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i post lore, fic, and essays about once a day. worldbuilding is free to use without credit (although i'd like a link to read it), folklore can be used with credit (and i'd like a link). i cross post most stuff to ao3. i spend most of my time ranting about squirrelflight's mistreatment. po3 and oots are my favorite arcs (don't judge me they have sentimental value). to see what i'm up to, check out the projects page. there's a schedule in there. you can also just skip to my ao3. if you're on mobile/dashboard, you are unfortunately missing out on part of my blog, so i recommend looking at the desktop/browser version. asks are "the healer hole," submissions are "freshkill pile," about page is "allegiances." unless i've changed it again for theming.
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mallowstep · 56 minutes ago
She wants to give in, to let him have it because, well, he's right. That's the thing, he's right. Brambleclaw looks at her and she feels like prey. If Ashfur is willing to stand between them, she'll let him. But that's the thing, she has to let him.
nest (ashes, ch. 9)
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mallowstep · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
i’m particpating in a trope bingo and i figure i’d share my card so anyone who desires to request something can.
the trope bingo closes end of may, although we’ll see how much i get done: i haven’t forgotten about windclan! but feel free to send requests from this. just send a prompt, and characters. as always, no promises i’ll fill it, but i’m likely enough to.
update: listing fics that are planned and/or posted below (green boxes for completed/posted titles, red crosses for stuff i’ve planned):
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mallowstep · 4 hours ago
bristlefrost apparently being one of the fastest warriors in the clans and i remember that she's 1/8th windclan
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mallowstep · 4 hours ago
Ok in your saccharine tithes au where does leopardstar come from exactly? If mudfur was always meant to be a seer and came from windclan.
you know, i haven't decided.
i think it's possible mudfur is still her sire, but she wouldn't know him as a father anyway.
her mother could still be brightsky, and an orphaned kit would be raised by the clan and absolutely spoiled.
i know this isn't a super satisfying answer, but frankly, a queen who dies with no obvious mate can't really reveal the father of her kits, and since she never has kits, i don't have to worry about that causing any problems.
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mallowstep · 5 hours ago
you know what? new rule jayfeather can’t see in his dreams in my fics anymore [1].
it’s always rubbed me the wrong way [2]. especially considering how much time jayfeather spends being like “y’all. i’m fuckin fine i do not know what it’s like to see i don’t need it to function.”
and bluh i really! really! like jayfeather. like as a kid. i saw myself in him. in people telling me i couldn’t do shit for stupid reasons. and you know?
okay this is the worst example but i refuse to get the eye surgery because like. i just don’t know what it’s like to look at my face in the mirror without glasses. i feel less naked with 0 clothes on but glasses on than the other way around, i wish i was joking, but i’m very serious.
you know? so that jayfeather sees in his dreams just bothers me.
but hey! it’s my au and i can do what i want.
this goes for: “ashes,” “may there be no sadness of farewell” [3], “feathers take flight,” “wing & feather,” and uh probably anything else i write that’s not cloudtail’s daughter, where for canon compliance reasons, he must see in dreams.
this is unrelated but we’re doing footnotes again i hate astericks too much ↩︎
it’s also ableist as hell but that’s another story ↩︎
there’s a jayfeather pov fic planned for this lmao ↩︎
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mallowstep · 5 hours ago
Do you have any Nightcloud headcanons?
nightcloud...let's see! i haven't thought about her a lot, but i still have some thoughts:
my ideal nightcloud incarnation is qpr with crowfeather.
that's not what happens in canon.
she's got a tiny speck of white on her nose. it's cute.
i haven't read crowfeather's trial, and i refuse to (even if ashfoot!!! is in it and i want to read more about her)
she knows leafpool isn't really at fault in all this...but it's stil easier than blaming crowfeather
she's very effective in battle
she wanted to have more kits, but barkface told her it wasn't a good idea
she's a flusher: windclan assigned personality type is "dependable and inflexible"
ddfha nightcloud is definitely a character i think about surprisingly little. but...not 0.
(i also have Plans for her, and a lot of my headcanons revolve around those incredibly specific plans, so i have to restrain myself.)
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mallowstep · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sibling post…….
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mallowstep · 5 hours ago
I have an idea for the feral clans that’s been being talked about
Maybe the toms could live on the clan borders that they guard and in thanks the molly’s in camp would let them stay there during winter
And maybe if this were an Into The Wild AU that would be when Brokenstar kills the shadowClan leader and taking over the clan?
