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#miles morales

title: i’m a little stuck


miles morales


summary: miles calls the reader in because he’s stuck to the ceiling.

warning(s): this is short. that’s it, that the warning. 

a/n: requests are open


you slumped against the frame of the door and chuckled as you gazed up at miles who was stuck to the ceiling. he was stuck on all fours. you continued to laugh as you watched miles start to push on the ceiling and pull away, but nothing worked. “can you just help me, and we never have to talk about this again?” he sighed. 

“i can help you, but i will never forget this. i will hold this over your head for years, miles,” you joked as you skipped up to his bed. you connected his headphones to your phone before blasting sunflower through them. you slipped them onto his head and sat back as you saw him soon fall back onto the floor. you burst out int more laughter as he climbed up to his bed with you. “yeah very funny,” he scoffed as he grabbed the web launcher from the desk. 

before you knew it, your hands were stuck to the wall. “hey spider-boy, this isn’t funny.”

“it is actually.”

“miles let me go,” you said, pulling on the webs but not breaking out. 

“i’m gonna go get something to eat. i’ll see you later,” he smiled. you scoffed, knowing he wouldn’t actually leave you, but when you looked down, he was gone. 

“i will kill you, miles!” 


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