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#loki mcu

Pairing: Loki x Fem!Reader (eventually)
Some gore, slight angst and sadness due to trauma, sexual innuendos
Thanks for all the wonderful responses and reblogs! Please know that even if I don’t answer them individually, I do see and recognize the names of you all. Sorry if I forgot someone on the taglist. Sorry about the header having a weird size :(
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Chapter 3

…   Reader   …

The smells are different on Terra. It should not have been such a surprise, really, because the chemical compositions always vary from one planet to the next, and you have gotten used to it after the third place you went to eradicate the Leeches. This planet: here the dancing flames burn with a thousand shades of yellow to red, sometimes a flicker matching your hair near the fuel, lifting up a tauntingly homey scent…like roast trifaerh. Combined with the blazing heat it calls upon memories of your childhood and, from much later, the quiet nights with your crew when a mission had been completed successfully and required celebration. Sinking to your knees, ignoring the oozing dripple of liquids snaking out from under the impromptu pyre, you allow the feelings to surface.

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Monsters Live Within (But I’m Not Afraid) - Sequel to Shatter This Glass And Set Me Free


Loki thought he deserved peace. He fought many wars, he reclaimed royalty, and he somehow fell in love with, and even married, a certainly fierce human. Oh, and he killed Thanos where he stood.

So, Loki believed he deserved some sort of calm and quiet in his life. Yet, he could not be so lucky. When Queen Ingrid of Jotunheim visits Asgard with the promise that Loki can be King of Jotunheim, he adamantly declines.

He never wanted the throne, right?

But Queen Ingrid is not so easily convinced. Through the use of dark magic, the Queen seals Loki in a dangerous fate he never believed was possible.

The only person who might be able to save Loki is his wife, Alice. After all, she’s been to hell and back with Loki. Why not do it again?

*Can be read without reading Shatter This Glass And Set Me Free but reading it would be helpful*

Word Count: 3612

Chapter 9: Solutions


Originally posted by myhoneymoontour

The last thing Loki expected was to wake up chained to his bed. He opened his eyes and felt that tragically familiar weight on his arms. He tugged at the restraints and growled, thrashing dangerously.

“I told you not to remove it.”

Loki looked up and saw Ingrid standing at the end of the bed, the crown hanging on her finger. Loki stared at her with wild eyes, his blue chest heaving.

“I didn’t, you vile witch,” Loki hissed. Ingrid chuckled and sat down on the bed, brushing her hand along Loki’s stomach. He was certainly glad he opted to wear those pants to bed. In this rare moment of clarity, he could feel the danger in Ingrid’s touch. He stared at the crown knowingly, aware that this object in her hand had subdued him and held him under her control.

“Did you dream of her?” Ingrid asked. Loki pressed his lips into a tight line. He wouldn’t speak of Alice – not to Ingrid. She didn’t deserve to know about his wife. Ingrid watched him carefully, peering into his red eyes. She chuckled and twirled the crown around her finger. “No matter. I know the truth. You were calling her name out all night.”

“And if I was dreaming of my wife?” Loki said the last word with a bite, trying to remind the Queen of Jotunheim that he was, in fact, here against his will. Ingrid tossed her head back and laughed, holding the crown closer to her.

“Well, if that is so, I could pay her a little visit to…rid her from your thoughts,” Ingrid said with a grin. Loki growled, his eyes flaring a vicious red, before he attempted to jump at Ingrid. She was worried for a moment because the chains clattered and groaned under Loki’s force. He used all of his strength to attack the witch but she slid backwards, watching Loki flail like a rabid beast.

“I’ll kill you! Don’t you dare lay a finger on her!” he snapped. Ingrid tilted her head and smiled…


Fic requests are OPEN! Please read the Fic Request FAQ before requesting a fic! Be sure to check out my new Loki fics “Monsters Live Within (But I’m Not Afraid)” and “Feel Your Fear, Taste Your Fright” for more Loki angst, drama, fluff, romance, and smut!

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Hey friends, 

I know I have not posted a fic teaser or a fic recently, but the holidays have kept me busy, and in truth, I have decided to pursue my Original Fiction. 

Several chapters have been completed and I have been steadily working on outlining, character development, dialogue, religions of the world and much more. 

If it makes you feel better, there is a Loki character in it by the name of Dezmond Brone (look up the etymology of his last name)! Anyway, I do hope to continue and write more Loki fanfic, just at my own pace as it comes– I’m working on a smut fic to post within the next week or so which is fun and exciting! So be on the lookout!

I’m still here and will continue to be a presence here. 
I’ll keep you updated and may very well get a Wattpad activated again to post the first draft of the Original Fiction. 

