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Hey! I really like your blogs, you doing a great job!!! I just wanted to find one pic where gwybert is in im 3 press tour and Gwen is wearing her sunflower pants and rdj is looking at her upside down ,and on the other side the same thing is in cartoon sketch. I saw it yesterday only....!


Ya know, I have no idea. I browsed through my photos and didn’t see anything that sounded like that. Sorry!! Maybe someone else out there knows that this is?

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1/16 update:

Here’s a handy dandy fic update for you all:

I am about halfway done with the next part. Though I am a student, which means the new semester has begun. To be completely honest, it’s already kicking my butt yet I’m only 4 days into this new semester.

With that being said, it’ll probably take me another week or so to drop the next part. (Unless I can manage to free up my weekend as much as possible…. which, I don’t see that happening.)

Thank you so much for your patience!

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Ana & Edwin Jarvis and Tony & Pepper Potts being that couple, and making SHIELD agents uncomfortable with their PDA.

(Tony might get his genius from Howard; but he gets his dumbassery and utter love for his wife from his butler-dad)

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My top 10 favorite MCU ships

1. Pepperony (pepper potts x Tony Stark)

2. Ironstrange (Tony Stark x Dr. Stephen strange)

3. Spideychelle (Peter Parker x Michelle Jones aka mj)

4. Sambucky ( Sam Wilson x Bucky Barnes)

5. Stucky (Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes)

6. Ironhusbands ( James Rhodes x Tony Stark)

7. Bruetasha (Bruce banner x Natasha romanoff)

8. Thorbruce (Thor odinson x Bruce banner )

9. Thorvalkyrie (Thor odinson x Valkyrie/Brunnhilde)

10. Mappy? ( may Parker x happy Hogan)

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why is it that every time someone ships two male characters together (and one of them canonically has a child) instead of being fucking normal and leaving that kid out of their headcanons or, i don’t know, have coparenting, they either just completely erase the mother and make the child their ship’s child or (as in a post i just saw about Teddy Lupin) make her a surrogate like no she’s the child’s actual fucking mother stop erasing her or downplaying the importance she has in making that child like??? make a fucking OC??

anyways moral of story is if one half of your ship has a child, either dont fucking touch the child or treat the mother with some basic respect thank you

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65. “Did you do something different with your hair?” With pepperony perhaps?? Thanks :)

Pepper was known for being Polished, Perfect, and Prepared. In that order. 

This did not explain why she was sleeping in late in Tony’s bed and her hair was a mess and she had the outfit from last night, which wouldn’t do because then everyone would Know that she had not worked on the project. 

This meant that she had twenty minutes to get back to her apartment, brush her hair, and maybe get a cheese stick for breakfast. 

And then twenty turned into ten after she rushed back to her apartment and the elevator was out and she was on the sixth fucking floor. 

So then she had to spray a ton of perfume, call Happy to pick her up, and get on a nice dress and heels. She grabbed her files, checked her phone, and rushed downstairs. 

She was five minutes late. 

Tony was a minute behind her, smiling. 

“Do something different with your hair, Pep?” 

She stills as she remembers: she didn’t brush her hair. 

“Oh god,” she mutters. “I’m turning into you.” 

Tony laughs. “Not yet, you haven’t come into work in boxer shorts yet.” 

“I don’t think anyone’s forgotten that.” 

“I’m not asking them to,” Tony says. “We have the project meeting in ten minutes. I have an extra brush in my desk, and I have the project a little bit worked on.” 

“When did you work on it? You weren’t working on anything last night.” 

“Well, except for–” 

“Don’t say that,” Pepper reprimands. “Don’t.” 

Tony laughs. 

“I’ll see you later, Pep. You want lunch together today?” 

“Yes,” Pepper answers. She blows him a kiss as she walks to her office. 

He’s such a dork. She loves him. 

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And because I don’t think the (as of yet unnamed) Story 4 will be finished until spring at the earliest I just wanted to share the (unbetaed) beginning now. Thinking I might be adding more intro or even another section to the top, possibly, since it got deep fast, but at the moment here it is.

It was the first week of December, marking a month since Stephen had started working with the three individuals that made up the remaining operating Avengers. By that point they had all come to a cordial working relationship, though there was little activity to actually report over the last month regarding their search. When Stephen portalled into the secure area of the Avengers Compound for his biweekly meeting with Tony Stark and co, he was greeted by Colonel “Just call me Rhodey” Rhodes and Vision.

“Where’s Tony?” he asked as the portal closed behind him.

