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wanted to have a go at designing a dunsparce fan evolution. People generally want a ‘dragon’ like evolution if ever it gets one, but I don’t want it to lose its cute round body shape… and then I realized a bearded dragon would be pretty cool… :P

don’t have a name but this Chunky Mon is a lot less shy than its pre-evolution and hisses and flares up when threatened. When it does need to make a quick get away though it puffs itself up and then exhales furiously, flying away like a balloon and reaching frankly Impressive heights, or bites unto its tail and rolls away like a spiky tumbleweed. When not active, it likes to just burrow and chill underground~

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The finale of our Husband/Wife White Nuzlocke has arrived!  We’ve been building up to this for a long time, and now we face our greatest challenges yet: N, Ghetsis, Jiiinefer, and our DEEPLY limited vocal talents.  This is a good one - we’re proud of this as our finale!  Come give it a shot!

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The people who decided what Pokemon Team Plasma was going to get in the TCG went a bit overboard. In fairness, it wasn’t the first time, with Team Rocket getting a bunch of Legendary Pokemon and Team Galactic showing up with things like the three Sinnoh Dragons, Darkrai and the like, but this was taken to a whole new level. Lugia EX was the first truly absurd one in this case, though the next set would go even beyond this. As a card, Lugia EX required a good bit of investment and a discard of a Special Energy to even attack, but any time it got a KO it took an extra Prize. If that wasn’t worth trying to build around, what was?

180 HP was a pretty typical number for a Pokemon EX and one that meant that it was a major feat to score a KO. The Lightning Weakness had its problems, though Zekrom and its EX being a lot less common by this point helped. It was still an issue, to an extent, in a mirror match-up against Plasma decks with Thundurus EX, however, and the later Manectric EX, Night March with Joltik, and even the occasional Raichu could cause problems. On the other hand, that Fighting Resistance could be rather nice, especially with that type having decks that liked to hit quickly but for relatively lower damage. It took 110 damage from a Fighting-type to KO in 2 hits instead of 90, for example. Lugia also needed 2 Energy to retreat, which wasn’t awful but could still make use of some help. You’d see various forms of it, though Float Stone tended to be the most common. If you were really bold you could try out Glaceon, but that was typically a bit overkill.

Overflow was a really cool Ability. If an opponent’s Pokemon was Knocked Out by damage from Lugia EX’s attack, you took an extra Prize card. Taking out a Pokemon EX could net 3 Prizes, which was incredible. Of course, there was the catch that most Pokemon EX were in a range that made it hard to make it work, and the Ability didn’t work if the KO was from damage from something like Hypnotoxic Laser’s Poison. You needed to weaken them a bit first, likely using Thundurus EX to do that and get some Energy on Lugia EX at the same time.

Lugia EX’s only attack was Plasma Gale. It was a bit pricey, as it needed 4 Colorless Energy and only worked if you discarded a Plasma Energy attached to Lugia EX. Luckily, Colress Machine made it easier to find Plasma Energy in a deck and Thundurus EX could help fetch them from the discard pile, so the support was there. This all let Lugia deal 120 damage. This was a pretty good number, though it didn’t KO most of those important Pokemon EX even with some Deoxys EX on the Bench. As mentioned before, softening up those Pokemon was very important, and having Pokemon Catcher or Lysandre depending on format was very useful so you could target something important.

Lugia EX had some hurdles to jump through that kept it from being a top-tier choice, but there was enough support for it to be reasonably consistent despite this. Getting an extra Prize off of a KO was a massive deal that could make that hard work worth it. The most common deck variant with Lugia EX used Thundurus EX and Deoxys EX for support, and while that version didn’t have quite the impact as the one based on Kyurem, it was still seen in tournaments. That’s how good all that Plasma support was. Playing against a Lugia EX was also quite scary since it could take 3 Prizes in a single turn if it found the right opportunity. It was certainly something to be prepared for during its time in the TCG.

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Could you do something for Volkner please? Maybe him confessing his feelings or something? Thanks!

I thought long and hard about how I should go about this and this is the best I got for ya, I hope this’ll be ok, I am so terribly sorry this took so long, I’ve never bothered thinking about Volkner much at all so I needed to wrack my brain a bit to come up with something to put down for this that was even halfway decent. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this at the very least!


Since Volkner and Flint are good friends, he’d confide his feelings to Flint for support and advice– no matter how bad Flint’s advice may be, he does try his best and only has good intentions, albeit.. perhaps not very good ways of going about those intentions.

Being friends with Volkner would inevitably result in being friends with Flint as well. This could be a good or bad thing depending on how you feel about him.

Now, Volkner wouldn’t be too good at trying to express his feelings, for some he’ll beat around the bush, while with others he may just avoid it altogether. However, with something like having feelings for someone, he wouldn’t know what to do at all.

So, he would confide in Flint, seeking help on what to do. Flint would probably pull some silly trick into getting the two of you together in one area without either of you knowing the other was even there. Getting Volkner to confess and express his feelings and concerns for you more openly, then letting the cat out of the bag he’d confess his own secret– having gotten you to know that Volkner likes you and having helped Volkner confess with relative ease.

Flint wouldn’t even be upset if the two of you chased him out of the area for what he did, but you can’t be too mad at him, though. He did help after all, even if it was sneaky and maybe a little mean, but you know he meant well.

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