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kittkaleen·a day agoText

The Basics

Name: Kitt Kaleen [aka Kitty, Kitten]
Age: 30
Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun
Gender: ♀
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single
Alignment: Somewhere between Chaotic Good, “Rebel”
and Chaotic Neutral, “Free Spirit”

Physical Appearance

Hair: Raven black, long, worn in a variety of styles.
Eyes: Dark brown, chestnut depending on lighting
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Build: Slender, curvy - athletic
Distinguishing Marks: Avoids distinguishing marks, no visible scars, plays with face/body paint, but commits to nothing permanent. Wants to be able to switch up as needed.
Voice: A little lower pitched than the average Miqo'te woman’s, a bit husky.
Favored Accessories: On her right hand, a large diamond, platinum setting, on her left, a Sharlayan Custodian’s ring, also platinum. Kitt’s a silver/platinum girl, and avoids gold, as a rule, for any jewelry, clothing and even weapons. The diamond because, well, girl’s best friend and all … the Sharlayan ring? She has a thing for celestial themes, and this pretty little star has become something of a good luck charm!
Aesthetic: Dark, broody, moody. Something in equal parts, ethereal, ominous and beautiful. Loves the sea, rain, storms and cold weather. Palette - black, greys, white, silver.


Personal Information

Birthplace: North Shroud near Coerthas border
Residence: Travels often. Otherwise divides her time between the FC house in The Lavender Beds and her personal residence, the Beach House, in Mist. Owns a photography studio and spends a lot of time there.
Languages: Common and a smattering of other languages picked up during extensive travel.
Most used words/phrases: “Please”, “Thank you”, “It is what it is”, “So it goes” and a handful of more colorful phrases she’s been told “ladies” ought not say.

More on carrd   


Role Play Hooks

1. Kitt’s becoming increasingly mercenary, open to opportunities to challenge herself and push limits. A highly proficient combat medic and paladin, who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. She won’t come cheap.

2. Ever feel the life of a Scion/Warrior of Light is way too confining? Kitt too. She’s a not so light paladin, white mage, with no allegiance to the do-gooding attached to either role. She’s willing to fight to play it her way. If you’re disenchanted with the status quo, Kitt’s probably open to chatting, even better if it involves good wine and a plan.

3. Kitt’s a prolific writer, and regularly makes and sends post cards and letters. Want a pen pal?

Open to other RP hooks, if the premise is fun and advances her character development.

More details on Carrd
Player information on Carrd

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kittkaleen·3 days agoPhoto

Hey @dumb-hat thanks so much for the asks! Let me dish all things Kitt!

1. Risk taking: Kitt is a calculated risk taker. She’s not foolhardy, will not take unnecessary risks or put herself in unnecessary peril. All that said, she is confident in her abilities, pushes herself to perform, and is a perfectionist. She thrives on challenge and won’t back down from a fight. She’s not reckless, she is driven.

On occasion she has been known to put her feelings and heart on the line, this is likely the ultimate risk taking for her. The deepest wounds don’t bleed.

2. Dreams: Kitt’s a hard core realist overall. Although she’s goal driven, her head’s nowhere near the clouds. She’s more likely to put her energy behind someone else’s dreams to assist them to realize them, than she is to allow herself to pursue … dreams. What is it that stops her from dreaming big? Is it her skepticism? Her fear of emotional vulnerability? Her history? Hmmm not sure. It would be good to see Kitt fired up, dreaming big, love that for her - but not this day.

3. Yucky things: Insects. slimy creepy crawlies, ugly critters, mean monsters, scary people/supernatural baddies, stinking swamps, dirt riddled latrines of land? Nah, she’s fought them all, survived and overcome.  So what is yucky … she’d never admit this but, watching herself caught in a tsunami of emotion, losing control, crying in public - dear gods, no. Gross!

