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In 1999, Humanity was nearly driven to extinction by an Information Organism dubbed the "Universal Will".  This led to the discovery of "Magic", an Unlimited Energy Resource.  Sixteen years later, a theory arose to create the Ecosystem Evolution Project from Magical Science, the Ultimate Evolution of Life. This Theory would later haunt Humanity for Centuries to come, and would be known as the GEAR Project.  Welcome to the World of Guilty Gear!
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gear-project · 7 hours ago
Still playin’ my BlazBlue mod.
Check it out if you want to.  Or just check out the music.
In case you want to try it yourself.
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gear-project · 16 hours ago
Who is Robby?
Not quite sure who keeps bringing up this topic but it’s got nothing to do with GG Lore, as far as I can tell (not directly, at least).  It’s more personal.
“Indirectly” I might have known someone by a similar name or maybe mentioned a name like that in passing... and said person had a huge influence on me during my formative Guilty Gear X days as my oldest gaming rival.
He goes by “Rob”, not “Robby”, but I haven’t seen him in years and he quit playing GG a long time ago.
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gear-project · 23 hours ago
First of I would like to thank you for the management of this blog. I mostly played GG games as a kid and English isn’t my primary language and I was still in the start of the learning curve, so I lost a lot about its story and implications and this blog helped me a lot to understand things I couldn’t before and appreciate this beautiful universe and comparing how I viewed it as a kid to how I view it now.
So what do you think are the odds of the release of an oficial translation of Guilty Gear Begin? With the release of Strive and the increasing amount of people getting into the franchise, it seems it would be more attractive doing so now than ever before.
Reminds me of Nier: Automata situation, where not until roughly 4 years ago, Nier and its author's previous games were pretty unknown overseas, but it’s latest entry grabbed so much attention that it allowed the release of 3 novels, fully translated and being sold in paperback in the west.
Sadly it's a problematic state, most "novels adapted from games" don't get the proper exposure they deserve.  Not just for Guilty Gear, but other Japanese works too.
And especially in the case of fighting games, there isn't enough audience engagement to make a profit on any books here in the West or in Europe.
Other things, like mobile games (Valkyrie Anatomia comes to mind) also get "discontinued" here in the West if they don't get enough support, which is tragic.
Japan has a lot of works that just simply only "exist" in Japan.... it's not simply because no one is interested... it's also that no one wants to put in the work to localize/translate.
Even for something like Japanese Wikis there's a laid back mentality that it's not worth the effort, or that BBC board/threads 4chan posts are more efficient (the mindset being that Japanese content posts are more efficient than other methods).
When really, it shouldn't BE about the "method/format" when it SHOULD BE about the exposure in the first place... getting the content OUT there!
On top of everything else, there's people out there who only care about making said content exclusive to them/their websites... when it should be about sharing and spreading the content.
I’ve been exposed to the troubles of the Russian/Spanish Guilty Gear communities, and it’s still a struggle just to get them content.  That’s why I appreciate guys like @nincopyjasb and @comunidadarcsystemworks who put the content out there whenever they can.
I’m sure it’s just as problematic for fans in China, New Zealand, and other places in the world where content is so hard to come by.
That’s why, if I get the chance, I want to have any of MY content translated in multiple languages as necessary.... just so people have something to work with.
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gear-project · 2 days ago
Just to give you an idea of how I train in Xrd.
I don’t think I’ve ever encountered someone who uses Sol quite like I do...
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gear-project · 2 days ago
I may be looking too much into it, but was the original Robo-Ky in his first appearance in GGX wearing synthetic skin as part of his disguise? I ask since he originally looked exactly like Ky, right down to the facial features in both his sprite and character icon.
In terms of his development history, this is the first illustration Robo-Ky appeared in (in Guilty Gear X Plus).
Tumblr media
He was a secret character back then, so obviously, no one really knew the truth behind him.  He made a brief appearance “again” in Guilty Gear Petit, but his connection to the main story was never explained in detail.
Later, in GGXX, he was given Green skin sprites and a modified version of Ky's face/illustration.
Tumblr media
He actually didn't get his final "look" established until Guilty Gear XX Reload and Guilty Gear Isuka respectively.
Tumblr media
But, even if you compare those to later incarnations, even the most recent Xrd Revelator incarnation of Robo-Ky is very different in appearance, particularly in the way his sleeves and other details are rendered.
Tumblr media
It wasn’t until Night of Knives Drama CD Trilogy, that Robo-Ky obtained a backstory that explained both the original and updated versions of Robo-Ky and how they interacted with eachother.
