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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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I was tagged by @noona-clock to make a “Me” moodboard. Sorry, no face pics, but all of my loves are here including music, writing, and cooking. I’m sucha nerd and spend way too much in locally owned coffee shops. 

I tag @xui-n-soowillbethedeathofme, @smut-wars, @yoosmekihyun, @zhangbalance and anyone else who’d like to make one! 

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I wanted to make more

Peter: Wait so where’s Tony Stark?

Miles: The dude who was put in prison for murdering Bucky-somethings parents?

Miles: Peter where are you going? Peter!


Miles: Hey you talk a lot about these “Avengers” who are they?

Peter:*tearing up* Let’s start at the beginning one last time


Peter: Gwen you know Avengers right?

Gwen: Yea! They’re a really famous band in my dimension

Peter: *Dying of laughter*

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There were too many moments I couldn’t put in the caption, but like Mark, do you really think Marvel would actually allow you and Holland together…alone…for a Marvel Press Tour? 😂😂

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The second qualifier match in the JWnorthstar SCVI Tourney.

2b vs 2b.

One dons the Celestial Being uniform.

The Other cosplays as Spiderman.

Which 2b will move on to the first round?

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