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#im DYING scoob

Ya know I’ve been working hard and saving money so what when the eva movie came out I could go watch it in theaters in Japan but there’s no way tourism will be allowed as early as January 😭😭

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i just wanted to shower and when i opened the shower curtain to turn the water on i saw a bit of dirt or something and my worry was that it was a bug but the i looked at the other end of the shower and saw a FUCKING MOUSE.

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So back when my wisdom teeth erupted i couldnt e*t regularly for like a month and it really affected my w**ght and then when after a year i started buliding it back but then i started my meds and it affected my appetite so bad i dropped AGAIN and i FINALLY reached my w**ght before this whole thing started and now that my choices are limited to Soup and Mush im just. I CANT its ANNOYING AND I HATE IT

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I’m glad I got braces older bc ik child me wouldn’t have been able to handle it on top of all the shit in her life but ugh

Big Ouch

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@invernc needs a little luck from the Ebis 🍀

Outside in the cold, Clover stands at a distance from the helipads and he waits the arrival of Winter’s airship, her including. He has his scroll open and he’s busy going over a few files before closing the scroll when he hears the engine overhead. Clover prepares, straightening his spine for his superior and he holds his hands behind his back, salute at the ready as Winter exits the ship. 

“Oh! It’s the Winter Maiden!” 

Clover shoots a look down beside him and low and behold, there is Moxy. She stands with Clover all bundled up against the cold and she has her favorite picture book in her arms. Four Maidens is the title of the book and Clover hears Winter approaching, her heels loud against the pavement. The Ace Op captain prepares for an apology, but Moxy beats him to it. 

“You’re so pretty, Miss Winter Maiden.”

 Moxy reaches for Clover’s hand to hold, turning a little timid when Winter looks at her. 

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The Borgias Promo Posters Ranked By How Much No One Wants Juan To Be There

Note: I am doing this as if the characters have a say, rather than graphic designers


A pretty normal (by Borgia standards) family portrait. He’s roughly where his siblings are in terms of hierarchy, at dad’s right hand. The little one looks a bit disappointed by his presence, but otherwise OK


No one is looking at each other here, but he’s solidly too far to the edge of the screen. No one in-photo is acknowledging this. Except Juan, who looks sad.


Not only has Juan gained his most rat-looking appearance, he’s even FURTHER to the side here. We’ve lost Giulia here, so it’s really down to the sibs, but we can see the priorities. Also Lucrezia’s and Cesare’s outfits are quickly becoming cursed for the sake of horniness.


Alright, Lucrezia’s in a prom dress, but the REAL ISSUE AT HAND is that Juan is now being flat-out rejected by his siblings. This is completely mutual, and they manage to both be shoving him and smug while completely failing to acknowledge his existence. Not even dad will come to his defense.


And finally; all the elder Borgia siblings, Cesare, Lucrezia and *looks at smudged writing on hand* Gone. Lucrezia and Cesare’s outfits have both also reached Peak Horny and no longer resemble anything in-universe. The world is thrown out of balance. The family has lost its rat.

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does anyone have any recommendations as to where i could get men’s/masculine clothes as someone who is like. on the curvier side

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