#we already got over this crush
awstenknyght · 8 days ago
i’m having a gay panic all over again
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my dad is a selfish fucking asshole
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don’t ask me how but i went from making one of my ocs in 20 different picrews to “lol what if Fives was in love with Zuli” and now. take a guess
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since we’re into the woods posting, i was in my high school’s production of into the woods eight years ago
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back from my first day of class 
Tumblr media
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@cry-beeby​ replied to your photoset: Touma’s Big Gay Tai Panel
sjdksjdkdjd not to show up late to the game but Fuck Yeah Hell Yeah Damn Right Fuckin Right
the bit immediately following when he like rubs his mouth/the back of his head. god damn kaito how you walk around town w that fatass brain
ghggkdoGOD I KNOw that whole sequence.................
similarly when touma gives tai his bday present & tai says he loves it w/ a big ass smile & them big ol’ eyes & touma has to Take A Moment
Tumblr media Tumblr media
cryin in the club
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Blackout story time lmao
#so today was....interesting...to say the lesg #it was my neph bday party & i already fucked up by taking sleeping pills instead of my vitamins so i crashed out for majority of the party #then as i awoke we sang happy bday and his family left but my brothers friends stayed #they then aquired alcohol...to before i chugged some NASTY whiskey for kicks #but they showed up and I took 6ish shots of mallibu and a bit of my brothers beer here and there #i then thot oh i should lay down #i did and one of my brothers friends was just leaving and called me cool so that was niiice #then next thing i knew i told my friend des i was gonna vom then i did #alll over their living room floor #then i was walked over to my friend rys bathroom and began to vom some more while contiuosly apologizing #that was until i felt so shitty i started moaning like a mother fucker #it was nice that i deadass onky knew 2 out of the 4 people taking care of me #i had just met the other two a couple hours before hand... #then at some point they all carried my fat ass to the couch and the first thing i said was I want my mom ofc #but soon i got better and had a wholeass conversation with a long friend who i had trouble getting close to #while also learning some new info on my crush #anyways i spoke to the other homies a bit more and still apologizing lmao #and one of em fed me string cheese and that was also very niiice #then like 5min after they left i threw up again and my homie ry had to hold back my hair and pat me on the back #again very nice and he left his door open for me cuz he be nice #then i fell alseep for like two hours ish? #and uh...here we is #time in vegas #satan speaks
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current mood: sad and disappointed
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As long as I continue to take my meds and abide by a strict eating/sleep schedule, I can actually see a reduction in the number of migraines I get per week! That shouldn't be too hard to keep up!
The end of daylight savings time, rounding the corner with a baseball bat: Yeah, so. About that...
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Oh No
#vent-channel #i cried for the first time in class today! not fun! #we're making rockets in class and it was going alright....... today was the last day to finish them and my partner n i were doing good... #until i put a little too much pressure on it and it kinda. exploded. #the fins literally blew off #i almost hit someone in the face no joke #but it was alright! it was ok! we glued them back on! if i wasn;t already having a bad day i would have probably ben fine! #but no......... i did it again.......... it completely fell apart again........ #at this point i was about to run out of the room screaming. it was bad i'm glad none of you are irls because it was. yikes. #anyway i just feel so bad!! bc i'm supposed to be the smart kid in that class and i'm not supposed to fuck anything over ever!! but i did!! #and it got even worse once my partner literally went 'ah man for once i thought something like this was going to go smooth' and like??????? #that just made me feel ten times worse. like i know it wasn't meant to be like 'ah great als you screwed us over are you kidding me' but. #idk. i feel really bad about that. and i also feel really bad about feeling bad. yk? #like i kinda feel like i shouldn't be upset over this but at the same time it's just really frustrating to do that twice. and then realize- #-that i just crushed some kid's dream of getting a perfect grade on an assignment #which sounds like. not that big of a deal when you really stop and think about it but i've known that kid since elementary school and he's- #-never gotten anything higher than a b. and so i'm back to feeling like shit #i just feel like lately that there's so much i've been upset over!!!! i think i just need to chill the fuck out man!!!!!! #idk if it's because of the increased amount of social interaction i've been getting lately (that's a whole other can of worms) or what but- #-i've just about had it with myself!!!!!! *rattles my brain around like it's a maraca*
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Nothing will feel more right yet wrong than the fact that as I began listening to relaxing video game music, Zelda's Lullaby from OOT title screen came on and I immediately heard the start sound in my head.
Because I always zoomed through the title screen and never waited and listened on it.
#i thought it was hilarious #also oop up at 5:30 with acid reflux again #tired af #and woke up to a text from our roommate with a screenshot showing her crush with an abusive girlfriend had blocked her #it was probably at his abusive girlfriend's request but since he'd already tried to pretend he'd blocked roommate... #that's really concerning #btw she wanted roommate blocked because she didn't like the vibe she gave off #when she physically forces her boyfriend to smoke weed with her when she knows he doesn't like it #and we've seen holes punched in the wall of their apartment #which we've only been over to once cause she doesn't allow visitors #she doesn't have a job she doesn't contribute nor is she trying to at all #we know she's hit him before too #and yet this man is the sweetest man I've ever met #he doesn't deserve this #and he wouldn't even be able to go to the police or anything #because she's been claiming he's hit her to him and her friends #and he's black so he can't even fight back with the police or anything #he's been super sweet and trying to leave her better off than they got into the relationship #cause he's a good person and would do that for anyone #he knows what kind of situation he's in and is actively working to get out of it but kindly #we all believe his kindness is misplaced completely but it's not something he shouldn't do period #just the wrong person #sorry i ranted in the tags of this random post #it's just been bugging me #a lot #like this man is so sweet i never understood how anyone could do that to someone who cares so much about them #that even if they hate them they try to leave them with a home and a car despite being the only one working and who has any type of diploma #like if you hadn't been so insecure and hateful none of this would have happened #and y'all would still be happily dating #instead you're making him physically sick when he's even near you and destroying any chance of ever seeing him again
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no way home spoilers ahead!
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐲 𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐛 andrew!peter x avenger!reader | fluff
summary: imagine being tom!peter’s bestfriend while having a crush on andrew!peter. [witch!reader, fem!reader, mentions of smut (?)]
based off this request and this writing prompt.
This one has all Peters, so for less confusion,
pete - tom!peter.
peter - andrew!peter
ben - tobey!peter (cause its peter benjamin parker)
Tumblr media
“SLOW DOWN!” you yelled.
“No! It’s day three of Super Spidey Week!” Pete, your bestfriend, shrieked as he started swinging across the town even faster. You clung onto him with fear written over your face.
Super Spidey Week — otherwise known as a weeklong break for the three Peter Parkers — was something they did every three months. They meet up in a particular Earth, and take a much needed break from fighting monsters and instead catch up on each other’s lives. It was exclusive to the three of them. 
Well, the three of them and you. Pete never had any fun without you, which was part of the Bestfriend Pact you made in third grade. If he knew the real reason you went along with him, he would freak out.
