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#avengers endgame

I’d like to just point out a few things here…..

The tears in Tony’s eyes in that first gif. The thick swallow and the small gasp of air. He’s trying not to cry while he asks Steve “is um.” Which is totally leading into him asking if Pepper is alive or if she’s been dusted. The pain of the idea that even though he lived he may have lost her must have been so powerful

In the second gif he takes a moment to really realize she’s there, she’s alive. He may have lost but he still has her. The very slight relaxation of his shoulders, to me, shows that just seeing her takes away or at least aliviates most of the anger and pain he has over losing.

In the third. Pepper realizes that the world’s gone to shit, the avengers lost. Everyone lost. But at least there’s a small glimmer of hope, there’s something that’s okay now. They have each other still. Pepper’s “oh my god!” Is enough to to show she had so much hope he was alive but she was also terrified he had died and she didn’t want to get her hopes up just in case. But he’s here, he’s alive. He made it home to her and while he looks terrible and clearly needs plenty of care it’s all things that can be fixed now. He gave her that one more surprise and it’s probably the best one he’s ever given her

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Something’s been bothering me.

Peter is not the first child Tony lost.


Tony found his corpse, while surrounded by a team who should have allowed him space for his grief, and instead treated him with hostility and anger. There was no time for his grief because there was a world to save, and the most animated we see Tony in Age of Ultron is when he realizes JARVIS is not quite as dead as he initally thought. 

And then Vision happens and that’s–not Jarvis. 

One of the first things Vision says is that he’s not Jarvis. 

Tony lost his first child–DUM-E, U, Butterfingers–they’re his, but they’re not JARVIS. And he was left alone in a ruined tower with that child’s remains. 

And then, a lifetime and a galaxy away–Tony lost Peter. 

His second child. 

A child he chose instead of created. 

And in those last moments on Titan, we see that grief, that crushed despair in Tony’s eyes, something we saw hints of in Age of Ultron when he realized JARVIS had been killed. 

Peter’s death was hard–a parent losing a child. 

But what is tragic to me, is that it wasn’t the first time Tony had felt that loss, and it was, once again, a loss brushed aside as soon as he voiced it, never really acknowledged by the people who should have held him and helped him through his grief. 

Tony Stark, the man who faced death in a cave and built an arc reactor and the Iron-man suit, the man who refused to accept the inevitable–lost two children and spent years grieving them in silence. Is it any fucking wonder, when given half an idea, he figured out how the hell to fix it, how to get Peter back? 

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And the other actors who possibly could be nominated such as, Taron edgerton, Adam driver, Christian bale, Brad pitt, and etc. sorry folks, this year the competition is very fierce. Oscar only give a good performance not the most actor who played in Short term hype movie.

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Exhausted and grief-stricken, Peter makes his way home to May after the final battle, and reunites a family along the way.

This story was strongly inspired by the train scene from Spider-Man 2, and my wondering what reaction an unmasked MCU Peter would get from his fellow New Yorkers.

Word count: 5436


After (Mr. Stark died) the final battle to defeat Thanos (oh God, Tony was dead, he’d watched him die, saw the life leave his eyes, heard his heart falter then stop, and it was like losing Ben all over again), Peter had been shepherded to the only part of the Avengers Compound that had been left standing. He let the guiding hand on his shoulder push him down on to a crate, barely registering the fact that Captain America had been the one steering him, a strong arm wrapped around Peter’s back. The Peter of six months ago (not six months, five years, but he couldn’t think about that right now) would have stuttered and stammered with fanboy enthusiasm, but he was emotionally numb as the other man took a seat next to him on his own crate.

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If Bucky Barnes can move on and let go of 70 years of pain, manipulation, control, bondage, and torture, surely Steve could have done the same about a woman he didn’t even know that long and who got over him within a year after his presumed death.

Are we sure the right super soldier was worthy of holding Mjölnir?

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Another rumour was that they wanted to cast him as Nova, specifically Sam Alexander, a teen whose father was a special agent or something in Nova Corps (which weve seen in Guardians of the galaxy) and inherits his armour & powers. 


I dont know much about the character & whilst Im sure Finn would do a great job ive thought of something far better id like to see him take a stab at if he joined the MCU.


So ever since Antman & even Iron man 3 ive seen the possibility that they may do a young Avengers movie, though now it could also be a Disney+ drama. With the Events of endgame having Cassie Lang be the right age, the announcement of Kate Bishop being in the Hawkeye show as well as the fact Marvel now has the rights to Kree & Skrulls it looks like this may be happening more & more. So who would Finn play? Well the character becomes a much later addition to the group when only 3 of the original members are still part of the team, though given the fact Black widow & hawkeye were not part of the 1st avengers team in the comics it doesn’t matter if they change the line up of the team a bit. But given the fact this character now has his own Disney+ series the possibilities of it happening are less and less likely. However  if Young Avengers does happen it wont be till way down the line since most of phase 4 has already been planned out, and if shit that’s been happening with Sony & Spiderman has taught us anything is that things can change at the drop of a hat. So heres who I think would be a good character for Finn if he does join the MCU in young avengers:  

