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#doctor strange
Well, you could always make him fall for thirty minutes, but I feel like that is reserved for Loki. *she would shrug a bit as she tinkered with one of those remote controlled cars* It's gotta be something that won't kill him, satisfy you and wipe that grin off his face.

No, no. I get what you mean. But he definitely would become marvelled by the whole falling through a loop thing…

What about bringing his suit to life? No way to deactivate it, just walks around and mimicks what Tony does.

Although considering what happened with Ultron…

*long sigh*

This man is impossible to comprehend. Layers upon layers, and never will I figure out what will tick him off.

Oh hey, what if I apply a spell on him? Transforms all of his alcohol into vegetable smoothie. But get this, it’s not only to his personal stash, if he goes out to buy more, he’ll find out that no matter where he goes, or what he purchases, he’ll find that alcohol only gets transformed into vegetable smoothies close to him. That would be hilarious in my opinion.

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The zodiac witch, a creature existing before time, a self proclaimed artist, rumor says that she created the first ever star. She searches for humans born under each zodiac sign, ones who are broken. Her goal is to find one being under each sign, convince them to join her with the promise of clarity, and then turn them into guardians of planets. So far, she has only gotten one, an Aries who now is ram-like creature that guards Mars. Be wary of her.

Be wary of her… Of course.

I must solidify the shields on the sanctum, warn everyone about the dangers that she implies…

Wait. But does she have negative intentions in mind? Becoming the guardian of a planet doesn’t sound too dangerous…

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Let’s use some technical aspects to deduce what Tony and Stephen were thinking and how and why they reacted the way they did.
First, watch the scene and then we’ll discuss bit by bit.

First, what we know: Doctor Strange is warned by Bruce about Thanos and then Stephen finds Tony, to explain him how serious the situation is and how everyone needs Tony’s help.
As we can see, Stephen’s facing Tony, what means INTEREST in a conversation. Stephen’s eyebrows are tense because the situation is tense. Strange isn’t angry at the moment, he’s just telling what Bruce said and explaining how serious all the situation is. Tony however, refuses to face Stephen, he turns his face and his body away, not wanting to face the situation, not wanting to face Stephen, because Stephen brings the bad news and Tony doesn’t want bad news.
Then Tony finds an excuse to turn his back to everyone, to not face the situation, that can be justifiable because of all the trauma Tony went through because of Loki’s invasion, that indirectly, was Thanos’ attack against New York.

Bruce and Stephen are facing Tony, Tony is facing away and Wong is facing Bruce, because Wong was listening to and talking to Bruce moments earlier. Everyone has their chest exposed, meaning everyone is trusting everyone, except Tony, he’s trying to “run away” from the situation and trying to hide his fear. We’ll talk about it soon.
Right next the Cloak of Levitation (who has a strong personality) gets angry and smacks Tony’s legs because he’s touching the Cauldron of the Cosmos, something Stephen asked him to stop, but Tony refused to listen.

Tony however, doesn’t know the Cloak is a living object, so he think Stephen hit him. What happens then? We can see Tony frowning, staring Stephen, angry, HOWEVER we can also notice how Tony’s mouth muscles are tense to the side, it’s a signal of fear. Tony’s expression is a mix of anger and fear, however, he was just hit so he’s angrier at the moment.

Stephen’s eyebrows contract MORE than they were already contracted, normally meaning ANGER, however, his eyebrows aren’t moving down, they’re moving up, and that normally indicates SADNESS. Stephen’s lips MOVED DOWN, meaning sadness as well, and FRUSTRATION. It makes total sense for Stephen to be sad, the first reason is: he needs Tony to cooperate, and second, he WANTS to be respected by Tony and at the moment, Tony is not respecting him or showing any kind of admiration. Someone normally expects respect EMOTIONALLY from someone when they ADMIRE that someone, in other words, Stephen didn’t need to show SADNESS, he could just be angry, HOWEVER his lips indicate an expression of sadness, so Tony not respecting and even despising him makes him SAD.

Tony exposes his chest, raises his chin (it’s a warning of dominance, he’s responding against the act of being hit by the Cloak) and contracts one of the corners of his mouth, that normally means CONTEMPT, in other words, Tony didn’t like being hit and he’s thinking low of Stephen for doing so.

However, Tony isn’t an irrational brat, so what does he do? He changes subject and starts talking about the Time Stone and how they should get rid of it. Tony OPENS his chest and STOPS STARING Stephen, meaning that Tony isn’t focusing on his anger anymore. In other words, Stephen (or the Cloak :3) succeeded at getting Tony’s attention and now Tony is inserted in the conversation talking about what he thinks.

