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#doctor strange

Title: Not Made of Stone

Summary: [College AU] Stephen and Tony make a bet: whoever gets a lower grade in his midterm exams wears a mascot costume.

Stephen loses, but it wasn’t a fair fight. Tony sets out to make things even.

Notes: Gosh, it feels like it’s been such a long time since I last wrote feel-good AU! I think the last one was the coffeeshop AU? This was fun to write! Hope you have fun reading, too.

How do you spell “hotdog”? Is it two words, as in “hot dog”? I used the first spelling here, sorry if it annoys you XDInspired by this ubercute illustration​ by @eclair​. And by a very weird conversation involving the crack song “Jumbo Hotdog” by Masculados. Please don’t ask, we won’t be able to explain XD

The title came from the translated lyrics to this crack song, because I am unimaginative and pressed for time.

For the @ironstrangebingo​ square “Why would you do that?”


Stephen lost their bet.

And Tony should really be happy about it.

But when he heard that Stephen was already getting fitted for the bun costume, he somehow found himself upset.

(Why a bun, for starters? Why not a complete hotdog sandwich? Nobody could answer his question.)

It was just, he and Stephen were supposed to compete on equal footing.

Head to head, mano a mano, goatee to goatee.

The bet was this: the one who got a lower average grade in the finals, would have to wear a hotdog bun costume to the upcoming campus fair, where the Avengers Social Outreach Club is out to woo potential new recruits with a stand showing off cutting edge tech and selling fancy hotdogs for insanely cheap.

The competition was heated. Bets involving real money were flying around the dormitory building. Stephen and Tony traded barbs in public, all the way up to finals week.

Then, on finals week, Stephen’s father died.

Stephen barely passed his finals.

If his father’s death was going to affect him, he should have filed for a leave of absence. But Stephen Strange insisted, all the way, that his father’s passing wasn’t a big deal.

Stephen Strange never missed a day of class, not even through his father’s wake and funeral.

And when his grades tanked, he accepted that he lost the bet he made with Tony, made a commitment that he was going to wear the bun costume to the campus fair, and showed up at the fitting to prove it.

Loki was taking a live video of the fitting - exclusively aired in their club’s private chatroom, of course.

Tony watched the video on his laptop, with Pepper and Rhodey looking over his shoulder.

“What a trooper,” Pepper said with genuine admiration.

“Please,” Tony scoffed, “He’ll be wearing a mascot costume, not superhero tights. Raising funds for our club isn’t exactly saving the world…”

“Considering we use the funds we raise for charity,” Rhodey pointed out, “it kind of is like saving the world.”

Tony rolled his eyes.

“I mean, if my father had just died,” Pepper said sympathetically, “I’d be a wreck.”

She would. Pepper loved her parents. As far as Tony knew, Stephen Strange never even mentioned his parents.

People who loved their dads were a mystery to him. If Stephen Strange had also loved his dad, it would make sense the he didn’t make sense to Tony.

He simply, inexplicably, drew Tony in. As if Tony were a moth, and he a seductive flame.

“He’s too put-together to be a wreck,” he confidently declared. “Even if he felt bad, no one should be able to tell. He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve or anything.”

Pepper and Rhodey looked at each other meaningfully. This did not escape Tony’s attention.


“You’re into him,” Rhodey prodded. “just admit it.”

[Read the rest @ AO3]

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has anyone considered that since cap returned all the stones, there are no more stones protecting that reality? which like the ancient one said would only leave them vulnerable to darkness? on that note, how can doctor strange be sorcerer supreme without the time stone? i’m assuming doctor strange 2 would have to deal with him getting at least the time stone back

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Things aren’t that simple. People from other realities still are people, they still should be protected, not sacrificed for selfish reasons. It’s the duty of  the Masters of the Mystic Arts to protect the multiverse, the realities, worlds and lives we can. Also, I doubt Tony and Natasha would want that.

Besides, if we decided to attack and use the other realities, what makes you think they wouldn’t do the same? We definitely don’t want such a war.

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