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kittkaleen·3 days agoPhoto

Hey @ofthesilverlining, many thank you’s for your ask “ Does your muse hide any aspects of their personality/life from others? “

… Of course Kitt’s nevah, nevah, nevah  gonna fess up, so allow me ;)

1. Kitt’s what I call an “iceberg girl” … you know the sort? 10% visible surface, 90% deep sea. She’s disarmingly honest about the 10% surface details, so much so, people should be forgiven for thinking she is an open book. She’s not. She’s also more reserved and complex than people might get from surface information, and can be notoriously hard to read. Just when you think you have her worked out, she’ll show you different.  She’s guarded, secretive even, but most people won’t pick up on it.

2. She’s intense and passionate and hides these qualities beneath a polite, cool and detached exterior. There’s something intriguing that tends to draw people to her, but they’re not gonna taste the passion if they can’t get beneath the 10% ^^.

She’s emotional. Any emotion that makes her feel vulnerable (most of em) she will cover up, sublimate, resist talking about and definitely wont want to be caught out unless you’re in her inner circle - but yeah, intensely emotional.

3. She’s clever, observant, perceptive, even cunning in her own fashion - not easily fooled. She has an uncanny ability to get at the truth of things. She definitely doesn’t play stupid, totally not her style, but nor does she flaunt her intelligence. It’s kinda like a casually hidden ace, up her sleeve.

She’s a big time skeptic who is unlikely to believe much of anything without hard evidence … except for a few things she willingly suspends disbelief about … yeah, she’s a contradiction in terms from time to time.

4. She has a temper. Again, few see this because she keeps it well hidden beneath that cool, calm, collected exterior - push her too far? Expect a venomous sting. She’s extremely protective of “her people”, fuck with them at your peril. Betrayal is unforgiveable in Kitt’s books, and there’s no way in hell she will ever let it slide.  Break her trust? Good luck ever restoring it. She has no problem cutting ties completely if she’s been pushed too far or hurt.

5. She is openly independent and a self avowed introvert, however, she has spent a good deal of time covering up just how independent she really is, how much she hates feeling controlled. The more confined and constrained she feels, the more rebellious she becomes. You might think she has this rebelliousness under careful control. She doesn’t.

So there you go @ofthesilverlining some inner Kitt workings. Don’t tell her I told you k?

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kittkaleen·3 days agoText


Send one (or a few) to my muse and they’ll answer: 

Spiders: Does your muse squish bugs or put them outside?
The Dark: Did your muse sleep with a nightlight as a child?
Snakes: Would your muse ever keep an unusual/exotic pet?
Blood: What’s the worst injury your muse has ever had?
Clowns: Does your muse prefer comedy? Or horror?
Mirrors: What is your muse’s least favorite thing about their appearance?
Tight Space: Does your muse ever feel that they’re not living up to their own potential?
Closet Monsters: Does your muse hide any aspects of their personality/life from others?
Crowds: What does your muse think of big cities?
Death: Name one thing your muse has lost that they wish they could get back.
Ghosts: Has your muse ever seen something they couldn’t explain?
Needles: Does your muse have a strong stomach?
Curses: Does your muse believe in good/bad luck? How about karma?
Heights: Is your muse a risk-taker?
Solitude: Name 3 things your muse couldn’t live without.
Fire: Would your muse rather be very cold, or very hot?
Failure: Has your muse ever given up on an important dream?
Abandonment: How would your muse win back someone who left them?
The Unknown: Is your muse a philosophical person?
Boogeyman: What position does your muse sleep in?
Falling: What does your muse think about falling in love or commitment? 
Change: What was a turning point in your muse’s life?
Disease: What does your muse do on a sick day?
Number 13: Does your muse believe any superstitions? 
Noise: Name one sound your muse finds absolutely unbearable.
Insects: Name something your muse finds gross or annoying. 
Dolls: Has your muse ever collected something?
Getting Old: Would your muse rather live 50 years loved, or 200 years alone?
Social Phobia: Does your muse consider themselves an outgoing person?

