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Always here for a good cover version.

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Drunk talk.

Honestly, the last guy I really wanted to be with, things didn’t really work out. I was still in love with my ex at the time, but he was the only guy since my ex that I genuinely fell for. He dealt with me through things no one should ever go through, but damn was he truly amazing. It’s just weird that I consider him to be “the one that got away.”

A lot of time has passed since and many guys have come into my life, but no one has really piqued my interest like he has. I may not have been his ideal guy and if I’m being completely honest, he’s not the type of guy I go after either, but somehow he really swept me off my feet. It’s disgustingly romantic but also very tragic.

He’s still one of the best guys that has walked into my life and genuinely one of the best guys I’ve ever hooked up with. The chemistry was just unmatchable and although it might just be me, it was the realest thing I’ve felt since I moved to Irvine. We may not talk anymore but somehow he crosses my mind randomly and it’s just odd. I’m in a place in my life where I don’t want that committed relationship but he’s one that really would’ve eventually had all of me.

Don’t let the best guys pass you by because of fear. I may be drunk in bed at 2:26 AM but I know that I fucked up by letting him pass through my life and I regret that so much.

So, as I lay in my bed and listen to Somebody Else by the 1975, which has been my favorite song for a while now, remember not to be afraid of love when it’s knocking on your door. I’m tired of having the ghost of him haunt me as I try to have a meaningful love life.

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Aaron Tveit - Somebody Else (The 1975)

Webster Hall- NYC, NY

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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My new obsession…this is sooo pleasing for the ears 😍 I’m in a different time space when I listen to it. 💜

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/ / Somebody Else - The 1975 / /

/ / Background / Lockscreen / /

Anonymous asked:
I know that requests are close but I was wondering if you could do a background of the song “Somebody Else” by The 1975 when you’re done with the other requests. Thank you so much if you decide to do it

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[the 1975 - somebody else]


и снова за окном не ночная летняя духота, а пасмурная предрассветная прохлада, и свежесть на балконе, и сигаретный дым, которым я вся пропахла, и убаюкивающая капель дождя, и мне так хочется держать тебя за руку, потому что ты впервые по-настоящему близко, и я говорю то, что не решилась бы сказать трезвая, и засыпаю на твоём плече под все твои песни, а за окном все так же льёт дождь, пока ночь так растянута, и хочется, чтобы она тянулась бесконечно и дальше.

храню эти моменты как самые яркие, самые уютные и тёплые воспоминания, и кроме них у меня больше ничего не осталось.  

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