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Chapter 11


Previously on Safe and Sound…

Warnings: mild violence

Word Count: 1,435

“Robert? Do you know what time it is?” A slight irritation in her voice, she was confused as to why her ex-husband would be calling so late. Part of her wondered if it had anything to do with Indio but Indio was asleep in the other room.

“I found her, Deb,” Robert choked out, “She’s alive. Our baby girl is alive, Deb.”

Deborah quickly sat up in her bed, all feelings of tiredness left her body at the words her ex-husband just said, “what?” She asked in shock.

“She’s alive, Deb,” Robert repeated.

Deborah ran a hand through her hair, “you better not be fucking with me, Robert.”

Robert let out a chuckle, “I’m not.”

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Just something I had to get out there

I’ve been on AO3 since 2017 and it’s the best fanfiction site I’ve ever used to read or to write.

I am so obsessed with Winteriron fics (also if you have any good ones to recommend lemme know) so I’ve been reading alot of them (most of them aren’t even against team cap) and I keep seeing all these anti Tony stans posting so much hate towards the Authors, Tony Stark, etc in the comments section, some hateful person made a horrible drinking game in the comments to diss Tony Stark and his Stans.

First, I’d like to say read the damn tags, if you don’t like what you see then don’t read it. Archive is a fanfiction site for people to write freely.

Second, all of you Team Cap stans that are posting so much hate towards Tony Stark and the people that love him, you may be on Team Cap but he wouldn’t want you on his team, he wouldn’t try to surround himself with people who hate on others because of characters they like or the people who inspire them. Captain America wants good people and all of you out there posting all this hate are proving yourselves to be the opposite.

And Third, Tony Stark is one of Steve’s close personal friends, they may fight but they always make up, it may take time but they get there and I personally don’t think Steve Rogers would appreciate you hating on and treating one of his friends like garbage, especially using him as an excuse or a reason to be hurtful are cruel to others.

That’s just my take.

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Just imagine… Morgan woke up one day, had breakfast with her dad and mom, was told dad was going away for a few days, Tony told her he loved her 3000 and one day, standing next to Happy, who stayed to babysit when Pepper left in the rescue armor, received only her mom, who had to put on a brave face to tell her little daughter daddy would not be coming home??? Did that happen to a five year old girl???

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hi!!! thank you so much for the link to that video! sorry to bother you but do you have a link to the extended scene between tony and rhodey in the workshop as well? thank you so much!!!!

Yes it’s in my mediafire account and quality is perfect 

LINK - MP4 - 93MB

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I made myself a pizza today at work and wrote my name on the box so no one would throw it away, and when I came down at the end of the shift I saw that someone had written “is iron man” underneath and honestly this may be the most rad I’ve ever felt

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To report the rumor is Charles Murphy of That Hashtag Show, which in a recent podcast explained:

I heard that this show will show Wanda that he will continue to explore his powers, including that of altering the reality of comics, which will be introduced in the MCU.

what I say is: Vision returns but it is not the fruit of Wanda’s mind. Agatha helps Wanda both for vision but helps Wanda develop her powers

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do you have a link to the iron man 2 deleted scene where tony and natasha are cooking?

Hello, do you mean the one where they were in the kitchen ? this one?

I have it in my mediafire account and in good quality. 

LINK -  it’s MP4 - 41MB

I published the ask, so if anyone was looking for it, they can download it as well 

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Warnings: Angst, Endgame spoilers, character death mentions, profanity, crying

“Congratulations you’ve reached the voicemail of Tony Stark, you know what to do.” BEEP.

“Hey, dad. It’s Y/N. It’s been a year. I graduated college today, top of my class, you’d be proud.”

You took a deep breath. “MIT, you know. Remember when I was little and I dreamed of going to Yale? Well that was the plan, until acceptance letters came in. Unsurprisingly I was accepted to all of them. Yale, Brown, Harvard, Princeton, MIT… And in that moment, I knew I couldn’t go to Yale. I just couldn’t. I accepted MIT’s invitation and studied electrical engineering and graduated with my masters in physics and E.E… Just like you. Only took two years. Yale was the plan, but I had to go to MIT, I had to have something more of yours. When I was younger you weren’t the best guy, not a role model, I wanted nothing less than to be like you. And now I’m here. Grasping onto every little thing I can, every memory, every piece of metal, every tool you ever touched. And it’s still not enough. Because you’re not here.  I didn’t care about what you or anyone else thought of me and now… I just hope you’re proud of me up there.”

A sob wracked your body.

“I miss you daddy. I miss you so much. The world lost Iron Man and Tony Stark, billionaire genius. But me? I lost my dad. And now I feel so lost. What was it you said? Part of the journey is the end. Well, it’s the worst part right now. Pepper is going to give me Stark Industries on my 18th birthday. I’m going to do my best to do as you would. I’m gonna help people, I’m not going to sit by and let all this shit happen when I can do something about it. It’s all just two months away. But I’m not going to stop there. You were Iron Man. You were the best hero the world, or universe, had ever seen. But you know what? I’m going to be better. Or try too. I’ve been designing my suit for months, and it’s almost ready. I’m going to make you proud dad, I promise. There will be somethings I do that you would have found questionable. Maybe even refused to let me do. So from that stand point it’s a good thing you’re not here. Because I’m gonna do them anyway. I’m going to make sure that if anyone like Thanos ever comes to earth we’ll be ready. Whatever it takes. A few people have told me to move on. Because they do. But not me. Not me.” 

Tears escaped your eyes and hit the stone floor. 

“And it’s all just two months away. I love you 3000. Goodbye Dad.”

A/N Possible Part 2?

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