This just popped into my head so sorry if it sounds dumb
no no don't apologize! this isn't dumb. i like it.
yeah, my (current) conception is pretty similar to this? i drew a map where all four clans kind of guarded a core territory, but there's also no reason why they couldn't have discontinuous zones. i'll draw on the actual map to see if i can't work something out XD
imo they wouldn't stay in the camp ever, because those are going to be very fiercely defended but (a) i'm just one opinion here and (b) i do think in a really cold winter, they might be allowed into a secondary camp where they could shelter together and help share prey better.
they definitely help with prey, too! in the summer, toms don't really need help, and they'll bring prey to the clans if they have excess (especially if they have kits in a clan), but most clanborne toms are too proud to eat kittypet food, so in the winter, the clans help them out.
also, yeah! that would be cool. let's see...dawncloud or brightflower would be leader, based on into the wild allegiances (altho there could be others, this is just based on the literal list in into the wild, because i don't feel like wrestling with the timeline), and if they had would be hypothetically possible for brokenstar to take over.
i'm not 100% what would happen after, but that would make sense. winter is the most vulnerable time for the clans.
Tumblr media
okay, here's a drawing on the proper map. so in my initial drawing i had a little dashed border that left all the territory inside the four clans as toms-for-day-trips-only zone, but you could also either have clan territory be only within the circles (which would be reasonable, as the clans are half the size as what we're used to), or something like this
Tumblr media
which i'm sorry because i know that's not very clear, but i ran out of colors that read well.
thanks for the idea!
also tumblr give me the old editor back. i don't like this one. it messes up my cursor position constantly and won't even let me do bold italics or lists without clicking.
do you know how annoying it is to have to manually click for something as simple as bullets?
sorry anon, this isn't about you, it just gave me a lot of trouble writing this ask with the images.
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mallowstep · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
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mallowstep · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Romeo and Juliet are together in eternity.”
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mallowstep · 15 hours ago
me: i have free time for the first time since i was 15
me: time to write 6k of warriors fic in one night
me: fifteen year old me would be proud
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mallowstep · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
oh also here’s a lil simple headshot doodle of Poppyfrost bc I really love my design for her
please don’t tag as #kin or #me
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mallowstep · 16 hours ago
this is a little off topic but always relevant if you need me to tag a trigger! please let me know. if you send me an ask about it i'll answer privately or if you're on anon i won't answer it: if you give me something to identify you by (e.g., "flower anon" or "anon with this emoji: 🍊" i'll use that), i'll make a lil post about it, without saying what the trigger is.
i'm pretty not great about remember to tag shit (i have memory problems, i'm sorry, i do my best), but i do try!
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mallowstep · 16 hours ago
I’m the one who did the Pinestar family tree ask and I meant to write in this AU Tigerclaw is Thistleclaw’s son
Sorry for the mistake in the spelling I was rushing when I wrote it
ah okay okay that makes sense!
so to reiterate for anyone who may not have seen that ask: thistleclaw is tiny, socks, and ruby's half brother. since it's through their mother (i assume? if not then they've just chosen to be full siblings otherwise the answer to the ask is "they're not related" which is boring), they're siblings In The Eyes Of Cat Kinship.
great! well, answering "how do i relate to my siblings' kits" is best answered by answering "how do they relate to me?"
tiny and socks are tigerclaw's father's brothers, making them seya to him. ruby is his father's sister, making her surre to him.
so, you know, two extra fathers and an aunt.
it's also worth noting that while technically tiny and socks are equal to thistleclaw, as they're all seya to tigerclaw, the closeness of your relationship is also relevant. if tigerclaw doesn't know them well (and unless they're clanborne, he probably doesn't, although this is your AU, not mine), they don't actually get to exert that power.
i assume the kinship is somewhat universal throughout cats, although kittypets don't necessarily get to know all their kin, but anyway, tigerclaw would be reasonable for wanting a relationship with his father's siblings.
hope this was helpful!
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mallowstep · 16 hours ago
In my Warriors Rewtite Allegiances would it be wears to put a cats sexuality after there discription before there pronouns? Or should I put it after them???
hello anon!
i’m probably not the blog to ask, tbh. in my essay “where are all the gay cats?”, i basically cover my thoughts on this. it’s a little out of date because i don’t retroactively edit stuff, but it’s not inaccurate. just, i’ve really hammered out some concepts i was just beginning to explore at the time. but to summarize, when i write, i don’t really think of cats as having sexualities in a way we can really map human sexuality onto.
