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#peter parker

Word count: 529

Pairing: Peter Parker x OC

Warnings: None

Summary: Dayna Sokolovsky was taken in by Shield at the age of 16. After Shield collapses and she’s finally freed, who is it that she finds refuge in two years later?

A/N: So, it’s been a while since I posted anything because of exams coming up (I wrote this to avoid studying, don’t tell anyone), but I would advise picturing Dayna to be seen as Christina Nadin. Fortunately, this is a series which will definitely mean more future updates :)

“Bring her in.”

The bolt slid along easily, with the smallest noise echoing loud throughout the silence. The only other sound to be heard was that of the guards’ heavy-set footsteps, and the harsh breathing that could only signify fear and tension. They walked her through the doorway, surrounding her with a certain atmosphere of… caution. It was, truth be told, intoxicating.

However, that sensation was quickly swept away as the men moved out to the edges of the room and awaited further information, whilst four stayed behind to remove the muzzle and cuffs from the girl’s body. The only restricting item to remain on her was a familiar collar that limited her abilities to none.

The men scurried out of the room, leaving the girl face to face with a man who she had come to call “Bean”. Why, you may ask? Well, had you met this man under any series of unfortunate circumstances, you too would point out his most prominent physical flaw and internally mock the man, for his head was (as implied) in the most tragic form of a bean.

“I hope you’ve been treated well,” he drawled out as he shifted through what, the girl presumed, were her files.

She internally scoffed at the comment, but her face remained void of any emotion, thus staring coldly at him. “I’ve had better days.”

Bean glanced up through his rounded glasses, a hint of an amused smile resting on his mouth. He looked back down, pulled out another file from beneath the mountain of others. “You understand why we’re here today, am I correct?” The girl arched an eyebrow, causing him to straighten his back and frown at the incompetence of his colleagues. “My employers have made the decision to offer you a position in one of our task forces –”

“So,” she interrupted, her expression remaining stoic. “by ‘offer’ you mean to politely say that I have no decision in the matter. And by ‘task force’ you mean an assembly of others that are in my exact position. Because,” she raised her eyebrow once more to silence Bean, who had begun to open his mouth to interject. “if that is so, then that would be called slavery. You’d be enslaving me, Mr…”


She hummed in thought for a moment before mentally deciding that “Bean” was a much better name for him.

Bean sat with a shocked expression, but it didn’t last long as he recovered and opened up one of the files labelled ‘No.23’. “You have the option to refuse the offer, Ms Sokolovsky. However, I am inclined to inform you that upon your refusal, your time in our facilities would be… wasteful.”

Silence ensued between the two of them. The girl sat perfectly still, diverting her eyes towards the files that lay tauntingly across from her. Bean inspected her face carefully, and, for the first time since their first encounter a year ago that very week, noticed a trace of conflict in her normally emotionless eyes. Then, almost too quickly, he saw her release a sigh of defeat and glance up to meet his eyes.

“I suppose I must accept your offer then.”

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Could you do a short fic where Tony jokingly kisses one of Peter’s injuries to “make it better?”

“Ow, ow, ow,” Peter hissed as Tony examined his knee.

“Calm down, kiddo,” Tony said, clamping his hands on Peter’s leg to hold him still. “You’re going to make it worse.”

Peter pouted. Tony glanced up at his face and chuckled.

“It hurts.”

Tony’s expression was a mixture of sympathy and fond annoyance as he started winding a bandage around Peter’s swollen, bloody knee.

“You should have thought of that before you tried to jump off a moving train,” he chided gently. 

They’d been through this before, so Peter didn’t bother defending himself. He just sighed and then hissed in pain.

“Almost done, stop whining,” Tony said, his tone soothing despite the harshness of his words. He carefully tucked the end of the bandage in, then ducked his head and pressed a quick kiss to Peter’s injured knee. “All better.”

Peter’s face burned scarlet as he stared at Tony.

“I’m not a kid,” he muttered. “I don’t need you to ‘kiss it better.’”

Tony laughed lightly, gathering the first aid supplies and standing up. 

“Could’ve fooled me, buddy.” He leaned down and kissed Peter’s head before going to clean his hands. 

Peter just grumbled to himself, still blushing, and trying to ignore the fact that his knee actually did feel better. 

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There were too many moments I couldn’t put in the caption, but like Mark, do you really think Marvel would actually allow you and Holland together…alone…for a Marvel Press Tour? 😂😂

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Harley’s father????

Edit: Found this in my draft and thought I might as well post it.

Warning: This is cringy AF.


*Tony, Peter, May, Pepper, Harley, Harley’s sister, Harley’s mom, Mj, Ned, Shuri, Jaxon, The Avengers, and Harley’s sorry excuse of a father on The Maury Show*


Maury: In the case of 19 year old Harley Keener and 14 year old (Insert Harley’s sister’s first name here) Keener, (insert Harley’s father’s name here) you…. ARE THE FATHER!

The Avengers: *Screaming bloody murder* “Fuck no! BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

Tony, May, and Pepper: *Gets out adoption papers* “Over our dead body!”

Harley: *Flipping him the bird* “Fuck you old man!”

Peter: *Tackles Harley to the ground* “MINE!!”

Harley’s Sister: *Crying ,while holding on to Harley* “I don’t want him to be our father!”

Harley’s Mom: *Yelling at Harley’ father* “I should have wooped your ass when I first met you!”

Mj: *Gives a speech about found family* “And this kids is how not to be an asshole who leaves their family in this speech I will tell you how….”

Shuri: *Quotes vines* “Oh my fucking god he fucking dead!”

Harley’s father: *Runs backstage* “Holy shit you guys are crazy!”

Jaxon:*Chases Harley’s dad with a poisoned apple* “Choke on this motherfucker!!!!”

Ned: *Silently watches the chaos* “WTF.”

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