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#Deceit sanders


Deceit: *runs into the kitchen when he hears a crash and the cupboards are off the walls, plates, bowls and glasses are broken, the pots and pans are all over the floor etc etc*


Remus: *sat alone in the middle of the mess eating deodorant* BEKFAST

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Deceit: when i said "bring me back something from the beach", i meant like a seashell or something!
Remus, struggling to hold a seagull: well why didn't you just fucking say that
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Logince: fighting with your siblings. even if you know what you’re fighting about is complete nonsense, maybe you know you’re right, or you know full well you’re wrong. you fight all the time, even might throw some insults. but the insults are empty, the fights mean nothing, and you still love each other so much. 

Analogical: sitting, wrapped up in blankets, listening to someone read a book to you. a book you’ve been reading for a long time, and you’re so close to the finale. it’s relaxing while still being exciting and never boring. 

Prinxiety: playing pretend with your sibling even after you complained and said no. once you were forced to play with them, you say that it’s not so bad. even fun, in a strange way. it’s surprising, but it’s good that way.

Logicality: sitting by the fire listening to your family talk about stories of their childhood. hearing of how your family grew up to be the thing it is now. listening how your relatives grew, adapted, and learned.

Moxiety: coming home after a long say at school to find your mom making your favorite dinner. to find that, after that long day you get to do your favorite things and relax. it’s a comfortable space where you don’t have to hide, you can just relax, and let loose a bit.

Royality: playing outside when it snows. schools cancelled, you have the whole day to play, to have fun, to be free, to be yourself. when you’re out of school, no one tells you what to do. you can be who you want.

LAMP: a family reunion. not the ones where you’re surrounded by people you don’t know. the ones where you’re around your favorite cousins and aunts, uncles, grandparents. just surrounded by love, affection, and support. 

Demus: rebelling. doing something you know full well you shouldn't be doing but it just seems so fun that you can’t help it. the trouble will be worth it, because at least you had fun doing it.

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*asks grandma to help me with a cosplay*

Grandma: So what’s this character’s name?

Me: …um…Deceit

Grandma: You couldn’t have picked a nicer character?

Me: Heh…

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Someone might have already asked this, but what's the name of Dee's snake?

DEE: Her name is Teeny. She’s an albino red-tailed boa, and she turns 5 this year.

ROMAN: Uh- just so you guys know, Teeny’s like 10 foot long and heavy as hell. That name is a total lie.

DEE: She’s a baby and I love her.

ROMAN: She could kill a man if she wanted to.

DEE: Fool. That’s why I love her.

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You know what I need more of? Unsympathetic Remus but Sympathetic Deceit.

Yes, I love sympathetic Remus, but I also live the idea that Deceit is not the leader of the dark sides, but the lowest member on the ladder. He tries so hard to get accepted into the light sides so he doesnt have to face them anymore, but they wont accept him no matter how hard he tries.

He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If he stays with the dark sides, he’ll have to deal with Remus and his gorey ideas/experiments, (he still has scars on his stomach from when Remus wanted to see if he had a similar dietary track to snakes) or be ostracised and shunned by the light sides?

And so it comes down to: What’s more important, his mental or physical health?

I guess that’s up to which one becomes too painful.

Also @sometimesiwriteangst for really getting me into Deceit angst, this one’s kind of inspired by you and my inner need to torture my favorite characters.

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I’m making a reverse AU where all the “light” sides are “dark” and vice versa (????) but what thing they represent is changed and at first I was just gonna replace Deceit’s, or well, in this AU self love’s scales with scars and somehow it turned into “every time Thomas says something self-deprecating, Dee gets another scar, or an existing one grows bigger” because my mind has to turn everything into angst.

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