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#miles morales

″FINE! And it’s not a license! More like a… learner’s permit…”
War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery #2

The babysitting squad is the only valid team in the whole goddamned event

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Hey, all! The one and only Silk Widow here! Here to make the mean streets of my city a little less mean! Whenever I’m not fighting bad guys, I’m happy to take questions, big or small! Catch you around! -Silk

Howdy, Mod Rhen here! Feel free to ask Silk any questions you’ve got for her! This is gonna be a wild ride! -Mod Rhen

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miles & peter

If you don’t think that Miles Morales and Peter Parker wouldn’t be the best of friends, excitedly sharing suit ideas or staying up until one in the morning ankle-deep in empty boxes of Cheez-It’s and swapping theories on time travel and the quantum realm, while MJ and Gwen just shake their heads with a shared ‘what nerds’ muttered lovingly under their breath, don’t talk to me. 

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Can you imagine someone doing a prank video (not those over the top ones. Something like “improv with strangers” or “yelling compliments at strangers”) and one of the people they get is a new york hero who is doing patrol that night? Like imagine getting one of the many spider people or luke cage or iron fist on camera doing or saying something funny (jessica and daredevil would not participate they have better things to do)

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