each other as the Professor walked away. It was super awkward after that, you realized you were totally falling for each other. Neither of you talked to one an other, because of this. Sirius was the one who ened up the whole situation by locking both of you in a room without your wands.

Your activities as couple didn’t really change. You still liked to study together, you still read together and Remus still loved watching you draw. He is so supportive of your art and he is always there if you want to talk.

Steve and you met after he was found in the ice. He was sitting at the café just drawing and you decided to go over. So you started to chat, mainly about art. You really liked Steve so you left your number on a piece of paper for him, before leaving. Poor Steve called you from a payphone because he still can’t handle smart phones. After he managed to call you you agreed to meet again, but this time on a date.

Dating Steve was the best thing ever but it could be difficult sometimes. You enjoyed spending time with him, especially when you had time to  chill between  his missions. You helped him catch up with his list. And you would often have “artsy dates” where the both of you just paint or draw next to each other.

Obi-Wan and you met because of Anakin. Anakin was your younger brother (I mean. Anshu and Anakin Skywalker. Sounds freaking awesome if you ask me) so you met his master quite a few times. Obi-Wan kinda fell for you the first time he saw you (we are sooo ignoring the jedi code in this). Your whole appearance and how you were focused on your own little world. He asked you out after he nearly died on a mission.

Constant flirting. Ben loves messing with you with the force. He will spend every minute with you that he can. He is so obsessed with you art like omg, he is your number one fan and he will randomly show your drawings to anyone who he crosses paths with.


Hope you like it ❤️!

(Also your name is so beautiful wth 😍)

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