When he finally reached his apartment, you saw the oldest Peter already sitting inside. While the otherworldly Spiderman had nothing to do the entire day, Pete and you were just back from the university.
“Ben!” Pete laughed as if he hadn’t seen him yesterday. They gave each other a quick hug. 
All three Peters sharing the same name got more confusing as time went on, so it was your idea to give each of them a unique name. 
The youngest one was Pete, the oldest was Ben (named after his middle name) and the second-youngest one was Peter. At first, everyone struggled to address each other, but now it was practically second nature.
“How was college?” Ben asked, eyes darting from you to Pete.
“Would have been better if this guy wasn’t irritating me all day about the movie marathon,” you informed, sitting down on the couch.
“You chose this when you decided to go to the same university as me,” Pete said, opening his refrigerator to get the popcorn out. “I get to annoy you all the time. Part of the—”
“Bestfriend Pact, I know,” you interrupted, rolling your eyes. “Where’s Peter?”
As if answering you, there was a sudden crash as someone slid inside through the open window. He straightened up, took off his mask, and raised a reluctant thumbs-up. “I’m okay!”
You bit back a smile. Ben raised his eyebrow, and you quickly looked away. You hated how the oldest Peter was so intuitive. You knew you had a soft spot for the Peter lying on the floor, but no one else was supposed to know that. If Ben told Pete how his bestfriend likes his brother, he’d explode.
“Went outside to do some sight-seeing,” Peter said, standing up. “Everything’s as beautiful as ever.”
“One more second and you would have been late to the movie marathon,” Pete scolded, though his words were mostly excited. “We’re starting off with Star Wars, the greatest movie of its time.”
You groaned. “Can’t we watch something that’s not so ancient?”
“Do not insult the movie!” Pete gasped, throwing a handful of popcorn to your face.
You snapped your fingers and they disintegrated into dust even before coming near you. 
“Show off,” he muttered, then took the remote to turn up the volume. Ben sat down beside him, while Peter plopped down on the couch near you. 
You instantly froze as he leaned over you to get the popcorn, and you gritted your teeth in irritation when you saw his smug smile.
That dummy knew exactly what he was doing.
Watching the movie was a difficult process when there was a very cute guy sitting close to you who knew the effect he had on you. He was trying to see when you’d storm away or give up altogether and excuse yourself from the movie. 
He tried to achieve this through the most subtle movements — hands lingering a bit too much on yours when you passed him snacks, unconsciously placing his head on your shoulder at the boring scenes, and so on.
You didn’t feel flustered too much, but you wanted the butterflies in your stomach to calm the hell down. You contemplated using your magic to speed up the movie.
At one point, he even leaned in, and just when you thought he’ll say something seductive that’ll break you down, he instead said, “This movie is dumb.”
You glared at him and decided to murder him afterwards.
When it was finally over, Pete stood up, stretching his hands. “Ten minute break before the next movie!”
Ben excused himself to the bathroom, and Peter went outside to supposedly get some fresh air. Pete slid next to you and smiled. “C’mon, cheer up! I swear the next one gets more interesting.”
“I hardly doubt that,” you muttered.
“It’s not like I’m keeping you prisoner,” he said swiftly, feeling a bit bad for not asking you before picking the movie. “You’re staying because it’s fun! For me! …Y/N?”
You were suddenly interested in your hands. 
“You’re staying here because of me....right?” he asked, squinting his eyes.
“Of course I am!” you said quickly, laughing awkwardly.
The door opened and Peter walked back in. 
Pete noticed how your eyes brightened up. He looked at you and then at Peter, then back at you again before gasping dramatically.
“You like Peter!” he whispered, his words daggers to your ears.
“I do not!”
“Yes, you do! Oh my god, that’s my brother—”
“Technically he’s not your brother.”
“Oh my god!” He repeated, standing up like the couch was lava. 
Peter, the man in question, hasn’t heard any of this and was talking with Ben, who had also returned by now. You didn’t know what they were talking about, but you were glad that their attention was diverted.
“It’s not a big deal!” you hissed, grabbing Pete’s sleeves and pulling him down. 
“So you admit—”
“Hey guys, everything okay?” Ben asked, joining the conversation.
“Just wonderful,” you reply was strained, and you glared at Pete warningly.
“Oh before I forget,” Peter said, taking out something from his pocket. “Here’s your watch, you left it in the hotel yesterday.”
“Oh,” Ben connected the dots, looking surprised despite already having guessed it.
You blinked, then put your face in your hands, screaming internally. Pete, who just understood what he said, almost passed out from shock.
“YOU DOOFUS!” you yelled, locking the door of the bathroom. “Why the hell did you do that?”
Peter started stammering. “I forgot! I know how much that watch is precious to you—”
“You forgot? You couldn’t keep it a secret from the one person in the entire universe who shouldn’t have known about it?” you asked angrily. 
“I did! The watch—”
He raised his hands up in surrender. “Fine, fine! I wanted him to know about us, alright? I’m not sorry.”
He hesitated. “What was the one condition I had when we started dating?”
You rolled your eyes. “You had a lot of conditions, you literally made me a list.”
“Yes, what was the first one?”
“Didn’t read it. Burned it up the moment you turned away.”
Peter frowned. “Well if you read it, you’d know it said ‘no swinging with other Spidermen.’”
“Say what now?” you laughed.
“Ben told me you were swinging with Pete earlier, and it made me annoyed,” he huffed like an angry puppy. 
You stared at him without responding.
“Now that I say it out loud, I see how ridiculous it sounds,” he admitted, rubbing the back of his neck. “I was just jealous, I don’t know.”
You blinked. “Jealous of what? The money I saved from not taking a taxi?”
“You only swing with your significant others, it’s a spider rule!!”
“That’s not a real thing—”
“It totally is. Have you seen me swinging with someone else? No!” He said defensively, then sighed. “Okay look, I’m hardly here most of the time and Pete is your best friend, meaning you already love him. And he’s literally me in this earth. So I thought you might have a crush on him sooner or later.”
You folded your hands. You noticed his nervousness, so you tried to not sound too unkind. “What in the world made you think that?”
“Maybe because you have horrible taste in men!”
“I’m dating you!”
“Exactly, horrible taste!” 
“Oi!” Ben’s voice came from the living room. “What did I say about negative self-talk?”
“Yes, I’m amazing, blah, blah,” Peter replied loudly.
“You have super-hearing?” you asked, opening the door and walking to Ben.
“No?” he answered. “You were very loud. I don’t think the door was soundproof either.”
You sighed, turning to Pete. He was sitting in the couch, blank-faced and still in shock, as if regretting all his choices in life.
“I’m sorry, okay? I should have told you. I didn’t, that’s on me. I’m a shitty friend.”
“I’m just...very confused,” he admitted, looking up. “How long has this been going on?”
“Since the first Spidey Week,” Peter confessed, coming by your side. “She usually sneaks away by saying it’s a project. Hotels give us couples’ discount by now.”
