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Ocean breeze and Lemonade stand!

ocean breeze: have you and your f/o ever traveled together? what is your dream vacation?

Oh me and Peter love to travel together! We’re on a first name basis with the TSA we travel so much. But our dream vacation is to visit Germany and go hiking in the Black Forest and visit little towns!!

lemonade stand: what is your f/o’s favorite beverage? and yours?

Peter loves coffee, it’s probably an addiction at this point. I love Pepsi especially with a hint of rum ocassionally.

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Me and Peter B. Parker gonna be gay together and celebrate Purim, whatcha gonna do?

“No, you can’t dress as yourself for Purim.”

“But who doesn’t love Spider-Man? I can totally dress like myself!”

“…. I thought we were going to be the salt and pepper couples costume, boo-”

“I… Uh… Yeah your right, you make the hamantaschen and I’ll go get those costum-”

“Awww thanks boo! Come here and get a kiss before you go.”

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It’s supposed to be funny that Peter B’s unceremoniously scarfing fast food at the diner and mooching off Miles’ fries, but the man had literally nothing to eat in 24+ hours cuz his spider suit has no pockets for money and he can’t go to a soup kitchen or whatever when he looks exactly like the famous hero who just died and people would notice. Course he’s gonna throw manners out the window and wolf two burgers down i probably would too in his place

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Originally posted by waterdeeps

  • “But dude, shes my aunt!”
  • “Its not my fault your aunts hot,”
  • For story’s sake lets have you be Miles Moms sister
  • Miles would be casted aside as the ultimate thrid wheel, barely able to include himself in the conversation between the two of you while Peter makes you laugh from his self crippling jokes looking rather proud as he does so
  • Suprisingly enough miles would only be slightly annoyed that hes taking a chance with you, as content as he can be towards a man whose given him such a hard time and is now going after his aunt
  • Peter would visit you randomly throughout the week with the excuse of being there for a ‘hero’ related reason, while in all reality the only way thatd be true is if Miles was with him, in all reality peter just wants to spend more time getting be around and to learn more about you 
  • Once in awhile youll watch as Peter gets rushed out of your house by Miles, lecturing him for leaving the spider group behind just to hang out with you when they still have hero stuff to do
  • Peter still treats Miles the same way as he would if he wasnt considering marrying his Aunt, with just a pinch of 'suck up’ sprinkled here and there, knowing as your nephew Miles could persuade you towards other men than him 
  • Theres always been a considering factor that keeps Peter from being yours from the very beginning, he cant live in your universe. Peters never completely taken in that fact when expressing his intrest in you, but god when he pieces it together his mood instantly drops.
  • He’ll do his best to figure out a way to stay or at least keep in contact with you throughout the multiverse but that probably wont happen, the only thing peter can do is treasure the pictures he has of you, maybe find a way to visit every so often even if it causes his atoms to glitch, he’ll endure the pain for you
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Peter doesn’t make it home.

Read on Ao3

Miles doesn’t understand. Peter is an idiot. A whole big ass idiot. He shouldn’t have stayed. Why didn’t he go?

“Why did you do that?!”

Peter shrugs. He looks exhausted and worn out. He doesn’t seem scared. Not even after what Dock Ock had said at the Alchemax lab earlier. Miles can only imagine what it’s like to have the atoms in your body torn apart and stitched together like that. It looks very painful and he doesn’t envy the other spider-people.

“You’re so stupid, y'know!”

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Into the Spider-Chat is a continuation fic by AnimationNut for the Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse fandom. I can only describe it as a feel-good, family-based fic where the spiderlings overcome the obstacles of living in their own dimensions with the added benefit of having other spider-people to help them. Do the adult spider-people get a little overprotective? Who’s to say! 

If you love hurt/comfort fics, or just feel-good-happy and family dynamics, this one is for you.

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