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Okay and for another thing about the Steve and Tony relationship, I feel like people are always cheering on Tony for ripping into Steve about “not being there” during IW, but like, for one thing, he definitely was, and for another thing, Tony was mad he wasn’t there right away even though Steve gave him a very easy method to reach him (at the risk of getting himself arrested, I might add) that Tony just CHOSE not to use. 

That whole Civil War thing was something Tony basically started. He wanted more regulation and Steve didn’t. Whoever you agree with, it doesn’t matter, everyone acted on what they thought was best so good on them. But if you agree with Tony, you don’t reserve the right to be pissed at Steve for doing what he thought was right, because he actually was the bigger person in that situation. He put himself in danger by giving Tony a means to contact him, no questions asked, and just trusted Tony to use it right. And yeah, Tony didn’t use it to get Steve arrested like he could have, but when he actually did need Steve, he refused to use it because he was too proud. 

So then he yelled at Steve for not being there, when he could very well have asked him to be. That’s on him. I know how much everyone loves to idolize Tony Stark, but he’s not always right, and he wasn’t right to be mad at Steve about Civil War or about not automatically knowing something was going on during IW. 

You can’t be mad that someone didn’t come to your party when you didn’t invite them.

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Thor is just simply a typical/normal Asgardian.

now I will start by stating that I love Thor very much, he has huge heart and the sweetest smiles ever.

let’s get down to business and what I mean by saying Thor is just any typical/normal Asgardian then you can agree or disagree (but do NOT be rude)

so here I go, when Thor was introduced to us, he was introduced to us as the god of thunder (I’m not gonna talk about his character development throughout the years, just simply his powers and how it made him UNIQUE)  he’s Thor god of thunder, he’s powerful than most typical/normal Asgardians, he’s also their next leader.

in Thor Rognarok we were even shown that he does NOT need a hammer/any kind of weapon to chancel his powers, the power of thunder has always been inside him and he’s finally ready to be a better king/leader to his people. 

come IW and all of sudden he’s wasting MOST of his time/scenes traveling to a distant planet to forge a weapon to channel his powers (the powers he somehow all of sudden can’t summon and actually stop Thon’s army from killing his people on the refuge ship or even actually manage to stand up/fight against Thons a little bit) and he almost died while forging said weapon. 

cut to EG he’s going though desperation (understandably) and he’s 100% depending on weapons to channel his powers again   by the end instead of writing a story line where we’re shown he’s getting help/trying to get help or maybe even try to lead his people, he leaves his people so very easily and let someone else carry the responsibility of leading his people, his powers & weapons apparently can be used by any random person/none person, it was first picked up by a basically a glorified AI robot (that isn’t actually even a real person, without the mind stone he’s just a huge brick/dead weight) then his weapons and powers were used by a conniving, selfish, cruel, fraud asshole who could NOT care about anyone/anything.

now in this next movie, a woman he dated once is gonna become “Thor” (yeah I know I know it’s cannon in the comic books) have all his powers & weapons and basically/possibly the whole story line/majority of it.

so really what makes so different/unique  from any other Asgardian??


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