Loki’s Pet Tiger

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The Auction House Masterlist

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson X OFC

Warnings: Angst, Lemons but nothing graphic

Summary: After realizing she is fighting a loosing battle, Loki’s soulmate begrudgingly goes along with Steve and Bucky who find her at a visitor center along the Blue Ridge Parkway, but to her surprise she isn’t rushed back to the compound. A reunion for she and Loki is planned in a mountain town, but how well does it go? Will the two be allowed a private moment without constant surveillance for once?

A/N: Hmm, maybe I give you a tender moment?

Words: +4,700


Running would only get you so far, she was no idiot and knew it for a fact. Having walked, hitched rides, and so forth until she made it this far, walking somewhere in Tennessee on the edge of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Having only carried the pack she left the compound with stuffed with water bottles and food, that was running low. Come to think of it when was the last time she had ate? 

Thanks to HYDRA, it was possible for her to go this long with minimal sleep and food. The last bit of sleep had been at the compound, safe, next to Loki. Shaking her head, that was the last place her thoughts needed to venture at the moment, she didn’t need her heart about to pound out of her chest like it had earlier. It would only waste more energy, she needed to figure this out without constantly being under observation.

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request:You’re supposed to marry Thor, but from the first time Loki stole your heart, and one day you decided to take an action which lead you to have sex with Loki and Thor caught both you and Loki, you can add your own idea ☺” - @midnightbarnes97

summary: set before thor 1 - you are thor’s betrothed, but you had always preferred his brother.

chapter: 6/?

words: 2.4k

warnings: mentions of rape

previous chapter: chapter five. next chapter: chapter seven.



     By the time you wake, it’s nearly noon, and Thor is gone - but the cuffs aren’t. As you open your mouth to call out for somebody, anybody, you realize there’s a muzzle over your mouth to keep you from doing just that. You feel fatigued, a feeling in which you aren’t sure whether it’s an effect of Thor, or something else, considering you’ve been resting for nearly twelve hours.

     You shut your eyes, only to hear Loki shouting from down the hall. Then a body dropping to the ground, followed by someone sprinting down the hallway and towards the room where you are being held captive. The door opens so swiftly that the handle hits the wall, the loud clash of the wall and handle making you flinch. You look back at the doorway to see Loki, his lip and wrist completely healed.

     “Oh, Y/N…” You watch a series of emotions unfold on his face in a matter of seconds - relief, realization, then dread as his gaze goes over the cuffs, the muzzle, the carving of Thor’s name into your stomach, and the mixture of release and blood between your legs. He closes the door swiftly and runs to you, removing the muzzle, then the cuffs before sitting down and scooping you into his arms. Now, this close to him, you could see tears building up in his green eyes, making them shine. “I’m so, so sorry… Mother had to heal me… I asked the guards to check on you while she worked… they said you were just arguing… they told me you were safe…”

      A teardrop falls onto your cheek as Loki keeps cradling you.

      “They told me you were safe… and yet…” He shuts his eyes and shakes his head, pressing his forehead to yours. You realize he’s crying.

     “I’m okay now, Loki…” You whisper half-heartedly, and he pulls away, looking you over again with immense concern.

     “You’re lying…” His gaze stops at the mess between your legs before he looks back at your eyes. “Did he… did Thor rape you..? You can tell me, you know you can trust me… I’m not expecting you to trust anyone right now… but if you’re open to trusting me… then I’m always here for you…”

      After Thor’s actions last night, you now aren’t sure who to trust or talk to. You never thought Thor would, or could be, so extreme, and honestly, terrifying. Even now, you weren’t entirely sure that Loki wouldn’t take advantage of you. Normally, you’d trust him with your life, but you had just become so shaken up that you couldn’t tell who you’re safe around. But, his words manage to put you at ease, and you swallow before nodding in response.

     “How could he? How could he?!” Shock, anger, and sorrow become a whirlpool in Loki’s eyes. “How could he even dare touch you like that?! You’re so lovely and beautiful and kind and he just…” Loki cups your cheek while tears begin to prick in his vision again, his voice becoming a soft whisper. “He hurt you…”

      “He said it was so I could ‘finally’ have his heirs…” You sigh and murmur.

      “That does not make it okay, Y/N, at all! He cannot and should not force you like that, it is inhumane! Not to mention he cut you! None of this is okay!” Loki begins to cry, your heart hurting at the sight. His arms wrap tighter around you, pulling you close to him. “Y-You’re mine, I love you Y/N, I love you so much, I can’t stand the idea of that brute hurting you!”

      You’re mine.

      Thor said the same phrase last night. There was a difference in tone, though. He had said it like he was claiming you as his trophy, caging you in his room that you’re still in now. Loki said it like he was hurt, like he was sorrowful to know that someone he cared about had been treated so poorly.