Did the original Robo-Ky have synthetic skin?  Well, in the illustrations they made it look like he did... and several people even mistook him for Ky as well.
Obviously, the way he looked then and how he looks now relate more to how ARC System Works wanted him to look and less about “why” he looked the way he did at first.  Still, it’s a good thing to remember the past, even if it was very brief.
So to sum up:
Skin-colored Robo-Ky: RK Prototype (X / XPlus versions) Green Skinned Robo-Ky: Mark 1 (XX version) Mass Production Model: Mark 2 (Reload/Isuka/Accent Core versions) Final Produced Model: Mark 3 (Revelator)
And in case you doubt the Mark 3 is different from previous models, this RK in Revelator admits to being able to convert bio-organic material in to energy to sustain itself, something previous RK units couldn’t do.
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gear-project · 3 days ago
Do you think there's a major stylistic difference between the XX games and the Xrd games? I've seen some fans' posts in 2015 complain about that, and as a newbie to GG I couldn't be more confused, as to me the Xrd series felt like an aesthetic evolution of XX's art style.
The argument can pretty much be summed up like this:
Tumblr media
Older generation gamers not only became attached to Ishiwatari’s sketchy art style, but they also much preferred the eye-poppingly detailed hand-drawn 2D sprites of yesteryear.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now while you might make the argument that “there’s not much difference”, part of the way the games were expressed was VERY different.
2D fighting games simply ran and felt FASTER than a 3D game (which is true, due to the fact 2D games have fewer assets to load).
Even ARC System Works themselves noted that they had to cut the number of frames in Xrd animations just to match the original 2D style of gameplay.
Even the transition from GG1 to GGX was different in expression.
Sol’s original Tyrant Rave had him drag his sword along the ground and fling a massive spiral of flame in his opponent’s face.  Even this was altered in GGX.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So many subtle changes were made from game to game to game that it’s easy to forget and lose track of them all, even minor things like sprite redraws sometimes went unnoticed by fans until much later when sprite ripping was even possible.
So, while it can be said that Guilty Gear’s development IS evolving... some ideas did get lost in the process, either because they didn’t function very well, or because better decisions were made over time.
But, that’s PRECISELY why it’s just so very important to acknowledge each and every game in the series!
Tumblr media
Instead of saying “older games looked better” or saying “newer games looked better”... or even saying which games you’d much prefer... it’s BETTER TO SAY:
“Everything about Guilty Gear is great.”  Because even the older ideas still function, and they’re still enjoyable to this very day.
And while you might prefer one over another, just be sure to understand how far we’ve managed to go from where we’ve started.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gear-project · 3 days ago
Is it possible that Nagoriyuki's name isn't really his REAL name? He and Chipp are foreign people that take on Japanese culture but Chipp's name isn't Japanese, yet Nagoriyuki's name is. I know this is speculation and wishful thinking but I have this feeling that Nagoriyuki may not be so different from Sol in certain aspects.
It's too soon to tell.
Nagoriyuki was apparently born in Nigeria, which probably has its own Political issues ever since the Crusades.
We know that Illyria absorbed part of Northern Africa as part of its domain, and that Southern Africa is now "Eastern Chipp Kingdom" (under Chipp Zanuff's leadership, currently)... but Nigeria is a different story.
As of 2187, many countries in the world are STILL in a state of reconstruction ever since the Crusades, because so many countries were destroyed.  So it would be easy to expect situations like poverty, destitution, orphans, and criminal activity that the larger world authorities either can't handle or aren't aware of.
Illyria is trying to help as much as it can, but even they can't help with everything.
Chances are good Nagoriyuki's connection with Tsuyoshi (and the Japanese/Eastern Swordsmanship he learned to use) will probably play a role in how Nagoriyuki developed.
Furthermore, we still don't know his story as a Vampire, either... what happened, how he became that way, or how long he has lived.
Based on Nagoriyuki’s theme, he’s seen his share of struggles, which might shed some light on what kind of person he is later on.
We'll just have to wait and see.
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gear-project · 4 days ago
How long have we known that Frederick and Sol are the same person? Was it written in the Complete Bible or did we learn it in GG Begin?
We didn’t know Frederick’s last name was “Bulsara” until the Guilty Gear Begin novel, but we DID know about Frederick since the Guilty Gear Bible, the very first authority documentation on Guilty Gear’s story.
It actually mentions Frederick in the original Timeline listing.  Specifically when it mentions the years 2014 (when the Gear Project began) and 2016 (when the incident took place).
