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I still can’t get over my idea of Les Amis as modern day rioting insurrectionists, tearing apart Paris, burning cars left and right, going: “Ni Patrie, Ni Patron. Ni Le Pen, Ni Macron”! 

(I’ll definitely include that part in my ongoing fic Sous Les Pavés

(I mean the mental imagery is just brilliant)

(Just - Combeferre wearing his glasses over his balaclava. Contact lenses are a bad idea when mixed with tear gas)

(Also Joly as a riot medic, running around disinfecting everyone and washing said tear gas out of eyes (Bossuet’s eyes, most likely))

(This is too much, but Enjolras being an expert at bashing in car windows - because they light the easiest from the inside)

(Courfeyrac could be live streaming the whole thing with a go pro taped to his helmet, or something)

(Fuck I need to sleep) 

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Go follow the twitter account I created if you would be interested in meeting members of 9-1-1 and Lone Star’s cast in PARIS!!! It could happen ONLY if a lot of people wants to come. So make sure to speed the word.

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