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Don’t Fear The Echoes

Part 2


Originally posted by byaseashore

The sounds of whispers filled Loki’s dreams,the image of an owl sitting on the edge of the balcony watching him cursed his sleep.It was only when the sound of the door creaking open filled the room did he finally awaken.

“Sorry to wake you so early Deary,but the king wished for you to dine with him.” A sweet younger woman said as she opened the large curtains to let in the daylight.

She wore a white gown and had light brown hair that curled down her shoulders,her skin was pale and her cheeks held a few freckles but her eyes were so dark he didn’t think they could be described as brown,She reminded him of the snow owl in his dreams.

The light allowed him to see that he was tangled in fine blankets in a master bedroom and the softest bed he’s ever slept on.

“Where am i?” The woman smiled kindly at him as she walked over to a large closet.

“You are in Castle de (L/n),Home to The one true king of the Forbidden Forest.” She said with love in her voice.“I am Clarissa,i will be taking care of your needs and wants during your stay.Anything you need i will be right here.” She bowed her head before bringing over a pile of clothes,“The king noticed you favor green so his majesty had me collect all the green garments i could find.”

Loki looked over the clothes in awe,Such fine jewels and cloths he had never seen before,even as a prince.But one thought plagued his mind as he remembered his title.

“Where is Thor? Is he alright?” Clarissa hummed,“You mean the blonde prince,Yes he was quite unwilling to believe you were truly here but once he saw you were unharmed he allowed us to give him a room to rest in.He and his majesty are awaiting for your arrival in the dining room,but I’m afraid your friend began eating without you.” He chuckled,“Yes that sounds like my brother.”

He sat up a bit and groaned,holding his head he felt the light touch of Clarissa.“You poor thing,The king told me what had happened,I couldn’t find any bleeding but you might have a concussion.I suggest not making any rash movements any time soon until we are sure.” She gave of a trusting vibe that Loki was not used to anyone besides his mother showing him.“T-Thank you.” She smiled kindly and turned away.“I’ll give you a moment to get ready deary,come on out when you are done.” She gently shut the door behind her, leaving Loki to his thoughts.

He quickly hopped out of bed and hurried to the balcony where the owl was watching,his eyes widened when he saw the large maze that greeted him.“It’s real…The children weren’t lying..” He whispered to himself.Shaking his head he turned and headed back inside to get ready.

Red eyes peeked through the trees,watching the young prince as he gazed off the balcony before retreating back inside.A deep growl emanated from the hidden creature before dissappearing into the darkness.

Loki quietly opened the door before peeking out into the hallway,“Clarissa,I am ready.” He could hear his voice echoe only to find he was alone.Stepping out he shut the door behind him,“Clarissa?” He had hoped there would be a response but alas…Nothing.

He walked deeper into the hallway and deeper into the darkness.All he could hear was his shallow breathing,that was..until he heard a footstep.

His breath hitched and he froze,looking over his shoulder he prayed that it was his mind playing tricks on him.But alas the footsteps continued,“Clarissa…is that you?”

He was met with a dark chuckle,without a second thought he ran.The footsteps grew louder as he ran further down the hall,Turning a corner he yelped as he ran into something.

“Oh deary i am so sorry,now what has has gotten you so frightened?” He felt himself relax as he looked up to see the worried face of Clarissa.

“S-Something is chasing me..” Her face hardened a bit as she gently helped him up and turned the corner.He peeked out from behind her as she raised a candlestick to show that they were the only ones in the hall.

“You have to believe me..there was something there!” He pleaded. She looked up at him and gently took his hand,“I believe you darling,This castle is very old,who knows what spirits await in the dark.That is why i went to get you this.” She took out a jewel encrusted amulet that showed a wolf carved in the middle surrounding a shimmering ruby.“This will protect you from anything that means you harm while you are in this forest.” She handed him the candlestick before placing the amulet on him,it laid perfectly against the fine clothes that rested on his chest.

She held a suddenly serious expression,“Do not listen to what the whispers of this castle tell you…The king has lost to many to the demons that lurk in those halls.” She whispered the last bit before forcing a smile.“Let’s not make the others wait too long,Right this way!” She started walking the way she had come.

