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#avengers endgame
Morgan breaks her arm/and or leg.

Thanks for the prompt!

“You’re okay baby girl,” Tony soothed and held Morgan close to him, “Mommy will be here any minute.”

“It hurts,” Morgan sobbed as she clung to his shirt.

“I know baby, I know,” Tony whispered and kissed the top of her head, “It’ll be okay. I promise.”

Morgan whimpered and squirmed closer to him, “Please make it stop.”

Tony squeezed his eyes shut and held Morgan closer, “You’ll be okay sweetie.”

Morgan shook her head a little and started to sob in pain.

“Can’t you just carry me?” Morgan begged.

Tony flinched a little and glanced at the useless nub that used to be his right arm.

“I’m sorry baby,” He apologized, “I- I can’t…”

Morgan cried harder, each on of her little sobs drove nails into Tony’s heart.

“It’ll be okay Morgan. I promise.”

“But my ankle hurt!” Morgan sobbed.

Tony squeezed his eyes shut tighter and held Morgan closer to him. Her loud wails died down to quiet broken sobs. Just when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore, Pepper’s car came skidding to stop in the driveway.

“What happened?” Pepper cried as she rushed over to where they were sitting beneath one of the trees.

“I wanted to climb the tree!” Morgan sobbed.

“She broke her ankle,” Tony explained as Pepper knelt down next to them.

“Why are you both still sitting out here?” Pepper demanded as she put Morgan’s arm over her neck.

“I- I didn’t want too… I couldn’t-” Tony tried to explain.

Pepper’s shoulders drooped a little, “It’s okay Tony,” Pepper assured him, and brushed his cheek with her hand, before sliding her arms under Morgan and picking her up.

“I tried,” Tony mumbled as he climbed to his feet and followed Pepper to the car.

“I know baby,” Pepper replied, “Do you want to sit in the back Morgan?”

“Yeah, right,” Tony replied and rushed around to the other side of the car. He climbed in just as Pepper was buckling Morgan in. Tony slid next to his daughter, and tucked her close to him.

“I’m sorry Morgan,” Tony whispered into the top of her head.

“It’s okay daddy,” She mumbled and leaned against his side.

“Pepp I’m sorry,” Tony mumbled from his place in bed.

“Tony, you don’t have to apologize. I’m not mad,” Pepper replied as she climbed into bed next to him.

“But I should have been able to get her to the hospital on my own-”

“Tony, it’s fine. Morgan is fine, her ankle is going to be fine. It’s all okay,” Pepper assured him, “It wasn’t your fault-”

“I know, I just… there are things I should be able to do that I can’t… Pepp I just feel kinda…” Tony trailed off and looked away from her, “Useless.”

“Tony,” Pepper whispered and gently guided his face so he was facing her, “You’re here. That’s what matters.”

Tony shook his head and pulled away from her.

“Tony,” Pepper spoke more firmly this time, “Look at me,” He forced himself to look into his wife’s concerned eyes, “You’re here for her, and you’re here for me. I am serious when I say that that’s what matters.”

“What if it had been worse?” Tony replied, “What if-”

“Tony. It wasn’t. Morgan is perfectly okay. Her ankles a little messed up for now, but it will heal.”

“I’m just scared,” Tony admitted and leaned into Pepper.

“I know,” she whispered and wrapped her arms around him, “We’ll be okay.”

She ran her fingers through his hair with one hand as she rubbed his back with the other. Tony found himself relaxing a little as he listened to his wife’s heart beat. He hoped she was right.

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So something that has been bothering me recently about Endgame is the whole is the whole “five years” thing.

So you’re telling me that billions of people live in basically the wasteland of planet earth, some real post-apocalyptic stuff, collapse of civilization and the like, and try to rebuild for five years. For five years they try to move on, they stew in their grief. The suicide rate spikes. Millions of kids dropout of school, there aren’t enough teachers, they need to take care of their remaining loved ones, etc. Danger and violence are everywhere. All art created in this time period is basically Van Gough’s blue period on crack. The entire world is going through a deep, deep trauma, and by year five they are just starting to reach some kind of normalcy. 

Then, suddenly, everyone comes back, in a kind of miracle. Parents return to see their kids have grown up. Kids return to find their teachers haunted and half of their classmates almost graduated, in college, or working full-time jobs. The economy takes a few years to stabilize, which is another kind of chaos. Adults who come back have trouble finding jobs, and through all this, there’s a kind of deep-seated sadness under their friends and family’s joy to have them back. 

