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Question: Your opinion on aglets?

“Completely irrelevant in this day an’ age, right up to the shoestrings they come at the ends of.

With fasteners and mag-seals, nobody has had any good reason to tie something up by its bootlaces in years. Unless you’re looking to go ‘retro’, I guess. Never understood retro.

Dunno why you asked, honestly. It’s not like they’re sinister or anything.”

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bokura no kiseki, or as I like to think of it as “a bunch of kids having kin drama”

(Bokura no Kiseki is a very good manga about high schoolers remembering their past lives in another world and coming to deal with it and the mysteries surrounding their deaths and strange occurrences threatening their everyday life)

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Me: People conditioned me when I was younger to think that me loving someone else is a burden.  I’m scared me loving you is just  making your life worse.

Him: I know having romantic feelings is really hard shit on you.  I’m worried that I’m just making you feel worse

We’re goddamn disasters man.  Hot goddamn messes and we’re not even together (yet, maybe, whatever). HOT MESSES

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that or maybe Ohba chose the FBI because the CIA has a much more negative public connotation around the world and he felt like it would be easier to write characters who are FBI portrayed as heroic by the readers of the manga, considering there were no evil FBI agents in Death Note and everyone shown was a legit dude trying to take down a mass murderer as opposed to spy work and sabotaging, whereas the CIA’s intelligence gathering is moreso suited to things that directly benefit the United States (such as said sabotaging of foreign governments and using spy work to directly favor the USA) as opposed to taking down criminals

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