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Hey guys! So quick little thing, @copicmarkermaddness here send me a dm. Apparently my Bucky and Morgan’s post —which is link here:

Bucky and Morgan’s post

Has been going around not only here, and Instagram. But as well on Pinterest, which I find that pretty hilarious in my opinion. That this post actually made it out the app. Though, they sent me a beautiful art piece base on the post and have their permission to repost!


(Any hate, or slight meanful judgement will be deleted. All credit goes to the owner @copicmarkermaddness)

But thank you so much! I love seeing people’s create so much imagination out of it! ❤️❤️

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*Sirens whine in the distance as the arcade burns to the ground*

Tony, trying hard to stay calm: Alright, what happened here?


Loki: Thor used his own hammer on the Whack-A-Mole.

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E 13 + 14 from the smut fic prompt list with Bucky

sugar | b. barnes

summary | during a scene, you get scared and utter the safe word. bucky then ensues after care.

warnings | oral (f receiving), blindfolds, restraints, safeword use, after care, soft!dom!bucky, sub!reader


Originally posted by missbuckyinmydreams

your hands were tied behind your back expertly. the blindfold around your eyes heightened your other senses too. you didn’t know what was happening, everything seemed a blur. you heard buckys voice darting around the room, almost as if your mind was trying to purposely mess with you.

bucky was going down on you, his velvet tongue was plunging in and out of your pussy. his thumb was rubbing small circles on your clit. you wanted to tangle your fingers in his hair but the rope restrained you from doing so. he had been teasing you for what it felt like, hours. the pressure building up in your core was too much. the pleasure was too much, you couldn’t handle it. scared, you uttered out the one word you never really say. “sugar” you croaked out.

buckys ministrations stopped immediately. he pulled his face away from your cunt and went to untie the rope and blindfold. he pulled the blindfold off first, but the brightness was too much. he then reached behind you to untie the rope, but you couldn’t pay attention to that. you then realized he could’ve been mad at you, since it was only the first time you said the safe word.

your hands were free and the first thing you did was reach out for bucky. you didn’t know what you wanted from him, but you just needed him. “i’m coming right back, don’t worry” he pressed a quick peck to your lips and went to the washroom. he came back with all sorts of ointments, pills, and a washcloth too. he wiped the sweat from your body and use a cooling ointment for the rope burn.

“bucky, ‘m sorry” you felt the need to apologize, but he simply hushed you. “there’s nothing to be sorry for baby” he reassured you, then went back to taking care of you. he lifted you up from the bed and carried you to the washroom. “colour?” he asked as he started a bath. “yellow” you whispered loud enough for him to hear. “you wanna talk about it?” he squeezed a bunch of bubble bath soap as he questioned you. “later” you mumbled.

he placed you in the tub full of bubbles and discarded the remainder of his clothes. he slipped in behind you and grabbed a loofa, gentilly washing you. “i’m always here baby, did you get scared?” he raised your arms with care as he washed your pits. you did say anything but nodded your head yes. “it happens to most subs baby, even some doms too, that’s what the safeword is for, right?” he moved the loofa to your other arm. you nodded yes again before laying back into him. “can we just stay like this for a bit?” you requested. who was he to say no to you?


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You & I - Peter Parker x FemReader SNEAK PEEK


Originally posted by huzursuzhayaller

She felt his absence more deeply than she’d ever felt anything before. More than her love for him, more than her adoration for him, more than the warmth in her soul and the flush in her cheeks when he gazed at her from across the room with his crooked smile and shy eyes. More than the terror of wondering if he’d come home in one piece. Him being gone was the absolute worst thing she’d ever gone through, because in her mind, he was never coming back. It haunted her, held her down, let her be but just a shell of who she used to be.

She got the news from Tony. A phone call in which his voice was shaking- he had barely been able to get the words out. But when he did, when she knew- really knew he wasn’t coming back she let out a scream so raw and so loud she barely recognized it as her own. It was as if she was detached. Like she could feel herself doing these things- screaming, dropping her phone, falling to the floor and cradling her head in her hands as a chorus of “no’s” fell from her lips- but she couldn’t connect herself to them. Not really. How could she? He was gone. Peter. How could she live with herself knowing he was gone? Knowing all the things he’d never get to do and the things she’d never be able to tell him. In that moment, full of anguish and indescribable pain, her throat raw and her breath coming out in shallow, choking sobs, she wished she was gone instead. Reduced to dust, flying off in a breeze, a name on a memorial plaque. She can’t recall how many hours she stayed there. On the kitchen floor with her back against the cold floorboards. Watching the small watermark on the ceiling, feeling nothing but everything at once. Eyes empty to match the hole in her chest. It may have been all night, may have even been a full day. She only ate when absolutely necessary, only left her bed when her family visited to check on her. On those days, she pretended.

She liked to think of herself as strong. Before. But here she was, a shell of a person, holding on to someone that was never coming back. She felt stupid, co-dependent. The girl she never thought she’d be. She could be without Peter. But that was before. When she was sure he was coming back, when the distance and time apart was only temporary. 

She tried to be someone without him. Reminded herself that she was being pitiful and selfish. Everyone had lost someone. And they still managed. They still pushed on. Why couldn’t she? So she did. At the very least, she really tried. 

They’d been in their third year of college when it happened. Now, she had graduated- barely pulled herself through those last two years. She got a job and moved into a small apartment in lower Manhattan. She couldn’t bear to stay in Queens, not when she saw him in every corner store, every sandwich shop, every movie theatre they’d frequented. 

She never went on a date, refusing to tarnish his memory like that and seething when people told her it’s what he would have wanted. What did they know?

So when she sees him for the first time, on her doorstep with his disheveled hair and soft smile, he pulls her toward him crushing her into a hug, soft sobs wracking his entire body. She’s standing so still, in awe, and when she steps back she just laughs. Laughs so hard she starts to cry. “I really have lost it haven’t I? All this time and I still can’t let you go. I’ve made you real. All on my own.”

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Bucky: I can’t believe this shit.
Sam: What happened?
Bucky, shoving a magazine in Sam’s face: Look at this! They’re calling me Steve’s side chick! I haven’t been with that dumbass since 1942 just to be called his ‘side-chick’. As if Steve could even get more than one person to fall in love with him.
Sam: That says ‘side-kick’, Bucky.
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I have a love-hate relationship w Endgame because on one hand they gave us the most character development and exposure to Natasha as a character


And on the other fucking hand they KILLED HER.


The lines ‘Natasha Romanoff kicks off the cliff wall, yanking out of Clints grasp.

She falls…..’

Are gonna haunt me FOREVER

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