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Me, every time I read Hickman’s X-Men


I mean, it’s a very fun comics, in a Frank Miller way.

But I see the way people on some forums (cough CBR cough) are taking shit like this and… I do’nt know anymore if they are roleplaying as racist cultists for the lols or if they are serious with the “it’s not racist if it comes from a minority” mindset..

X-Men (2019) #7 (Hickman, Yu, Gho, Cowles)

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Mgnus (former, sadly) siblings


All-New X-Factor


House of M (Secret Wars, i think) I just chaged the quotes…

I just redrew it, they all have original artists!

I just wanted to draw something during exam period and well…

So where’s Polaris now? I only saw her in House of X I think.. I love Polaris and loved All new X factor but ah well they stopped printing… I was kinda enjoying the sibling moments but here we go, retcon

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captain america: civil war played on cable yesterday while i was doing stuff, and while letting it run, i realized something:

during civil war, wanda was definitely 18 years old, maybe even younger. prior to this, during age of ultron, she and her twin brother were found by the avengers perhaps at age 16-17. and she REALLY hated tony stark.

but fast forward a year later, to civil war: she’s around 18 and has apparently internalized that the avengers are a force for good and that tony is Not So Bad. she willingly joins cap’s team for training. and cap willingly takes her under his wing.

something i feel hasn’t been adequately explored in fandom (or maybe i’m just looking in the wrong places): wanda maximoff and peter parker are nearly the same age. with just a few years between them.

could wanda and cap have had a relationship similar to peter and tony’s?

it couldn’t have been EXACTLY similar, of course, due to a number of factors. imma just going to dump my thoughts here:

  1. the obvious: wanda is a girl. plus, a complicated, scarred girl whose childhood was stolen from her by war and personal loss. she may desire more respect than nurturing, which cap is more ready to give anyway.
  2. regarding being ready: cap’s personality and emotional age come into play. steve was presumably around 10 years younger than tony (if he was iced at age 25-26). so he MAY not be as psychologically ready to take on wards, as he is ready to command soldiers, the way he’s dreamed of doing.
  3. however - 18 is still 18. does that mean when a hero reaches the age of 18, the term “kid” no longer applies, even in the presence of older heroes?
  4. at the same time - cap came from a different era, when children died young due to illness or malnutrition or war. kids had limited time and had to grow up in a hurry. so, 18 may well be “definitely old enough to fight and die,” by steve’s standards. besides: it was obvious during the airport battle that he acknowledged peter was young, but not so young as to be babied. in the end, he did not badly hurt peter. as tony had said: if cap had wanted to take peter down, he would have.
  5. cap proved at the start of civil war that he has NO PROBLEM with female fighters. he treats black widow as an equal and has embraced the more feminist mindset of the modern world readily. why treat wanda differently? he probably acknowledged from the start that she’s more powerful than all of them put together. and was willing to use that to the team’s advantage.
  6. peter and tony are rather similar in personality. they both have other, more human concerns than the fight to save the world. “we are NOT soldiers,” as tony vehemently said. this is not to say that team cap didn’t operate as a family - just a family with a singular goal. shared emotional growth wasn’t such a priority.

so far, all signs point to NO - cap did not have a paternal relationship with wanda. it was more a commander-soldier relationship. wanda didn’t WANT to be treated as a baby, and nobody treated her as one.

still…for a moment, i entertained the thought that cap constantly struggled with not considering wanda’s sex and age. she would be the closest thing he would have to a ward.

perhaps, even after civil war, he helped her see tony’s better side. perhaps he taught her how to channel her rage and helplessness into lifesaving moves, though he knew nothing of magic himself. perhaps he worried for her, the way fathers worry about daughters who are still about to make their first big mistakes.

and if wanda had come to see cap as a father figure - it would be interesting to see how this plays out in wandavision.

(tbh i think there may be a better chance that natasha had a closer relationship with wanda. and it’s even more likely that wanda distanced herself from all of them in the beginning, because she’s just that independent and unorthodox.)

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Summary: While Vision tries to rescue Ned and Betty from the Ferris Wheel, MJ finds herself unexpectedly aiding an injured Scarlet Witch.

Ao3 link:

“Oh no!” Beck seemed immediately distraught by the ‘accident’, but Vision could see right through him now. The only thing keeping Vision from blasting Beck into oblivion was the fact that the man was currently shielding Peter from the Elemental’s wrath. Vision continued to fire blasts at the beast, keeping his distance as he had promised, but becoming frustrated when he didn’t seem to be doing any damage.

As Peter and Beck began hurling pieces of non-metal debris at the elemental, Vision turned his attention to Wanda’s task before her unfortunate not-an-accident: Rescuing the two teenagers trapped on the ferris wheel.

