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Secret Identities- chapter 8

Sorry I didn’t get this out last week, I’ve been in a rough spot mentally and haven’t really been encouraged that anyone is actually reading my content lol and I’ve been really busy. But I’m here now. I’ll try to actually get a chapter out tomorrow. In addition to this one


Peter winked at Tony, swinging one leg around the pole. The move got a loud applause, the rest of the audience believing that the wink was just random. To a faceless person in the crowd. 

Only Tony knew better. 

He watched the young man began his routine, expertly showing off the flexibility that he had experienced firsthand. 

Peter had no problem with watching Tony through the whole thing. He kept his eyes on the older man, every dirty lip bite or wink sent in that specific direction. 

The best part? There was someone else who thought Peter’s eyes were on him. He was right by Tony, believing he was the one being looked at. He was even thinking about buying a dance. 

That’s what Peter was hoping for. 

He finished his whole set, barely taking his eyes off of Tony for a second. Then he gathered his previously discarded Flores and made his way backstage to change. 

Peter breathlessly ran over to Christine, laughing. “Oh my god, that was incredible. He looked ready to lose his mind. And there was a guy by him that I think is going to ask for a dance. I can’t wait to see the look on his face…I’ll do it right in front of him so he can see the whole thing.” He grinned, a devious look in his eyes as he changed. 

“Sweetheart, I hope you showed him what he’s missing out on. And that you’ll continue to do it.” Christine kissed his cheek, leaving a bright pink lipstick mark. 

“I sure tried. And I’m pretty sure it worked." 

The woman nodded approvingly. "Good. Now get your sexy ass out there. I bet you’ll make a lot tonight. From the sound of the applause, you did amazing. You’ll really be raking in the cash tonight.”

Peter giggled. “I hope so!” He looked at himself in the mirror. “I look amazing,” he decided, leaving the kiss print on his cheek. “Now I’ll get back out there. Work the room a little.”

He didn’t wait for a response from his friend before he was going out, confidently strutting out into the room. 

He immediately laid eyes on the man sitting close to Tony. 

The man smirked, holding out a couple of twenty dollar bills. Bingo. 

Peter moved over to him, glancing over the man’s shoulder and grinning a little in Tony’s direction. Then he focused on his customer. “Hello, sir. How may I help? I see you’ve got a lot of money for me…” he giggled, biting his lip playfully. 

The man smirked. “You can call me Quentin, princess. And I’m sure a pretty little thing like you has a name. May I have it?”

Peter tried not to gag at the man’s overbearing ego. It was hot with Tony. Not so much with this guy. But he remembered his mission, plastering on a sensual smile. “Sorry, Quentin. I can’t tell you that. I prefer just being called Silk. But…there are plenty of other things you can have from me,” he said, his voice low. He could practically hear Tony grinding his teeth. It was amazing. 

Quentin groaned in his ear, gripping his hips.

Peter had to fight against smacking him away. The hold on his hips hurt and he could smell the cheap alcohol on the man’s breath. Gross. But he kept up his fake smile, circling his hips over the older man’s. “For example…I could give you a dance?”

“That would be incredible. Please.”

Peter smirked. “Okay, sir. Whatever you want…”

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Peter: Sometimes I worry I’m gonna mess something up

MJ: Well we only just started dating, I’m worried sometimes too, so it’s cool

Peter: I just mean that… like, you’re already so amazing and cool and beautiful… how am I gonna deal with it when it’s the weekend and you’re… soft and casual and wearing big t-shirts and that… amazing hair of yours is completely down and.. ahh.. I don’t know if I can-

MJ: Peter.. it’s okay. Trust me. I get what you’re saying and you’re.. sweet ❤️ *kisses him*

Peter: Okay, Phew! *breathes* Thanks for letting me get that out

MJ: Of course

MJ: I don’t know if right now is the right time for that, though

Peter: Right time for what?