      “May I heal you?” His gaze flickers down to the mess again, rage flashing in his eyes before he looks back at you with care. 

      “Yes, please.” You nod and look at your stomach as his fingers dance over the wounds, tendrils of his green, glowing seidr flowing into the cuts and slowly making them disappear as though Thor had never hurt you. You smile softly as you feel the pain disappear with the evidence of it, but Loki doesn’t stop yet. He walks to the bathroom, grabbing a warm, damp washcloth, as well as a dry one. Once he gets back to you, you’re laying on your back as Loki crouches next to you.

      “May I clean you, my love?” You nod, involuntarily pushing your thighs together, and he looks up at you with sadness but his voice is a reassuring whisper. “It’s alright, I’d never hurt you…” 

      He gently wipes your inner thighs before drying them just as gently. His brows furrow in concentration as he makes his touch even gentler to clean between your legs, never pushing in with even part of the cloth but ridding the outside of caked release and blood, applying the smallest amount of pressure as possible. “Does it hurt?”

      “Not so much now, but…” You nod as though finishing your sentence and he nods slowly before you murmur, “I think he ripped something…” Loki gives you a grimace of second-hand pain and uses magic to heal anything internal as well as making the pain go away. 

      “Thank you, Loki.” You give him a weak yet gracious smile as he sits next to you.

      “Anything for you, my love.” He cups your cheek, his gaze full of love and care. “Now, I believe a talk with my brother is in order. Will you be safe here?”

      “Will you be safe with him?”

      “Of course I will. Worry not, I’ll return to you soon.” He strokes your cheek as you nod. He stands, finding one of your dresses in the closet before bringing it back to you. “Will you need help putting this on?”

      You shake your head, taking it from him and pulling on the slip, grateful that he’s chosen one of the simpler dresses without metal attachments. Once you finish, Loki presses his lips against yours, your face cupped in his hands, making your heart flutter. You smile against his lips as you kiss him back, only until he pulls away, his hand trailing down your cheek. 

      “I love you, Loki.”

      “I love you too, Y/N.” He walks backward, staring at you with adoration the whole time until he reaches the doorway, turning on his heel and walking away.

      Loki searches for Thor, not finding him anywhere in the palace. He breaks into a run toward the stables, swiftly putting on his horse’s gear, before mounting. He kicks his horse into a gallop to the training area, figuring Thor must be sparring or using weights. Sure enough, once he dismounts and walks into one of the training rooms, he finds Thor in a weaponless match against Fandral - Thor winning swiftly as he throws him against the wall in a classic “Get Help” style, one that Thor normally only uses with his brother. Loki can barely restrain himself from killing Thor on the spot, given what he did to you, but he remains composed.

      “Brother, may I have a word with you?” Thor turns as Loki speaks, the anger that fills his gaze making Loki reach for the dagger in his pocket.

      “Depends.” Thor walks to his brother, then past him and outside, Loki following with a hand in his pocket and the other at his side. “Are you finally going to leave my future wife alone? I’m honestly debating allowing you to call me brother, and whether or not I should break your spine instead next time. Perhaps if you’re completely immobilized, you can’t bed her anymore.”

      “And if she wants me to? If she prefers me to you?”

      “Then it shall be the first time you are wanted.” Thor turns to him, his words sinking deep and it showing on Loki’s face. Thor frowns, feeling suddenly guilty and adds, “Well, preferred. The first time someone prefers you. I’m sure Mother and Father want you. Mother doesn’t have favorites, but Father does - not that I mind.”

      “If it’s the first time, how come she’s always preferred me?” Loki stops, making Thor stop and turn to face him completely. “Since the day we met her I’ve been better than her, I treat her like a person, you treat her like an object.”

      “I treat her better than any Asgardian girl could hope for!” Thor snarls, taking a threatening step closer to the younger prince.

      “For starters, you do not! And furthermore, the only reason you act oh so loving with her so that she’ll stay! She doesn’t love you, she stays because it is her duty. I wouldn’t be surprised if she stays for me.” Loki tilts his chin up slightly as he continues. “She should be my fiancé, because that’s how I treat her, not as some trophy wife like you do! I love her, you just thought she was prettier than the others! You told me exactly that, you were never interested in her personality or interests, merely her looks! And now, you want her for her body so that she can birth your children! She is insanely gorgeous, but she’s so much more than that! She has ideas, thoughts, so much going inside that beautiful mind of hers that you could never uncover because you only want children from her!”

      “And why shouldn’t I? Asgard needs heirs, it’s her job to provide them!”

      “But she’s a person, Thor! Not a vessel for your heirs! A person! See, this is why you don’t deserve her! She comes crying to me, crying, because of you! And it breaks my heart to see her like that, but both her and I know she’ll get no comfort from you so she turns to someone who actually cares about her, someone who deserves her!”

