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Sam: Tony, you have got to do something about the Avenger Tower living conditions.

Tony: excuse me?

Bucky: yeah! Today we saw a huge ass spider on the ceiling. It like the size of a small child! You won’t believe how hard it was to kill.

Tony: *having a heart attack* YOU KILLED HIM!?!?!

Bucky: yeah, we kind of had to, it was super creepy, hanging out on the ceiling and shit. Just starring at us!

Sam: what, was that thing some sort of pet or something?

Tony: *passes out*

Peter: *walks in* what happened to Mr. Stark?

Sam: no clue. We just told him about a big spider we found and….

Peter: BIG SPIDER? WHERE? FUCK I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE! *jumps out window*

Bucky: Sam, I don’t think he had his Web shooters on.

Sam: he’s spider-boy, he’s probably fine.

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Ned Leeds Asking You Out Would Include…


Originally posted by peteparkrrs

requested by: @fluffymadamina

• what a goofball

• this boy would have fifty separate plans with additional footnotes because it has to be PERFECT

• he was so focused on having a bachelor plan with peter but it all got pushed aside when he found out you were coming on the trip as well

• it was a 50/50 chance of you actually having your parents permission and to ned’s luck they finally caved

• his plan would go something along the lines of a romantic dinner and then a walk on the beach

• the latter part gets scrapped when he realizes there are no beaches on the trajectory

• new plan: a romantic dinner and then a walk back to your room

• bonus points if he’s courageous enough to kiss you

• in his mind he’s a total casanova so he has absolutely no doubts

• and then he sees you on the night he’s ready to ask you out and he’s speechless because you look so beautiful

• he ends up stammering so hard that you manage to silence him with a hand on his shoulder

“hey, it’s okay. take a deep breath. what is it that you wanted to ask me?”

“u-um… (y/n)… would you- would you like to go have dinner… with me?”

• of course you say yes

• but then dinner gets scrapped when ned realizes he literally has no money on him

• he opts for the romantic walk in the moonlight

• he was going to be suave and kiss your hand before going in for a real kiss but you’re the one who goes in for the kiss first

• he’s so surprised that he just stands there for a moment, blinking

• “wow… that was… can we do that again?”

• the rest of the trip you two spend closely with each other and officiate becoming a couple when you get back to school

and best believe you two are the cutest couple who walk the school halls

• literally everyone ships you two


requests are currently [OPEN]

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again, not one person:

peter parker: [is a teenager and has lived through horrific trauma, who has to conceal his identity and can’t talk about it to many people because whenever he does he puts them in danger, stopped bucky’s punch, caught a bus, and on top of all of that, constantly has his powers and character disrespected to make him even more out of character for y’all that only like him for tom holland’s abs ]

y’all writing peter parker dialogue: oh i uh, oh hi a-angel, i-i’m s-s-s-so-sorry foh b-bein s-s-such a cute w-wittle b-b-b-b-b-b-babie i uh i um i ca-can’t h-help it uwu btw i’m uh i’m sp-spi-spid-er um i’m spider-man uwu pwease dont tell m-my aunt m-may

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