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If people want to remember why some of us still aren’t too happy with eren, even if he’s not siding with his brother

I wonder if eren’s plan can excuse this mass killing of hundreds of innocents. Was the warhammer titan really worth it? Why did eren not talk with the sc about his plans, especially his fucking commander, whom he has been a bitch towards just bc he could (moblit had killed eren snsmsk respect the hans 😤😤😤😤)

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see 🤷‍♀️

Just posting bc ppl seem to forget he didn’t just shit talk his friends, he also killed innocents. And he’s got a terror organisation running around killing and torturing people in his and his brother’s name (shadis was beat up, levi was almost shot, hans and levi have been chased with shotguns and are still mia)

Please stop sending me hate and shit, idc if you like eren or zeke, just don’t pretend they haven’t committed some horrific war crimes

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Mikasa’s little brother in lost girls, she would’ve been such a loving older sister ):

i know anonie, i feel your pain— i know lost girls is a world mikasa imagines up and things but like can we just appreciate how soft mikasa is with mama ackerman and just like look at her at her mums bump i’m hghh


look at the way she’s looking him, look at her!


(but her baby brother would’ve had her fathers hair too and omg mikasa as a sister is everything, she would be protecting him from danger, probably checking up on him *sobs*)

if she imagined this she probably wished her life was like that, the fact that she wanted this hghh an alternative world with a peaceful life, her parents alive, a baby brother, no titans and everything was just simple. if only!

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Finally finished the 2nd half of the Jojo crossover!

This took about 2 days to do (~14:30 hours total), speedpaint coming soon

I gave Yelena red eyes for a more menacing look, but I think her official eye color hasn’t been revealed yet? That chapter cover doesn’t really help…

Zeke looks a little goofy but I think it’s partly the art style too lol.

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Reiner: Why can’t I die???

Bertholdt: *sweats*

Annie: *death glare*

Pieck: *is exactly right*

Marcel: *apologises a hundred times*

Porco: *sees Reiner*  🖕

Zeke: *hates on Grisha and expresses desires for a pony*


Gabi: *smirks evilly*

Falco: *tries his best*

Udo: *cue panic attacks*

Zofia: *eye roll @ Gabi*

104th Kids Version

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I‘m finally watching the last season of attack on titan and wow it got me all hyped up i used to love this anime so much i even had a blog lmaoooo

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I (sluttypepsi / herrrox) am looking for contributors to make a Zeke Yeager Fanzine / Fanbook. Whether you are an artist, writer, photographer or cosplayer: submissions are not limited to one medium, so feel free to create the way you like! We can also discuss ideas about layout, cover or content rules if you want, I am open to every opinion. Since I am an illustrator at art school myself I can use my knowledge in layouting and ways of printing to present your work in the best way. Your work can be anything Zeke or Beast Titan related. (Illustrations, Comics, Texts, Photography, Collages… anything you want.) It is possible to make multiple submissions.

For application it would be nice to send me an e-mail with examples of your work and ideas about what you plan to contribute (f.e. how many pages you need for a comic). 

Mail application message to:

I am super happy for anyone who wants to contribute! Don’t be shy and write me 💖 Every contributor will get a physical copy of the Zine.
Don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions.

Application Deadline: October 1st, 2019
Submission Deadline: -not decided yet-

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As an honorary member of the Levihanfam what is your opinion on the theory that Levi has ackerbonded to Hanji now? ps i luv u ❤

lmao I’m honoured, although I don’t know how much use I can be in the ‘Levihanfam’ given that I have no interest in shipping. But thanks! 😂

And I don’t think that’s likely - we’d probably have more insight into it by now if it had happened. The Ackerbond is too significant a plot point for one to have formed off-screen between two such prominent characters with nothing said or shown about it. And tbh I think Levi and Hange have a pretty fucking solid relationship without needing a liege-knight dynamic on top of it 🤷‍♀️

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