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#iron man

Bucky, giving his first tour of the Avengers facility: This is Tony, and he went to college at a place called mitt.

Steve: M.I.T.

Bucky: I know how to spell it, Steve.

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Aunt May really let Peter go on the Stark Intership holiday and knew that Spider-Man and Tony Stark were at Berlin airport while also knowing that Peter had been sneaking out at night and that Spider-Man had only been seen in New York at the time and really didn’t have any suspicions… smh

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If I tell you about the somewhat overarching Teen Wolf x MCU crossover series I’m writing about Tony Stark co-parenting one magical Disaster Bi Stiles as he stumbles through life, alongside Forever Done With Everyone’s Bullshit Sheriff Stilinski and, along the way, accidentally adopting a whole bunch of children and expanding the Ironfam by a lot and somehow becoming America’s most beloved father figure will you bully me into working on it???

(Check tags for more info ^~^)

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Tony: I’m just, like, ~dropping things~ that I’m still mad about the civil war thing, y'know? I’ve just never been a very confrontational person. Really prefer keeping things low-key.

*later that day*

Steve: God I’m so tired, I’m gonna go lie down for a bit-


Steve, crying: why are you doing this

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So… the two real original Avengers are Captain America (famously, the First Avenger), but also Iron Man, because to us, that was the first MCU movie, but more importantly in canon, the Avengers Initiative was dormant until Iron Man sparked its implementation.
And Endgame gives those two characters a fantastically satisfying conclusion to their story arcs. Iron Man gives his life to save the universe (half of it, at least), in a moment that is sad, of course, but also really inspiring. It’s a bittersweet moment, but it’s really emotionally satisfying; he’s clearly at peace with his choice, and I think while we all are sad to see him go, I imagine we all are really happy with him getting such a heroic send-off (and such a satisfying way to allow RDJ the actor to exit the MCU and free him up to pursue other types of stories).
Cap’s arc was pretty much all uplifting though; while there may be some bitter to the sweet, it’s all because we fucking LOVE Chris Evans’ Cap, and are sad to realize that we’ll probably never see him in the MCU again (perhaps in a cameo role here and there? But maybe not ever again).
But he remained the heart and soul of the team in the beginning of Endgame, had the great speech before they went back to retrieve the stones, fucking wielded Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, and then got to live his life with Peggy Carter after traveling back to return the stones to their rightful place. Then, finally, brought his arc to a close by passing the torch to Falcon.

I could talk a bit about all the characters in the Avengers and how much I loved Infinity War/Endgame (so, so much more than the, IMO, relatively average original The Avengers and the slightly worse Avengers: Age of Ultron), but I want to focus on a small moment (two of them) pertaining to Thor’s arc.
So, while those three actors (RDJ and the Chrises) have, I believe, been in the most Avengers movies, only two of them have finished (one presumes) their arc. Hemsworth is still around. Which I appreciate; his first movie was fun enough, but a pretty bad story (his arc was “I want to fight” - the Ice Trolls - which was why he was undeserving, but then he matured into wanting to fight that big robot monster, which showed he was worthy…? Not a great story, not a well-crafted, coherent arc), and the second movie, the Dark World, is likely the worst in the MCU.
SO… I think we’re all really excited to have him remain so that he can team up with Taika Waititi to hopefully live up to, even surpass, the great Thor: Ragnarok. And having him join the Guardians of the Galaxy (Asgardians of the Galaxy) is a nice way to have ended phase 3; I’d be excited to see him in Thor 4 and GotG 4, with the GotG movies being more light-hearted, which would sync up well with what worked so well in Ragnarok… although perhaps he’ll be separated from them at the beginning of Thor 4 and we’ll have a more pure GotG (Thor-free) experience. I’d be happy either way, honestly. Either way, I’m happy that Chris Hemsworth will get to make at least one more fantastic Thor movie (one reasonably presumes) to help mitigate the relatively underwhelming start of his MCU arc.
HOWEVER… that was all me talking about him to lay the foundation of how I feel about his character with regards to his arc in Infinity War/Endgame, in much the same way I previously discussed Cap and Iron Man. I talked about their arcs, so I wanted to touch on his (Thor’s and Hemmy’s). But that was all leading up to:
The thing that really gets me is a relatively small moment (two, really) that… well, I’m not sure nobody has noticed, likely a ton of people have (the franchise is massively popular and wildly successful), but I haven’t heard anybody else talk about it, and how fucking cool it is, so I’m going to.

