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While I get it's part of the set-up of whatever is going on in the show, I really prefer Vision as a handsome Red Android. Maybe that's just me.

I’m sorry, these asks have been stuck in draft hell!

I do also prefer Vision as visibly an android. It’s critical to his character that he can’t visually pass as being human.

In the comics at least. The Russos version of Vision was a pretty straightforward story of an android becoming a person, which is dutifully fulfilled at the end of Infinity War. There’s no existential questioning; Vision doesn’t even seem to particularly want to be human–he’s more taken aback in Civil War when he starts displaying more human traits.

But, if what Kevin Feige and director Matt Shakman are saying about getting to see more about Vision holds weight, they’re gonna have to start looking into other aspects of his character, we’re going to have to learn about his internal life.

That said, from a purely financial point of view having Vision be human for a lot of the series is a good idea. While the reports of $150 million budgets are staggering, that’s still only the budget of one Incredible Hulk movie from 2008.


For a movie roughly one third of the length of the series, no less.

Luckily the very premise of the show has room for both versions. It remains to be seen whether sitcom Vision actually is an android or not. It appears from the working title card that Wanda has magic–so maybe we will actually get to see flashes of android Vision early on. We know that Kathryn Hahn’s character is a “nosy neighbor” and that the ‘85 miniseries and King’s Vision both dealt with the prejudices of their neighbors in the suburban setting. 

Maybe the premise of the sitcom is they’re hiding who they are, a la Bewitched? Maybe Vision is choosing to look human to make them look comfortable? Maybe they’re going to explore the idea that Vision actually does want to be human, right down to appearance. I do hope that the setting of the sitcom has room for Vision to be an android. 

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Okay this is the header for a very dead fic, but we’re gonna ignore that

Would anyone be interested in a title card like this for their fic? (Ik there’s a name for it but I can’t remember Oof)

Free obvs I’m just bored and I like to procrastinate by making shitty things on my phone lmao

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Favorite writer: yo im taking requests! send me ANYTHING aaaayyyyy!!

Me: *send a simple request*

Favorite writer: aww im sorry buddy. i dont write that but i hope other writers can. tsk tsk tsk rip and good luck tho :)

Me, externally:


Me, internally:

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“Love is a felt sense of connection between people and things. When we feel that we are connected to others, we share burdens and we share strengths, so that ultimately we feel more powerful and capable in times of need. This is why so many people throughout history have placed such a significant importance on a greater power or the greater good.”

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I’m in love with an angel who’s afraid of the light Her halo is broken but there's fight in her eyes The song is Angel by Theory of a Deadman

The Avengers HQ was Home to many broken souls. It had protected people young and old for countless years from their demons. Perhaps the first noticeable resident from a severely broken past was Natasha. And when she had finally pieced things back together and used a fair amount of super glue to hold it in place, it was Wanda and Bucky who walked through the doors. They too fought to fix things that had been damaged long ago.

Even then, someone new took their place. Only these were younger faces, younger souls, and younger minds. It was hard to see children so damaged. First Sage and Bianca, then Enzo, Harper, Drew, Max, and Fox. Though it seemed like they might get along and bond over shared agony, that wasn’t the case. There were divides, and clear ones to be exact. Their pasts had shaped them to reject those they found threatening and those who could hurt them, while struggling to accept people who meant only to help them.

There was a time when even the strongest heard doubted whether they could truly help those in need. Alex wasn’t sure she could make Sage or Bianca feel at home, Enzo doubted Max would ever be forgiven or forgive himself, James struggled to believe that Fox could learn to live with her past without letting it cripple her, and Orion doubted Drew would ever care for him as family. It was hard, on all of them.

And it wasn’t until these broken souls started to help each other that things didn’t seem so bad. Sage was there for Bianca always, and Bianca was there for her. Even Drew found herself concerned with Bianca’s recovery though she was less than helpful at times. Fox looked out for Harper who in turn looked out for her. Penny kept an eye on Enzo who kept an eye on Max. It was a chain reaction so to speak, but there were still things that lingered.

Some people, like Sage, still found it hard to be a good person. They held their breathe waiting for the moment the consequences of this ‘goodness’ would be revealed. But Sage had been around longer. She was adjusting easier than expected. Fox, on the other hand, was less sure. She liked being with the others (except for Sage), and she loved Maria. In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt at home. Yet things didn’t feel permanent. There was always the ‘what if?’ What if I have to leave? What if I’m not needed? What if I mess up? And though she never said anything, James knew. Deep down inside, it hurt him.

He was in love with an angel who’s afraid of the light. Her halo is broken but there’s fight in her eyes. And at the end of they day it was his own fault. He couldn’t blame her for his own falling in love. He just hoped she’d stop living like at any moment the rug would be pulled out from under her.

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