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#the winter soldier
would definitely die to see you write a winter soldier story where the oc is part of his mission to bring her in or something along those lines 馃檴

The Target

Characters: the Winter Soldier & OFC

WC: 3286

Rating: T

A/N: This one’s also going to be posted on Ao3! Let’s assume this ficlet is set before the Winter Solider’s real identity is discovered. I hope y’all enjoy!! ❤️ 


Originally posted by sherlyspride

Tess woke up with a splitting headache and the urge to scream.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t do anything about either problem, because her hands were literally tied, and the man who’d kidnapped her sat staring at her in a way that implied that screaming might be a very, very poor choice.

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Ok but when in cacw Bucky smile at Steve after he kissed Sharon that’s so cute. Bucky knows he and Steve are friends since childhood and he remember things so he also remember how all the girls avoided pre-serum Steve and finally a girl is kissing him! He’s cheering on his best pal honestly. Cute.

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In light of the events in Sokovia the UN are seeking to impose a set of sanctions which, if implemented, would place the Avengers under Governmental control. The proposal splits the team down the middle and when a familiar face reappears Steve, Sam and Katie are made aware of a new threat one which they have no alternative but to attempt to neutralize. Their actions see the Avengers  catapulted into the middle of a Civil War and Katie soon finds herself forced with an impossible choice: her brother or her husband.


Bad Language words and a heap of Bucky on a motorbike!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x OFC Katie Stark

Stark Spangled Banner Masterlist 


Bucky liked Bucharest. It was easy enough to blend in and he’d found work at a local Warehouse easily enough. It was no questions asked, cash in hand and no trail- perfect. Physical labour didn’t bother him, neither did taking the nightshifts which no one else seemed to want. It meant he could sleep most of the days and emerge later at night. Not that it really mattered, no one really bothered him apart from the Old Lady that lived a few floors down. Bucky often did odd jobs for her, just like he had used to for the old couple that lived across from them in Brooklyn before the war.

Since arriving in Europe in September last year, his life had been pretty peaceful. His memories had started to flash back almost the instant he wasn’t re-wiped by Hydra, but they were random, non-chronological, so he had started writing them in a notebook along with other snippets and facts he found along the way which helped him piece together the parts of the puzzle that was his life. Now he knew his name, his date of birth, who his parents were, his siblings, Steve- his brother-from-another-Mother, the Howling Commandos, his ‘death’ and then… well, that bit he tried not to remember on purpose.

He felt better, like himself, and had on more than one occasion thought about reaching out to Steve. But the thing was, even though he’d now been out of Hydra control for over 2 years, he knew that what they had done to him or put in his head was still there, and he didn’t want to give anyone the chance to find out the hard-way or give them chance to lock him up like some lab rat. So he had decided it was best to stay off radar.

Pulling his cap down a little he headed over to his favourite fruit store for some plums. He remembered what a treat they had been back before the war, and he enjoyed the fact they were so readily available. He reached out with his flesh hand to gently test one. 

“How are they? Are they good?” he asked the vendor in Romanian who nodded to him, smiling “Ok Give me six, thank you”

With his bag of fruit he walked along, casually scanning around as he ate. And then, across the street he spotted a vendor at a news-stand watching him. Bucky glanced away hastily then looked back at the man who was still watching him. Suddenly the guy ran from his kiosk. With a sick feeling in his stomach Bucky made his way over and picked up a paper and as he looked at the front page which contained a number of surveillance-photos of a man and the head line: ‘Winter Soldier cautat pentru Bombardmentul din Viena’. 

A cold feeling washed all over him and he glanced around, swallowing thickly. 

He might have struggled with his memory in the past but he could categorically say this wasn’t one of those times. This wasn’t him, granted it looked like him, but it wasn’t.

Shit, he needed to hide.

Pulling his cap down further, jacket pulled up round his neck he set off home.

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Summary: situated between chapter 4 & 5 of Loyaltie. Here, reader gets to have a normal moment for once.

A/N: So, if you didn’t read the whole thing, it’s still okay, but there will be nuances you won’t be able to completely understand. I wrote this long after I wrote the chapters it’s supposed to be situated in. I hope you enjoy this small thing as much as I did writing it!

Warnings/content: none at all, this is all fluff, from beginning to end. 

Word count: approx. 700




—————Movie Night.

Movie nights are “tradition”, that’s what Sam told you. He even told you what clothes to wear “stay comfy, baggy and most of all, look unkempt so Bucky doesn’t feel like he’s underdressed”. You laughed at that because Sam usually made around twenty jokes a day just on what he called “Bucky’s homeless aesthetic”.

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Reader is a mutant that has been kidnapped by HYDRA. After years of working for the organisation, she decides to change her life just a bit, and get a grasp of control. With her powers, she decides to help The Winter Soldier.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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Sam (stops Tony from entering the main livingroom): shh Bucky is about to say his first word-

Steve (expectant): Yeah?

Bucky: …p…Punk

Steve (a crying mess): Yeah?

Bucky: …You re sitting on my knife

Steve (a bloodied leg): I know

Tony: Sound a bit extreme as a conversation starter dont you think

Sam: Yeah, he was desperate

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Tony: [with his arm in the door of a vending machine] I’m the smartest, most skilled engineer in this place.

Bucky: Are you stuck in that candy machine?

Tony: I paid for my Rollos, I’m getting my Rollos.

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Pairings: Dark!Bucky x Reader
Summary: After the fall of the Potomac, Bucky’s confused. Without a mission he has no purpose - until he sees you.
Notes: stalker!bucky,  (he’s more the asset than he is bucky at the beginning). This is part of a series that I’ll start posting late January/early February and is my first shot at a dark!fic. This is the song he’s listening to, I feel like it kinda sets the mood. 
masterlist || part one


Originally posted by geekyyears9

The Asset smirked as he spread the newest photographs across the table, shirking his jacket off of his shoulders as he examined them.

You were beautiful.

He knew you were his, he recognised you. His scrambled brain had latched on to you, your kind face screaming at him with a certain familiarity that he hadn’t felt since seeing the blond – Steve – at the Potomac. The only difference is that you were attainable. Safe. His.

It had been easy to follow you, your schedule predictable. Perfect – like you. It was a shame that you seemed to have a liking for the man that visited you every now and then, he’d be dead in a few hours. The Asset sighed, it was rather a shame that he’d have to die – he wasn’t aware of the rules after all - but he couldn’t keep his hands to himself and that just couldn’t be tolerated.

The Asset leaned back in his chair, finger brushing over the image of your cheek, humming along to the record that filled his tiny apartment with tinny music. His eyes drifted to the packed bag in the corner of the room, his smirk widening into a full smile at the idea of what was to come.

As the single came to it’s end, the Asset stood up from his chair, beginning to dress for his newest mission. His voice sliced through the shrill tune, low and cracked with misuse.

“But tonight you belong to me. Just to little old me”

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