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#iron man

Sam: Tony, you have got to do something about the Avenger Tower living conditions.

Tony: excuse me?

Bucky: yeah! Today we saw a huge ass spider on the ceiling. It like the size of a small child! You won’t believe how hard it was to kill.

Tony: *having a heart attack* YOU KILLED HIM!?!?!

Bucky: yeah, we kind of had to, it was super creepy, hanging out on the ceiling and shit. Just starring at us!

Sam: what, was that thing some sort of pet or something?

Tony: *passes out*

Peter: *walks in* what happened to Mr. Stark?

Sam: no clue. We just told him about a big spider we found and….

Peter: BIG SPIDER? WHERE? FUCK I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE! *jumps out window*

Bucky: Sam, I don’t think he had his Web shooters on.

Sam: he’s spider-boy, he’s probably fine.

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