      “You? Deserving her? I think not. She deserves to be with the best, that’s why I have her.”

      “You do not have her, you do not own her. I don’t have her either, I’m simply with her.”

      “She’s mine.” Thor’s voice becomes a possessive, angry growl as his fists clench at his sides.

      “Can’t I just be with her?! You don’t even love her!” Loki’s voice raises. “You get everything, and I wouldn’t care, except you have her too!”

      “You’re jealous.” Thor cracks a grin, the possessiveness in his voice replaced with amusement.

      “So what if I am? I have the right to be. And for the record, I’d say I’m much more angered than envious. I saw what you did to her last night, and I wouldn’t wish that kind of treatment on my worst enemy.”

      “You will tell nobody what happened.” Thor no longer sounds amused, nervousness lacing his tone.

      “Or what?” Loki challenges, taking a step toward his brother as he puffs out his chest, his grip on his dagger tightening in his pocket. “You’ll kill me?”

      “I just might.”

      “Y/N would hate you, only if she doesn’t already.”

      “She’ll grow to love me,” Thor shrugs. “As everyone else has.”

      “You’ve made that impossible for her to do.”

      Thor snarls, anger overtaking him as he punches Loki, causing the younger prince to stumble back. Loki takes steps back, his dagger glinting in the light as he pulls it out. Thor grabs for the weapon before Loki makes a maneuver with it, slicing through Thor’s hand and making him yell in pain.

      Thor wraps one hand around the wounded one, attempting to stop the blood, giving Loki enough time to pivot out of the way and run, hiding behind a large, marble pillar in one of the many walkways to Asgard’s palace. He duplicates himself, willing him to hide behind a pillar on the opposite end of the opening.

      “LOKI!” Loki hears Thor yell, holding out the last syllable of his same as he storms down the hall. As Loki hears Thor’s footsteps get closer, he spins and flicks his wrist, sending the dagger through the older prince’s abdomen. It becomes Thor’s turn to stumble back as he pulls out the bloody dagger, letting it clatter to the floor. As he summons Mjolnir and begins walking to Loki, the duplicate drives another dagger into Thor’s side from behind. Thor tips back his head as he cries out in pain, turning around and throwing Mjolnir at the duplicate that has begun to back away. Loki’s clone disappears in a shimmer of seidr while Mjolnir flies straight into a pillar, cracking it.

      Using telekinesis, the God of Mischief pulls the cracked pieces away from the pillar, causing the entirety of it to become large, broken chunks of marble. The young prince sends them at Thor, giving him just enough time to shield his head with his arms before the chunks fall down on him. Thor’s yells of pain become muffled under the debris, sharp edges cutting at him and dust him to cough beneath it.

      “Hurt her again, and I will make sure that you will not escape from under what will be much more than just a pillar.” Loki hisses, just loud enough for Thor to hear his threat from where he remains stuck under the marble.

      Loki smooths out his leather and metal attire before sheathing his dagger and finding his horse, remounting. He starts walking back to the palace until about halfway down the walkway, realizing you may need him, and kicks his horse into a gallop. He dismounts once he reaches the stables, undoing his horse’s gear and refilling his trough before closing his stall and walking into the palace.

      He walks swiftly down the hallways, his boots tapping against the tiles inlaid with pure gold. Now there are new guards at their posts, a servant working to scrub the blood from the wall where Loki struck a guard earlier, out of anger that he had allowed you to be hurt. Nothing has ever angered him more than knowing you’ve been hurt like this. 

      Loki walks faster when he gets closer to your room, occasionally hearing noises that he can’t be sure as to what they are from the hallway. He opens the door before closing and locking it behind him, panic rising in Loki when he doesn’t see you in the room. He walks to the bathroom, only to find you throwing up.


taglist: @midnightbarnes97 @jessiejunebug @i-am-a-peanut-007@myworddump @shesakillerkween @littlelunaticfringe @stfxlou@illegalcerebral @zebrabaker @blah666 @ultrarebelheart@valdemarismynonbinarylove @celestial-vomit @iexploded69420@bladeofanarchangel @wolfiepirate @marveloushiddleston@shockwavee @kcd15 @real-sotenbori-hours @i-opened-the-chamber-of-secrets @motherofkobolds

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Monsters Live Within (But I’m Not Afraid) - Sequel to Shatter This Glass And Set Me Free


Loki thought he deserved peace. He fought many wars, he reclaimed royalty, and he somehow fell in love with, and even married, a certainly fierce human. Oh, and he killed Thanos where he stood.

So, Loki believed he deserved some sort of calm and quiet in his life. Yet, he could not be so lucky. When Queen Ingrid of Jotunheim visits Asgard with the promise that Loki can be King of Jotunheim, he adamantly declines.