Kid/Teen Loki



From what I understand of the Comics Loki sacrificed himself in order to prevent something he had put in motion but lost control of from destroying everything, apologising to his brother as his final words. Because of something to do with Hela rather than truly die he was reincarnated on earth as a kid with no memories of his past and found by Thor who told him who he really was, though the boy was terrified of the nightmares which showed the horrible things he had done. The Asgardians didn’t want him back in Asgard, especially Odin who constantly yelled at him and belittled him for the actions of his past self. After helping Thor defend Asgard (at one point he even uses the Destroyer (from the first Thor movie) to save the day) he eventually makes contact with his past self who reveals that this has all been part of his plan and it is time for him to assume control. Refusing to let that happen Kid Loki traps Loki and hides it from Thor..

Eventually after a lot of character development Kid Loki has to let his past self take back control in order to save everyone, though not before letting him have 3 conversations with anyone he chooses without revealing whats about to happen, basically giving him the chance to say goodbye before he disappears and old Loki takes over. Its after this point, whilst still disguising himself as Kid Loki that he joins the young avengers.      

Now heres how I think Kid, or rather Teen Loki would fit into the MCU and why Finn would be good to play him (warning this will be long winded so skip this if your not interested):


The Loki Show: its been made clear that the show will be focusing on the Loki from the timeline where he escaped with the tesseract (space stone) in Endgame. Its also clear that the Multiverse will play a big part in the Doctor Strange sequel and that Scarlet Witch will play a big part in that movie. So im wondering if the events of WandaVision (which airs before DS & Loki) will be similar to House of M in that her powers have grown and in her grief over what happened to vision along with all the shit that has happened to her in her life she is losing her sanity and unintentionally altering reality in which Vision lived and the two are a happy couple, complete with kids (which plays a HUGE part in 2 of the young avengers & their powers). The series would end with Doctor Strange confronting her and lead into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness where the 2 must put reality back together after realities start bleeding into each other.

In the chaos of all the multiverses bleeding into each other the Loki from the reality where he escaped with the space stone ends up in the main MCU reality which will lead into the Loki series. Either during that or Thor Love & Thunder he will sacrifice himself only to be discovered reincarnated by Thor as Teen Loki (played by Finn) with seemingly no memory of his past self in the end credits.


Due to his past he’ll be shunned by other Asgardians and get involved with whatever leads up to the young avengers being formed. Given how stopping Loki was the reason the Avengers first teamed up wouldn’t it be a cool call back if Teen Loki was the one who brought the Young Avengers together to save the world this time?    


But as the series progresses Old Loki starts to whisper to Teen Loki (Hiddleston cameoing either in person or voice), eventually revealing that nearly everything that has happened in the series, including the team being formed, has been set up by him pre mind wipe so that he gains the trust of both the young & old avengers, going to such lengths as completely wiping his memories so that any mind readers will believe he really is a different person before putting his plans into action. Remember THIS Loki is still the villainous Loki we had in the first avengers movie. Any character development after that is retconned by whatever we get in Thor 4 & the Loki Series, so Old Loki could still be all out evil.

By series end he is the final villain and enacts his master plan that the team must stop. Either they or whatever is left of Teen Loki will be the ones to foil the plan. Hopefully the door for Teen Loki to make a comeback would be open ended (Finn’s a workaholic after all).

Now as for why I think Finn would be good as Loki:

First and foremost, hes a great actor. We’ve seen he is great at giving emotional performances and has great comedic timing. The taunting creepy childlike laugh he gives Billy in stranger things sauna scene would be super creepy if Loki eventually went evil & used his knowledge of his team & his magic/illusions to taunt them. Id actually like to see Finn play a full-on villain, and I think he could pull off Loki at his smarmiest overconfident to his full on deranged gleefully smiling maniac. As for the emotional scenes just tell me he wouldn’t be good at giving the three secret goodbye speeches before Old Loki takes over again.    

Like I said this is all my own opinion on who he would be good to play in the MCU. Finn has reportedly stated he would be fine playing a background character rather than an actual full on character in a superhero movie so he may not even be interested if the chance came up.  

But what do you guys think? Could you see Finn as this character?

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so, i watched endgame again. this is only the second time i’ve seen the film because i had no interest to validate a greedy corporation that destroyed the characters ive grown up loving.

in all of my anger and frustrations since the film was released, i forgot how good the stevetony time heist scenes were, how in sync they both were just like they’ve always been in the comics and the fact that steve had absolute trust in tony, also like in the comics, when he proposed they go back to the 70s to get the tesseract and more pym particles. in the previous films, we’ve seen steve counter tony at every step, but, this time, he was 100% on board with whatever tony had to say.

howard potts and captain stevens made me smile and i honestly wasn’t expecting it when i decided to watch this film. it’s still not an easy film to stomach because a part of me is still angry at what they did to steve but the brief glimpses of stevetony acting more like their comics counterparts made it worth it.

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