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If. And this is a massive satellite sized one at that

If Tom Holland and Mitchell Hope ever play evil. Preferably in the same production. I may finally understand why fans apply parental honourifics to characters like Hargrove Malfoy Hook Hela Loki and god knows how many other human skid marks. Because the appeal is very much lost on me

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Originally posted by gameraboy1

*In an interview*

Interviewer: Tom, (y/n) would you rather scream ‘Hulk smash’ before using the washroom or before kissing someone.

Hiddleston:*laughs* I’ll tell you, that’s a tricky one. Maybe the last one.

You:*also laughing* Yeah, that would be interesting!

Interviewer: Oh, really?

Hiddleston: yeah, I think.

You:*nods head*

*after the interview*

Hiddleston: hey, (y/n).

You:*looks at him*

Hiddleston:*yells* Hulk Smash!

Hiddleston:*grabs you and kisses you passionately*

Hiddleston:*swwetly* So, would you go on a date with me?

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Based on the prompt “You’re the villain and you know that you just want the ‘good guys’ to understand why”

Pairing:Loki x Fem!Reader (eventually)
Slight angst and sadness due to trauma, sexual innuendos.
I’ll be updating more frequently because I’m a slut for feedback and I can’t wait to show what’s in line for you all :D Thanks for all the wonderful responses and reblogs! Seeing your names appear with each post makes me really happy. Remember to send an ASK if you want a tag.
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Chapter 4

…   Reader   …

As days trickle by, you start to gather an idea of who your new prison guards are while they each take turn watching and “sneakily” questioning you. A few come close to something akin to subtlety (a female called Natasha, and a male with an interesting left arm), but they too have the disadvantage of interrogating someone who has nothing to hide.

“You admit to killing innocents…dozens of families on and off Earth?”

The tall blond male, most often referred to as Captain by the others, is leaning heavily against the glass. Fists balled tightly and chest heaving. He, at least, would never succeed in a game of subtlety. Too righteous. Now you have to listen to another of his rants about right and wrong and innocent lives taken – as if you had done anything but come in and clean up the damage done by pests.

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Things That Make My Writing What It Is Or What Inspires Me As A Writer

• The Marvel films, of course.

• Mumford and Sons. Every single song of theirs could be made in some way into something published here, in my opinion.

• Hozier. I sometimes am inspired by his music for Loki’s dialogue.

@valdemarismynonbinarylove for the absurd conversations, writing inspiration and for just being a friend of mine.

• Neil Gaiman, my favorite author. His writing is absolutely wonderful, and has inspired me to make my own writing style, and to just make good art altogether.

• Real life situations, on occasion. Mostly, conversations with my boyfriend.

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Ned meets the mythology bros

It’s not often Ned got to hang out alone in Stark Tower, he was usually hanging out with Peter or on a school trip. Peter had to leave in the middle of the hangout session to help sort out a robbery downtown so Ned was just sitting in the sky rise building, messing with a swivel chair. There probably wasn’t that much harm in exploring, this level seemed just to be for recreational purposes. Every room was just a different variation of a living room, some of them having a kitchen area or a study station. Realising Peter wouldn’t be back for some time Ned desided to look around for something else to do. The first room he entered was much like the first but everything in there was slightly older, frayed furniture, a bulky radio and older literature. The penny dropped when Ned saw the super old captain America training cards on the table that he realised that he was in Captain America’s living space. So each room represented an avenger? The room Ned was in before was probably Iron man’s then since it had a lot of the latest technology as well as alot of gold and red colours. Our of national respect Ned swiftly left the room. The next room was smaller and cleaner and light literature was neatly placed on clean tables as well as an assortment of pot plants. A man entered the room, Ned immediately recognised him from science class; Dr Bruce Banner. He jumped slightly when he saw Ned.

“Uh hi, kid,” he started awkwardly “are you from a school trip or.”

“I’m a friend of Peters.” The Dr Banner nodded in understanding.

“Do you need any, help of any kind?”

“No, I’m just happy to look around until Peter gets back.” Ned said politely.

