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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

studylustre·6 hours agoAnswer

hi carol, i've been feeling really down lately bc everybody i know around me is getting internships and i've worked hard on my resume and have been applying to as many as i can but none of them even offered me an interview. i know compared to all these people i'm not very qualified and i'm not particularly smart/good at programming (i'm a cs major btw) but i've been questioning if ill even be able to succeed in this major because of all this :(

hey angel! i’m sorry, i know this is a v stressful time. simpy put, job hunting/internship applications suck ass. it’s tough putting yourself out there and it’s discouraging to not here back, but keep at it!! persistence pays off and even if you don’t get an internship, it’s okay. it’s not the end of the world. you will still graduate, you will still find a job, you will still succeed. you’re going to be okay, regardless 🤍

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studylustre·6 hours agoAnswer

I learned about the laws of thermodynamics and studied extensively on math just to prove my parents wrong about this discussion we were having. Is that petty? I don’t think it is ): but I feel bad for proving them wrong

SHFKFJJSHSJSJSJS it is petty but it’s also iconic. i’m in awe of ur determination

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friday log 💌 | 04.12.20

  • completed a body combat hiit workout wooOO
  • cleaned my bathroom!! 🧼
  • reviewed 3 lessons of korean vocab, twice each
  • pulled zhongli and jean on genshin impact oKAY PITY I SEE U
  • reviewed 2 chapters of japanese grammar
  • reviewed a chapter of korean grammar
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love languages: going along with them on their errands, taking quizzes together, sharing bakery goods, waiting for them to tie their shoe, asking ‘what happened next?’ when somebody interrupts them, walking home with them and not leaving until they’ve made it inside

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NOV 28 / 20 

There’s something about the blue and purple combo that I’ve been loving lately. What are some of your favourite colour combos??? 

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27. sept 2020

i should be more active whoops haha! this semester has been super hard and im falling behind a bit, i hope i can catch up this week.

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112720. happy thanksgiving break (if you’ve got one!) — i’ve got a lot to be grateful for this year, and it’s nice to look back on it all. otherwise, there’s still plenty of work— spent the morning rereading some stuff for my political philosophy class. rousseau never fails to confuse me :P

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Support your local libraries and the small businesses that are actually making the products you want.  Fuck Jeff Bezos and the systemic, universal worker abuse, gaslighting, and brutality they live off of.

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Between the pages of old books and the streets of new, I’ll always be searching for someone as sweet as you 🥐

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[31.10.20] October Moments

Meant to post this in October but I forgot to queue it haha anyway I finally finished my embroidery project which took me months to finish, mostly because of my overall lack of motivation. But hey, small wins I guess. Also, Covid cases here in Switzerland are steadily rising which means no onsite classes until further notice and masks are mandatory basically everywhere but other than that, there will be no lockdowns (at least not yet) which a lot of European countries are doing right now. Hopefully, it will all get better just in time for the holidays *fingers crossed*. Hope y’all are safe wherever you are.

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if you’re a student at all, please take care of yourself. you don’t need to compete with your classmates for who slept the least or who drank the most coffee. eat breakfast and go to sleep a little earlier. lay off studying for a night and do something nice for yourself. your body and brain will thank you.

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December Wallpapers

Hey everyone! It’s the last month of the year, and I hope y'all are doing well so far. Just wanted to share some wallpapers I made for you, hopefully they’ll help you push through this last stretch before the new year.

Download them here!

The wallpapers are available for both phone and desktop, with Monday and Sunday start options. Aside from the full version pictured above, there are also versions with a blank left card, a blank right card, and two blank cards (no illustration or calendar - in case you want to customize something yourself). I’ve also included the illustration in case any of you want to use it.

Hope you like them, and I hope you have a great month <3 stay safe y’all

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