He never wanted the throne, right?

But Queen Ingrid is not so easily convinced. Through the use of dark magic, the Queen seals Loki in a dangerous fate he never believed was possible.

The only person who might be able to save Loki is his wife, Alice. After all, she’s been to hell and back with Loki. Why not do it again?

*Can be read without reading Shatter This Glass And Set Me Free but reading it would be helpful*

Word Count: 3340

Chapter 8: Sleeping



Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia

“It has only been three weeks since you took the throne, Sire, and Jotunheim is prospering!” Ingrid cheered. She stared out the glass window, and though it was crusted over with frost and ice, she could still see the markets below thriving with trade for the first time in years.

“Yes, well it really wasn’t that hard,” Loki said snidely. She turned to see the King lounging on his throne. A Jotun girl was cleaning his boots as he sharpened his dagger. He looked up at Ingrid and smirked. “Open the mines, increase food rations, bring in the mountain tribes, it really wasn’t complicated to get the system going.”

“You are just that smart, Your Highness,” Ingrid purred, ghosting over towards Loki. He chuckled and dismissed the Jotun at his feet. She bowed in front of Loki before scurrying off from the room. Loki hummed and twirled his dagger in his hand. He watched the metal of the blade reflect the silver and ruby rings on his hand. Ingrid stared down at his hands and grimaced when she saw his wedding ring still there. “How have you been fairing, my King?”

“This place is abominably frigid but it’s growing on me,” Loki said with a shrug. “The palace could use more…décor. Other than that, I would declare myself quite content if it wasn’t for my lack of sleep.”

“You have trouble sleeping, Sire?” Ingrid asked. Loki nodded, his dagger spinning between two of his fingers. “I do as well. Perhaps we should spend the night together. Jotuns have always found it easier to sleep when their bed is warmed by the presence of another.”…


Fic requests are CLOSED due to an upcoming vacation. Be sure to check out my new Loki fics “Monsters Live Within (But I’m Not Afraid)” and “Feel Your Fear, Taste Your Fright” for more Loki angst, drama, fluff, romance, and smut!

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Pairing: Loki x Reader (eventually)
Content for series:
Murder, crime, violence, angst, lots of gore, sadness, trauma, innuendos, sexual themes (maybe even detailed - we’ll see), political undertones (not a lot), Avengers, Guardians, Captains, Asgardians (of sorts), loneliness, desperation, humour (attempts, at least), friends in unlikely places. 
Based on the prompt “You’re the villain and you know that you just want the ‘good guys’ to understand why”. Let’s just say that a loooot will happen, but I hope to keep it relatively short.
@caswinchester2000   @confessionsofastrugglingteen​    @devilbat​   @liesje86​   @lokis-lady-death​   @maladaptive-ninja-returns​   @myraiswack​   @wiczer



…   Reader   …

The translation is delayed by a second, but long enough for the Terran to scrunch her eyebrows in concern. “On a scale from zero to ten, where ten is the worst imaginable…how bad is the pain?”

Right now, you can remember a lot of different injuries and neither they nor the current one are anywhere close to real agony. That kind of pain, the kind that takes over your body in a rush until there is nothing else, they are rarely physical in origin unlike the thumping ache in your arm.

“Three,” you answer, bending to study the odd angle of the limb, “can you heal it?”

She seems puzzled by the question even as she makes note on a chart before ripping off the paper and sends you on the way with it to something, she calls an “Ex Ray”. What is it now if not a ray? Deciding not to worry about that for now, you follow the line on the floor she has told you to follow.

Keep reading

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Feel Your Fear, Taste Your Fright


Loki isn’t sure how he ended up on this giant spaceship gliding through the cosmos. The last thing he remembered was falling from the Bifrost. But here he is, alone in a cold, dark room. Well, mostly alone. There’s a woman standing over him. She doesn’t look too pleased.

And as she looks over him, Mare can sense his fears. She knows what keeps him up at night. As a daughter of Thanos, it’s her job to report these fears to her father. She knows that Loki is strong enough to carry out their mission to retrieve the tesseract. They just need to break him first.

After all, torture is done best when it’s personal.

Or, the one where Mare is a daughter of Thanos, she takes Loki in as his prisoner, and they end up trying to survive together in a universe that’s doing its best to drive them to insanity.

~ ~ ~

Chapter 4: Unworthy

Word Count: 3443

Chapter Summary: Thanos is threatening. Loki misses his mother. Mare and Ebony Maw push Loki a bit too hard. 

TW: Torture


Originally posted by cat1212

“Father!” Mare shouted as she pushed the heavy door open to Thanos’ private study. She walked across the stone floor, her boots clacking heavily as she rushed towards him.

