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For the ask me: tell me about WREN



  • down to murder for you, but if you don’t like murder, down to do whatever you need
  • Strong™
  • devoted even if you are objectively a bad person. she’s ride or die.
  • supportive even if she doesn’t get you or the things you like
  • very creative. can make use out of almost anything. 
  • if you are in her circle, you are in her circle forever. god forbid you betray her though. also, get luck getting into her circle.
  • hard working
  • very thoughtful of the people she likes, even if she has to go out of her way to get or do something that’ll make her people happy


  • no chill whatsoever
  • emotionally unavailable to most people for a loooong time
  • no concept of what is appropriate at any given time. she wants to do the thing? will do the thing. give a baby a knife? only practical for defence. strip in a laundromat? how else is she gonna clean her clothes.
  • paranoid and so tends to…run away at the first sign of trouble
  • non confrontational up to a point and then she is All Confrontational
  • doesn’t really like touch unless…you’re kai. or an animal. 
  • kind of a hoarder. (or she would be if she were in one place long enough)


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useless hc :           sterling adopted a fawn that was left injured and orphaned by a pack of foxes. the entire time it was with him, from the moment he nursed it until it was old enough to be free from his care, were some of the best moments following the encounter. he named the fawn ‘sofia’, which was the name he wanted to give his child.

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Okay obviously the Titanstrike quest is not canon for Ihz, it’s all wrong for something she’d be asked to do and she doesn’t use guns anyway, but like

Thorim: You have a kinship with the spirits of wild creatures greater than any I have seen before.
Ihz: How fucking dare you.

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my brain: please do your drafts i’m begging you

me, cracking my knuckles: time to write about how growing up and living in the 60′s/70′s/80′s with systemic misogyny at the forefront and always being different from the rest of the girls, and thus never being loved and supported by women around her – until she met maria – basically taught carol that no one was going to fight for her and that she had to fend for herself on her own, and how all the ladies who rallied to her side to protect her and buy her time to escape with the gauntlet during the battle against thanos and his army showed her what it feels like to be supported and lifted up and CARED FOR by other women and not beaten down because she wasn’t like them

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now i’m at my ‘i want more bttf comics hey idw where are my bttf comics it’s been a year where are they’ point of my day… i just want… more… i really want to see more stuff w professor irving! bc he’s cool now that he’s not like the bad guy lol. also marty (of course) and doc and clara and jennifer and the boys i want more jules and verne and einstein so much

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