In Age of Ultron, when Cap moved Mjolnir a bit*, Thor looked worried. I, at the time, interpreted that as him being worried that Cap being able to lift his hammer would make him less special, would in his mind diminish him.
But when Cap calls Mjolnir to him in Endgame, Thor is fucking excited for him, he’s fucking thrilled that Mjolnir judged Cap worthy; he’s genuinely happy for his buddy. And that’s just fucking cool.

*I chose to believe he chose not to lift it. Joss Whedon alluded to that having been the case when a fan asked him something to the effect of “How is Cap not worthy?”, and that, to me, makes much more sense than the argument that Cap wasn’t worthy then only became worthy sometime between then and Endgame.

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Hey do you know who Natasha Stark (Earth 3490) is?

Ok, so, I don’t read comics, but what I know is that she is like the female version of Tony who married Steve in one of the different universes in which someone looks into to find a way to prevent the Civil War (I think… Like, I know all those things happened in the comics and that Natasha Stark is female!Tony’s name, but I’m not sure that the marriage and the dimensional travel happened in the same issue, lol)

I love to think that is the name Nat will take after having married Tony, even if it’ll probably be Natasha Romanoff-Stark because she’s a strong and independent woman and doesn’t need her husband’s surname!

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I love those Guys ♥️🎦💯🔝😍

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The title, lyrics, and the song Tony sings is from The Hush Sound’s: You Are The Moon


“Darkness, darkness everywhere, do you feel alone?
The subtle grace of gravity, the heavy weight of stone…”

Tony wakes up to hear the subtle whimper and movement from his left. He rubs his bleary eyes as he sits upright to check on his husband. Stephen curled himself to a near ball, sweat beads dropping from his forehead as his hands gripped the sheets tightly. Now on high alert, Tony approaches his husband’s still nightmare-trapped self with as much care and caution as he could. He lets his hand gently grip and touch Stephen’s forearm as he caresses them with all the love he could muster. A few more moments and he lets it slowly go over the sleeping man’s scarred hands. While the whimpers and moaning don’t stop, they became less frequent and much less pronounced.

Slowly, the genius lets his body engulf as much of Stephen’s back as he could, letting his head rest on the taller man’s shoulders. He peppers them with kisses, as he hums out a tune. He sees the effect it had on the doctor, his eyebrows no longer scrunched up in pain and fear and his breathing much more even and calm. Tony notes that he could still hear some incoherent mumbling and decides to fully sing for his husband.

“You don’t see what you possess, a beauty calm and clear…” His kisses his neck, earning Tony another quiet content mumble.

“It floods the sky and blurs the darkness, like a chandelier…”

“Hnn… Tony… Love… you…

Whiskey eyes widened at the sudden declaration of love by the sleeping man. The genius lets it sink in before breaking out into a wide grin. He buries his face onto his husband’s neck, letting the calm lull of Stephen’s even breaths gently bring him back into a weightless sleep.

“All the light that you possess, is skewed by lakes and seas.
The shattered surface, so imperfect, is all that you believe.”

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by Bill_Longbow

read it on AO3


There might’ve been a time when Tony longed to be on a team. To join in the sort of easy camaraderie he now witnessed whenever the coffee on his own floor had run out. To know there was a group of people who had his six, on the battlefield and off, but he’s pretty sure the Avengers aren’t that group.

After the battle of New York the Avengers take up residence in the tower, but Tony tries his hardest to avoid them. They all made it clear enough they don’t want anything from him other than to bankroll their outfit. And that’s fine. More than fine. Absolutely perfect. If only Steve Rogers would play along and leave him the hell alone.

Because Steve doesn’t know he’s being pulled by fate, and that the last person Tony wants to disappoint is his soulmate. So better hide and deflect than let him get close. Right?

please don’t forget to comment & click that kudos button :)

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“Do you think you’d ever forget about me?”

“How could I?” 

Hey, I just started thinking about how Stephen’s probably got a longer life span than Tony does and then this happened. So have an old Tony on his deathbed! 

 I’m sorry. I kind of want to write something based off of this but I don’t want to cry again. 

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