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Sam: You need to put yourself out there

Bucky: I don’t know-

Steve[gets into a bar fight]: Fuck YOU and that’s on what now?

Nat: That’s on periodt

Bucky: The dumb one I want he I-

Sam: Or don’t do that, no rush

Buck: No Sam, I found him.

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The One Where She Keeps a Diary

  • day 1

Someone from the avengers had just dumped a raccoon in front of my door with a note. Yes, seriously. I’d put my hands through the flames as to how it was Mr Stark’s doing.

“Who does he think he is?” I scoffed, I had been little Morgan’s babysitter for a while and the salary was indeed dazzling, but nothing would pay me enough for this. Unfolding the small, yellow and crumpled paper, I frowned.

“Dear (y/n),

Sorry I wouldn’t let you get a dog in the flat I’m renting you, but here’s something to make up for it. This is Rocket, you’re gonna love him. He’s sedated for now, not that he needed it! It’s just to keep him calm during the trip. He’s one of us and he’s a little bit lonely and a little bit overwhelmed, so if you’d be so kind as to look after him for a while, it would be a relief.

I know he’s in good hands with you.

P S.: just because you’re babysitting the raccoon, doesn’t mean you don’t have to babysit my offspring. Tomorrow at 9, sharp!

The billionaire uncle you wish you had,

Tony Stark”

With an eyeroll, I shrugged and dragged the box inside. It was only a raccoon, right? It couldn’t be that hard to look after him, my days at the animal shelter should be helpful enough. I removed him carefully from his cage and set him on the sofa, pulling a blanket over his body. He was heavy and quite big compared to what we usually see on the streets. He seemed peaceful. Couldn’t help but notice how lovely his fur felt.

  • day 9

It was not peaceful and he was not sedated to avoid him stress. It was to avoid Tony stress. I was the one feeling totally and completely overwhelmed. Rocket had broken my pottery, eaten all I had in the cupboards and ravaged through every single liquor I kept in the flat. Strangely enough, Mr Stark was “away for business” or “at the bakery” everytime I went over for Morgan. No one was picking up their phone.

  • day 13

I finally blew up and nearly killed him, and it broke into a fight. Which essentially led him to try and escape. Which unfortunately failed, as there seemed to be a sort of magnetic field that he couldn’t penetrate (ask Tony later). He spent the rest of the day disassembling my electronic devices. By night time, he was run down and frustrated. And sad? He mentioned something about them idiots not being able to find his family without his help and then vanished into the hallway. I think I know why he’s so angry all the time.

  • day 21

I left rocket to cool off by himself for a few days, then I offered to cook him dinner. At first he scoffed and said my food wasn’t even good enough to use as cement. But he eventually came around and he loved it. Obviously he didn’t say that he did, but he ate twice! And everytime I looked up from my own plate, he had the most genuine smile I had ever seen. He was quite handsome when he smiled.

  • day 22

When I got up to get some water from the kitchen, I found Rocket asleep on the sofa. His hands felt cold and he was shivering quite violently. He made noises that sounded nothing like him, like a whimper, like a scared kitten hiding under a car. With tears welling in my eyes, I lifted him up. It was nice and warm in there though, so I guess those were the nightmares he had mentioned.

  • day 23

Woke up with Rocket nestled against my chest, and a pleasant feeling of warmth in my stomach. I guess I’ll be late for work today, Tony owes me at least that. Upon fighting the urge to cuddle him closer, I had to bury my face on the back of his head. His fur felt warm and soft, and he smelled like whisky and sunshine. He smelled like home.

  • day 27

We ate together again and I showed him Footloose, though I did think it was a peculiar request. No idea why he would even want to watch it. But he seemed quite fond of Kevin Bacon. I thought it was adorable. We had a drink and we had a proper laugh together, we shared stories about our lives and our friends and our families. I had never seen his eyes sparkle like that. They sparkled the same way mine did everytime he smiled. At the time, I wasn’t sure about the pain in my stomach. Was it the drinks and the laughter? Or was I falling for Rocket quicker than I could figure out how to stop it?

  • day 32

Can’t believe it’s been a month already, things are getting warmer between Rocket and I. I find him more and more often in my bed. Poor guy… I hope they manage to find his family soon so the nightmares can stop and he can be happy again.

  • day 36

Came back from work to find him crying in the tub, the implants on his back were hurting. I could tell from the way he shifted away from my touch. I had never seen him without his jumpsuit on, and I have to admit that it wasn’t pretty to see what those bastards had done to him. But I had no time to curse them, not when my friend needed me that much. I got in the tub behind him, with a leg on each side of him and my clothes still on, ready to take in whatever horrible insults he was going to throw at me that time, and turned on the tap. Figured some hot water and cheek rubs would help. Silence fell between us as my hands reached his shoulders. He didn’t fight it.