Pete’s mouth fell open.
“Atleast it wasn’t in this apartment, right?” Ben laughed, trying to lighten the mood.
You winced.
“Right?” Pete repeated.
“One day you were out fighting some monsters and Ben was late so—”
“Y/N L/N, I’m going to kill you,” Pete yelled, then started chasing you around the apartment.
Within ten minutes, the couch was up in flames, the glass cupboard was broken, and the room was filled with webs.
“You’re doing amazing sweetie!” Peter exclaimed, taking pictures with his phone.
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seventven · 11 days ago
prompt: “it all screams recipe for disaster, don’t you think?”
concept: your dad’s best friend bucky knows you have a crush on him. your parents invite him to join your family for the annual winter vacation.
pairing: dbf!bucky x reader
word count: 2.2k+
warnings: age gap [reader is around 22 & bucky is 39]; maddening levels of self restraint; mentions of smutty smut; my conceptualisation of dbf bucky is so cheeky and flirty i love him; this is so... domestic(?)
a/n: the whore (me) is back again with another age gap fic 
Tumblr media
It was meant to be a strictly family affair. It always had been. 
But when Y/N’s parents gave her the details of their upcoming annual winter vacation, they somehow failed to mention that the plan had changed this year. Somehow, the “strictly family only” policy didn’t apply to her dad’s best friend. 
When they arrived at her parents’ lakeside vacation home - a small wooden cabin surrounded by spruce trees and snow as far as the eye could see - Bucky was already unpacking his stuff in the guest bedroom downstairs. He was wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and a grin, and Y/N could have sworn her heart stopped beating when she saw him. 
“Did we not mention he was coming?” Y/N’s dad was all smiles as he set some luggage down by the front door. He seemed surprised the detail had slipped his mind, but he was quick to shrug it off, grinning when Bucky enveloped him in a warm and friendly hug. 
“Buck’s joining us for a few days, sweetheart. Hope that’s not a problem.”
There was a problem, though. And the problem was that Y/N had been crushing on the guy for months, and what made things even worse was that he damn well knew about it, too. Staying under the same roof as him over the holidays was nothing short of torture, and every time he’d catch her looking at him, desperately trying not to appear as smitten as she felt, Y/N could feel her nerves making her hands shake.
Not that Bucky paid her any real attention at all. Oh no. He would never even consider laying a finger on his best friend’s daughter. Y/N was off limits, that was that. 
Unlucky for her, however, Bucky’s maddening level of self control didn’t seem to stop him from thinking her crush on him was a brilliant source of entertainment. In fact, the guy just couldn’t seem to stop himself from taunting her about her little crush and it seemed he got some fucked up thrill out of the whole thing. He pushed it just enough to rile her up but never did anything that could actually get him into trouble.
Whether it was a cheeky wink when he caught her staring, or the countless times he’d use little pet names which made her feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside; whatever Bucky did would look like nothing more than some friendly banter to an onlooker. 
It was the second evening of their vacation when his games began again. 
The logs crackled and split in the warm orange glow of the fire that consumed them, the twinkling lights of the almost-dressed Christmas tree illuminating the family photos hanging from the walls in wooden frames. Y/N’s parents sat on the sofa, laughing at some joke of her father’s, glasses of eggnog held firmly in their hands. 
Y/N was working away on dressing the tree, countless boxes of decorations littering the floor, baubles and tinsel scattered all over the rug and coffee table. She was deep in thought, humming some tune mindlessly under her nose when she bent over to grab the star shaped ornament for the top of the tree.
She stood on the tips of her toes, tongue darting out in concentration as she attempted to place the ornament in its rightful spot. It was no use; she wasn’t tall enough.
Suddenly, there was someone behind her; a towering frame approaching, a firm chest coming into contact with her back. 
“Can’t reach, toots?” Bucky asked, and when Y/N looked at him over her shoulder, he had an amused smile across his lips. “Here, let me.”
It was a friendly offer; nothing more, nothing less. Y/N’s dad didn’t even bat an eye at the exchange, only smiled at Bucky’s helpfulness and returned back to the conversation with Y/N’s mother. The younger girl could already feel her heart speeding up and when Bucky took the ornament from her hand and reached over to place it on the tree, Y/N felt it skip a beat. 
“Thanks, Buck,” she managed weakly, waiting for him to retreat now that the task was done. To her surprise, Bucky remained standing exactly where he was, hands on her hips, the whole thing way more intimate than it had any right to be. 
Y/N felt her teeth sink into her lip in nothing but nerves and anticipation. Then, Bucky dipped his head lower and brought his lips closer to her ear. 
“You know, Y/N,” he began, the little laugh that escaped him sending a shiver right down her spine. “That little skirt of yours leaves very little to the imagination. Your daddy okay with you dressing like that?”
Y/N turned her head to look at him. Her lips parted as she attempted to think of something witty to say; some comeback that would make her appear more cool and composed than she felt. Unlucky for Y/N, all she managed was a weak, “What’s it to you?”
Bucky smiled, enjoying the nervous, shy reaction he had provoked. 
“I just couldn’t help but notice the way you’ve been dangling yourself in front of me since we arrived. Are you purposely trying to tempt me?”
Y/N swallowed thickly, feeling the closest she had ever felt to a deer in headlights.
“Me?” She tried her hardest to sound shocked. “Never.” 
“It’s cute,” he admitted with a laugh, giving her hip a little squeeze and bringing his lips closer to her ear. Cute was the last word she wanted him to use. Cute was silly; cute was reserved for children.
“I might be a little old for you, sugar. Don’t you think?”
He walked away without waiting for a response, smiling as he sauntered over to the sofa to join Y/N’s parents in conversation. The younger girl was left standing there, feeling beyond flustered as she attempted to turn her attention back to decorating the tree and wiling her hands to stop shaking.
All in all, the level of pleasure Bucky seemed to take from watching her cheeks flush was beyond infuriating. And despite the fact that Y/N had already dated guys close in age to Bucky, her dad’s best friend made her feel like a helpless little girl. The whole thing was just so damn taboo, and the truth was, Y/N was pretty much powerless to do anything about her feelings. If Bucky was anyone else, Y/N would have had two options of dealing with what she felt. 
Number one was to just get away. Unfortunate for Y/N, however, when the temperatures dropped and the snow picked up, all flights were cancelled so even if she tried, getting home wasn’t an option. She was stuck in this forsaken cabin with him and her parents at least for another couple of days.
Her other option would have been to get him out of her system. Like most girls her age, Y/N knew that the best way to stop wanting something was to well and truly indulge in it. It worked in the past; the flings she had when she was at university being a testament to that. But with Bucky being her dad’s best friend, getting him out of her system wasn’t really an option. Indulging in her cravings for him wasn’t on the table, even if there was a moment when Y/N thought there might have been a chance. 
It was Christmas Eve and they had all gone out for dinner. When it was done, Y/N and her mother returned home, but her dad and Bucky chose to head to a local bar which served pretzels, horrible live Christmas music and way too many drinks. 