Tumblr media
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gear-project · 4 days ago
So, With aria bein as smart as a metagross now thanks to her jack-o self, Will she still retain some semblence of her old personality, Or would have an entire new one in the form of the personalities of all three: Happy chaos, Jutsice and Jack-o? Im curious to see why. :P
She is currently in a state where her past personalities are all gradually "merging".
Justice, who had become an enemy of humanity for a time and couldn't accept her past humanity.
Jack-O' Valentine, who could barely accept her meagre fate and a past she could hardly remember or identify with.
Aria, who lost most of her identity and past, and who must face her future (with or without Frederick).
These three comprise the "New Aria".
A better comparison might be like that of Noel Vermillion in BlazBlue... Noel is the "dominant personality", while her inner personalities are Izanami, The Origin, and Mu-12.
Technically, Jack-O' is the "dominant personality", but she is still gradually accepting the fact that she is "also part of whom Aria was", and acknowledging herself as Aria.
And then finally:
By Contrast there's Happy Chaos Valentine, who rejected Jack-O', Aria, and Justice, and embraced her own chaotic existence, as someone who "was but is no longer" Aria.
Happy Chaos is a wild card in upcoming events... I do not know how she will be involved with Guilty Gear Strive... but there is no doubt that she will at some point!
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gear-project · 4 days ago
Is the Flame of Corruption sentient now? I know that it was stated that neither seed had a consciousness since they were originally just bodiless data, but has that changed after being bonded with Sol for over 150 years?
To the initial extent that it was created as an Information Seed, it didn’t at first.... what gave it anything related to “sentience” was Sol himself.
Asuka once explained to Sol that “your anger builds up your power”.... so extreme emotions and the like are part of what increases the power behind the Flame of Corruption.
Sol’s “fear” over becoming a Gear impacted the way Dragon Install had come to evolve as well... which is why Asuka later says “so that’s your Karma”... because Sol’s fear of becoming a monster ultimately TURNED him in to that monster.
It’s internal psychology and also parts of Sol’s subconsciousness, not to mention how frequently Sol uses that power that affect the growth of the Seed.
Sol has been in his share of scraps and fights, so of course, the Seed’s instincts are combative and quick to be destructive and violent, just like Sol is.
Does that mean Sol will lose control of his power....?
Well, we do know Dragon Install takes a lot out of Sol after he uses it... he is greatly weakened and tired out afterwards.
Ishiwatari stated early on that Sol’s Internal Point is slowly turning him in to a complete Gear... so he becomes less and less human whenever he uses that power.
You could say that the “dragon” is usurping Sol’s humanity... though we don’t know if the opposite is also true in that the “dragon might also be inheriting human traits”.
For now, we can only state that no matter what happens, Sol is still “Immortal”... he cannot die, just like Aria can’t.  So even in the worst case, unless something were to completely rob Sol of his Seed/Gear Cells... he would still remain “mostly” alive, though we don’t know if he would remain sane from such an ordeal.
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gear-project · 4 days ago
Annon-Guy: Ramlethal - What're your thoughts on Ramlethal being the most popular character in the Guilty Gear StrIVe Open Beta?
I think it’s mostly circumstantial.  People like female characters that are popular, but they also like characters that are easy to pick up and use.
I don’t think Ramlethal will necessarily be as “easy to pick up” in her final incarnation, but I don’t think she’ll be all that difficult to use either.
Also keep in mind that the damage scaling in the game was off the charts, so using a character with giant swords that did a ton of damage for free would obviously make Ramlethal an easy pick.
In my personal case, my favorite was a mix between Sol and Nagoriyuki.
Despite what others might’ve said of him, I felt Nagoriyuki was easy to pick up, even compared to Ramlethal, because of how powerful his normal attacks were.
Obviously, I’m not speaking for the majority (and let’s face it, lots of newcomers are diving in to Guilty Gear that have never played the game before), but I will say that people gravitate towards characters they find attractive... it’s just that simple.
I’m a more traditional GG player, so my first choices would be Sol or Ky, but only because I am used to the Ryu versus Ken meta that has existed since time immemorial in the fighting game genre.
BUT, if I run in to a bizarre character or a monster character (like A.B.A. or Bedman, or Faust....) I would definitely pick them up and give them a try... because those kinds of characters interest me.
I also go for grapplers like Potemkin and even Zato and Millia... so I mean, whatever floats your boat, but in my case, the ENTIRE ROSTER is my MAIN, that’s my mentality whenever I play these games. 
I have no idea what the final roster will be, or how people will play the game... but my experience tells me that the ones who will jump at certain characters may eventually come to explore other characters as well... and depending on how they play and how easy or hard they are to pick up... might even be a character or two they end up becoming good at using!
