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What makes you happy???

Inquiring Minds Want To Know (aka Me)…

When was the last time in the middle of everything going on…. and you stopped… and realized you were happy?

When was the last moment you thought you are happy?

What was it about?


So many spend time on why they arent happy…or trying hard to pursue it…and miss small moments of fulfillment…

My happy place (in my head) and life …is moreso finding and embracing the small moments of being present.

Such as a drive with a friend… and to see a smile of another…

#behappy #mantra #inthemoment #secretsofhappypeople #carpediem #framily

#smile I recently lost my cool…and am embarrassed & humbled… and find myself trying to get that back…

To ALL ( they know who they are….thank you & thank you for your patience)

As Mi Amiga Especial of many years…#peaceout #smiles are contagious #positivevibes (at Portland, Oregon)

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@rezcow is on absolute fire these days! Go follow to see loads more😊🙏

Music 🎧🎼 “Nyi, Nithi, Northri, Suthri, Austri, Vestri …” by @sonolumin_

#rezcow #mandala #sacredgeometry #meditation #abstract #graphicart #santiagodechile #fractalart #loop #meditacion #psychedelicart #healing #healingmusic #mysticart #relax #visionaryart #trippy #transcend #mantra #fractal #opticalart #geometricalart #digitalart #psyart #simetry #trip #trippyart #432hz #motion #psywork

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You may be asking yourself, what are chakras? And how can you adjust them? There are a total of seven chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. Chakras are our body’s focal points that keep everything balanced. Such as your emotions, your thoughts, and your physical well-being. There are many reasons as to why chakras get out of whack. But with these 10 easy steps, you should be back to feeling like yourself in no time!

1.  Understanding your chakras - Each chakra is placed in a different part of the body, and holds its own purpose. For your Root chakra, its color is red, and it is located at the base, or “root” of your spine. This represents your devotions, passions, and sense of belonging. Your Sacral chakra, color orange, is precisely 2 inches beneath your belly-button. Its the home of your creativity, and willingness to accept others around you. The third chakra, Solar Plexus, is yellow. It is placed around your upper stomach area, and is in charge of your perception, intellect, and how you vision yourself in this life. Your Heart chakra, green,  is associated with your ability to accept others, not pass judgement, and to give unconditional love. Your 5th chakra is the Throat. Its color is blue and it’s job is to represent your self-expression, communication, and the way you project yourself to the world. Your Third Eye, located in the middle of your forehead, not many people are aware of. Ruled by the color indigo, the Third Eye holds your understanding for what is going on around you, and enables your ability to see the bigger picture. The final chakra is your Crown, color violet, and the most spiritual chakra. This is located on the top of your head, and is associated with nature. It ties us to Mother Nature herself, and the Universe.

2.  Incense - Your Root chakra, is connected with your sense of smell. Incense sticks with an earthy smell such as pine and cedar, will help keep your Root chakra grounded, and restore a sense of stability.  You can find incense at your nearest department store or any local smoke shop. Some of my favorite scents are sandalwood, amber, dragon’s blood, and lavender.

3.  Salt Lamps - Himalayan Salt lamps have many cleansing properties such as purifying the air and absorbing humidity. This can then result in breathing easier and even prevent seasonal allergies. The warm glow the lamp provides is also very therapeutic and will soothe your Solar Plexus. 

4.  Yoga/Light to Moderate Exercise - While you can do majority of your realigning at home, there truly is nothing like taking a yoga class with a knowledgeable instructor. Many teachers have special classes that focus on specific parts of the body, which can really help when aligning your chakras. For example, bending your back and widening the shoulders is great for the Heart chakra. Look for ads in the newspaper, or flyers around your hometown to see if there are any classes to take near you!

5.  Tea - Nothing soothes the soul like a nice hot cup of tea. Tea is commonly associated with winding down, relaxing, and ending the day. Special herb blends will target your Throat chakra, such as chamomile, red clover, or any fruity, plant-based tea. 

6.  Essential Oils - Essential oils have become wildly popular over the last few years because they have a wide range of benefits. There are multiple ways you can use them, like diluting your favorite in some water so it can be applied to the skin, or simply just the smell can calm you down. Try lavender for a nice, relaxing feel. You can also purchase a humidifier and drop your favorite oils into it for easy diffusion.

7.  Meditation - Sometimes all you need is a moment of silence. For those busy, restless days, this step is sure to get you back to feeling grounded. Seat yourself in a low-lit, quiet room, and just focus on your breathing. You can do this on your own, or listen to a soothing voice, like Alan Watts. 