It must have been past midnight and Y/N’s mother was already fast asleep when the front door flew open, ripping the expensive wreath from its surface and blowing snow inside. 
Bucky was practically dragging Y/N’s father into the cabin; the amount of alcohol they had both consumed almost knocking the older guy out. Bucky was laughing and calling his friend an idiot as he helped him up the stairs and Y/N could only roll her eyes and turn her attention back to the hot chocolate she was making. 
It was another ten minutes or so before she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. They were less clumsy than the ones she had heard previously and when Bucky appeared in the kitchen, Y/N muttered a greeting.
“Your dad’s a lightweight,” he stated, shaking his head in amused disbelief before going to grab a bottle of beer from the fridge.
Y/N noticed just how drunk Bucky really was. His cheeks were flushed red, his eyes gleaming with intoxication and his grey t-shirt appeared soaked on his left shoulder. When Bucky noticed her staring at the wet patch, he laughed.
“Your dad threw a snowball at me.”
Y/N turned back to her hot chocolate.
“You guys are so juvenile.”
Bucky grinned from ear to ear, but Y/N noticed the look in his eyes. He hadn’t even opened his mouth yet but Y/N knew that whatever came next would be a taunt aimed at embarrassing her again. She could practically see the cogs turning in his head.
“Us, juvenile?” Bucky almost seemed offended, placing a hand over his heart and feigning being hurt. “Sorry, sweets, but isn’t it you who’s crushing on your daddy’s friend? If anyone here is juvenile, I’d say it’s you.”
Y/N’s stomach dropped and for a moment she felt like she had been slapped. This was mockery at its peak and she felt so embarrassed she couldn’t even lift her gaze to meet his own. Heart hammering wildly inside her chest, Y/N decided the best course of action was to just remove herself from the situation. 
Clenching her jaw, Y/N turned to leave.
“No, don’t be like that. I’m only joking!” Bucky was laughing, totally and completely amused by her reaction and how angry she was becoming. He lifted his arms up in surrender. 
“I’m tired of you making fun of me, Buck.”
He placed his beer down onto the counter and took a step closer.
“I promise I’m not making fun of you. I find this whole thing...” He paused, looking for the right word, and Y/N couldn’t help but cross her arms over her chest and raise her brow expectantly. 
“... Endearing.”
“Endearing? Wow, Bucky.” Her tone dripped with sarcasm, the frustrated roll of her eyes only further signalling her exasperation.
“Is there something wrong with the word endearing?”
“It’s patronising. It’s belittling. You think it’s hilarious that your best friend’s daughter has a crush on you.”
“So, you do have a crush on me?”
The satisfied smile that took over his features made Y/N want to hit him across the head. He was truly infuriating, and the amount of pleasure he took from this whole thing was slowly driving her nuts. 
He continued. “It’s very flattering, I must say...”
“But like you said, Y/N. You’re my best bud’s daughter. Nothing can happen here.”
Y/N could only sigh.
“I agree. Nothing can happen,” she said, nodding her head. “So, why do you have to make everything so difficult? Why can’t you just act civil.”
Bucky narrowed his eyes and thought about it for a long moment. Finally, after a long pause, Bucky’s lips curled up into a grin and it was then Y/N finally realised that he wasn’t drunk. 
No, Bucky was plastered.
“I’ll let you in on a little secret, sugar.”
He stepped closer but Y/N stood her ground and waited for him to just spit it out. 
He looked around, almost as if to check no one was listening in on their conversation and dipped his head towards her, lowering his voice to something barely above a whisper.
“I really enjoy how worked up you get over me.”
Y/N grimaced. 
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t act coy, Y/N. You and I both know what goes on in that little head of yours. Not that I’m much different, if I’m being honest.”
“You really are drunk.”
Bucky laughed, shrugging his shoulders innocently and reaching over to place his index finger under Y/N’s chin. He tilted it just slightly, forcing her to look him in the eyes.
“Yeah, don’t tell your dad I said any of this shit.”
Y/N giggled, feeling a strange sense of relief at the outcome of this conversation. 
When Bucky dropped his hand, Y/N pretended to lock her lips with an imaginary key.
“My lips are sealed.”
“Good. I won’t tell your dad about the vile things that go through your head, either.”
She shoved him playfully by the shoulder. Y/N was feeling giddy and she wondered what this conversation meant for the atmosphere between them in the light of day.
Y/N didn’t know if it was the adrenaline coursing through her veins or just the sheer excitement, but suddenly, she was beginning to feel a lot braver around the man before her.
“I might just ditch my hot chocolate for something stronger. We could maybe watch a movie?”
“What, in your room?” Bucky could read right through her. “It all screams recipe for disaster, don’t you think?”
Y/N bit her lip.
“I won’t tell if you don’t.”
“Don’t test me.” Despite the curt answer to her proposition, the smile on Bucky’s face remained. “Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna head to bed before I do something both of us will regret.”
Y/N bit back a smile and stayed silent when Bucky turned towards the door. Sending her one last knowing look, he left the kitchen and disappeared into the hallway.
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clanwarrior-tumbly · a month ago
Since security breach is able to be written for may I kindly request
Headcanons for a reader tryna help comfort Roxanne, Monty, Glamrock Chica, and Sundrop cuz like... They need emotional support and I wanna give them that lmao
- Salt Anon
Oh for sure. This got long so beware of spoilers!
The wolf was usually so confident in herself. Never letting anything get her down.
But during a boy's birthday party (which you supervised), she was heartbroken when he demanded Foxy the Pirate, not some "weird girly dog".
You tried fixing the situation, but this spoiled brat said he'll only like Roxanne after she "loses an eye and an arm" first. Even the parents made some rude remarks about her and asked about the "original gang".
In anger you kicked them all out of the mall before going to look for Roxanne. She was back in her room, crying with oily mascara running down her face.
You reassure her that family is permanently banned, but she admits that it wasn't their insults that hurt her. But the reminder that she's a replacement of Foxy--a haunting fact she's known ever since her activation.
You had no clue she knew that all this time. But now it makes sense. She's been torturing herself trying to be that popular lovable old fox and live up to all these expectations she put on herself...and it's just not working in her favor.
Even if nobody outright says it, she's certain they all want Foxy, and to know she'll never be like him crushed her spirits.
She just sobs into her hands after finally spilling everything to you. "I-I can't be him, Officer [Y/n]. I want to be him, but...I can't!!"
"You don't have to be him, Roxanne. Nobody's forcing you to."
"Wh..What? But..th-that brat wanted-"
"Sooner or later he'll learn that he can't get everything he wants. You can't make every single child, or adult, happy."
"W-Well..obviously but.." She sits in her chair and stares at the mirror, watching you brush out her hair. "How do I stop feeling this way?"
"Just be yourself. Focus on those who love you. The kids who chant your name. The teens who buy your merch. They're the real fans. They don't want some rusty scary pirate, but a beautiful wolf who rocks the keytar."
