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#iron man 3

just finished watching it and iron man 2 is just as wack as the first one, started the third one and am praying it’s better

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Wait, fuck, I just realized that I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that my brother is in Iron Man 3. I might have, but I’m gonna talk about it again because MY BROTHER IS IN IRON MAN 3. There’s actually some b roll footage where he can be seen inside a building

Right at the 25-second mark. That figure behind the glass, that’s my brother. Right next to RDJ!!


I don’t think you can see him in the actual scene in the movie, but he’s also in another scene. Right after Tony’s house is destroyed there’s a woman doing a newscast from the debris and as the camera pans over you can see my brother dressed as a paramedic. 


He’s the paramedic closest to the truck, wearing a hat and carrying a bag.

So basically what I’m saying is my brother is in the MCU and got to meet Robert Downey Jr. 

Also funny story, when my mom and I went to see the movie he kinda told us where to look for him, without giving away any spoilers. He’s on-screen for like three seconds and I was able to spot him, but my mom wasn’t. You can’t really see in this screencap but the giveaway for me was his ears. Which is….odd…

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Have you ever been in a situation where it’s late already and there’s school in the morning but you just finished Iron Man 3 and just saw ‘Tony Stark will return’ and now your all in your feels so you want to watch GOTG but ur parents say it’s time for bed so now you get to go to bed in your feels?

Or is that just me?

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Favourite iron man movies scenes?

OMG! Yay, an ask!!! I never get these so I’m super excited!

So my favorite iron man movie scenes are the scene are as follows:

In Iron Man 1 its a tie between tony putting on the complete red and gold armor for the first time and where Tony is watching the news about the 10 rings and shoots his reflection.In Iron Man 2 my favorite is the scene when Rhodey finds out Tony is dying because I just love how much it shows their relationship. And finally in Iron Man 3 my favorite scene is Tony shopping at Home Depot and then kicking ass with homemade Christmas themed weapons because it’s both 100% tony being a badass and kind of hilarious.

Thanks so much for the ask!

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