  • day 39

We started sleeping on the same bed, it helped him avoid the nightmares. And it keeps me from thinking about the fact that he will leave eventually.

  • day 41

He told me about Groot, I believe he was a tree, I didn’t quite get it. What I got was that Rocket loved him more than anything in the whole galaxy.

“I would stop exploding moons for that twig” he said. I guess that said a lot about their relationship. His voice trembled as he spoke of him though, so I pulled him onto my lap and let him cry the night away in my arms.

  • day 42

Rocket fell asleep on my chest as we watched tv. I couldn’t bring myself to wake him up so I did all I could to scoop him up as I stood. But he woke up halfway through and seemed really confused as to why I was hugging him so tight. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was nothing when my eyes bore into his, so I simply let out a soft sorry. My ribcage closed on tight around my heart and my breath got stuck in my lungs. With a content sigh, he dropped his head back on my chest. He was worth all the neck and back pain in the world.

  • day 45

I simply couldn’t stop thinking about his eyes. So much love, and pain, and longing, and fear, melted together in his tired gaze. His fists tangled on my top with his claws tightly gripping the fabric, his whiskers twitching against my chin, the simple weight of his body on mine. His handsome smile and his cocky walk, the sound of his voice in the morning and the circles he rubbed on my forearms just before we drifted asleep every night. It all seemed to have woken up the butterflies in my stomach. And I couldn’t fight them anymore.

  • day 48

I made us dinner again, his favourite. I also bought the most expensive wine, the oldest whiskey, and the strongest liquor I could find. Because only the Universe knew how many grams I’d need to have in my blood to have the balls to confess. So after serving him the food, I sat down to tell him how I felt .

  • day 126

The war was over, Earth had somehow won. And although we had lost Tony, it still felt like a victory. I did my best to spend as much time with Morgan as I could. As for me, I had lost my best friend and lover. My flat felt cold and empty, like a haunted house. It no longer felt like a home. Sam came by to check on me, he said Rocket hadn’t had the time to come by and say goodbye. Try as he may, the new Captain America slid in a few jokes, but nothing felt right anymore. He said he was sorry. According to Sam, Rocket had gone back to space with the tree, the girl with the antennae who I should never let touch me, the big tattooed guy who is a lot smaller than he thinks he his, the hot chick with the pink hair, a guy with stupid face hair, and the god of thunder. The thought of Rocket being happy again surrounded by his family and tree, brought happy tears to my eyes, and yet, my heart wasbroken by his absence. It was as it had been meant to be from the start though. I had done my job by saving him, so he could do his by saving the galaxy.

I miss him every single second of my days.

  • day 243

I heard my window crack open and grabbed the closest object from the kitchen counter, which was a wooden spoon. As ridiculous as it was, I tiptoed to the bedroom, failing to ignore how excessively bright it was outside for such late hours in the night. As I pushed the door open, I became aware of a whirring noise. I reached out for the light switch and turned it on just in time to see a tree branch unfold itself before me, a small yellow flower at the tip of it. And a note. As I unfold the blue-ish paper, I came nose to nose with a crooked and red handwriting.

“I didn’t say goodbye because I wasn’t gonna leave ya for real”

this just came to me and i thought why not? might do a one shot for each day, if y'all are interested? i hope you’re all doing well, love love love ×××

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Cover by DAN MORA
VARIANT COVER BY  Takashi Okazaki
With the Natural by their side, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes travel to confront the woman who is scheming to become the new Hydra Supreme. Nothing seems to go right for our boys, however, as the plane they’re about to jump out of is beset by a swarm of Hydra agents.
On jetpacks.
Shooting laser beams.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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Throwback to 2008 and this sweet little Falcon named Chaukar! This cheeky little wildlife ambassador was my intro into the world of birds of prey. He just turned 16 years old last week!! Follow @salthaven_org and @salthavenwest to see more of this amazing bird and the rest of the incredible animals that Salthaven helps. Feel like donating? I can assure you it will go to great use!

Photos by Amber Marshall
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Sam: I put some tools they need, and if they choose correctly they will conquer it.
Sharon: And if they don’t?
Bucky: They will die.
Peter and Harley in the distance being chased by hornets: HELP!!
Cassie tanning with Shuri and MJ: Should we help them?
Shuri and MJ at the same time: Nope.
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Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes 
The Falcon & the Winter Soldier 

Did I ever mention that I adore these two (be it the actors or the characters they play)?
ALSO, if anyone ever wants to talk about them (or marvel, or stevetony), message me, come talk to me! 

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