“Alright then.” the doctor said. Ned moved onto the next room, it was dark and casual. The curtains were closed but the lights turned on just when he entered. This was probably Black Widows rooms, it didn’t seem like she was in but you could never tell. Ned did get the sense he was being watched so he left. The next room was so obviously hawkeye’s that you didn’t question it.  Purple theme? Check. Arrows all over the floor? Check. Enough family photos to choke on? Check. Ned picked up a bow from the floor and an arrow that didn’t seem too harmless. He slotted the arrow in, pulled back the wire and


With a strong force the arrow penetrated the wall and got stuck halfway. Ned tried to pull it out but it was rammed in tight. He decided to just leave it, considering it was just stuck there now. He wandered into the next room and there he found Thor, it was an experience seeing Thor. You became very aware that you were a mortal and that he was a God, you half expected an epic battle theme to start up at any moment. Ned had frozen in the door way, Thor had his back turned as he was looking out the window. Thor turned around and one of Man of Spider’s comrades.

“Hello, ” his voice boomed. “It is I, mighty Thor, and you are a companion to Man of Spider, what be your name, human?”

“Ned, uh, Ned Leeds, so that makes me…” Ned wracked his brains for his knowledge of norse mythology. “Ned Leedson?” he said meekly. Thor laughed a deep laugh and slapped his hand on Ned’s shoulder.

“Good to meet you, son of Leeds.”

“Brother what are you doing?” a smartly dressed man strode in, wearing an all-black suit. This of course was Loki who changed the atmosphere of the room just by stepping in, whether he intended it or not he gave of an uneasy vibe, the kind the made you want to hold onto your purse and keep your back to the wall.

“You do realise he can talk normally right?” Loki said to Ned.

“Brother!” Thor called out.

“If there’s a tour I’ll let you do that voice but in private I forbid it.” Thor rolled his eyes and took his hand off of Ned’s shoulder. Loki walked into Hawkeyes living space and over to the arrow lodged in the wall.

“Brother, what are you doing?” Thor asked.

“Just doing my good dead for the day.” Loki said with a smirk. He tapped his finger against the arrow and it flew out over the streets


Peters mission was almost over, thirteen of the robbers were down a bit much but they probably expected company. The fourteenth was running down the block, inside his spider suit Peter was sweating and his joints were Aching but it would be bad to show a sign of weakness to the public so he pressed on. Out of the sky something shot down on the fourteenth robber, causing him to kneel over in agony. When Peter moved in closer he discovered someone had shot the robbers knee with one of hawkeyes arrows.

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A/N: As I thought this would be cute, here this is

Warnings: Extreme fluff, minor cursing

Waking up before Loki was always a feat in itself. The god insisted on being awake before you for the sole purpose of seeing you in such a peaceful state. You couldn’t blame him, as he looked adorable with his little black curls framing his porcelain skin and his cheeks rosy from sleep. Still, you wished you could see him like this more.

Glancing at the clock on your phone, you knew you had to get up as your god’s present would take some time. However, glimpsing Loki’s serene face once again, feeling his cool chest rise and fall against you, his breath causing a small strand of hair to rise and fall, getting out of bed seemed harder than before.

Finally, after about 15 minutes of debating with yourself how important this present really was, you reluctantly pulled yourself out of his strong arms. Loki whined in his slumber, grasping wildly for your body, before relaxing once again under your touch. You removed your hand from his forehead, silently celebrating his return to subconsciousness, before leaning down to press a tender kiss to his head. Loki smiled and grabbed your pillow, bringing it to his chest and hugging it tightly.

Oh my god, that is so cute.

You snapped a picture and giggled quietly. That would definitely be a future screensaver.

You grabbed Loki’s gray hoodie and threw it on, quietly shutting the door behind you as you tip-toed to the nearby kitchen. The cabinets seemed taller than usual without your god but nevertheless, for the sake of the arrogant, adorable god sleeping in your bedroom, you persevered.

Pancakes were sizzling before you knew it, a melody of The Beatles and chocolate chips mixing together to form something nearly as heavenly as the jacket around your shoulders. A swirling sky of purples, pinks, and oranges filled the room, and you could almost feel the peaceful stillness of the newborn day. It being winter, the day would take a bit longer to lighten up, but with Loki in your home, your life was already the brightest it could be.

