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themajorbarkana3 days agoPhoto

Card of the Week: Justice (reversed)

This reversed pup can mean a whole host of things…from knowing you’ve done something morally wrong, to pointing out that you’re blaming others for your actions, all the way through your inner critic being way too loud.聽

Although the first two meanings might sound the most obvious, we don’t feel that’s intuitively what fits this week.聽

Our intuition is instead pointing to our inner critics. They’re loud, bold, and are likely bringing up things that have been buried for years.聽

Keep an eye out on your thoughts this week, and be aware that your inner critic will be more chatty than usual. It might try to hide, acting like a voice of advice–so this card is here to help you not be fooled.聽

Bring that critic into the light (compassionately) and you’ll have a healing week. <3聽

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themajorbarkana10 days agoPhoto

Card of the Week: The Devil (reversed)

When the Devil’s reversed, it’s quite a good card! Usually it means that you’re right on the cusp of breaking free of unhealthy attachments that are holding you back from your highest potential.聽

Granted, the Devil is alluring and holds us tightly to him (I mean, with such a cute pup…how can he not??)…so breaking these attachments may be difficult. Grief is to be expected.聽

So, this card is a good omen, but it will mean facing some tough stuff first.
If you’ve contemplated leaving an unhealthy relationship, environment, or removing an attachment to someone–now is the time to dive fully into that.聽

Let us know if this card鈥檚 meaning resonates with you! <3

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themajorbarkana18 days agoPhoto

Card of the Week: The Tower

Well, we have to say that this chaos card is DEFINITELY fitting for us this week! With our whole apartment needing to be vacated due to black mold, living at my parents with only our essentials, and scrambling to find a new place…it IS chaos here.聽

I mean, our bedroom walls have literally fallen down. Talk about a real-life Tower!

But, since the card of the week isn’t just about our situation, here’s what we feel this pup is sharing overall:聽

Chaos and destruction are the primary meanings of The Tower card…but there’s a smaller, more hopeful side too.

The Tower is also about liberation. Sometimes things need to completely fall apart to get better.聽

So, with the chaos happening, or about to happen–keep this in mind. This pup has sunshine coming in behind him. That’s what’s going on in your life right now too.聽

Want your own personalized card reading? Here鈥檚 a free one with our dog-deck!

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themajorbarkana22 days agoText

Hey everyone! Little life update. So, Bael and I (and my fianc茅e) 聽had to quickly vacate our apartment…due to a lovely wall full of black mold.聽


The rental company essentially gave us the choice to leave or deal with 1-2 week renovations in our apartment (which, dust-wise, is a health issue for us and our animals with sensitive lungs).

So, we had to evacuate to my parents’ for now and are scrambling to find a new place to live. It’s wild!聽

This definitely is going to create a moderate delay in Barkana updates, as we need to find a place to live and meet projects with upcoming deadlines first.聽聽

We’ll try to post some Tali pictures and stories until we can get to the artwork, though. :)

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or message us. Thank you so much!

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themajorbarkanaa month agoPhoto

Card of the Week: The Hermit (reversed)

The Hermit can mean one of two things when he’s upside-down. You’re either spending too much time in isolation, or not taking enough time for inner reflection.

This week, we think it’s the latter.

With 2020 in full swing, we’re gotten back to being busy…and that may have been at the compromise of some goals, resolutions, and habits you were hoping to form this year. Make sure to take a moment of reflection this week, realign, and then continue taking action.

This sweet lab wants to make sure you take care of yourself!

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themajorbarkanaa month agoPhoto

馃惥 Service dog team share time!! 馃惥

Look at this trio of pups, two of which are working dogs for someone in our Barkana family!聽

Diane is supported by Freckles, her service dog, and Logan Couture, her ESA (who will possibly begin SD training). And, of course she’s unconditionally loved by Molly, her pet dog too!

And these bundles of love have done some amazing things. Freckles helps Diane handle asthma attacks, and she’s gone to a special needs camp, special Olympics, and helped teach Logan Couture some good puppy manners.

Logan Couture’s still a puppy, but will likely be replacing Freckles when she soon retires! (Best wishes to you on your training!)

So, like Diane, do you also have multiple working dogs in your family? Or a great pet alongside your service dog? Or just a bunch of loving puppers without a job? Reblog with some pics of them!

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themajorbarkanaa month agoPhoto

Card of the Week: Wheel of Fortune (reversed)

This upside-down card appears as an omen of bad luck, but we don’t feel too stressed about it–based on what our intuition is telling us.聽聽

(Okay, well maybe we’re a tiny bit anxious!)