Mare was excited – incredibly and utterly proud – because of her newest breakthrough with Loki. Ebony Maw’s initial torture had worked! Now that he was opening up to Mare, she’d be able to dive deeper into his mind. It would take time, but when she felt Loki’s fear of poison that morning, she knew that she had unlocked a crucial key in breaking the god.

Mare rounded the corner of the study to find Thanos hunched over a large table in the center of the room. His armor was on and his body was perfectly still. He was shielding whatever he was looking at, causing Mare to freeze in her spot. She dropped down to one knee and pressed her fist to her chest.

“Father, I wish to speak with you,” she said, still on the ground.

“I think you made that obvious when you barged in here like a barbarian,” Thanos grumbled. He stood up straight and turned to Mare, his face dark and heavy. “Speak.”

Mare stood up and stared up at her father. She could see a deep shadow over his face and a disinterest in his dark eyes. She cleared her throat and bowed her head, keeping herself as small as possible amongst the Titan.

“I believe I have found a way to speed up the process of Loki’s torture and breaking,” Mare said quickly…


Fic requests are CLOSED due to an upcoming vacation. Be sure to check out my new Loki fics “Monsters Live Within (But I’m Not Afraid)” and “Feel Your Fear, Taste Your Fright” for more Loki angst, drama, fluff, romance, and smut!

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Loki x Reader Avengers The Office AU (Slowwwwww Burn)

Season 3 Episode 01: Noobs Everywhere

Season Premier

Warnings: it is teary floofy

Word Count: life happens. Sometimes it caresess you sometimes it smack you right in the cheek. Other times it brings you together with old friends other times it makes you cry for realising how much you missed writing this stupid and adorable fanfic after days and days of nothing productive. Life happens and Gods I wish it picks me up and throws me on another continent

MASTERLIST in bio, darlings. Tags are open (check bio)

An effective silence eroded through the Avengers Compound. The entrance, all glass with flowers on the centre table that you and Scott had arranged- to add some colour- stood eerily quiet. The hall fit for balls and Stark’s famous parties only reverberated with the single beep when Friday made her ‘rounds’ in there. The library did smell of old books but the silence was not one that was comfortable. The lounge, where everything happened in the Avengers’ daily life, was disturbingly still, your favourite mug with tea now ran cold, the kitchenette seemed to have been left in a hurry. The hallway to the Dorms didn’t have anyone. Room after room seemed empty. Loki’s door was half-open, showing everything in place, neatly arranged. Next was yours, unkempt, disordered, but with every bead of the essence of you. It was empty too. Except for a very scared and whining Zuko coming out of under a blanket while sniffing it, looking around, searching for something before walking out, sniffing his way across the lounge. He whined as he walked past the rooms towards Banner’s lab, his cries increasing twofold on seeing a familiar face.

“Hey, little guy.”

Keep reading

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Twisted Fate (½) [loki x reader]

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Genre: Angst

Request: @atomiczineprofessoroperator “Can you do a 3 on the angst list “if you cared about me, you wouldn’t do this.” For Loki finding out the reader is pregnant and he doesn’t react as the reader would have hoped?”

Prompt #3: “If you cared about me, you wouldn’t do this.”

Word Count: 1241

Part ½

A/N: I’m sorry if it’s trash, I kept trying to re-write this but I did the best I could. Quick twist at the end, oh and a swear word, but that’s all. I hope you enjoy it at least, happy New Years’ Eve/New Year’s.


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You paced around your living room back-and-forth, eyeing both the clock and the bathroom with each step. You had turned on the T.V. in an attempt to drown out and divert your attention to anything else, however, it was to no avail.

As you heard the hand of the clock tick, your movements stopped dead, eyes glued to the mechanical device. Once it struck a few more times, passing the 12, you darted straight for the bathroom rink. There, looking down at the sink in front of you, your heart stopped. Every ounce of denial possibly contained within you were trampled in that very second. There was no denying it now.

Three. Three pregnancy tests laid out all over the sink, and each of them had two vibrant pink lines displayed in the indicator. This was life-changing. No doubt about it, you were pregnant.

Most females would be ecstatic at the thought of becoming a mother, and you were–but there was another emotion mixed in the pile… pure fear. The vision of you as a mother who hasn’t done any sufficient planning scared you. You didn’t know how to raise an infant, nor did you exactly know how your other-half would react.

Loki. Loki-freakin’-Odinson had gotten you pregnant, a god. Oh god, Loki. You couldn’t even begin to form any possible ideas or words to tell him that you were pregnant with his child. He had been out for a few weeks on his own expedition, and who knows when he would’ve returned.

