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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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what the fuck is a platypus bear and why does it look like that

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dwampy were rly like we are going to make both of vanessa’s major love interests have 4 to 5-ish year age gaps with her lmfao

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( really love lena luthor but it’s such a bitch what they did to her in the new 52…. i guess everyone got shat on in the new 52 but literally it’s her 90s arc but way worse lmao. i have read a lot of comics with her in it! i know her character evolution! she doesn’t deserve this! 

and you know almost 99% about this is people thinking disabled people should be cured. i don’t think lex would or even COULD have her basically live in a basement. they’re intellectual peers! he thinks she’s superior! pre52!lex would kick current lex’s ass. plus even when lena has been a hero she’s always loved her piece of shit brother! this is reciprocated! it’s not stockholm syndrome or whatever the fuck. )

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i wish people would stop using the term emotional labour to mean look things up on google

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uwu when will Nix try to do the suck suck on someone

“I should’ve known..” Nix rubbed her temples as a light shade of red settled on her face. “I am not going to do the ‘suck suck’ to anyone soon. I’m still single..”

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