Stephen, despite feeling a bit angry at first, now returned to his initial state, his eyebrows aren’t tense and he’s talking about the problem to Tony, looking directly at him. This means Stephen is giving priority to the danger Thanos is bringing while being open to Tony (showing trust) since his hands are not in front of his chest or lips. Stephen basically left what he was feeling aside and now his eyebrows returned to the initial tension.

When Tony mentioned throwing the Time Stone away, Wong is clearly affected by it. His eyebrows contract a lot more than they were and he moves his body forward in disagreement. His lips contracted as well, but not laterally expanding it, but making his mouth sound “shorter”, that normally is an expression of anger. The idea the Time Stone could mean so little to Tony angers him, but he still has the same position as before, meaning he still trusts Tony and that he still is open to the conversation.

Tony is super tense, so he starts talking about the ice cream and dairy subject, that has nothing to do with the serious conversation. Tony’s eyebrows are strongly raised, his eyes also are a bit more open than the usual and his lips still are contracted, but externally: this is an expression of fear. Basically, Tony is anxious and scared and he’s trying to calm down and tell himself all the situation is common and ordinary by inserting a silly ordinary fact in the middle of it. He’s trying to calm himself. It might seem Tony is doing that just to disrespect Stephen and everyone in the room, however, he has a strong respect for Bruce, so no, Tony isn’t doing that with the main objective of disrespecting anyone, even if his attitude is disrespectful, he’s doing that trying to calm himself down.

Stephen lowers his head, normally, that means shame or when someone is facing or remembering about an unpleasant fact. At this point I believe Stephen NOTICED how tense Tony was, so what did he do? He joined Tony’s game. The natural behavior we could expect was Stephen to say “THIS IS SERIOUS! WHY ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT ICE CREAM??” but Stephen knows why Tony is talking about ice cream, he’s scared, trying to calm down, and Stephen is scared and tense as well, so he joins the game and starts talking about his own ice cream experience too.

Stephen congrats his lip to the upper side (easier to see if you watch that moment of the video), an expression of disgust. He’s absolutely not disgusted of Tony, so what is he disgusted of? The ice cream he’s talking about. Stephen indeed tried that ice cream (Wong’s speech confirms that and suggests Stephen and Wong like going out trying many different ice cream flavors considering they even know the name of the many flavors!). We can conclude Stephen indeed tried Tony’s ice cream and didn’t like it, that means one of the two things: either Stephen is too picky or the Tony based ice cream was way too terrible. His face facing down could indicate the experience he’s thinking about was terrible.

Soon after that moment, Stephen gives Tony a pause and then returns to the topic, explaining how the Time Stone is important and talking more about the dangers Thanos is about to bring. His forehead returned to the initial point of tension, meaning he isn’t angry or sad anymore, he put his rational side into action and expects Tony to do the same. Now, Stephen knows he has to be more convincing so Tony will take him seriously, so he raises his chin more than before, showing Tony he’s as “alpha” as he is and that he is strong, serious and that he is good/competent as well, despite needing Tony’s help.

So, did you like it? Do you agree? Tell me what you think in the comments! Leave a like/reblog if you enjoyed it!

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Just watched Deadpool 2 - so send in them requests.

Also working on a The Gifted x Reader fic - want tagged, just ask.

Send in requests for Kong: Skull Island and Doctor Strange.

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im up at like 2, and rIGHT NOW i find out that nONE of you, literally nONE of YOU COWARDS told me that that christine palmer from doctor strange was played by rachel mcadams a.k.a regina fuckin george herself. literally nO ONE told me that regina george was dOCTOR STRANGE’S love interest. the audacity i swear

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Pitch for Doctor Strange 2:

So I went a little whacky with this one, which is appropriate due to how weird Doctor Strange’s side of the universe is.

Let’s say, near the end of Avengers: Endgame, there’s a huge fight over the Time Gem. The fight results in the Gem being destroyed, but Stephen gets caught in the blast and disappears. Endgame ends with everyone thinking he died (again).

We then cut to Doctor Strange 2. It turns out, the blast actually sent Stephen hurtling through the time stream. He lands in Victorian era England, with no way back home. The whole movie then becomes about Stephen’s quest to return to his own time while dealing with some magic conflicts around this era.

Some other stuff:

1) Ancient One comes back to help, but Strange can’t tell her she dies in the future.

2) Clea, Strange’s main love interest, appears. When Stephen returns to modern day, he’s shocked to see her again, having not aged a day. That’s when Clea reveals she’s Dormammu’s niece, hence the immortality.

3) Avengers ancestors

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Tony: ugh so bored since I’m no iron man anymore

Stephen: you literally have a lab and building more iron man and spider man suits.