Freddy did warn you about feeding into her ego, but this is what she needed to hear. And she stuck to your advice ever since.
The gator didn't know why he was so full of....anger all the time. Hell, a tiny scratch mark on his favorite glasses seemed to be a good reason to punch a nearby Mapbot.
So he didn't quite understand the need for those "No Monty" signs on the metal gates. Though he suddenly felt like defying every last one, especially in his pursuit of Gregory.
How dare they treat him, a rockstar, like he was an animal?!
But the one time he accidentally scratched you while you tried explaining why they were up...that was his wakeup call.
He carries you all the way to first aid and sets you down, looking over the injury.
Now that he's angry with himself for getting so angry and hurting you..you gotta stop him from repeating that same mistake.
Something was definitely off about his systems, especially with recent concerns of his aggressiveness towards guests and STAFF alike.
"Monty, what helps calm you down in your free time?" You ask while patching yourself up.
"What calms me down....?!!!!! Erm, probably..tuning my guitar?" He answers as he scratches his scales. "And reading about golf."
"Then how about we go do that in your room?"
"..it's a total wreck, though."
"I've already sent STAFF cleaning bots to take care of it."
"Ah jeez. You're pretty cool, Officer [Y/n]..thank you."
Your patience and understanding despite all that happened helps him calm down even in that moment.
Glamrock Chica
All of the trash she was eating made her feel absolutely sick.
But she couldn't stop herself, even though none of it satiated her.
It distracted her from socializing with her bandmates, and even you, one of her biggest fans (although you're human STAFF you enjoy her shows a lot).
She didn't want you to see her like this. But you inevitably did and all she could feel was shame and anger as she hurled the trash can towards a poor Wet Floor Bot before fleeing.
You made a Security Bot call her back to you by force and she braces for another scolding, like Vanessa always did, calling her actions "disgusting" and "unsanitary".
Instead you just take her to the virtual pizza-making system and have a Pizzabot craft a proper meal for you both to share.
She ends up devouring it all, but you don't mind. After that she feels guilty for lashing out, and you suggest having a look at her systems to figure out why she had this strange hunger.
"If I had to guess, it could be stress."
"Wait..I've been eating nonstop because I'm stressed?" This new info seemed to be eye-opening for her. "Is that actually a thing??"
"Yeah, but we humans typically don't go around eating garbage when we're stressed. It's not good for us nor you."
"But it doesn't make me sick."
"Maybe not physically, but I know up here it does." You tapped the side of your head, and at that point Chica finally admits she has a problem. But she's willing to work it out with you.
All you wanted to do was test the functionality of the generators in the event of a blackout.
But Sun wouldn't let you near that light switch, having a full blown panic attack (on top of him tripping over the stacked cans and needing to immediately clean them up).
He's acting like the same toddlers he's taken care of, screaming and flailing about while he tries tossing a handful of googly eyes at you as a diversion.
Thank god all the kids went home. Or else they'd either be joining in the chaos or absolutely terrified (again).
"KEEP THE LIGHTS ON!!! ON!!! ON!!!! I BEG YOU!!" His voice sounds shaky, as if he's crying, and you couldn't understand why he was suddenly acting this way.
"Sunny..it's only for a few minutes. Are you scared of turning into Moon?"
His head shakes frantically as he rambles on and on. "He's no good [y/n]!! I dread the night cycle now! Every time I become him..I feel like I....I...." He abruptly sits on the colorful mat, and you join him, hoping to calm him down.
When you encourage him to continue talking, he finishes by saying that, as Moon, he feels like hurting the children who aren't resting. As if they deserve some cruel punishment for it.
He doesn't want to be around you when the lights are off, fearing he'll hurt you, too.
Since Mega Pizzaplex was closed, you were able to take Sun out of there and to your lit office, where he stayed while you tested the generators.
Upon returning you found him curled up in your chair, hugging a plushie of himself and smiling, finally calm again.
Maybe you can troubleshoot Moon's AI somehow, though it'll take a bit of convincing on Sun's part since he's wary of being repaired.
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kookskiii · 17 days ago
[2:27am] | na jaemin
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
24th nct member au
summary: in which a normal sleepover with your best friend takes a big turn once he wakes you up
warnings: smut, fluff, somno ig? (he rubs his dick against her while she’s sleeping) , unprotected sex, that’s it i think? disgusting fluff at the end i’m sorry-
pairing: bestfriend!na jaemin x reader
wordcount: 2.7k
sequel can be found here
every week at least once you and jaemin would have a sleepover together. it was just something that the two of you had done ever since you were trainees. finding comfort in each other so both of you loved sleeping in the others presence.
after a long night of laughing, talking and doing childish things, jaemin and you decided to go to sleep, having to attend practice the next day which you could not miss.
while you were dozing off already, jaemin was struggling; he was horny and your butt pressing against his crotch didn't help. after the two of you once had sex after a party, he couldn't stop thinking about how good you felt and how you tasted. he knew that it was probably only a one time thing but he couldn't help but to want to do it again, he just felt so attracted to you. he had been jerking off to the thought of you since forever, but now after that night it was getting more and more.
right when he wanted to ignore the feeling in his stomach you moved, wiggling your body and pretty much grinding against him, a little groan escaping his mouth as you were now closer to him, holding his hand that was wrapped around your waist and god he felt so bad for thinking about you in this way.
before he could think anymore his body did it’s own thing as he snuzzled his face in your neck, breathing in your intoxicating scent as his hips started to roll against you, his boner growing as each second passed. “y/n” he tried to call out your name but it came out more like a pathetic moan while his grip around your waist got back tighter.
before he could think anymore his body did it’s own thing as he snuzzled his face in your neck, breathing in your intoxicating scent as his hips started to roll against you, his boner growing as each second passed. “y/n” he tried to call out your name but it came out more like a pathetic moan while his grip around your waist got back tighter.
“y/n” he said again a little bit louder, breath fanning your ear as his eyes were squeezed shut, trying to stop himself from grinding agaisnt you again. “mhm?” you hummed still half asleep “i need you” he breathed out, nipping on the skin of your neck and you bummed again, trying to get more clear in mind and understand what he wants.
you moved a little as you slowly came to consciousness when a low moan escaped the boys throat. you stilled your movements, blinking a few times as jaemin had his eyes closed shut behind you. “are you seriously hard right now?” you asked, about to turn around but his strong grip around you stopped you.