But you didn’t even know if he wanted the baby. How would he react? Did he want the baby? If he did, now? At this time and point of his life? It wasn’t a matter either of you and talked about throughout your relationship, and to be frank, you weren’t planning on talking about it anytime soon.

But now, you have to talk to him about him being a dad unexpectedly. It wasn’t like you could hold off telling him, either. You were approximately three months along already, at least. Hiding a bump that would form along the way wouldn’t be exactly the smartest thing to do, because you can’t. You didn’t have magic; lying to the God of Lies, didn’t seem like the brightest idea too.

Being incredibly absorbed as you were in thinking, you didn’t notice the front door unlocking nor Loki’s voice as he entered.

“Love? Are you home?” He called out, no reply. He closed the door as he looked around the house, soon making his way up the stairway.

“Love?” He called again, this time snapping you out of your thoughts. You panicked as you heard him come closer, grabbing all the tests and stuffing them into the drawer filled with your feminine products.

“I’m in the bedroom!” You answered, searching for any other tests or boxes scattered across the bathroom that could be seen. As you made your way out and closed the door, you sighed.

“There you are,” he smirked. You grinned in return as you walked up to him, pulling him into a kiss. “How was it?”

“Not exactly the best, but nevertheless, entertaining. Though, I did receive an earful from many people. What’s on your mind, love? You didn’t answer when I first entered, nor did you rush to the door as you normally do…” Crap.

“I was spacing-out, a normal thing I’ve been doing lately. It’s been stressful, and I didn’t know you would be coming back today, now did I?” You inquired, your shoulder hitting Loki’s chest a bit harsh.

“I apologize, do forgive me,” he joked, chuckling as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “But since I’m back, is there anything my love would want to?”

You laughed. “You could go to the store for me?”


It’s been a week, now. You’ve been sending casual hints to Loki, hoping he’d get it, but it seemed he wasn’t processing any of them. You were starting to take back calling him clever. You covered up your morning nausea as a common sickness that was spreading around your workforce and finally settled to you. Your weird cravings were something developed out-of-the-blue, to which he didn’t react much to. Your heavy mood swings… you blamed it on the stress of working. All to which he believed, or at least, you hoped so.

Loki was upstairs in the bedroom while you hid in the kitchen, your chest tightening as you began to shake a little. One of the tests in the palm of your hands, while the other two were located in your back pocket, in a plastic bag. Today was the day.

It was getting harder and harder to hide all of the symptoms, and you were almost positive others around you would begin to connect dots, even Loki.

Making your way back upstairs, you walked into the bedroom, searching for him, the hand containing the test behind your back.

“Loki?” You asked, seeing nothing but a tidy room. The door to the bathroom swung open, revealing Loki wringing out his hair.

“Yes, (Y/N)?” He replied, his voice a bit hoarse as he made his way to the bed. There, he sat down, patting the spot next to him. You refused, walking around the room.

“Good morning,” you greeted nervously. “And uh, I know I should’ve told you sooner– wait. I mean, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while now and I–”

“Are you ending our relationship?” He asked, dropping the towel and staring at you puzzled. You flailed your arms

“N-no! God no! That’s not what I me–” your heart dropped as you realized you revealed the test from behind your back, now in front of you and Loki’s eyes.

“What… is that?”

“Loki. I’m pregnant.”

His reaction wasn’t the one you had wanted. Instead, it was disheartening to be specific. He was frozen, staring at the test in your hand.

“It’s mine?”

“Of course it’s yours!?” You screamed (accidentally), anger beginning to form. “Why wouldn’t it be?”

Loki gave you a hard stare, one which you couldn’t make out at all.

“(Y/N)… I can’t do this.”

Your heart shattered.

“What do you mean “I can’t do this,” Loki?”

“I don’t know,” he answered, staring at the wall behind you, looking anywhere but your eyes. “Loki, a baby needs their father, no matter what.” You croaked out, knowing that was about to happen wasn’t going to end well.

Loki’s jaw remained dropped, like the life within him had been sucked out.

“Loki, say something… anything!” You screamed, soon falling into a whimper as tears began to drip down your face. You watched as he tore his gaze away, now staring directly into your irises, filled with water and trembled.

“Love,” he wept, “I can’t be a father. I just–can’t. I’m sorry.” His eyes red, he stood up from his position and headed out the door.

“Loki!” You screamed again, scurrying down the stairs as you called his name in a frenzy.

“Loki,” you began, wipping the tears from our of your eyes. “If you cared about me, you wouldn’t do this.” He stopped as his hand made contact with the doorknob, hearing your words. He rested his head against the door, his choked sobs now audible to you.

“(Y/n), I love you. More than anything, but I can’t…”

“I won’t fuck up my child’s life with me being in the picture.”