Loki looked down the dark hallway and held onto the amulet as he saw a pair of red eyes watching him from the darkness.“Deary?” He shook his head and hurried after her,taking her arm as she patted his hand.

He had so many quiestions swirling around his head,But he feared what answers he would find.


Originally posted by absinthundblut

He could feel the warmth emanate from the many candles as he and Clarissa entered the dining room,there was a fairly large table with a good amount of food along it.The windows were covered,not allowing any light to peak through.

There sat at the table was his barbaric brother,already on what seemed to be his fifth plate.

At the end sat a handsome man watching Thor with an ammused expression,He and Thor were deep in conversation before Loki caught his brothers eye.“Ah Loki,glad to see you are awake,you had us worried!” The mans attention snapped to the young prince before he quickly stood,his chair skidding behind him.

He hurried around the table and took Loki’s hands in his,“I am so glad to see you alive and well my dear,When i saw you faint i feared the worst.” Loki noticed how cold the mans (S/c) skin was.

“Ah um,thank you for everything my king..i feel a lot better now.” The man smiled,“Please calm me (Y/n),after all you and your brother are my guests.” Loki felt a strange sent of ease when he was in (Y/n)’s presence.He could see why Clarissa spoke about the him with love,“Your highness,May i speak with you for a moment.”

From the look on Clarissas face (Y/n) could tell it was important,“Yes of course,Loki please help yourself,i will only be but a moment.” He kissed Loki’s knuckles before leaving the room with Clarissa.

Loki sat next to thor,“Do you not feel like there is something strange about them?”

Thor raised a brow,“I do not know what you mean brother,(Y/n) has been a wonderful host and it seemed like miss Clarissa has taken a liking to you.She treats you like mother does.” Loki looked towards the door.

“Well yes,but while i was alone i swore someone was-”

Suddenly the door slammed open and all the candles in the room went out,a cold gust of wind blee through the room causing goosebumps to rise on the princes arms.

“Well Well Well,what have we here?”

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Pairing: prince!Loki Odinson x pirate!reader

(eventually prince!Loki x pirate!Steve Rogers x pirate!reader)

WC:  2k

Warnings: gore, more blood than I thought, violence, a lot of violence, the whole part is just a fight going for 2k words, 

Summary: Prince Loki has run sick of not feeling welcome at the palace and asks to join you and your life forever. You give him seven days to try the new life, seven days to realize how much he loves you. And in those seven days, he learns to know you, and himself (and the first mate) a little better… In the end, he only has one question left to answer. Will he stay?

Series Masterlist | Masterlist


No one seems to know when or how it happened. The storm is over, lasting shorter than originally presumed. Everyone helped with the little extra that needed to be done. Securing storage that had been flung around, changing the sails back to the actual sails and not those for storms, getting back on course even though the ship hadn’t strayed a lot. 

Loki was exhausted, using his energy to help you do the small stuff. You had put him on storage duty together with Steve and Barnes. He was both exhausted from securing it, but also from Steve’s incessant quipping. Neither Loki nor Barnes found it amusing. 

And then comes the screams from above. Or shouts and yells. Your voice reaches them on the lower deck, and all three scramble up to the main deck to see what’s going on. Everywhere around them are men, swords drawn and pointed at various members of the crew. Most of the crew’s swords are drawn. 

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Author’s Note: Hey all! So I’m posting a little earlier in the day so I can get a head start for studying for my last final. Remember, updates come every Thursday! Let me know if you want to get tagged in this series! Enjoy! :)

Summary: After agreeing to create rules for your new agreement, Loki meets you in your office to go over anything and everything. Everything goes well until there’s a knock on your door and you have to act as if nothing is going on and everything is fine.

A couple of days after the incident with Loki, your presentation gets interrupted. Knowing exactly who was behind it leads to a confrontation and a deal of sorts.

Warnings: ~Smut~, discussion of sex/sexual fantasies/BDSM/threesomes/ etc.), light fluff  

Other Characters: Tony Stark

Word Count: 1,480

Read Part 2 here


Originally posted by 0goddammitloki

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The Auction House Masterlist

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson X OFC

Warnings: Angst, blood

Summary: Loki gets more than he bargained for while we learn why she refuses to remember the god as her soulmate. it begins to get noticed there is something between Loki and the newest acquired soldier that Loki is working hard to hide and one team member puts it all together in a matter of minutes. Will this be used against the dark god?