Are you telling me they’re just going to take down those monuments all over the world? There’s gonna be conflict about that–because they acknowledge this terrible thing that happened, and it happened to the living people more than to the disappeared people. But then again how can you have monuments to the dead that aren’t dead. There are a massive number of board meetings about this. Also do you know how disorienting it would be to come back to school as a highschooler only to find that your classmates are the kids five years below you who you barely know. Especially for children, their friends would have matured beyond their comprehension. And the kids especially who stayed, would have been especially vulnerable in the five years, the most traumatized. How do you even go to therapy if your therapist is just as scared as you are, or cannot comprehend your grief.  

Teachers welcome the “new kids” while the “five-year kids” cluster together like some kind of clique/support-group. “New teachers” arrive to find that they cannot relate at all to the pain of their students, and it’s extremely frustrating for all involved. There’s just this profound gap between the two halves of the world’s population. What I’m saying is that this earth-wide trauma would take generations to fade out of the general public’s psyche and I’m upset that Marvel has done literally nothing to try and show that. 

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I am dead.

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give sam wilson the respect and appreciation he deserves

stop saying he isn’t your captain america because he isn’t steve rogers. steve gave him the shield because sam is everything that captain america stands for, and steve trusts and believes in his abilities to continue fighting the fight.

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I refuse to believe that the timeline didn’t change one bit when Steve went to have his life with Peggy.

You’re telling me, Steve Rogers would allow Howard to treat his only son, Anthony Stark like a piece of shit?

You’re telling me Howard and Steve wouldn’t still be friends, that would have honest and open conversations with each other?

You’re telling me that Anthony Edward Stark wouldn’t grow up to call this time’s Steve Rogers uncle?

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Peter Parker: Mr Stark, what parts of the male body are the most sensitive?

Tony Stark: Those, my boy, are the balls. Wanna know why?

Peter Parker: No, Mr Stark, it’s fine, I don’t wanna-

Tony stark: Because they’re the tes-tickles! God I’m hilarious!

Peter Parker: … That was a dad joke.

Peter Parker: Fatherhood has changed you Mr Stark.

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So I always thought Steve would be the one to die and sacrifice himself. Not that I wanted him dead specifically, but it made more sense imo. And I could see him actually dying throughout the movie - it wouldn’t be obvious, the camera wouldn’t focus on these little details, they would all happen in the background so we wouldn’t really notice them: Steve trying to hide a bout of coughing, Steve being out of breath after a training, Steve being slower, Steve not healing as quickly as he used to heal, Steve squinting his eyes occasionally. The serum wouldn’t work as well as it used to, as if it slowly wore off. And towards the end of the movie, we would’ve had a scene with Tony finding out the truth. He’d be in Steve’s quarters, a syringe in his hand, and Steve would walk in on him. Tony would’ve slightly shaken the needle, not hiding what he’s found - what he was looking for - and Steve would’ve sighed, letting go of the “mask” he put on in front of his friends, showing his true condition - he’s tired and in pain. “How long have you known?”, he would’ve asked.

“I wasn’t sure”, Tony would’ve replied. “How long has this been going on?”

Steve would’ve taken the needle from Tony’s hand and turned his back on him, rolling his sleeve up to inject himself with whatever is in it - I don’t know, I know nothing about medicine, something that keeps him healthy, that slows down the wearing off, that eases the symptoms and the ever building pain, but only temporarily. “A year, maybe.”

“I can fix you.”


“I can.”

“I’m done being a lab experiment.”

Tony would’ve stepped towards Steve as he rolled his sleeve back down, and put a hand on his shoulder. “Is your age catching up on you, old man?”

Steve would’ve had a little laugh. “At least I’ve still got all of my perfect teeth”, he would’ve said, as a nod to his and Tony’s feud a few years ago.

Tony would’ve rubbed his face but laughed a little, too. “What a cheerful thought.”

And then during the final battle, Steve would’ve been struggling to fight, and maybe he would’ve been thrown on the ground and struggling to get up, and Tony (or Bucky, because I think they should’ve shared more) would’ve given him a helping hand, and Steve would’ve looked up and taken it, and as he stood up, said, breathing heavily, “I’m not sure I can do this all day.”

Tony would’ve laughed a little again. “Then let’s finish this.”

And that’s why Steve wouldn’t have hesitated to sacrifice himself. Because he would’ve known his own life was coming to an end anyway.

Anyway, that’s just one of the many things I could see happening (and that didn’t happen 😂)

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