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gear-project · 4 days ago
Sorry, if this has been asked before, but this has bothered me for literal years. I recall reading that Gears are more or less immune to modern weapons such as guns and even nuclear warheads and can only be affected by magic (similar to creatures Outside of Logic in Blazblue like the Black Beast). Is this true or was this false info?
No, it’s very true.
Slayer even confirms the truth of it in Night of Knives when Millia Rage was imprisoned in a high sealing room (her hair was chained up and she was suspended off the ground).
You see, most Gears (and even Gear-related cell technology) is nigh indestructible... in Millia’s case her hair is EXTREMELY TENSILE... like trying to cut a Titanium Metal Wire...
So, under normal circumstances it would’ve been impossible for anyone to free Millia from her sealed state, nor did she have full control over her hair because the room was weakening the flow of Magic in her hair.
So Slayer drew out a Dagger made from infused OutRage technology.
At first Millia joked about Slayer using the knife to kill her, since he very well could given it’s an enchanted Instroment (Instroments are enchanted objects).
What Slayer does instead is use the OutRage blade to cut Millia’s hair that was bound to the sealing room’s chains to free her.
Slayer explained that powerful Magic has to be flowing in an object to strengthen that object enough to increase its cutting power: that is, in a nutshell how OutRage anti-Gear weaponry works.
Even War-Relic Crusades-era weapons (like Kliff’s Dragonslayer) operate on a similar principle.  They are designed to take in Magic to increase their cutting power and durability.
It’s also been noted that Baiken once chipped her Katana on Dizzy’s SKIN!
So yes, Gears are VERY durable... and their powers are borderline.... Nuclear as well.
Tumblr media
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gear-project · 4 days ago
Annon-Guy: Characters - Should Izuna and Dr. Paradigm become playable in Guilty Gear StrIVe, how do you think they would translate to a 2D Fighting Game? P.S. Izuna wouldn't be a clone of or play similarly to Johnny, would he?
People have asked this before, and I discussed it before.
Figure, if Johnny is about precise hit-confirms, and long range strikes, Izuna would be about rough fuzzy attacks, rapid-fire slashes, and frame trap normals, that’s how different they would be.
Johnny: Slash “Shura” Tachibana Ukyo Izuna: Bust “Rasetsu” Tachibana Ukyo
would be the best way to describe their differences.
Izuna is mainly meant to be an easy-to-use and fun sword-user, while Johnny is more technical, you might say.
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gear-project · 4 days ago
Annon-Guy: Crossover - Not counting Zato/Eddie, how would the Guilty Gear characters respond to the undead (like zombies or ghosts) or B.O.W.'s like Nemesis?
Gears are borderline B.O.W.'s to begin with, since they can't technically die a normal death, as Gear Cells can't be fully terminated unless their Magic source is cut off.
In case you forgot about the Dog that once attacked Frederick in Guilty Gear Begin: he punched the dog and broke its body in several places and it still got up, twisted spine and all.
He also took a metal beam and hit a bunch of Gear Owls that were swarming him, and they were still twitching when he was done swatting them out of the sky.
Frederick would later have to fight a Gear-Cell enhanced Grizzly Bear as well..... which was a rough fight as far as I know.
Even worse though, if you consider the cloning technology that Leon Mining was using to try and extract Zato and Millia's DNA and graft it on to super soldiers (the God Series, in Night of Knives Drama CD), the reaction those soldiers had in mutating in to undeveloped Gear-like monsters is just as bad as any B.O.W.
Even just drinking Vitae that the Blackard Company extracted from Gears is like taking in an injection of the G-virus.
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gear-project · 4 days ago
Annon-Guy: Gears - Remember that question about the Guilty Gear cast being affected by sleeping gas and tranquilizer darts? Would Gears like Sol, Sin, Dizzy and Testament be able to shrug it off or would it still affect them? P.S. I know Chipp is not a Gear, but how was he able to develop the ability to resist stuff like that?
Adrenalin is one way to shrug it off, though it depends on how strong someone is.
Chipp, in his case, used his Ki and Ninja breathing techniques to purge it out of his system, much the same as Jam would use Breath of Asanagi (Morning’s Calm Breath).
I’m sure there’s tranquilizers out there that could knock out King Kong in a large enough dose, but in the case of Gears, you’d need an enchanted needle strong enough to pierce their Gear-Celled hide.
And actually, that is partially one method used to Seal Gears: needles... or rather giant nails would be used to pierce Gears to seal their median energy.
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gear-project · 4 days ago
I feel like Nagoriyuki calling Sol a monster is a tad hypocritical since he is a vampire and loses control in Blood Rage.