A/N: Sorry for the slow update, October wiped me out! XD

Words: +4,900


This was playing out the same as the dream from earlier that morning. Loki knew this would happen, he seen it, it was real, all he had to do was simply take the shard of glass she held out to him. Treasure, would yield to him and this entire ordeal would be over, granting the two of them the rest of the evening to become acquainted.

Reaching out to wrap lithe fingers around the shard of glass, Loki noted the same innocence from the vision he had earlier. It appeared this was not the way she wanted him to see her. Finally Treasure met his gaze, a sparkle in violet eyes told Loki this wasn’t the soulmate from his dream, this was a creature desperate to escape and he had made a mistake.

Surprised by the woman’s sudden emotional shift, the thick framed soldier was on the god in no time, slamming Loki to his back into a pile of medical instruments gouging his spine. Letting out a pained grunt, in irritation the god glared up at Treasure.

This wasn’t the plan, the shuffle outside of the room told Loki, this wild-eyed creature needed to be subdued before the others reached them, regardless if he was trying to keep up the appearance he cared little for her. Loki wasn’t concerned with himself being hurt, far from it as the shard of glass pressed to his throat, nicking the flesh as the rush of the door gliding open reached their ears.

Violet orbs flared wide; Treasure didn’t dare look away from the man under her as two others rushed in. “Forgive me, Treasure,” the man she pinned whispered.

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Tony: *walks in balancing a big ass tree with his iron suit flight stabelizers* Finaly! Time to set up the tree for christmas!

Loki: *looks up from his book* Oh yes, time to sit in front of a dead tree and eat horrible candy out of socks.

Tony: *closes his eyes in disbelief* In the spirit of christmas I will pretend I didn’t hear a word that left your mouth.

Loki: *grins*

Tony: *gets the tree positioned, fights himself for a second* Ok, I can’t…You know what. For somebody who doesn’t like christmas your helmet sure looks like horns…REINDEER GAMES!

Loki: *smirks* And your suit looks a lot like a santa dress

You: *laughing, leaning in the door frame* you should watch and listen to yourself bickering with each other…

Tony: He started it..

Loki: You walked in all jolly with a dead tree…

Tony: You know what. I’ll just call you grinch from now on. *Walking away to get the decorations. Mumbling loud enough for Loki to hear* Some gods are not a gift to mankind but a pain in the ass!

Loki: *hiding a chuckle*

You: You can’t stop teasing him, can you.

Loki: Why should I, it is SO much fun! *walking towards you, a missletoe appears above your head*

Loki: *grins* Oh! Would you look at that… *grabs you for a kiss*

You: *laughs* Mischievous…*melting into his kiss*


Christmas eve…

Tony: *walks into the room* OH DEAR GOD! LOKI! *hides his eyes* Why on earth are you lying under the damn tree like that??

Loki: I wanted to remind you THAT I am, infact, a gift!


Loki: Then walk away and send Y/N in…actually THIS present was for her…*grins*

Tony: Hey, so you are secretly playing santa…I KNEW you did not hate christmas!

Loki: Stark! Don’t make me throw that helmet in your direction. But if you don’t leave NOW…I will!

Tony: *turns to get out, shouting* HEY Y/N ! WOULD YOU HELP ME OUT IN THE LIVINGROOM…


You: *walking in* You need hel….Oh my…LOKI!

Loki: Care to unwrap your present, pet?

You: *staring at the well placed helmet* I don’t think there is much to unwrap…

Loki: *grins* Well, you are dressed an awfull lot…maybe I’ll unwrap you instead…


Originally posted by voidsleeps

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Word Count: 2031

Warning/s: None

A/N: Hey loves, a deal is a deal. You got part one to over a hundred notes, so here’s part two. Natasha’s playing a huge part on this arc. So, I thought it’ll be good for you to get to know her in this alternate universe. Let me know what you think of it in my inbox or the comment section. Xx

PS. If there are any grammatical mistakes I’ve still overlooked, I apologize.

Parts: 1 |


5:30 AM

The alarm clock on Natasha’s bedside table reads. She blinked twice at it before sighing. She woke up earlier than her alarm again, not that she’s actually excited to go to school. Today, she’s actually supposed to tour the new transfer student, which is, by the way, is not her job as the Student Council President but Clint is out of commission for the week for some Intercollegiate archery competition in Washington DC. So, as President, she had to step in and do it.