“He’s not going to be joining us today,” Rhodey answered, causing Stephen to frown.

“Is everything okay?”

Before Rhodey could answer, Vision answered, “His wedding with Miss Potts was set for this week before her injury changed those plans.”

Stephen pressed his lips together. “My apologies.”

“It’s not your fault,” Rhodey said, but Stephen could not help but feel it was. Throughout the last month his search to find any differences between his and his counterpart’s pasts, something that explained the difference in their personalities, had led to no new discoveries. It was incredibly frustrating and only increased the feeling that somewhere, deep down, he was inherently arrogant and any situation might make him snap and make him a monster.

It was an absolute nightmare.

He pushed his guilt to the back of his mind and said, “Let Tony know to take all the time he needs. There have been no new developments on my end, anyway.” Stephen paused, then inquired carefully, “Has there been any change in Miss Potts condition?”

Rhodey sighed and shook his head. “Not for some time. The coma is steady and unchanging.” He then nodded over towards the computers. “Let’s take a look at what activity the sensors have picked up. There was nothing pointing to Strange, but there was something a bit weird on one of the European ones a couple days ago.”

“Probably Cluj-Napoca in Romania,” he answered as he followed him. “It’s the unofficial capital of Transylvania for a reason.”

“Anything we need to be worried about?”

“All taken care of.” He had cut his arm rather badly in a skirmish with what he called ‘interdimensional vampires’, but that was almost healed up now. Healing magic was very convenient.

Yeah I think I need to move this section down a bit and do something else with the first paragraph. I’ll just continue writing little scenes and sections that I know I want to happen and see how it all goes.

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Can you do M for the writers asks please?

M: Got any premises on the back burner that you’d care to share?

Well, I’m not really planning on writing anything new anytime soon because I try to stick with one WIP at a time, but… I do have some ideas I’ve been playing with.

The first one sounds kinda dumb… but it’s basically a Farmer/Western AU (And I’m gonna do the bullet list thing because I think it’ll be easier for me to put my thoughts down).

  • Idk, like, Tony’s this farmer dude who owns his own mechanic shop near his property
  • He’s got cows and chickens and horses… the whole nine yards y’know.
  • Plus he’s got like a bajillion acres of land
  • He knows everyone in town. 
  • Literally everyone. 
  • He can walk into the local diner and know everybody there ‘cause he’s just a social butterfly like that.
  • And everyone goes to him with when they got issues
  • He’s a jack-of-all-trades kinda guy
  • Plumbing, Electric, Woodworking you name it he can do it
  • Kinda like the towns very own personal Bob the Builder
  • So, he’s always working and running around
  • Then, Maybe Pepper owns one of the diners and Tony goes and fetches her some ice cream once in a while from the famous as all heck ice cream joint down the street.
  • He likes her but won’t admit it
  • But then one day he starts falling behind on his chores
  • Work starts getting slow
  • He’s really struggling to make ends meet and he will never ever even consider getting rid of any of his prized animals. Especially not his good ol’ bull Dum-E or his favorite Blue Heeler, Friday
  • So he ends up getting one of those problem-child ranch hands to help with the workload.
  • (Like Ty from Heartland if any of y’all know what that is)
  • Turns out it’s Peter 
  • (because of course it is)
  • Peter’s a brat at first because, y’know, he’s a “problem-child”
  • He hates the ranch life, y’know. 
  • He hates the smell of the cows
  • He hates getting chased by the bull
  • He hates grooming the horses
  • He hates the bad cell reception
  • He hates always getting oil on his clothes 
  • He hates getting those itchy bites from handling hay
  • He hates waking up at the crack of dawn by the rooster
  • He hates to feed the chickens because they always peck his shoes
  • He just hates it
  • But then things get better because they have to in the fairytale fluffiness of my mind
  • Peter starts adjusting to it
  • Starts to love it
  • Starts to love Tony
  • Tony brings him along on all his crazy errands into town
  • Introduces him to Pepper
  • And y’know, Pete immediately knows Tony’s got a thing for her
  • Tony denies it
  • Pete doesn’t believe him and sets them up anyways
  • Then, one thing leads to another, and Pepperony’s a thing 
  • and Tony adopts Peter 
  • And they all live happily ever after

And the other is just a plain-old plain-old Teacher-Student AU

Sorry if that was a lot… I just really dig the farmer idea cuz its different (plus Tony’s look in age of Ultron just has my mind a-goin’). And y’know, Downey’s gotta buttload of animals…

So yeah… :)

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