MJ: That. *points to Peter’s pants where, to his surprise, his ol’ webshooter is very, very visible through his pants*


MJ: 😏☺️☺️☺️ I’m flattered that you just talking about me is enough to get you-

Peter: oh GOD *dying of embarrassment*

Peter: *and also love*

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I heard requests were open and of course I had to slide in ❤️ Would it be okay to do some headcanons with a reader that’s scared to be home alone with the Ps4 version of Peter Parker? Because I’m home alone and I’m super paranoid to be home by myself due to spooky stuff and my dad being neglectful :,D Thank you love

A/N: I hope you like it! 

(And an info for those who wonder: I write for MCU Peter too nowadays, but if you prefer this version and want to request it, take an example of Tessa’s request here and make a mention of it, MCU Peter Parker is my default so if you ask for Peter Parker imagine without any further definition of which version, you’ll get MCU Peter :D I’m saying this to avoid any misunderstandings)


Originally posted by oharamiguel

- First of all, Peter won’t think it’s funny that you’re scared to be home alone at your age. Many people would because that’s often associated with children, but Peter knows people have different fears and your fear isn’t any different from others.

- The reason might be that the neighborhood you’re living in, is unsafe, you have scary neighbors, you have paranormal events happening at your house or that your imagination starts to run wild when home alone… any reason it is, if you need him to come over, he will come as soon he’s able to.

- (Because all that spidey stuff might intervene D: But if he has some spidey stuff, he’s gonna take care of that and comes over after that)

- He asks if you wanna do something so he could come prepared. Like you can go on a dinner at old Stan’s restaurant if you want, or watch a movie (he brings the popcorn, chips, candy and everything you might need to watch a movie), or go for a walk. Or if you don’t want to do anything, it’s fine too. You can just sit and talk (or cuddle if you are a couple/almost a couple/just super close friends).

- If he stays overnight, there might be distractions with his Spidey stuff while you sleep but if he has to go, he tries to leave quietly and come back before you even know it.

- If he can’t come over at all for some reason or can’t even meet you, you can be sure he’ll check on you by phone every once in a while.

- In that case, he could also ask Aunt May if you could come to F.E.A.S.T to spend time so you wouldn’t be so alone.

- Ooorrr he could ask you if you wanted to help Miles with homework at a local cafe.

- Or he could ask MJ to keep you company.

- But whoever would be there with you, he makes sure you won’t be completely alone.

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Progress update!!!

I finally finished the next chapter. I write everything by hand first, so I need to type it up still, but I think you can expect an update either tomorrow, or on sunday! Thanks everyone for the patience so far. I hope you will like the new chapter. Will be updated here on tumblr, as well as on Ao3, if you would rather follow the story there. Here is the link: Kitten!Peter

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Tell me it gets easier

Peter Parker x Stark!reader angst

A/N: this small blurb is inspired by “Easier (feat. Shaed)” by Mansionair

Warnings: Angst, mentions of death


Originally posted by bnsplmn

I’m stuck

I’m stuck here in my skin

Clutching his old jumper in her hand. Y/n was crying, she has been for days.

Peter and Pepper stood at the door not knowing how to comfort the girl sitting on her bed crying.

Tell me it gets easier

Tell me it gets easier

That I’ll figure it out

Tony wore the jumper when he first let her help working on one if his suits.

“You’re doing it wrong, kiddo”, he had laughed when she couldn’t figure out how to connect the two wires going up to the helmet.

He wore the jumper the day Aliens invaded earth. “Stay here with Happy, okay? Daddy will be back. Love you, kiddo” he said before he left her, saving the earth. And he came back, falling from the sky, not stopping till the Hulk got to him.

Face up, untouched

Craving for some healing

“Dad? Dad?!”, never had y/n felt more happiness. Her dad was back, she had last seen him on the planet they fought Thanos.

Peter, her boyfriend was with her, and then, he wasn’t.

“Pete.. Peter?! You’re alive! Dad, he’s alive, you’re alive!” She hugged her dad, hot tears streaming down her cheeks. Tony held his little girl tight. She wasn’t so little anymore, she wore a suit now, like he did.

Next Tony hugged Peter, before they parted he whispered “Be there for her.”

Peter nodded, not knowing what exactly Tony meant. He would find out.

Game’s up, it’s too much

Oh you’re the king of cheating

Now a jumper was all she had left. Of him. Her dad. Earth mightiest hero.