‘At least, this is gonna be different from yesterday’, she thought to herself as she rolls out of bed.

Living in Ithaca since she’s a child meant Natasha knew the city like the back of her hand, knew almost every single family in town and went to school with the same kids since the beginning of her existence. It also meant being friends with founding family kids like the Odinsons, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, and Steve Rogers since forever ago. She was the only girl in their group until Carol Danvers moved in when they were eight. Maria transferred to their school and was easily adapted to their crew when they were thirteen. The last addition to their gang was Valkyrie and Wanda, who migrated somewhere from Europe when they’re fifteen.

Six years after, a new person arrives in Ithaca. The school didn’t give her a lot of information regarding the new student, only that it is a woman and Stark level intelligent. She tried to dig up info on her own, and thankfully she didn’t have to go far for a source since apparently the new girl is close friends with Tony and best friends with Maria. Maria is one busy nerd to track down though, and they don’t share a lot of classes together. So, Natasha wasn’t able to get too many details from her aside from a departing comment.

“Relax, Nat. She’s amazing; smart but not obnoxious like Tony,” Maria said before practically running towards her next class. She considers herself pretty intrigued.

‘How can someone be as smart as Tony and not be obnoxious? That sounds like an oxymoron,’ Natasha thought to herself.


6:00 AM

Natasha is the only founding family kid who liked being awake at the wee hours of the morning. She likes getting ahead of everybody, and she thinks better when the world is still asleep. So, being in school at the crack of dawn isn’t new too for anyone. Even the groundskeepers let her nowadays.

“Good Morning, Miss Romanoff,” the old security lady at the studio greeted her. 

“Good Morning, Mrs. Miller,” Natasha smiled before logging in her credentials. 

“Early start today?” Mrs. Miller asked politely and jovially. 

“Yes, Clint is away for a tournament. So I have to give the grounds tour to the transfer student later,” Nat explained with a smile. Mrs. Miller didn’t respond and just waved Natasha inside.

Natasha’s been doing ballet ever since she can remember. At first, she was doing it because her family wanted her to and all of the founding family children are doing one extracurricular activity every after school. Thor has been sailing since he learned how to walk, Loki, on the other hand, preferred fencing. Clint tried equestrian for awhile but his heart and talents were really in archery. Steve got so good in lacrosse that he ended up with a sports scholarship playing one. Tony chose chess because he deemed contact sports barbaric; he believes the battle of the wits is better than a physical brawl, which Steve always take as an offense. 

Being the only girl in their group, Natasha decided that ballet is her yoga. The boys know not to come within a hundred yards of the studio whenever Natasha’s practicing. Ballet has become Natasha’s sanctuary away from the noise and the usual ruckus of the boys. She shed everything inside the studio but today, Natasha finds it nearly impossible to focus on the movements and the music. Her thoughts keep drifting to the conversation she had with Tony the day prior about the new student. 

“Nat, what are you fuzzing about? It’s just a school tour,” Tony complained. He was tinkering around his home lab when Natasha arrived and being a regular visitor, she was allowed to roam and look for Tony herself. 

“I just wanna know what she looks like. So I know who to look for in the morning crowd,” she whined. 

Tony put his stuff down, pull the safety goggles off his face and looked at his friend. If Nat has been any other girl, she would have melted in the way Tony was looking at her. 

“Oh, trust me, you won’t miss her,” Tony said simply before smiling and walking out of his lab. “She’s breathtaking, in more ways than just physical.”

Natasha groaned and scrambled to follow her friend and bug him for more information.


7:00 AM

Natasha cut her practice short since she couldn’t focus. She showered and got ready in record time. She was leaning against the handrail of the front steps of the school, scrolling through her Instagram feed when she looked up and saw a face she didn’t know. Her fingers hovered over her phone mid-swipe, thankfully she had enough grace at that moment not to have her mouth hanging open as she gaped at the transfer student. She’s wearing a very preppy outfit, which wasn’t really Natasha’s style or the style girls she usually goes after but something about this girl that makes her stomach flutter with nervous butterflies.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” she asked, all trace of her nervousness gone when the girl came to a stop at the bottom of the stairs.