8.  Recite a Mantra - If you’re not the type to sit still and quietly for too long, no worries! Sometimes reciting a mantra will do just the trick. If you aren’t aware, a mantra can be a word or a phrase that brings you peace and joy, or it can be a chant. Here are a few you can try for yourself: “I am that I am.” or “I feel. I exist.”

9.  Practicing Mindfulness - Make an effort to focus on the present and the future, not the past. Remind yourself to evaluate your thoughts, actions, and goals. Acknowledge your judgements, let them be, and then let them pass. Try not to be so hard on yourself, you are only learning just like everyone else. Always be aware of yourself and who you are. 

10.  Gemstones - There are many different stones that comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors, all with different healing properties. All 7 of your chakras have their own color, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The rest is simple; find a stone that matches the color of the chakra you wish to focus on, snd place that stone near that focal point. For example, stones with an orange hue such as orange calcite and citrine will align your Sacral chakra. Place the stone slightly above your pelvic area, focus on the color orange, think of yourself as creative and motivated.

Remember that patience is a virtue. Change does not happen overnight, and it can only happen within yourself. 

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A master.

This piece lasted 57minutes without a break. It felt like 10.

It’s hard to express in words the experience of sitting in his presence and listening, but powerful is close.

#meditation #flow #nolimits #awareness #grace #beherenow #presence #mantra #iamapowerfulcreator #choice #empowerment #yogalamb #harmony #yoga (at Abhaya Yoga)

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“‘Who am I?’ is not a mantra. It means that you must find out where in you arises the I-thought which is the source of all other thoughts. But if you find this vichara marga (Self Enquiry) too hard for you, you can go on repeating “I, I” and that will lead you to the same goal. There is no harm in using ‘I’ as a mantra. It is the first name of God.”

~Ramana Maharshi

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“No learning or knowledge of scriptures is necessary to know the Self, as no man requires a mirror to see himself. All knowledge is required only to be given up eventually as not-Self. Nor is household work or cares with children necessarily an obstacle. If you can do nothing more, at least continue saying ‘I, I’ to yourself mentally all the time, as advised in Who am I?, whatever work you may be doing and whether you are sitting, standing or walking. ‘I’ is the name of God. It is the first and greatest of all mantras. Even OM is second to it.”

~Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Mantra : “It’s not personal”

It’s hard to ask for help and hear someone respond “NO”

Keep telling yourself, “it’s not personal”

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The power of Affirmations and Mantras: for people who want to come out of a magic-related hiatus

(Sorry for the long post I can’t make cuts on mobile. I plan to when I get my laptop working correctly.)

I said I was going to make posts as I got into college and I wanna preface this with something sorta minor but hopefully useful.

One, I took a break from my craft from a long while, and I’m rUSTY AS HELLLL. Going back in feels overwhelming, so hopefully little tips like this can help more than just myself.

Two, college is hectic, and for many, terrifying. For me, my anxiety is back (I’m fighting this disorder like a knight fighting a dragon rn), and my dissociative issues are flaring up rn so it’s difficult to manage my life at the moment. There might be others who are in my situations or who are able to relate.

The reason I’m posting about the power of words here is because they have more power in witchcraft than you think. Like, no shade on those easy/quick/cheap witch tips, but even those take time for me to even plan when I want to do them. I have to cleanse first and set up my dorm room for it to get into a witchy mood.

But words. Words are great because you can start out with little things half unrelated to your craft. Things that help fight those dragons like “I will get through today.” over and over again before you leave the house, then again when you get homework in the afternoon. “I can finish this one task.”, written in post-its on your wall to help you feel less overwhelmed.

These are simple things to help with mental health. Use these. Get that inner witch in your head out of his bed and at least get him up and moving. Think of things that you use to get you through the day and turn them into magic words to power you through your day, and then more. Focus on what you’re saying. Believe in the words. Say them until you can feel their meaning and feel the power behind them.

Words are powerful guys, use them when you feel like you have no witchy power left. Make magic out of “nothing”, that’s what it’s all about!! You need to oil a machine that hasn’t been used in a while before turning it on full blast, y’know? Oil that machine and you can get the gears moving again.

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i got given a mantra word earlier bc i was at acupuncture and im trying everything and like acupuncture but like im so dumb nowadays i don’t remember the full mantra… and apparently they’re like special or w/e he said it was a common mantra but the internet does not have it for me to double check

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