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Tony: Peter! Your lab is on fire!

Peter: *distressed* N-NO! No it’s not!

Tony: *points at light* Then what is going on in there?!?!?!!

Peter: Aurora Borialis.

Tony: A-Aurora Borialis, at this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, LOCALIZED ENTIRELY IN YOUR LAB.

Peter: N-Yes!

Tony:……may I see it?

Peter: no


Peter: No Harley that’s just the norther lights.

Tony: *walking away* have a good day Peter.

Harley: HELP HELP!

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Only a Small Consolation

It all happened so fast, he had lost her, the only link to his family… May was gone like nothing, just like the summer breeze. She died in a car crash caused by a speeding driver. She was rushed to the hospital and died with Pete’s hand in hers.

Pete could hardly believe she was gone. He had no family, not even friends who could help him. Pete was left with no one but himself. He couldn’t do anything and there was nothing he could do. May was gone and never coming back.

Pete blamed himself for it all, if he hadn’t… if he hadn’t been at that stupid stakeout trying to stop some possible burglar. Now all he could do was wished he hadn’t been there, wish he hadn’t stopped them and hoped to have been able to stop her but at last he couldn’t.

Pete cried himself to sleep that night, no one knew where he was or even what had happened but for him everything had happened, and everything was very much real. However, his life would be changed forever.

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Spider-Man Reviews Teil 131

“As Dreams a made on”

Webspinners Tales of Spider-Man 1 - 3

Autor: J.M. Dematteis

Zeichner: Michael Zulli


Peter iar nicht gerade von Glück verfolgt nicht nur das sein letzter Gegner Joe Smith einen Film Vertrag erhält Nein es explodiert auch noch seine netzflüssugkeit.

Auch Quentin Beck hängt durch. Er findet keinen Job und hängt seiner Kindheit mach. Als er das Haus seiner Jugend besucht trifft er kurz seine alte Nachberin Betsy Schneider wo er flieht.

So landet er in selben Kino wie Peter und sieht sich die alte Fassung von King Kong an. Nach den Film beschließt Quentin das es an der Zeit ist sich zu rächen.

Um sich aufzuheitern besucht Peter Jonah und hängt ihn an die Decke. Am nächsten Tag erfährt Peter jedoch das Jonah tot ist. Gestorben bei einem Autounfall vertauscht von Spider-Man.

Während Peter sofort loszieht um seine Unschuld zu beweisen findet Jonah sich in der Hölle wieder. Im Warheit wurde er jedoch von Mysterio entführt.

Peter wird von der Polzei gejagt kann aber mit John Jameson beweisen das der Tote Jonah nur ein Roboter ist.

Quentin freut sich unterdessen über seinem Erfolg um Macht voller Selbstvertrauen ein Date mit Betsy aus.

Peter trifft dann Gwen die als friedensangebot mit ihn einkaufen will. Doch da Peter Jonah retten muss lässt er sie stehen. Peter sucht den Ort des Unfalls auf und wird dort von Geier, Sandman, Electro, Kraven und Doc Ock angriffen. Doch sie sind nur verkleidete Schläger die von Mysterio mit falsch Geld bezahlt wurden und keine Chance haben. Er findet Jonah dann in Mysterios alten HQ und rettet ihn.

Betsy ist begeister das Quentin mysterio ist und geht mit ihn in sein HQ wo ausgerechnet Joe Smith seinen Film dreht.

Mysterio reicht es mit den Eindringlingen er lässt eine riesige fliegende Sphinx erscheinen mit der er und Betsy flieht. Um die Flucht zu decken sprengt er sein versteck. Doch die Explosion ist nur Fake.

Joe war es gelungen auf die Sphinx zu klettern und greift Mysterio an wird jedoch von Mysterio runter geworfen und von Spidey gerettet.

Mysterio landet die Sphnix und verwandelt New York per Hologramm ins alte Ägypten und dann in den wilden Westen.

Betsy hat genug von den Unsinn und stellt sich gegen Mysterio worauf Dr sie in seine Sphinx sperrt. Während Spidey trotz wechselt er Realitäten gegen Mysterio kämpftbefreit Joe Betsy und die zwei verlieben sich. Mysterio wird besiegt will aber nicht aufgeben und aktbierert die Selbstzertörung der Sphnix. Jedoch zieht Joe in innerem einfach den Stecker und verhindert so die Explosion. Spidey schlägt ihn Kurzerhand K.O.

Joe wird von Jonah als Held geehert und Jonah nutz die Gelegenheit Spidey als Mysterios Partner hinzustellen. Doch diesmal gewinnt Peter da er das Video wie Jonah in der “Hölle” seine Sünden betreut an die Medien geschickt hat.