Ask away ;)

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kittkaleen·3 days agoPhoto

♦ EYES : Blue | Green | Dark Brown | Hazel | Grey | Other (…)

♦ HAIR : Blonde | Brown | Black | Red | Ginger | Grey/White | Multi-color | Other (…)

BODY TYPE : Skinny |Slender |Slim | BuiltCurvyAthletic | Muscular

SKIN : Pale | Light Fair Freckled |Tan | Olive | Medium | Dark | Discolored | Other (…)

Naturally fair, tans easily, is outdoors often

FACIAL FEATURES : Scars (…) | Markings (…) | Scales (…) | Fur | Beard |Ears (…) | Other (…)



Scars (…) | Markings (…) | Scales (…) |FurTail (…) |PaintOther (…)

Well… she’s a Miqo’te … so a tail, some fur, dabbles with face paint, likes messing with makeup and hair.

GENDER : Male | Female | Trans | Cis | No Gender | Other (…)

SEXUALITY : Heterosexual | Homosexual | Bisexual | Pansexual | Asexual | Demisexual | Other (…)

SPECIES : Hyur (…) | Elezen (…) | Miqo’te (…) | Lalafell (…) | Roegadyn (…) | Au ra (…) | Other (…)

EDUCATION : Can read | Can write | Tutor | Mentor | School | Other (…)

She’s a clever kitten.

LIVING SITUATION : Lives alone | Lives with parents/guardian | Lives with significant other | Lives with a friend | Lives with a group of people (…) | Drifter | Homeless | Other (…)

Kitt’s personal spaces could more appropriately be called “lairs”, privacy is a necessity for her, and she’s a self-avowed introvert.  She prefers out of the way places in less populated, natural locals. She is at her best when near the water.

PARENTS/GUARDIAN : Mother | Father | Adoptive | Foster | Grandparents | Family friend | Other (…)

Kitt’s parents are deceased and she’s an only kitten.

She has a very close relationship with the Fortemps family, and Edmont, who she considers a ‘father’

RELATIONSHIP : Single | Crushing | Dating | Engaged | Married | Separated | It’s complicated | Other (…)

Casual love or caring simply does not exist for Kitt. She loves hard and deep and will not listen to caveats or cautionary tales. She’s hesitant about entering into serious relationships and may appear cool, distant or even indifferent. She has an immense capacity to love, but is also private by nature, with a strong self protective streak.

I’VE BEEN : In Love | Hurt | Sick | Abused | Other (…)

Kitt’s been a lot of things.

I HAVE A(N) : Learning Disorder | Personality Disorder | Mental Disorder | Anxiety Disorder | Eating Disorder | Substance-related Disorder | Other (…)

Pretty safe to say Kitt’s got a trauma history, some casually managed PTSD and protracted grief. Hello, Calamity. Hello post calamity.

THINGS I’VE DONE BEFORE : Drank alcohol | Smoked | Done drugs | Stolen | Self harmed | Starved myself | Had sex | Gotten into a fist fight | Was severely injured | Gone to jail | Used a fake ID | Gone to a party | Killed someone

Kitt’s done a lot of things, some she might even talk about.

POSITIVE TRAITS : Affectionate with her inner circle | Adventurous | Athletic | Brave | Careful | Charming | Confident | Creative | Determined | Fearless | Generous | Honest | Humorous - but sarcastic and dark humor | Intelligent | Loyal | Modest | Patient | Selfless

Intuitive, kind, polite, ridiculously helpful, authentic, analytical, hardworking, determined, practical, fiercely independent, cautious, great friend. 

NEGATIVE TRAITS : Aggressive | Bossy | Cynical | Envious | Fearful | Greedy | Gullible | Jealous | Impatient | Impulsive | Insecure | Irresponsible | Possessive | Sarcastic | Self-conscious | Selfish | Unstable

Worries too much, critical of self and others, impatient, perfectionistic, a bit cynical and suspicious, can come across as “aloof”, can be salty if provoked, will detach and go cold if provoked.

Rules : BOLD what applies to your muse, ITALICIZE what applies under specific circumstances. Remember to REPOST. Feel free to add to the list.

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kittkaleen·4 days agoPhoto

“I have known her longer, my smile said. True, you have been inside the circle of her arms, tasted her mouth, felt the warmth of her.. but there is a part of her that is only for me. You cannot touch it, no matter how hard you might try. And after she has left you I will still be here, making her laugh. My light shining in her. I will still be here long after she has forgotten your name.”

― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

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