That’s the joke.  :)
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gear-project · 4 days ago
Wait, has Sol ever killed humans? Like innocent people before? When did this happen?
He's killed his share of Criminal Bounties as a Bounty Hunter, that's how he found out about the 2nd Sacred Order Tournament.
He “almost” killed a bunch of corrupt Police Officers (P.W.A.B. sympathizers) who were shooting at him, but Ky stopped him.
He later killed corrupt members of the Conclave: Libraria and Bardius.
Fortunately, Sol hasn’t entirely crossed a major line to kill innocents like Justice did.
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gear-project · 5 days ago
Do you think it's a good idea for Sol to fully 'awaken' and become a gear? Seeing how destructive he is in his Dragon Install is and the flame of corruption encroaching on him makes me wonder if everyone even understands the consequences if he did.
Tough question.
Rather, does Sol even have a choice in the matter?
He’s going to have to use his power to some extent when dealing with Asuka, given how powerful Asuka already is.
But “That Man” isn’t his only enemy.  He has to deal with Raven and I-No hunting him down as well.
And we still don’t know the full story about Asuka’s connection with Chronus, the Original Sage, Ariels, and all the history related to the Conclave.
From Sol’s perspective, Asuka betrayed him, either as some kind of ruse, or as a means of protecting Sol from the people who wanted Gear Cell technology for themselves.  But that might not be the only reason events played out like they did.
And we still don’t know Asuka’s real plans for Sol, either.
Most likely, Sol is going to have to confront the “Gear” that he fears the most (himself).  Whether that ends up making him more of a monster or more “human” remains to be seen.
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gear-project · 5 days ago
Furendorī Rimaindā Nijuu-Nanna
If you have time to fill my inbox with questions, you have time to be “civil” with me.
I reserve the right to not answer questions that aren’t civil or mature.
I prefer to avoid vulgar language, vulgar topics, and anything that’s not truly relevant to Guilty Gear Lore or its main story.
If you’re in to bathroom/bedroom jokes or whatever bizarre things you’re fixated on... at least be civil in discussing them with me, that’s the first rule.
If it’s an earnest GG question about a GG character with some weird nuance you’d like to clarify, at least be polite about it.... don’t be rude, don’t accuse me of having a stance on anything.... just ask about it in a “normal way”... or as normal as is possible for you.
If you personally “think” something is important that “really isn’t”, I can’t be of much help to you... I have no control over your opinions on things, I can only say what is and isn’t relevant to discussing GG topics.
Remember, this is MY blog, not YOURS.
I discuss GG topics based on what I know to be the TRUTH, and what I know is how Ishiwatari would want it to be EXPRESSED.
Trying to change that is like playing at being GOD, sorry, but you wouldn’t be qualified.
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gear-project · 5 days ago
m confused... Why sol cant't accept his lover aria back into his life? I know he has his final duel comin' up with asuka, But this makes me worried that he might end up forgetting her as a result since my gut feeling's telling me that the SOJ might encroach on her as well and something really bad will happen to the entire universe, Like a sixth mass extinction would happened because pf the flame and scales!!😨😨😨
What you have to understand is, Frederick Bulsara's life such as it was "ended" when he became the Gear Sol Badguy.
Even if Aria was "salvaged" she isn't necessarily the same person she was in the past either, she has the memories of Justice, Jack-O', and even Happy Chaos Valentine to deal with.  In fact, her time as Jack-O' made her I.Q. and Memory-capacity like that of a Supercomputer, so she hardly "thinks" like a normal human anymore.
And even if they tried to rekindle old feelings, they're basically trying to catch up on nearly 175 years of past experiences... that's not easy for anyone to do, especially if many of those experiences weren't lived "as a human being" and just surviving as monsters in a painful, lonely, meaningless war.
Sol and Justice both have blood on their hands, they've killed Gears and Humans alike.... that's not easy to get over.  Feelings of Guilt never are easy.
It would take a great amount of strength, willpower, and love to overcome all that has taken place between them, not to mention any lingering feelings they had for their former friend Asuka... there's still lots that hasn't been resolved yet.
On top of this, even if they managed to see themselves "as themselves", that doesn't mean the rest of the world will be able to accept them.
Nagoriyuki sees Sol as nothing but a "monster", and he's not the only one out there who thinks so.
And there are still Japanese people who hate Justice for what she did to Japan... so it will be difficult for both of them, moving forward.
Sol has more than his share of enemies over the years, Raven and I-No not the least of which.... which also needs to be resolved.
It's been said that "Time heals all wounds".... but how much time will that take for these two?
Only the story itself moving forward can tell us.
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