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#peter parker

Sam: Tony, you have got to do something about the Avenger Tower living conditions.

Tony: excuse me?

Bucky: yeah! Today we saw a huge ass spider on the ceiling. It like the size of a small child! You won’t believe how hard it was to kill.

Tony: *having a heart attack* YOU KILLED HIM!?!?!

Bucky: yeah, we kind of had to, it was super creepy, hanging out on the ceiling and shit. Just starring at us!

Sam: what, was that thing some sort of pet or something?

Tony: *passes out*

Peter: *walks in* what happened to Mr. Stark?

Sam: no clue. We just told him about a big spider we found and….

Peter: BIG SPIDER? WHERE? FUCK I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE! *jumps out window*

Bucky: Sam, I don’t think he had his Web shooters on.

Sam: he’s spider-boy, he’s probably fine.

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Can you write something about baby making with Peter please💕

Okay clearly they are a lot older. Like 30 or something.

Normally sex was instinctive. You felt the urge or peter did and you got together. But the fact was that there was a window every month to get pregnant and if you don’t have sex during that time you might as well go home because babies aren’t happening.

And today was the day. And Peter was no where to be found. You tried calling him.

“Hello,” He said sounding rushed. Clearly out on patrol.

“We had a date tonight,” you reminded him.

“Oh! I forgot. I’m almost done and then I’m coming home,” Peter said.

“Please tonight. It’s the last day of my window-“

“Okay! I’m on they way!” He said almost too excited. He was trying to get you to stop talking about fertility cycles and such.

“P in v. Tonight. Okay?” You practically begged. He was known to get distracted.

“Open the window,” he said proudly and it was only a minute later that he flung himself in the window. Peter almost fell over the bedside table. It was empty because he knocked it over all the damn time. You should just get rid of it.

“Hey,” He said breathless pulling off the mask.

“I have questions but I’m going to ask none of them,” you said. “But the shower is waiting.”

“Oh that’s how it is?” He said fake pouting.

“Yeah. Sex after cleaning off what might be a strangers blood.”

“I’m starting to think you only want me for my body,” Peter said. You laughed before popping his ass.

“Maybe. I’ll be waiting,” you said walking to the bed. You pulled your shirt off and waited for him to go to the bathroom.

“Don’t start without me?”


After a speedy 3 minute shower, Peter came out in a towel. His hair was dripping wet and sticking up everywhere. You were already naked on the bed.

“I could get used to this,” he said climbing on the bed. You pushed him on his back and pulled the towel off. Peter’s fingers slid up your thighs as you straddled him. You kissed him aggressively. His hand moved to play with your folds. You stroked his cock and it wasn’t long before you sunk down on him.

You both moved with the occasional moan or grunt the only sound. “Let’s switch,” you said.

“What?” He asked in the moment.

“You on top,” you said. Peter wasn’t the biggest fan of being in charge.

“Fine,” He said before flipping you both over. You yelped in surprise. “Better?” He asked sliding in again.

“Yeah,” you breathed. You gripped your nipples and moaned freely as he thrusted. Peter always loved how expressive you were.

You reached a hand down to rub your clit as you felt Peter getting closer to finishing. It didn’t take long before you both finished. Peter kissed your cheek and moved to pull out.

“Wait,” you said. He looked at you confused. “Better chance to get pregnant.”

“Sure. I’m gonna take a nap. Wake me up when you’re done,” he said pretending to fall asleep on you.

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Tony: Should I be worried about leaving Morgan with Peter?

May: No need. Peter loves babies.

Peter, rocking a sleeping Morgan gently in his arms, singing softly, an expression of bliss on his face: Baby Stark doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, Baby Stark doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

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It is called ‘imagine your OTP’!

There will be pictures of scenarios and you can send me the number and the character who you want me to write about that prompt.

All the links of the pictures will be above them so you can show people who posted it some love and support if you’d like 🤗

Just because Tumblr won’t let me post more than ten images at a time, it will have three parts!

I write about Loki, Bucky, Steve, and Peter from MCU, but I’m eager to try other characters so feel free to send anyone from MCU!

Please don’t send any smut requests or any Th*rki or St*rker! I will not write about them!

Once again thank you all for following me it really means a lot 😍

Part 1- Part 2- Part 3

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again, not one person:

peter parker: [is a teenager and has lived through horrific trauma, who has to conceal his identity and can’t talk about it to many people because whenever he does he puts them in danger, stopped bucky’s punch, caught a bus, and on top of all of that, constantly has his powers and character disrespected to make him even more out of character for y’all that only like him for tom holland’s abs ]

y’all writing peter parker dialogue: oh i uh, oh hi a-angel, i-i’m s-s-s-so-sorry foh b-bein s-s-such a cute w-wittle b-b-b-b-b-b-babie i uh i um i ca-can’t h-help it uwu btw i’m uh i’m sp-spi-spid-er um i’m spider-man uwu pwease dont tell m-my aunt m-may

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