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Promises - A Reader Request One Shot


You were in love with Loki and you would do almost anything to be with him. You knew that he wanted you - he had taken you to bed many times before - but you were sure there would never be a future for you two.

But when Loki comes to you with an interesting request and a particular talent at persuasion, you see an opportunity that promises you will get to be with him forever.

Word Count: 3596


Based on the request: You’ve been dating (Loki) for a while, but not long enough to have yet had any talks about any kind of formal commitments or big future plans…You’ve never failed to use protection and you haven’t ever gone down the path of any sort of kink involving not using protection, breeding, etc. - so his decision to not use it this time comes as a total surprise to you…You can also choose the degree to which the female character is on board with his decision.


Originally posted by astouract

Loki had been courting you quietly for nearly two months.

Well, “courting you” should be used loosely. Loki had been fucking you quietly for nearly two months seemed more accurate.

Oh, and it wasn’t quiet. He was loud. Very loud.

No one knew, though. That was the idea, at least. You wanted to keep what was happening between you private. Your affair was something that shouldn’t be publicized considering your status was much lower than his. Loki was Prince of Asgard, God of Mischief. You were merely…you. No title or formal status, no prestige or hefty money to your name. You simply existed in Asgard as did any other Asgardian.

But Loki had taken an interest in you. You didn’t look away from him when he glanced in your direction. Instead, your eyes would lock with his as a blush painted your cheeks. The moment he saw that glow on your face, Loki knew he wanted you in one way or another.

He persuaded you to come to his bed one day, and you did so completely willingly. You had always been transfixed with Loki and coming to heel for him was never a difficult decision for you. But as he took you that night, you told him that there couldn’t be any trace of your coupling. He knew exactly what you meant. As he pressed a large hand to your stomach, whispering a contraception spell under his breath, you knew you’d be safe from an unwanted mistake.


Fic requests are CLOSED due to an upcoming vacation. Be sure to check out my new Loki fics “Monsters Live Within (But I’m Not Afraid)” and “Feel Your Fear, Taste Your Fright” for more Loki angst, drama, fluff, romance, and smut!

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Monsters Live Within (But I’m Not Afraid) - Sequel to Shatter This Glass And Set Me Free


Loki thought he deserved peace. He fought many wars, he reclaimed royalty, and he somehow fell in love with, and even married, a certainly fierce human. Oh, and he killed Thanos where he stood.

So, Loki believed he deserved some sort of calm and quiet in his life. Yet, he could not be so lucky. When Queen Ingrid of Jotunheim visits Asgard with the promise that Loki can be King of Jotunheim, he adamantly declines.

He never wanted the throne, right?

But Queen Ingrid is not so easily convinced. Through the use of dark magic, the Queen seals Loki in a dangerous fate he never believed was possible.

The only person who might be able to save Loki is his wife, Alice. After all, she’s been to hell and back with Loki. Why not do it again?

*Can be read without reading Shatter This Glass And Set Me Free but reading it would be helpful*

Word Count: 3675

Chapter 7: Power


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The moment Loki landed on Jotunheim, it felt as if he had been punched in the chest.

He dropped to his knees, his robes getting soaked from the building snow, and let his head roll towards the ground. His hands rested on his thighs and he watched his pale skin revert to its nearly glowing sapphire tone. The frost giants watched him, patiently waiting for their new king to stand again.

When it was clear he would not be getting up any time soon, Ingrid stepped forward. She placed her hand under Loki’s chin and forced the man to look up at her. His eyes were a muted red. They held no emotion. For what it’s worth, that was typically a good thing for Jotuns. In this case, Ingrid was pissed.

She wanted Loki to feel vibrant and empowered. He was becoming King after all! She growled and pressed her clawed fingers into Loki’s skin and leaned down closer to him.

“You better show some strength as we enter the palace, my King,” Ingrid said. “It would not be wise for the new King of Jotunheim to appear saddened and weak for his coronation.”

Loki said nothing. He stood from his spot on the ground, ignoring how wet the knees of his pants had become, and began walking forward. The Jotuns followed behind him quietly, the only sound present was the crunching of snow and ice beneath their feet. Ingrid walked by Loki’s side, her hand resting on his upper arm…


Fic requests are CLOSED due to an upcoming vacation. Be sure to check out my new Loki fics “Monsters Live Within (But I’m Not Afraid)” and “Feel Your Fear, Taste Your Fright” for more Loki angst, drama, fluff, romance, and smut!

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Started working on something which may or may end up being called:

The good Villain

Maybe. Or I’ll change my mind. Either way it’s based on a prompt I’ve had lying around for ages: “You’re the villain and you know that you just want the ‘good guys’ to understand why”. 

It’s gonna be with Loki (MCU) and some other familiar characters while the main is Reader.

And that’s all I’m gonna say about that!

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