"please, i need you y/n" he groaned into your ear, sending shivers down your spine as your mind was still foggy from sleep. "nana it's late-" "i'm so hard it hurts", he whined, rolling his hips once more so you could clearly feel the hardness, you had to bite down your lip hard to not moan out "we have practice tomorrow" "i'll be quick, please? please please please, pretty please?"
tryign to sound as annoyed as possible you sighed a "fine" and as soon as you said that he flipped you over on your tummy, swinging his leg over you, pretty much laying on you but still steadying his body on his for arms to not crush you.
you bit your lip hard as he started rutting his crotch against your butt, you noticed that he must not be wearing anything under his sweats as it felt very close, groaning right into your ear as his face was still resting in your neck "feels so good" he groaned. the movement of him grinding down on you made you bounce up and down too, your core getting wetter as your clit was rubbing perfectly against your pyjama shorts.
you couldn't help but let out a little whine as his hips spee up once more before he stopped with a deep thrust, deep grunt leaving his mouth as his dick twitched against you, his cum leaking into his sweats which caused a warm feeling against you.
breathing heavily, his dick softened against you. he exhaled an exhausted "thank you" before pressing a longing peck to your cheek, rolling off of you with his chest rising up and down.
processing what just happened you blinked a few times before turning around so you were on your back too, pressing your thighs together you watched him with his eyes closed, the wet patch at the front of his grey sweats making you even more aroused as you thought about how you were the reason he just came in his pants.
"want some help?" he cheekily asked, making you roll your eyes but nod, and in only a second he was all over you again, hungrily kissing you with his thigh between yours, grinding it against you which made you moan into his mouth.
his hands quickly found their way in your shorts, pulling them down and revealing your dripping wet core without any other coverage, and even tho it was dark and he wasn't able to see you clearly, he groaned at the sight as his head moved in between your legs, not hesitating to eat you out like he had done once before already.
"nana i-" you moaned out, gripping his hair as he was already getting you close with almost doing nothing. "be quiet, it's late and you don't want anyone to walk in on us now do you?" he hissed, making you gasp and shake your head, holding your hand over your mouth and muffling your moans as jaemin went back to eating you out, soon getting you to an orgasm which left your thighs shaking. he really was a god with his mouth.
he massaged your thighs with his hands, easing them out as you continued to squirm as he rode your high out, tongue still swirling around your clit until you pushed his head away from your core just to pull him upwards in for a kiss. he hummed into your mouth, sharing your taste in his tongue with you.
he was quick in turning you to your side and spooning you once again, mouth attached to your neck as his hand took a grip of his dick and aligned it with your pussy, gliding through your wet folds a few times and coating it in the slickness before slowly but surely pushing into you, stretching you out perfectly.
"jaemin- ah!" you whimpered from the stretch and (kinda) overstimulation, you were still a little hoffe from sleeping so your body was sensitive to everything, adding to that you hadn't had sex in a longer while it was a little more of a sting as he pushed in all the way.
"you're doing so good, pretty" he shushed you softly, pressing soft kisses onto the side of your neck and against your cheek "good girl" he praised as soon as he was in you complelty, his arm easily wrapping around your waist which you took and opportunity to lock your hand with his.
"move please" you breathed out as you only took a few seconds to adjust, craving to reach a high once again. jaemin didn't need to be told twice and started to slowly but surely thrust in and out of you, you doing your best in keeping your leg open.
"s-so good nana" you shakily exhaled, eyes shut close as you were lost in pleasure. "yeah?" he breathed against your ear, bringing your hand that was interlocked with his down to grip under your own thigh, holding it wider apart "try to hold your leg open for me baby, alright?" you could only nod as his thrusts got slower but way deeper, hitting all the right spots.
his hand let go of yours, trusting you to keep it open before he brought two of his fingers up to his mouth to spit on them before bringing his hand around your hips, starting to apply pressure on your clit. with his thrusts never stopping and his fingers circling your clit perfectly, you were soon moaning his name out loud which made him already twitch inside you from how much it turned him on having you to himself like this, but as much as he loved it he had to press his hand, that was resting under your neck, over your mouth to muffle your sinful sounds.
"keep your leg up" he breathed into your ear as your leg started closing around him, you let out a whimper as you held it wider up again. his hips rutting into you and his finger circling your clit made you see stars, you've never had it in this position before and it was hitting just the right spots.
you gripped onto jaemins wrist and pressed his hand harder against your mouth, trying to silence the moans and whimpers that were leaving your throat as you were close to your orgasm. "mhm, are you gonna cum?" jaemin teasingly hummed into your ear, acting as if he wasn't about to burst in you any second "c-cum for me y/n, i want to feel you cum on me"
his words were your last straw and your orgasm hit harder than ever, the sleepiness you were feeling made everything feel more intense, your thighs were shaking and your abdomen twitching as your ears ringed, no sound escaping you except a hitched breath. jaemin came at the exact same moment as you, letting out a deep groan and doing his bet in keeping quiet as he buried his face in your shoulder blade, hips still grinding against you and riding out both your highs, his cum dripping down your thighs and his dick.
as soon as he had calmed down and was also sure you were (somehow) back on earth he took away his hand from your mouth and wrapped his other hand around your thigh, lifting it gently to carefully pull out of you, cooing in your ear as you whimpered from the movement. he didn't mind the mess between your legs and the sheets and gently turn you on your back, his hand instantly coming in contact with your face to carefully brush away some hair strands that were sticking on your face while looking down at you with a soft smile.
"you did so good, pretty" he whispered, making you blush and advert your eyes with a shy smile but he was quick in holding your chin and leaning down to gently kiss you, calming your still slightly lost mind. "let's clean up quickly and head back to sleep hm? we have practice tomorrow" you nodded at that, giggling "if i cant dance tomorrow you'll have to explain why" jaemin playfully rolled his eyes at that, chuckling before pecking your lips once again.
jaemin got up from your bed and smoothly picked you up bridal style, making you lay your head on his chest as he walked into the bathroom which was luckily right next to his , he sat you down onto the countertop and stood between your thighs after making sure the door was locked, it was pretty late , putting back a hair strand behind your ear as he spoke "do you want to take a quick shower or should we just clean up with a towel"
"let's take a quick shower, i'm all sweaty" "okay, let's go then" jaemin softly smiled, taking you off the counter and walking with you into the shower, you tying your hair in a messy bun on your way there.
jaemin turned on the water and pushed the head down so it was only falling onto your body's not your heads.
without exchanging many words, jaemin washed your body gently, using his loofa carefully on your skin, making sure not to do any harsh movements as you were a little sensitive everywhere, the scent of his body wash engulfing you made you smile softly.
when he was done washing you, you took the loofa out of his hand and put some more body wash on it before you now gently traced it over his body, him watching you with a smile as you were focused on washing his body. "you're so pretty" he softly spoke, making you stop your movements and blushing my look up at him, seeing his eyes fixated on your lips, like always.
he cupped your cheek and let his thumb glide over your swollen lips, softly smiling at you before leaning down and connecting your lips into a soft and slow kiss. it felt so intimate, your heart fluttering as he wrapped his free hand around your bare waist and pulled you flush agaisnt his naked body, skin to skin.
after softly kissing for some time, the warm water falling over both your bodies, you got out of the shower, jaemin wrapping both you and him into a fluffy towel before walking you back to his room, footsteps barely audible.
he changed into some fresh sweats as you sat on his bed that had already aired, a yawn escaping your mouth as your eyes caught glimpse of the clock on his shelf: 3:24am youd be so tired at practise tomorrow.
you took the hair tie out of your hair, letting it fall down on your exposed shoulders as you closed your eyes for a second before you opened them again when jaemins soft voice filled the silence "are you cold?" you nodded your head, having been shivering since you stepped out of the shower. he nodded at that and turned back around to his closet before walking over to you "unwrap the towel" he softly spoke as he bent down infront of you, pulling on of his hoodies over you naked body as soon as the towel left your body.
you sighed out in content as you enjoyed the feeling of his soft hoodie and scent on you. he helped you slip into a pair of his boxers before both of you laid under the covers, your body snuggling into his on instinct. you were laying face to face, arms wrapped around each other and feet entangled.
he held you tightly in his arms, looking at you with the most softest and sincerest eyes as you were already starting to doze off, at peace in his arms. you were close to falling asleep when your eyes opened on instinct as you felt him watching you. as soon as you opened your eyes you found him staring at you, his soft smile only widening when your eyes locked with his.