(a more updated summary can be found in my anthropomorphism overview, but you kind of have to scroll down a lot to read the section in question.)
anyway, that’s not to say you can’t or shouldn’t write gay cats with labels! just that i’m not really the best person to answer this question, because, well, it’s not a question i’ve thought about.
that said, if i were you, i would probably put it at the very end. e.g., for mothwing, i might write
MOTHWING (she/her) — beautiful golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes and sharp markings (lesbian)
or what have you. i honestly don’t know, i don’t even know how i would do cat sexuality. i’m going to ramble for a bit under a read more, but i that’s how i’d do it.
okay, and again, i really want to stress — i do not have a problem with people like anon writing explicitly gay cats as such, it’s just not something i do.
but, for the purposes of consideration, what do cats call being a lesbian?
i mean, there’s no isle of lesbos. there’s no sappho. who do they name themselves after?
i think “queer” is the most likely term, tbh. i did a ramble about neurodivergent cats where my conclusion was basically, “they don’t have a word for it, it’s just, well, you know! hollyleaf. she’s just like that,” but that doesn’t really work here.
again, this whole thing is hard for me to write, because i’ve kind of trained myself to a certain type of au. like, i keep reverting to, “they don’t have a label because they don’t label this stuff,” but i’m trying, i am.
okay, right, so i think queer is the most likely term. and i honestly don’t think cats would feel the need to specify.
so actually, what i think i would do is list cats with their mates. i.e.,
MOTHWING (she/her) — beautiful golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes and sharp markings (mate — LEAFPOOL)
and have that be enough?
but hold on, let me push it farther.
who’s the first lesbian cat we know of? i have no idea. i think, though, the sisters might be a good choice. they have the right isle of lesbos vibe for this.
okay, so there’s no first sister that we know of, but i’m working on an early sisters lore piece, and i’m going to name her moon.
i know there’s a modern sister named moon, but i don’t like that, so i’m ignoring it, because no one can stop me.
(i think her name would be moonrise, if i had control. or starlight. seems better than just moon.)
right. so anyway, i think, ig, early clan cats would hear of the sisters, and then you end up with awkward phrasing at first, like, “oh, you know, she walks with the moon,” and this gets smoothed over with time, until i think something like, “she’s moon-like,” or something.
and for gay cats, the natural converse would be sun.
you could play with latin roots here, too. i don’t want to invent more cat lang, and i don’t have my ipa chart pulled up right now, but you could play with lunar and solar. lune and sol, maybe?
as for bi/pan/etc cats, unfortunately, i cannot get myself to go any farther.
and just, like, before anyone gets ideas — i’m not some straight guy saying, “i can’t think about gay cats! it hurts my brain.”
i’m an internet stranger, i know, so you have no reason to believe that, but it’s true.
i just...well, i’m not talking about my personal identity here, because i don’t feel comfortable doing so. if you want that, my main has snippets of poetry and sometimes i talk about the complications my identity but not here.
so you’ll just have to take me at my word, i don’t have a problem with gay cats. i support gay cats. (i also don’t have a problem with labeling gay cats — please, i love it! i just can’t write it.)
i just really can’t write gay cats with human-type understanding of sexuality because i’ve spent so long developing an au where that’s not how it works.
sorry for rambling about all that anon, but i hope i gave you something useful. again, i want to stress, i’m not trying to dissuade you from giving cats sexualities. rather, i just wanted to say i’m not the best blog to ask, and talk about why, and then i went on a tangent.
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mallowstep · 17 hours ago
I could totally see Fireheart not being clan born being a sort of Open Secret in Windclan (like, his clan knows but none of the other clans because Tallstar is just "MY SON" so none of the other clans question how this tall disaster gay man suddenly has a ginger son and assumes a queen might have passed) then Bluestar gets the prophecy and is just "Shit, Firepaw adores his dad how would I convince him to defect?????"
I have NOT stopped thinking about this ask for 2 days
Tumblr media
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mallowstep · 18 hours ago
the joke is really on me know considering chapter two is nearing 7k words
so i’ve been trying to write longer fic
you know, my average chapter length is going way up
(which fun fact: other than two of my early pieces, i try to not post work < 1k words)
and now that’s coming back to bite me because i was serious about the chapters for ibtwicm…they’re actually 3.5k+ words
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mallowstep · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thunderclan’s medicine cat den belongs to the gays
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