Ein drei Teiler aus Webspinners bon grossrtigen J.M. DeMatteis erzählerisch Top. Zeichnerisch jedoch das Gegenteil.


Story: 3

Zeichnung: 1


Gesamt: 6

Held: Spider-Man

Schurke: Joe, Mysterio

Nebenfiguren: Betsy Schneider, Tante May, Gwen, Flash, Harry, Jonah, John Jameson

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Tell me it gets easier

Peter Parker x Stark!reader angst

A/N: this small blurb is inspired by “Easier (feat. Shaed)” by Mansionair

Warnings: Angst, mentions of death


Originally posted by bnsplmn

I’m stuck

I’m stuck here in my skin

Clutching his old jumper in her hand. Y/n was crying, she has been for days.

Peter and Pepper stood at the door not knowing how to comfort the girl sitting on her bed crying.

Tell me it gets easier

Tell me it gets easier

That I’ll figure it out

Tony wore the jumper when he first let her help working on one if his suits.

“You’re doing it wrong, kiddo”, he had laughed when she couldn’t figure out how to connect the two wires going up to the helmet.

He wore the jumper the day Aliens invaded earth. “Stay here with Happy, okay? Daddy will be back. Love you, kiddo” he said before he left her, saving the earth. And he came back, falling from the sky, not stopping till the Hulk got to him.

Face up, untouched

Craving for some healing

“Dad? Dad?!”, never had y/n felt more happiness. Her dad was back, she had last seen him on the planet they fought Thanos.

Peter, her boyfriend was with her, and then, he wasn’t.

“Pete.. Peter?! You’re alive! Dad, he’s alive, you’re alive!” She hugged her dad, hot tears streaming down her cheeks. Tony held his little girl tight. She wasn’t so little anymore, she wore a suit now, like he did.

Next Tony hugged Peter, before they parted he whispered “Be there for her.”

Peter nodded, not knowing what exactly Tony meant. He would find out.

Game’s up, it’s too much

Oh you’re the king of cheating

Now a jumper was all she had left. Of him. Her dad. Earth mightiest hero.

Peter sighed, walking into the room. He sat down on the bed, next to her, still crying. Peter softly pulled her to him, hugging her.

She was clutching onto him now, but Peter didn’t mind, he too needed to feel something.

“Tell me it gets easier, living without him”, she sobbed. How was it fair that the only thing she had left of her dad was his jumper. Sure, his electronics were still there, but the only thing that felt like her dad, was this jumper.

Tell me it gets easier

Tell me it gets easier

“It will get easier.”


“I don’t know”

Tell me it gets easier

Then, both cried, both lost someone. But both had each other. And that had to be enough. Till it got easier.

“I’ll be with there, with you, always.”, Peter said, cradling her, tightening his grip around her,“Till it gets easier.”

“No matter how long”, y/n agreed.

Tell me it gets easier

That I’ll figure it out

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peter: i’m so sorry mr. stark

peter: i’ll never sneak out of the house ever again

tony: it’s okay kid i just got a little worried

the doctor in the corner of the hospital room: sir, you went into cardiac arrest

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Yo! Just wanted to say that I have now published the 10th chapter of my fanfiction, “The Spectacular Spider-Student” and I’d love it if you could check it out! You can read the full story, including the newly published chapter 10, “Clouded Skies” here! 

In this chapter, things start to look up for our hero, until they get much, much worse…

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133 days until New Mutants

161 days until Black Widow

350 days until The Eternals

448 days until Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

532 days until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

604 days until Spider-Man 3

714 days until Thor: Love and Thunder

868 days until Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2

896 days until Black Panther 2

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I’m working on a Spiderverse-like AU where Harley Keener (the boy in Iron Man 3) is spider man instead of Peter Parker.

His powers include: Increased Agility and speed, Increased immune system and healing properties, and something he likes to call spider-blast. Basically he can charge up energy in his hands or feet and send someone flying and or paralyze them for a little bit.

He uses a Bo staff and has different coloured webs that do different things. He also likes to jump on people bigger than him.

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Do you see Kamala Khan, Miles Morales and Sam Alexander sharing a comic title together sometime in the future (like what happened to Luke/Power Man and Danny/Iron Fist back in 1970's)?

Imma be honest with you- not really.

And not because they wouldn’t work even as a team cause it’d be lovely to see them mesh together with such clashing personalities and levels of maturity even though they are all hella young. I just think marvel is being a lil bitch baby at the moment and they treat some characters better then others, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up, but I’d would love to be proven wrong.

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