"what?" you asked in a whisper. he shook his head in answer "you're just so pretty" you closed you eyes at that, blushing like a child as you hid your face in his bare chest. he giggled at that, pinching your sides to get you to look up at him again. you shook your head, giggling as it started to tickle.
"come on, please look at me pretty, i want to see your face" he pouted, and you lifted your face to look back at him. "there you go" he chuckled, brushing the hair that had gotten into your face behind your ear. "you're prettier tho nana" you smiled as he widened his eyes in shock. "i-im pretty?"
"of course you are jaem! you're the prettiest" you giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck as he didn't move for a second before wrapping his arms around your waist, holding you onto him. "no, no one can be prettier than you" he stated, his hand carsssing the bare skin of your back underneath his hoodie that you were wearing as you pulled away from his neck, looking into his eyes.
"you think so?" you asked in a hushed whisper, jaemin nodding with a soft smile as he cupped your jaw once again, caressing the softness of your cheek "i don't only think so, i know it. you are the most prettiest and most beautiful human being to ever exist, i mean it"
you tested up a little at that, his words seemed so sincere. looking in his eyes that were shining as he looked at you with a soft smile, you couldn't help but press your lips on his again, making him smile even more as he pulled you closer if that was even possible. the kiss was soft and gentle, no rushing.
both of you, especially jaemin relishing the kiss and closeness you shared, as he knew that as soon as it was morning this was likely to ever happen again, so he tried his best to remember just the way your lips felt and tasted.
"let's go to sleep now hm?" he spoke against your lips when both of you had pulled away a little. you only nodded, smiling softly at him and he pecked your lips once more before both you got comfortable and snuggled close to each other, soon falling asleep in each other's arms, complelty at ease.
little did both of you know that this wouldn't be the last time you slept toegther~
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taeghi · 20 days ago
lee heeseung - the brother's best friend trope
Tumblr media
"what if he comes home early?" "then we're fucked, but at least we'll be fucked together."
summary : keeping your crush on heeseung a secret from heeseung was hard, but keeping it a secret from sunghoon was even harder. what do you do when you accidentally fall in love with your older brothers best friend?
you sneak around behind his back of course.
word count : 29,000 (how did i do that lol)
includes : severe angst, fluff and smut
read the other volumes?
taglist : @srirachibi @ryu-naa @blank-velvet @hoonstrology @person-standing @yuakagi @moasworld @rein-deer-stuffs @ily-cuz-i @lix-freckle3 @leeis @turnipsandflowerss @hoewithnojams @liliansun @melaninjhs @sunshine-skz @andromedawillburryyou (sorry if i forgot anyone, please reblog!!!)
being park sunghoon's little sister was difficult.
it was difficult already to have an older brother that annoys you every five seconds, but it was even more difficult because he just had to have hot friends.
hot friends that sunghoon made sure knew that you were completely off limits.
when sunghoon entered high school, he was immediately somehow made popular and quickly made a small friend group with the other popular boys in his grade; jay park and jake shim. another boy, who was a year older than sunghoon also hung out with them quite frequently; lee heeseung.
though you were only a year younger than sunghoon, he treated you like you were five years old. your friends thought that it was sweet that sunghoon was so protective of you- but you thought the complete opposite about it. since he treated you like a baby- that meant his friends treated you like a baby.
sunghoon's friends knew that if he ever caught them even glancing at you for more than a mere second, they would get reprimanded by sunghoon in an instant. sometimes they even thought that sunghoon was a little too protective of you, but then again sunghoon knows how his friends think and how they treat girls. he doesn't want you to get your heartbroken like the thousand other girls that have been played by them.
the first time you ever saw lee heeseung was when you were just starting year 8 at your school. sunghoon had brought home heeseung one day after school so they could play some video games together. heeseung was in year 10 at the time, and he was just starting to grow into his features. that didn't stop you from almost physically drooling over him when he first stepped foot into your kitchen.
you remember your mother introducing herself to heeseung, smiling at him and welcoming them into your home, but what she said exactly is all a blur because you were so in shock about how and why this hot guy was friends with your brother.
"that's y/n, but you don't have to talk to her she's pretty annoying." sunghoon's voice got you out of your drooling session. sunghoon pointed his thumb over his shoulder at you before going into the fridge to get him and heeseung a drink before they head up to his room.
"hi, y/n." heeseung said softly with a smile as he stood at the table beside you, waiting for your brother.
"hi." you forced yourself to say, surprising yourself when it came out in a normal tone.
"okay, my room's this way, i'll show you my games and we can play whatever one you want." sunghoon shrugged, leading heeseung up the stairs. "oh and y/n," sunghoon stopped and called to you from the middle of the staircase, making heeseung turn back around to look at you, "don't bug us, seriously, i mean it."
"wha- i won't!" your jaw dropped out of embarrassment and ridicule, "why would i wanna go into your musty room anyways." you rolled your eyes, turning your body away so they wouldn't see the flash of pink on your cheeks from the humiliation.
"shut up, it is not musty." sunghoon grumbled, turning again to head upstairs, you heard a soft chuckle from heeseung as he also turned around and followed your brother up the stairs.
after that day, you saw heeseung at your house a couple of times per month, along with jay and jake. they quickly turned into regular guests at your house, walking into your residence without even knocking by the end of the school year. your parents had started acting like they had just randomly gained three extra sons.
at first, whenever you were around jay or jake, you could sense that they were a bit reluctant to talk to you. you figured that it was just because you were younger than them. there would be times when jay and you would be cracking jokes in the living room whilst he waited for your brother to finish getting ready, and as soon as he heard sunghoon come down the stairs, jay would back away from you and act as if he didn't know anything about you.
jake didn't really care if sunghoon saw him smile at you, or even just acknowlege your presence. though, you could tell sunghoon got a bit annoyed when he saw jake interacting with you. still, jake would never be caught dead being alone in a room with you, just incase sunghoon decided to end their friendship then and there because of it.
