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Pairing: Peter Parker x fem!Reader

Words: 1.4k 

Summary: New girl in a new school means new friends.

Warnings: none except FLUFF, minor swearing 

A/N - here’s an imagine no one asked for lmao, hope ya’ll enjoy despite it being REAL cliche I bet :) 


Originally posted by iriswestsallen

It was never one of life’s simplest moments, never one that took a few hours of just one, short day to adjust by. It was starting high school as a new student, in a new environment, feeling like a new identity that was never an easy obstacle to overcome. It wasn’t so bad, so long as you hadn’t done anything to evoke any sort of attention, just remain mellow enough for anyone not to care, then all would be fine accordingly.

Homeroom had already begun just as you’d again, had your final meet and greet with Principal Morita, alongside your overly-excited yet very professional mother, whom on the other hand was the reason for your abrupt new beginning… In simple terms, her new job position, required her which meant you as well to move, which resulted in a new home: and you weren’t at all mad: upset inevitably over the idea that there’d be some distance between yourself and your “original” friends. Although, your mother worked incredibly hard and strived for the best… This is what made her happy, and there was nothing more that you could have asked for, nor complained about. 

Hearing about moving to New York, was indeed a mouthful… You weren’t really a huge fan of the big cities, although you’d never actually experienced it either. Nonetheless, here you were.

“So I’m sure, Y/N’s familiarised herself with most of the campus expectations and the curriculum, with our helpful study guide. It can be tough adjusting of course, but you’ll have your study buddy to guide you, and if there’s any other further pressing issues, you know exactly where to find me!”

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I read a fic a while back and I cannot for the life of me remember it’s name, and I would appreciate some help. The loose storyline is that Peter is at his internship and he’s getting coffee and building a robot I’m pretty sure and then his class walk on because they are on a field trip that he didn’t know about

Also have a photo of my dog, his name is cap after captain America

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