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夢王国と眠れる100人の王子様 ×黒執事コラボ

夢王国と眠れる100人の王子様 ×黒執事コラボ

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Shades of Grey : Lizzy’s Dilemma

The plot tickens in Kuroshitsuji ! So I drew Lizzy with the two bitter rabbits(representing the twins) for my Shades of Grey theme. I’m so excited now that the Ciel’s twin theory has confirmed and also I have a foreboding feeling that Lizzy might go into Real!Ciel’s side because of feeling guilty .I don’t really blame her for that but poor Our!Ciel I wonder what will happen to him and I wonder who will she choose .

Btw that Bitter Rabbit is so cute,I just wish I can buy one of those.

Kuroshitsuji by Yana T.

If you want to see more of my drawings follow me on:

Deviant Art  


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                      10 COLORFUL EYES by HANAKUMAMII



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And this “camera angle” is also unusual for the series. Intentionally askew, as if it is meant to emphasize unbalanced emotions. That’s my take, anyway.

Notice that’s when Undertaker does this in response… to Polaris mentioning his previous master.


(( he just seemed so SAD this chapter. ))

And I have an idea why….

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Missed opportunity: bedrooms

Sebastian saw the bedrooms for each of the lords of the stars. If pressed, he might even remember which room went with which bracelet (the number of stars). During the murders arc, his eye for detail and deductive reasoning was strong, even noticing notes on the inside of Arthur’s sleeve cuffs and knowing why they would be there.

So, why did he never mention any of the details to our earl?

Polaris’ room was sparsely furnished (but it had been nice) and had slashing and stabbing damage all over the place. A knife or two was stuck in the floor. Other knives were stuck in the desk. Like I said a moment ago, the room wasn’t that bad before. The bed had a simple headboard but still had a partial canopy above it and two pillows. There used to be two windows, but they got boarded up. There was a desk and chair, a dresser, a trash can, and even a framed mirror. One of the knives was stabbed through a book or journal. I even see what looks like a broken water pitcher. The bed isn’t that low to the ground, and the sheets drape down to the floor, as though someone could be hiding under the bed; he doesn’t look… probably because he cannot detect a soul. Well, bizarre dolls don’t have souls…. Sebastian doesn’t mention any of this when they get to Phantomhive townhouse and see the damage there: the knives stuck in Agni’s back, the slashing damage and carvings on the master bedroom wall, etc.

Vega’s very nicely appointed room features a narrow bed (but there might actually be a second one to the left we just aren’t getting to see) with a lavish partial canopy. Looks like a wrought iron bed frame. Two plush toys. A lamp. A side table with books, a vase of flowers, and other smaller items. Across from the bed(s) are two matching vanity tables with mirrors and two matching stools. The vanity table that might go with the bed we see also has one or two bottles on it. There is artwork on the wall, including what might be a portrait. The large window has more drapery, and there is a crystal chandelier. Even more interesting is the fact there is another door… that Sebastian apparently never opened. And he never mentioned to our earl that Lord Vega could be two people, possibly twins (since Nina only has four sets of measurements).

Lord Canopus had the least appointed room, by all accounts. A metal bedframe, one pillow, and no canopy at all. There is a small desk and very basic stool to serve as the vanity. I see a mirror, a basin of some kind, and what might be a small lamp with an exposed bulb. I remember bloggers trying to figure out what that was, and I’m not sure I recall correctly. There is a window with a wavy screen panel or a single curtain panel. The bed has bloody bandages on it, and a crate near the bed is full of more bloody bandages. A very clinical look to the room. And, again, there is another way in/out of the room: a pull cord is attached to a door in the ceiling. Right above the bed. And Sebastian apparently didn’t investigate further.

Sirius’ room looks very similar to the master bedroom at Phantomhive Manor. It even has a similar chaise or fainting couch at the foot of the bed. (Undertaker is reclining on the Phantomhive Manor version of it in ch169). I won’t go into all of the details, but there are many paintings on the wall, and some of them seem to be portraits. Of whom? And there might be places in there for a bizarre doll to hide, like under the bed or behind the side drapery of the full canopy.

And yet… Sebastian doesn’t mention these rooms to our earl at all.

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