shanastoryteller · 2 months ago
Happy Halloween!!! Maybe some SIAT drarry? Or whatever you want to write about!
"Do you want to get married?" Harry asks.
Draco looks up from their potions homework. "Now?"
He doesn't roll his eyes and he thinks that counts as progress. "No. Just in general."
"Oh." He frowns. "Yes. At some point, we'll sort of have to if we don't want the papers gossiping."
Harry's pretty sure the papers are going to be gossiping about them forever no matter what they do, but since he does want to marry Draco, at some point, he doesn't point it out. "The seating chart is going to be nightmare."
"The seating chart is going to be a nightmare," Draco agrees. "Mum and Dad can handle that part. How involved do you want to be in planning the wedding? We can absolutely just leave all the annoying parts to my parents."
"At least the seating chart," he says.
"Great," Draco answers, already more focused back on their essay then their potential wedding.
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