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I need help from the SPIRITUAL/PSYCHIC/WITCHY/etc side of Tumblr, please… ✨

First let me just inform you that I am terrible at identifying and describing my own emotions. Please note that I suck at taking hints. Regardless, I will make an attempt:

Throughout my day, I go about my tasks as everyone does. I go to work and I study. I exercise regularly and do my best to be a functioning adult. I would say that I control my outward emotions very well. Some days, all in different bouts but surely repetitive, I experience small “sessions” or visions. Whatever you want to call it. These little visions are flashes of places I have and haven’t been. They come with an emotion sample as if I were experiencing it right then. They interrupt my day. They are not sad or negative but neither are they happy or joyous, most of the time. Sometimes I feel I am not the person I see as myself, sometimes in these weird sights I am another person. I’ve no idea what I’m experiencing and I have tried to explain this to other people but they do not seem to relate or perhaps I’m talking to the wrong people? I have tried pushing this off as something my brain just does but it won’t leave me. I could be wrong but I feel this is something that has intensified with me since I have been working more in my practice and spirituality.

Has anyone else been through this? Am I asking the right group by posting this or should I be somewhere else? What clues might I be missing? Could I just be insane? :p

Desperately confused and curious here. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Originally posted by deseos-de-la-via-lactea

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- Sabes, tengo un presentimiento, y no es muy bueno.

- ¿Sobre qué?

- Sobre lo que va a pasar.

- ¿Y qué va a pasar?

- La violencia irá en aumento, ya no solo violencia, sino la maldad en sí, el mundo se volverá un lugar más oscuro. Entonces los disturbios contra el poder comenzarán, al principio será contra la primer figura de poder, contra los padres, los jóvenes ya no se sentirán más “atados” a las viejas costumbres que ellos representan. Después será contra sus jefes o maestros, al igual que en los sesentas, no confiarán en alguien mayor de 30 años de edad. Después será contra el gobierno, y es cuando alguien se levantará de entre todas las personas, de entre toda la sociedad, de los reprimidos, ofendidos y minorías; y esa persona hablará de manera elocuente, cautivará a todos con sus palabras y su falsa sabiduría. Será el representante de todos, y entonces les dirá quién es el responsable de todos los males, los convencerá de que Dios es el problema. Y todos lo aceptarán, todos estarán de acuerdo y los que una vez fueron libres, ahora serán perseguidos, todos aquellos que crean en Dios serán los enemigos públicos número uno, ellos serán los que se interpongan entre el modo de vida “actual”, porque las ideas de los que crean en Dios serán consideradas retrógradas, opresoras, machistas, anti aborto, homofóbicas. Y como ahora es perseguido un criminal, así será perseguido un cristiano, su muerte será legal y promovida por el nuevo gobernante supremo.

Y la violencia se acabará, la única permitida será contra los cristianos, y los demás, vivirán felices cometiendo pecado tras pecado sin saber que su final está cerca.

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but like even if we win and get a good characterised non white washed straight washed Billy and Tommy in the mcu… we will still have to deal with people grouping them with Peter Parker and Harley Keener and stuff…

there’s no way this could go well… it’s a lose lose guys…

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Not a bad day to walk a little. I dig it. Next stop. The journey continues.
#mindfulness #mindset #wordsofwisdom #cinema #worldcinema #blackcinema #actorslife #acting #playwright #scriptdevelopment #discipline #perserverence #vision #creativity #screenplays #instagram #facebook #twitter #tumblr #culture #worldculture #africandiaspora #onlyforward #scripturebeliever #coffeedrinker
#grateful #socialmedia #africandiaspora

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Do you ever feel invisible? March is National MS Education and Awareness Month! We are very excited to reveal this year’s theme, I’m Visible. Often times, people living with multiple sclerosis feel invisible in how their symptoms outwardly appear to others, or in how their voice, needs, and wants are mistaken and not met. This month and moving forward, we are changing that! YOU ARE VISIBLE. Please keep an eye out for more exciting news and announcements as we gear up for March!

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I’m havin some WandaVision thoughts … is the whole set-up completely in her mind, or being done with her powers?

No brainer, I know, but like, is there any outside assistance in addition to this??

Like, is Tony’s Binary Augmented Reality Framing totally off the table here??

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