“Who’s asking?” the girl asked.

Natasha watched the girl take her in. She reined in the urge to squirm under the Y/N’s eyes. For God’s sake, she’s Natasha Romanoff. Various girls all over town wants her, she’s by no means gonna squirm under a stranger’s beautiful eyes.  

“Natasha Romanoff. Student Council President,” she introduced herself confidently to take back control. “Pleasure to meet you.”

Natasha smirked as the new girl blushed profusely before smiling up at her. “Pleasure is all mine,” she said.

‘Breathtaking is an understatement’ she thought to herself when she saw Y/N’ smile. Natasha’s not a sap, she doesn’t plan on being one but at that moment, she thought she’d do anything to make you smile at her every day.

“I’m here to give you the grounds tour,” Natasha explained before pulling the door open and prompting you to walk with her.

Usually, when she had to cover grounds tour for Clint, Natasha almost always wraps it up under forty-five minutes. She just points which buildings houses which classes, where the important areas are such as the library and the mess hall. Today, with you by her side, Natasha found herself giving her first, in-depth school tour. Literally giving out facts and even stupid trivia when she remembers it.

Natasha walked as leisurely as possible to prolong her time with you but she knew you have a 9 AM class. And she might not be as nerdy as Tony but she’s not gonna skip class, let alone make you on your first day of school.


8:30 AM

Natasha’s one of the quiet ones in her crew that’s why she get along spectacularly with Maria. Both of you filled the walk towards the art building with polite small talk about which classes you two take, how you finished a degree at eighteen and in one of the toughest schools in the country at that, and how you’re friends with Maria and Tony. God, Natasha didn’t want the tour to end. She didn’t want you to stop talking, which is new because Natasha finds it annoying when people don’t know when to shut up. She wants to get to know you more.

Her heart sunk a little when she caught you discreetly glancing at your watch but by the number of kids watching the two of you in the hallway, she knew that class is fast approaching. She decided to be a little playful.

“Oh,” Natasha gasped and frowned. “Am I boring you?” she asked quietly.

“What?!” you exclaimed, earning a few curious looks from students in the hallway.

Natasha watched the emotions play out across your face, and she thought you’re even more fascinating. She’s been friends all her life with Tony, another Mensa student, another genius. She thought you’d be obnoxiously cool and a little indifferent like him but in the past hour and a half, Natasha found you brilliant but not condescending, warm, and empathetic.

“No, no, you’re not boring. I was just wondering if I’m allowed to skip the first period on my first day of school because this is by far the coolest school tour I’ve ever done,” you rambled on.

Natasha couldn’t help but grin. If she paid attention to anyone else other than you, she would have noticed several students openly gawking at the toothy smile on her face. Natasha’s reputation was not built on being chummy with just anyone, especially new kids. But she wasn’t looking, she could only look at you. She will be caught dead before she admits to having a school girl crush at first meet but at that moment, in that crowded hallway, she decided she definitely likes you. She just has to find out if she has a fighting chance.

“You’re cute when you ramble,” she said matter-of-factly. “And no, you’re not allowed to skip the first period because you’re here.”

“Oh,” you said before glancing at the classroom door.

Natasha took a step towards you and tucked a stray hair behind your ear. “See you later, Y/L/N,” she said slowly, watching the blush crept up from your neck before dusting your cheeks.

‘Beautiful, so beautiful,’ she thought before turning on her heels and gracefully walking away.

“Blushing doesn’t mean she’s gay. Maybe she’s just the shy type, I can work with that,” she murmured to herself while walking to her classroom. She looked up when she heard soft muttering in front of her.

“Danvers!” she growled. Carol’s pressing a girl between her toned body and the wall.

Carol didn’t even have to look to know who it is that interrupted her. She knows that voice anywhere. “Tasha,” she said sweetly.

Natasha didn’t smile, she only continued to glare until the girl pushed Carol away and scrambled to get to her classroom. Carol swipe a hand through her hair before turning towards her friend. Natasha glanced at her watch.

“You’re ten minutes late already,” Nat started. “And your class is on the other side of the campus.”

Carol ignored the fact that Natasha still knows her schedule. She walked towards the redhead until she’s toe to toe with Natasha. Natasha didn’t step back, she’s used to Carol always invading her personal space.