Peter: you could work for lyft or Uber! You can use your iron man suits! Person wears it and flies to their destination!

Stephen: that’s actually not a bad idea.

Tony: yeah but I don’t want put people out of business.

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith AU

Since these are similar, I combined them.

1. After a long day at work, Stephen and Tony love nothing more than falling into bed. Stephen buries his nose in Tony’s hair breathing in the familiar scent of oil and soot. “How was work?” Tony hums noncommittedly and snuggles closer into Stephen’s chest, letting his senses flood with the smell of disinfectant. “Same old, same old. You?”

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Tony giving Stephen a wonderful evening at home.

‘C’mere,’ Tony beckoned, but Stephen hesitated. It had been a long day and he was tired, physically and mentally exhausted. He really was not in the mood to do anything that Tony had probably planned.

It had all started with a call from New Orleans, the sorcerers there not being able to handle the magic that was running rampant. The magic in New Orleans had always been thick like tar, hard to navigate, even for experienced sorcerers. It was nothing new, some places just drew magic to themselves and it helped with the natural balance of the multiverse.

But it had taken a toll on the sorcerers called in, Stephen taking the brunt of the rouge magic, trying to reign it in, until the others had found a dimension to store it in for the time being. He had barely been able to stand on his own, his knees weak and wobbly from the exertion.

And so it was no surprise that he really only wanted to crawl into bed with the man he loved and be done with the day. But apparently Tony had something different in mind, looking at him expectantly while he waited for Stephen to walk over to him.

Stephen complied. After all, he trusted Tony. And if it would show to be too much what the other had planned, Stephen could always ask not to do it tonight—Tony would understand. He always did.

And so Stephen found himself chest to chest with the other man, a hand shooting upwards to get a hold on his robes and dragging him down. It was not unexpected to suddenly feel Tony’s mouth against his own, rough, slightly chapped lips pressing against his. And Stephen melted. Oh, it felt so good to just let go and lean against Tony, lean against this man, who showed him love and compassion every day. It made him relax, his body finally uncurling from all the tenseness that had taken ahold of him since he had directed the wild magic.

‘Come with me, love,’ Tony murmured against his mouth and tugged at his hand. And Stephen obeyed. He would do about anything right now if only Tony kept being this gentle with him. It made him feel at home, made him feel loved. And maybe Stephen was still getting used to the fact that there was indeed somebody in his life who loved him unconditionally, but he relished in it, took every opportunity to be with Tony, whenever he had the time.

Tony dragged him over to the couch and lay down, letting go of Stephen’s hand in the process. It took every ounce of willpower to not let out a disappointed noise, but Stephen kept himself in check. He wanted nothing more than to touch Tony right now, just holding his hand would be enough. But Tony had let go to make himself at home on the couch.

‘What are you waiting for, Houdini?’ Stephen’s eyes snapped to Tony’s, mirth dancing in them. ‘Come, lie down with me, will you?’

Stephen didn’t need to be asked twice. With an ungraceful movement, he flopped down between Tony’s parted legs, his face mashed against a firm chest and his arms coming around Tony’s waist, holding the other man in a tight hug. And now he really did let out a distressed noise, his nose pressed against the lightly humming housing unit of the nanobots on Tony’s chest. ‘I’ve missed you,’ he whispered, voice muffled by the fabric of Tony’s worn tee, his lips gracing the Black Sabbath logo printed on the front.

He heard a soft chuckle, before Tony hummed and said, ‘missed you, too. Now come, turn around, yeah?’

Stephen had half a mind to deny Tony’s request, but he was far too tired to argue right now, so he rolled over, his back now pressed to the other’s front, his head still resting against the housing unit. It was comfortable and the only thing he regretted was, not being able to hug Tony anymore. He made a face.

Tony chuckled, obviously seeing his expression. ‘Stop pouting, you big baby,’ he chastised good-naturedly. Stephen huffed and rolled his eyes, but he couldn’t help the smile creeping onto his face. ‘That’s better,’ Tony said and raked a hand through Stephen’s hair. It was a soothing gesture and Stephen sighed softly, his eyes closing on their own.

‘Can you keep doing that?’ He asked after a minute of Tony petting his hair, alternating between scratching his scalp with blunt nails and gentle strokes through his strands.

‘Of course, love.’

And he did, massaging Stephen’s head, until the sorcerer relaxed completely, his body melting against Tony’s in a sign of utter trust. Stephen knew he shouldn’t have doubted Tony one moment, should have known that the other would take care of him, would be tender and loving and knowing what Stephen needed. It made him realise once again why he loved this man—and that the man loved him in return.

It was a good feeling. The best feeling.

Want a drabble? Send me an ask!

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