He was comforted by the fact that Beck clearly had no idea what he was dealing with. It would take more than a little blow like that to get rid of Wanda Maximoff.

“Have we got any word from Maximoff?” Fury yelled, as the car continued barrelling along the streets of Prague.

“Nothing yet, Sir” Hill replied.

Harley, huddled in the back seat, felt sick. Wanda had been so good to him, kind and patient and tolerant of a stupid teenager’s crush. Now she was hurt, maybe worse, and he couldn’t help thinking he should have done more.

Meanwhile, having been hiding in a side-street a relatively safe distance from the worst of the battle, Michelle Jones, aka MJ, had crept out to retrieve a strange piece of debris, and had just tucked it into her bag when the unconscious Scarlet Witch landed beside her with a thud. MJ yelped in surprise, relaxing only the tiniest bit when she saw what had happened.

“Crap..” MJ knelt beside the downed Avenger, finding her bleeding from a small gash on the head, unconscious, but breathing. “Uh, Miss Witch? Are you alright?” Of course she wasn’t, because she was still unconscious. Looking around and finding absolutely no-one else available to help, MJ groaned, seizing Wanda under the arms and dragging her back to the safety of the side-street. “Please wake up.. I’m really not equipped to deal with this..”

For now at least, Spider-Man and 'Mysterio’ appeared to have the Elemental under some sort of control, so Vision circled the Ferris Wheel in search of the quickest, safest way to get the teens down.

“Whoa!” Exclaimed the boy, whom Vision now recognised as Ned, a regular companion of Peter’s. “You’re The Vision!”

“I thought The Vision was dead?” Said the girl, confused.

“Well..” Before Vision could explain, there came a mighty roar from the Fire Elemental, as a tower of metal fell to be absorbed into it. “No time. Grab onto me, both of you!”

Beck seemed to be charging at the Monster, ignoring Peter’s desperate objections.

Back in the side-street while all that was going on, MJ had been nursing Wanda’s head in her lap, pressing a handful of tissues to her wound.

“Wake up, wake up, wake up..” MJ begged. “I am not cut out for this..” Slowly, the Scarlet Witch began to stir. “Oh, Thank Iron Man..” She didn’t exactly believe in God, but if there was an afterlife where dead people went, he was as good a person as any to thank, right?

Wanda winced at the throbbing pain in her head, blinking until her eyes focused on the concerned young face above her.

“Eugh.. What happened?”

“Uh.. The big fire thing, probably..”

“The Elemental! I have to get back..” Wanda leapt to her feet, and almost immediately stumbled.

“Whoa..” MJ ran to catch her. “Careful, you’ve probably got a concussion or something, and you’re still bleeding..”

Wanda blinked again, trying to clear a bit of the fuzziness from her mind. Looked toward the scene of the still raging battle. She could just see Vision hovering above the chaos, and knowing that he was alright, relaxed just a little, turning her attention to the girl who had been helping her. She looked familiar..

“Do I know you?..”

“You told me to run? Probably should have kept going, but I’m investigating this guy that I li.. I know. I’m.. My friends call me MJ.. Not that I’ve got that many.”

A small smile tugged at Wanda’s lips. So, this was the girl Peter liked so much. She had to say, she liked the boy’s taste, as she could see a little of herself in MJ. Wanda too had been the weird, socially awkward girl in High School.

“It was brave of you to help me, MJ” Wanda smiled. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome..” MJ’s eyes lit up. “Hey, do you know Spider-Man? Because I have a theory about that guy I..”

The girl was interrupted by a large explosion, sending a ripple of strange green light through the streets of Prague.

Wanda gasped, as the explosion somehow sent crackle of static through her communicator.

Vision winced at the static himself as it caused a minor interference with some of his circuits, but quickly recovered. With Ned and the girl, Betty, now clinging to him, he couldn’t afford to falter.

“Are you two alright?”

“Yes, Mr. Vision, Sir” Ned replied, while Betty just hurriedly nodded.

Vision glanced around the aftermath of the explosion. He saw Peter running to the aid of a motionless Beck, and Harley climbing out of Fury’s car, which had pulled up in the closing moments of the battle. Reassured that his brothers were both safe, Vision turned his attention back to the task at hand.

“I’ll drop you both at your Hotel, alright?” He told his young charges, who both nodded.

Then, he had to find Wanda..

“It was nice to meet you, MJ, but I really should get back..” Wanda needed to find Vision, and check that the boys were okay. Still a little too dizzy to trust herself flying, she ran instead. “Get yourself back to the Hotel now, okay?”

“Right.. Oh, hey, I found this weird..” MJ opened her bag to try and show Wanda the strange object she’d found, but the Scarlet Witch had already disappeared into the returning crowd.

MJ shrugged, shutting it again. She’d just have to show Peter instead. That kid was definitely Spider-Man.

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