The Wheel of Fortune (reversed) is a symbol of unexpected difficult change, but it’s also a call to take action. It shows us we have an opportunity to get our life back on track, especially if something has just gotten in the way of that.聽

So, the card isn’t saying “Bad luck is going to happen to you.”

It’s saying “Even in the face of misfortune, you can live a great life and align with your highest purpose.”

And all we need to do to get there is take action. This isn’t the time to dwell on helplessness. It’s time to break limiting cycles, make amends, and do what we can to build ourselves back up from any recent hardship.聽

Is this message something you needed to hear? Let us know with a reblog, reply, or ask!聽

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themajorbarkanaa month agoPhoto

Card of the Week: Judgment (reversed)

We’re coming into the 3rd week of the decade, and this time, we’ve got a message about our inner critics and self doubt. What’s with these heavy card messages, lately??

Granted, we don’t feel (especially with such a cute pup) that this card has too harsh of a meaning. Here’s what we’re intuiting:聽

Self-evaluation is going to be really important right now, especially as we enter a new decade. There are some lingering past patterns no longer serving you, and it’s time to notice and dismiss these.聽

There’s some sign in your life you’re missing (likely because you’re afraid to look at it), so it’s time for inner honesty!聽

What do you think about this week’s divination?聽

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themajorbarkana2 months agoPhoto

The entire painted Suit of Cups!

(Out of all the cards we can do, we鈥檙e still waiting on a few payment plans to wrap up.)

Now just a handful of small digital edits and this Suit will be print ready. :D

Reblog to give these puppers a pat on the head!

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themajorbarkana2 months agoPhoto

Say a sweet hello to one of the amazing service dog teams in our Barkana community!聽

This is Scarlett, Taylor’s service dog in training. She looks like she’s doing amazing and, according to Taylor…

“She’s changed my life in so many ways already. Going out is easier, even driving with her is better. She is amazing at picking up on my anxiety and doing tasks without asking. Her tasks include DPT, Blocking, leading me to exits, and crowd control. She is only a year into training, but I can tell a difference already when I don’t bring her with me.”

(Sounds like training is going super well for these two! Also, we love that pink dye job!!)

You can follow more of their story at on Instagram 馃専

Feel free to share your SD story with us. We might feature you too! (You can email us at to share)

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themajorbarkana2 months agoPhoto

The very final painting* for the Suit of Cups is finally here! Meet Flash, a very regal and amazingly talented service dog.聽

Just like the Page, he also has some fishy friends. (And some very intensely labored over splashing waves…boy, did that take us a while!)

Like or reblog to give this hardworking pup some virtual pets!

*Final painting that we can currently do! We’re waiting on one more card reservation and a few payment plans to finish before we can totally finish this Suit.

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themajorbarkana2 months agoPhoto

Andddd here’s the stunning and scruffy Queen of Cups! She loves her sandy seat by the ocean and adores the way the sunset makes her fur shine. 馃挒

A few tiny digital touches and this illustration is print-ready!

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themajorbarkana2 months agoPhoto

Our gentle and sweet Page of Cups is here with her fishy friend!聽

Late last week, we finished the traditional painting for this card (along with the Queen and King, which we’ll post in the next couple days). Now just a few digital touches and we’re entirely done…and ready to start on the next Minor’s Suit!聽

Let us know what you think. 馃専

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themajorbarkana2 months agoPhoto

Card of the Week: Nine of Cups

We’ve got a hungry pupper showing us the way this week! Representing the Nine of Cups, he’s sharing a message about 聽wishes coming true, feeling comfortable, and gratitude.聽

It’s pretty clear what he wished for!聽

For us humans, though, here’s the specific message we feel the Nine of Cups is sharing this week.聽

Last week was tougher than you wanted, definitely not the ideal way to start a decade. But, this week, you’re going to have some amazing things happen.聽

All that hard work you’ve done in the 2010s is going to start coming together to weave this amazing tapestry of joy. You’ll see the beginning of that this week and your heart is going to surge with gratitude!

Be sure to really dig into those feelings of thankfulness at every wish you see come true, large or small. This will help attract more awesomeness into your life. 馃専

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themajorbarkana2 months agoPhoto

Meet Tahoe, a great mobility service dog trained to assist his handler Drayce!聽

They struggle with fatigue, lightheadness, and a few other disabling symptoms–and Tahoe provides light momentum pull (making moving around easier), picking up dropped items to save their back, and also helps them have a sense of safety (not a task, but still awesome!).聽

Tahoe and Drayce are an amazing team and were brought together through Canine Support Teams. 鉁 You can follow their journey on Instagram at @service.tahoe聽

(This part of our series featuring real service dog stories and their handlers. If you have a story to share, send us an ask and we鈥檒l tell you how to submit yours!)

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