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I desperately want to finish this tonight but I guess I need to sleep or something, so here’s some rough 80s AU Roman and Remus. This started as trying to come up with a human AU outfit for Remus, and I couldn’t stop imagining him in 80s punk gear, and then I thought it would be fun to draw Roman in 80s jeans, and here we are. 

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(Logan is sitting on Deceit)

Deceit: Please, get off me, please!

Logan: I CAN’T! Not until Thomas gets here!

Deceit: But I have to use the bathroom.

Logan: Do you really?

Deceit: Yeah.

Logan: Are you lying?

Deceit: Yeah.


And here is a drawn representation of what is happening.

//don’t steal my freaking art (Idk if anyone will, but it doesn’t hurt to say it)//

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