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#black widow

Carol: You can’t love someone until you love yourself first.

Natasha: Bullshit. I’ve never loved myself.

Natasha: But you? Oh god, I’ve loved you so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.

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8hrs later… Happy Birthday to THE Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson! So excited for you! Can’t wait to see you at the forefront of the MCU for Phase 4 and all the promotional material your character will be present on (for once). Black Widow can’t come any sooner! Happy 35th and enjoy your day!

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but imagine this: an official black widow twitter account pops up in the middle of the night. a few fans find cryptic messages in their inbox (some might even be in Russian). as we get closer to the actual movie, this account drops hints that require the fandom to work together to solve. some direct to websites with code in it that spell out a date. other hints include actual details about the movie (character names, costumes, locations, etc), or actual places in real life that contain more clues (maybe scannable QR codes that look like the black widow symbol?). it’d be like a giant, fandom-wide scavenger hunt that would not only hype up the movie, but it’d create a bigger sense of community from all sides of the globe regardless of where you’re located. @ marvel do it u cowards. @ marvel let ME do it, you cowards.

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