The oven kept the pancakes hot and you started on the fruit and tea you had recently bought. No matter how cranky the Trickster was about “questionable Midgardian culture”, you knew he couldn’t resist a good breakfast.

Suddenly, two strong, lean arms wrapped around your waist and you jumped, almost hitting the god with a rubber spatula. A deep chuckle was in heard from behind you as a gentle, sleepy kiss was pressed to your neck. Relaxing in your god’s arms, you smiled.

“Good morning, love,” Loki’s gorgeous voice whispered, nuzzling your neck with a little tired and happy sigh.

“G'mornin’, Lokes. How was your sleep?” The god’s arms tightened around your waist, somehow pulling you closer to him.

He grunted before answering, announcing his displeasure. “It was alright, though if you had stayed in bed, it would have been magnificent.”

A remorseful look crossed your features and for a moment, you were genuinely sorry, but not when you imagined how his face would light up when he realized all this was for him. That smile was better than anything in the world, even a few hours of sleep.

Turning back to look at him, you lightly smiled and kissed his cheek. Loki’s small smile returned as you murmured against his skin. “True, but I thought I might treat you today. You only get one birthday a year, you know.”

As you pulled away, Loki’s green eyes landed on you in shock. He searched for words in his endless vocabulary but none of them could describe how he felt to you. “Y-you made this for… me?”

The god’s gaze flickered from the food you had gotten up so early to make him, all the trouble you went through to make him happy, and he just couldn’t comprehend it all until your hand on his jaw guided him back to your eyes. Your eyes held nothing but love and adoration and care, and Loki was left wondering what he ever did that was so right, you looked at him like that.

“Course I did, cause you deserve this and so much more, Lokes,” You whispered, pressing a soft kiss to his parted lips before lightly pushing him away. These chocolate chips weren’t going to add themselves. 

“Go lay down, babe, I’ll be out in a second.” Despite your god’s numerous protests, you successfully pushed him out of the kitchen, wielding a spatula very mightly if you say so yourself. 

From the couch in the living room, Loki followed your every move, still trying to understand why the Norns had blessed him with someone so kind and loving. All his life he had never thought of himself as deserving of love, his mother the only true believer in there being any good in him left. When he came down to Midgard, all he left in his wake was death and ruin yet somehow, through some miracle, you had been able to see something in him worth saving. He had pushed you away, insulted you, threatened you, nearly killed you at some points but, despite every wall he built, you managed to hold his heart without fear of the monster he knew himself to be. How you were able to look at him like there was something in him worth looking at, worthy of your attention of you, he would never comprehend.

Your steps snapped him out of his thoughts and he smiled, turning his head to see you carrying an enormous plate of pancakes. He quickly got up to help, not wanting you to bear any burden for his sake, but you just shook your head. “Uh uh, you stay right there, mister. This is your day and I’m going to pamper you.” So Loki reluctantly returned to his seat, leaning in to press a quick kiss to your forehead, before letting you go back to the kitchen.

You smiled and quickly grabbed the fruit, tea, and eggs, making your way back over to your god. Yeah, you knew you were spoiling him, but come on, it was his birthday and you’d do anything to see that beautiful smile of his. Plus, that surprised little gasp of his was well worth the trouble. 

“Love, you really did not have to do all of this for me,” Loki gazed up at you in amazement, talking through the chocolate pancake shoved past his lips. A big glob of melted chocolate had missed his mouth and was currently sitting right on top of his porcelain cheek and you chuckled, wiping it away and licking it off your finger.

“Loki, how many times do I have to tell you that you are worth all of this and so much more? It really wasn’t that much trouble, so stop your worrying and finish your damn pancake,” you said, stealing a pancake from his stack and moaning at the taste. “Damn, I did good.”

Swallowing his pancake, Loki pulled you close, tucking you under his arm and pressing his lips to yours. “Indeed you did, my love,” he whispered, his lips still pressed against yours as smiles began to grow on both.