“I got that class in the bag, Tasha. Relax,” Carol whispered before leaning in, kissing Natasha close to her mouth, and running away.  

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finally, my masterlist.

** stands for smut. you will realize i usually write a lot of them.

bonky boi barnes

- tell daddy a secret. **

the one where bucky finds out the hardest way that you have a daddy kink. 

golden boy aka steve rogers

- golden sand and summer skies. **

the one where you and steve hate (not tha much) each other and end up fucking your problems away.

loki “away too precious to be dead” friggason

- dental anxiety. **

the one where you are afraid of dentists. unless the dentist in question is loki. in that case you get super horny.

peter “can i say a bad word, mr. stark?” parker

- steal you for me. **

the one where tom (not peter) thinks he might be better for you than your current “fling”.

fem! reader x any male character of your choice

- tied up for you. **

the one where you disobey your darling bf and there are consequences.

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Hi there friends and readers alike! 
I am hoping to create a Patreon account to post never before seen Loki fanfiction as well as original fiction content! 


On my Patreon, exclusive patrons would likely have access to a Loki Fanfic podcast read and discuss, and live Q & A with me. In addition, there would be some fun things like artist donations and even a Loki playlist that you can only access as a patron. 

Patron’s would likely donate and contribute anywhere from $1-$5 per month for this exclusive, weekly released, never before seen content.  

This is something I would really only want to put on my radar if my readers are interested in it. I have a couple thousand readers now and if at least 100 readers were interested in this and commented below, I would create and share the account with you all. 

Please take a moment to consider, comment, and reblog. 

This concludes the message from your friendly Pet Tiger.

Loki’s Pet Tiger

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My opinion on Thorki

And any other sibling-Based relationships

While I normally respect shipping between characters, and a fan’s opinion on it, I seriously think that shipping siblings is messed up.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly okay with matching the same gender, it’s just when it’s between siblings (or a relationship similar to one), like between Thor and Loki or Mal and Evie.

Please remember that it’s perfectly normal for siblings to show a lot of affection for one another, to know each other well, or to be complementary to one another! It doesn’t mean that they should be in a romantic (or sexual) relationship!

For example, me and my best friend are very close, and I’m female, my best friend is male. People have asked if we were dating before, because we hang out a lot. Just because we do, and just because we strongly care for each other does not mean that we’re in a romantic relationship! It’s a sibling-based relationship, basically like Thor and Loki. We annoy each other to death, too!

In summary, my point is, please stop trying to ship characters that are like siblings, no matter how appealing it is. It’s gross! Please try to identify the dynamics between them first, and identify whether they are actually romantically interested in one another, or if it’s just a sibling (whether it’s by blood or not)!

Please reblog if you agree!


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Summary: Astrid, the princess of Vanaheimr relocates to Asgard to seal a betrothal to the youngest prince and an attempt to escape unforeseen forces. She soon finds happiness and a multitude of new friends. Unfortunately treachery and deceit lie in the court of Asgard in unlikely places, and she learns that true love never dies.

Warnings: angst, mentions of death, fluff if you squint

Words: 2100

A/N: Guyyys! I know you’re getting tired of hearing this but I’m so sorry!! I was going through a hugee dillemma but everything is all good now! I’m actually thinking about rewriting the summary because I seem to have gone on a bit of a tangent! Hope you guys enjoy, please let me know what you think, if you want to be tagged just shoot me an ask/message, I love you all very much!! xxx


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Originally posted by annehathsaway

Part Seven - Revelations

The door to Mara’s chambers slammed open, causing the girl at the window to jump and cease in her writings and she glanced up away from the parchment, the quill producing a scarlet drop of ink on the thick wad of parchment. She looked up at the young prince who had a face like thunder, his eyes were wide and they had red marks just below them, his face was deathly pale. It looked like he hadn’t slept for days.

“I was under the illusion that you were a gentleman Loki. Aren’t gentlemen supposed to knock?” Mara questioned, tilting her head to the side innocently.

“Don’t bloody test me Mara!” he hissed furiously, “are you mad? Attempting to poison Astrid right underneath her mother’s nose?”

“I didn’t try to poison her,” she shrugged, “though I wish I had,” she muttered underneath her breath.

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