Peter sighed, walking into the room. He sat down on the bed, next to her, still crying. Peter softly pulled her to him, hugging her.

She was clutching onto him now, but Peter didn’t mind, he too needed to feel something.

“Tell me it gets easier, living without him”, she sobbed. How was it fair that the only thing she had left of her dad was his jumper. Sure, his electronics were still there, but the only thing that felt like her dad, was this jumper.

Tell me it gets easier

Tell me it gets easier

“It will get easier.”


“I don’t know”

Tell me it gets easier

Then, both cried, both lost someone. But both had each other. And that had to be enough. Till it got easier.

“I’ll be with there, with you, always.”, Peter said, cradling her, tightening his grip around her,“Till it gets easier.”

“No matter how long”, y/n agreed.

Tell me it gets easier

That I’ll figure it out

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peter: i’m so sorry mr. stark

peter: i’ll never sneak out of the house ever again

tony: it’s okay kid i just got a little worried

the doctor in the corner of the hospital room: sir, you went into cardiac arrest

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Originally posted by thecouplesromance

A/N: prompt 22!! I’m feeling a bit better today but as usual when one’s sick I didn’t get to sleep much last night so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes in here somewhere.

Prompt:“Stop it! It tickles!” “Quit it or I’ll bite.”

Word count: 616

Warnings: none, just fluff!!

Peter Parker x reader

Have you ever been so sleep deprived that you feel like you could fall asleep anywhere? Felt so terribly sleepy that you continuously catch yourself sleeping with your eyes open? Well, maybe not asleep per se, more like zoning out in a daydream haze so far away from reality that you are completely oblivious to what is going on around you. That is exactly the way that Y/N had been feeling this past week. Sleep as well as free time and peace of mind had become one of life’s biggest luxuries, one Y/N could no longer afford.

Peter had been her rock, standing beside her through thick and thin, light and dark, in sickness and in health. Highschool were a hectic and stressful time for everyone, but for Y/N it seemed to get multiplied by millions. If it hadn’t been for Peter Benjamin Parker and his marvelous ability to lighten the mood and cause distractions then Y/N would have given up ages ago, if not sooner.

“Hey, Y/N, do you hear me?”

It was Peter’s voice. She could hear it crystal clear yet it seemed so far away. If there was a way to describe it then the best way to explain was to imagine one of those snow globes used as decoration in christmas time. You know, those glass orbs filled with “snow” and a cute little decoration that you shook around to make a beautiful blizzard. It felt as if she was inside one of those orbs and Peter was outside trying to reach her. It had been like that all week, but never as bad as now, Y/N needed sleep. Desperately so.

For a second his voice disappeared. Had he given up? left her alone to sleep at last? Y/N loves Peter, but right now she wanted to sleep an ounce more. They had gone home to Peter’s place after school, they had this huge exam tomorrow and no matter how much the teacher talked and explained the material refused to stick in their heads. Y/N had almost travelled away, back into the peaceful world of dreams that she hadn’t been able to visit this past week when she felt something on the side of her stomach. Something soft and feathery. Something tickling.

Trying her hardest not to leave her dream world her words came out sounding like gibberish. Peter tried his best to hear her, but he only understood one word, snow, the rest was just incomprehensible mumbles from a sleep deprived student’s brain. He continued to tickle her foot to see if he could get a bigger reaction out of her, and after a few minutes she finally seemed to regain some of her lost consciousness. “Stop it! It tickles!”. with her eyes still closed Y/N’s voice was still sleepy and not quite there, but Peter heard her nonetheless, but he didn’t let that stop him. He continued to tickle her. He knew she wanted, no, needed, to sleep, and it pained him greatly to wake her up but they needed to study.

After a few more moments of tickles the biggest reaction he had gotten was a irritated voice half mumbling “Quit it or I’ll bite.” before turning to her other side and continue on with her sleeping. That was when Peter had stopped his attempts and come to the conclusion that her sleeping face was too cute to disturb. Instead he moved the forgotten textbooks away from the bed and joined her in a, to them, quick nap.

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