Once you and he were done eating, you rushed out of the room, digging through your closet to find his presents. Loki had attempted to follow you in pure curiosity but you had ordered he stay where he was. Excitedly running out of your room, you flung the horribly wrapped boxes in his face, watching a smirk appear on his gorgeous face. Gingerly, his long fingers took the presents from your hands.

Examining the mess of wrapping, your god’s smirk widened. “This is true artistry, darling, a masterpiece for the ages.”

You rolled your eyes and sunk into the spot beside him, laying your head on his shoulder. “I don’t recall you being the god of wrapping either, Frosty, or are we forgetting last year’s Christmas party?”

Your boyfriend glared at you hidden away in his neck, playfully cautioning, “We don’t talk about that, little one.”

Light laughter escaped your mouth, bringing a small smile to Loki’s face once again before you placed a small kiss to his throat, gently sucking a mark into his skin. “Oh yeah? And what are you gonna do about it?”

A growl left Loki’s throat and he nearly stopped this present nonsense but, as he glanced back at you, he realized how important this was to you. He would have to save that particular activity for later, as seeing her beautiful smile was worth more than any of his urges.

“You’ll just have to wait and see, my love.” Pressing a kiss to your smiling lips, he opened his present and his expression soon became one of shock. Slipping his fingers under the material, Loki pulled the canvas out and stared at the gorgeous brushstrokes, each one placed with such emotion that he could feel the sheer love you had held for him in this exact moment. The painting was one of an old picture you two had taken together, your lips pressed to his cheek with the corners of your lips in an adorable smile. You both had been skating on a lake, snow falling all around you and glistening in your hair, your cheeks rosy in the cold. That was the exact moment in which he realized he hadn’t just appreciated your companionship, he had grown to love you in every single way.

You drew him out of his trance, shifting to gaze at the portrait as well. “Do you like it? I wasn’t sure about the painting but I just love the picture so much and I know you do too and I-” Your rambling was cut off by his lips pressed firmly on yours, effectively shutting you up. His hands cradled your face, his thumbs rubbing gentle circles against your cheeks as he poured every ounce of love and adoration and appreciation into the kiss.

When you parted for need of air, a wide smile had appeared across your god’s face, and suddenly that was all you needed. Resting his forehead against yours, Loki whispered, “It’s perfect, my love, just like you. Thank you so much.”

Tipping your head down once again to meet his lips, a smile identical to his across your face, you muttered with all honesty, “I love you, Lokes.”

His smile somehow grew as he replied, seemingly entranced with this moment and the words flowing so easily from you. In his thousand-year life, he knew he would never be as honest nor as sincere as when he replied, against your soft, smiling lips, “I love you, too.”

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Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Loki/Reader (No physical description of reader other than female presenting)

Warnings: LOKI, Angst, lots of violence, graphic gore, extreme cursing, anxiety attacks.


Living in New York has its ups and its downs. Upside - You have a cushy job at Stark Industries. Downside - You wind up getting yourself kidnapped by The God Of Mischief.

All you wanted was a decent cup of coffee, now you’re stuck on the other side of the universe with a sociopath who has only begrudgingly not murdered you.

To get back home you’ll have to work with Loki, and probably stop trying to stab him.

To regain his power, he’ll have to work with you, and probably stop trying to slaughter you.

When Mischief and Madness collide, chaos ensues. Even if you survive this, the universe probably won’t…


A/N - Thank you to @captainamericasbeard​ for looking this chapter over for me 💖💕💖


Chapter Six

Water had helped, but you were running on the very dregs of adrenaline. The last time you had gotten any sleep was in your own bed, back on Earth. Since then you had spent the day at work, been thrown off a roof by a god, captured said god, been nearly murdered by the pissed-off god, catapulted through space, been chased through an alien casino by human-hunting security guards, been catapulted through space again and spent hours trekking through the jungle.

You’d gone from ravenous to so starved that the very idea of food made you feel nauseous. Stomach acid churned in your empty belly, giving you a raging heartburn. Exhaustion was making you dizzy, every step forward taking energy you just didn’t have. The humid heat of the jungle was sapping at the reserves of water in your body, every sip of water you took being transformed into beads of sweat.

You gently prodded your pocket until the Grofflink poked his head out to look at you. 

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