heeseung, on the other hand, the one that was the most introverted out of all them, did not care about sunghoon's stupid over protectiveness of you. heeseung always made sure to say hi to you, to open the door for you when you all started walking to high school together. he didn't care about what sunghoon said or thought because heeseung knew how much sunghoon trusted and adored him. sure, it was annoying seeing his best friend talking to his little sister, but not as annoying as seeing jay or jake talk to her.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
sunghoon and his friends loved to party.
usually, the party would happen at your house since your parents frequently liked to go away on weekends- whether it was work related or if htey just needed a little get away.
during your first year in high school, sunghoon and his friends were having another notorious party at your house. sunghoon had forbidded you to come downstairs and join the party.
you argued with him for hours, but eventually gave up when he didn't seem to be budging.
for hours that night, you heard the music blasting downstairs, along with other teenagers laughing and seemignly having the time of their lives. you so badly wanted to go downstairs and join them.
you layed awake in your dark bedroom, the only light in the room being from the moon that shone through your white curtains. every now and then you would hear someone in the hallway, either laughing or whispering until they eventually found a room to crash in.
you mentally apologized to your parents for leaving their bedroom door unlocked.
you think you were just about to fall asleep to the heavy bass downstairs until your phone vibrated on your bedside table beside you.
heeseung 🤎 : are you awake?
you immediately sat up in your bed, sleep leaving you and now being replaced with adrenaline.
why was lee heeseung wondering if you were awake at this late hour?
you scoffed at the thought, probably checking to see if you were up past your bed time.
you : yeah i am
there was a quick reply from him.
heeseung 🤎 : i come see you?
you : sure
you started brushing down your hair, hoping that it didn't look too crazy from your head grazing your pillow. your blanket is wrapped around your chest as you wait for him. unsure of what to expect from him.
when ten minutes go by with no sign of him, you sigh and lay back down again, thinking that he's forgotten about you, wouldn't be the first time, you mentally deadpanned, cringing at the memory.
a few months ago, heeseung was staying the night at your house like he usually does. only this time, sunghoon was away with your parents at your aunt's house for her birthday. you had stayed behind because you weren't feeling well and didn't want to get the rest of your family sick. your parents thought that it would be okay to leave you therhe for the weekend, as heeseung could help watch over you.
it was late at night, probably around the same time that it is now, and you hear heeseung laughing downstairs. you figured that maybe he was watching a tv show or scrolling on his phone.
until you heard a girls voice.
you remember feeling like all the hairs on your body stood up at once as you took in what was probably happening downstairs. you weren't sure what to do.
you heard heeseung and the girl come upstairs and walk past your bedroom, into his- into the guest- bedroom. you remember closing your eyes and trying to imagine that this wasn't happening. the guy that you liked wasn't about to have sex with a girl in the room beside yours! no, of course not!
that thought worked for maybe five minutes until you heard the soft rocking of the bed against the wall across the room from you.
"shit." you whispered to yourself, your hands coming up to cover your face as you tried to accept your reality.
low grunts and high moans were being heard in the house now. every now and then you could hear the girl whimper out heeseung's name. you tried to not pay attention to it, but the more you listened the more insight you got on what heeseung was like in bed.
your thighs clamped together as you continued to listen. you felt so dirty but your panties were getting soaked at the thought of sweaty heeseung leaning over you and pounding into you just as hard as he was pounding into the girl in the other room.
her moans were getting louder and louder and you figured she was getting close to her climax- the climax that heeseung was giving her.
if you tried really hard, you could tune out her moans and hear heeseung's grunts, you could tell that he was whispering something to her every now and then, with the way his grunts would stop and her loud whines would answer him.
the bed stopped rocking, and their moans and grunts came to a stop. and your house returned to the silence that it once was. you strained your ears to try to hear something, but therre was nothing. you figured that they had passed out right after they finished.
you tried to stop, but your fingers danced their way down to your panties, needing to get off because of lee heeseung once again. you had only ever imagined him in a secual way, but now you had some fuel for your fantasies.
the next morning, you woke up to the sound of the front door opening and closing. quickly remembering the events of the night before, you ran to your window and sneaklily looked outside to see who had left.
heeseung was standing outside on the front step in only grey sweatpants as he hugged the girl goodbye.
you didn't know exactly who the girl was, but you knew that she was in your grade. she was really pretty, you had heard some other boys in your cclasses talk about her before. she was slim and popular and you knew that she was on the dance team at school. there was no wonder as to why heeseung would want to have sex with her. she was borderline perfect.
they pulled away from their hug and she started walking down the street to leave, heeseung came back inside.
you quietly ran into the bathroom before heeseung came back upstairs. you left your bedroom door opened to indicate that you were no longer in there.
you took a long sigh as you looked at yourself in the mirror. you looked exhausted and stressed, something so much different than the way the pretty girl looked in the morning. you felt your pounding headache come back at all the thoughts that occured the night before.
when you reopened the bathroom door, heeseung was standing at the top of the stairs, a look of surprise and shock on his face as he looked at you. at least he was wearing a sweater now, you didn't know how you were suppose to talk to him while he was shirtless.
"oh! y/n! hi!" heeseung greeted, scratching the back of his neck, "sorry, i, uh, forgot you were home this weekend too, how are you feeling?" he smiled at you, taking in your appearance.
suddenly feeling self concious and awkward, you wrapped your sweater closed around you, "i'm feeling a bit better." you shrugged at him, trying to keep cool as if you didn't just hear him fuck the living shit out of a girl last night - and then got off on it after!
"that's good!" heeseung nodded, a beat of silence passes through you two, "sorry, if i was loud last night, i didn't mean to keep you up if i did."
"no you weren't!" you let out quickly, heeseung put a small smile on your face, "i mean uh, i didn't hear anything, i took some cold medicine and passed out until this morning."
"oh, okay. that's probably why you feel better now."
"yeah! exactly! so uh, i'm just, gonna go back to bed for a little while longer, i guess." yoiu pointed at your bedroom door behind him.
"oh, you don't wanna watch a movie or anything? i was thinking we could watch one of sunghoon's movies that he forbids you to watch, don't worry, i wouldn't tell him." heeseung smiled at you.
"uh, maybe not today. i just want to sleep the rest of this cold off." you nodded, looking down at the carpet.
"aw, okay. i hope you feel better, y/n!" heeseung patted you on the back sincinerly.
"thanks." you got out quickly, making a dart for your bedroom, wanting to get away from his touch even if it was something so platonic. you sighed out of relief as you closed your bedroom door, thank god he didnt hear you that night.
but now, as the party downstairs continued and your heart was racing with anxiety while your mind was racing with thoughts of heeseung, you couldn't help but feel hurt with that fact ath he had forgotten you again. why would he even text you in the first place?
suddenly your bedroom door slowly opened, the music getting louder for a second as a figure slipped quietly before shutting it again. you sat up as heeseung turned to look at you.
"'m sorry, were you sleeping?" heeseung whispered out to you as he approached your bed. you were sure if he got closer to you, he would be able to hear how fast and loud your heart was beating. you tried to speak out but all you could think was lee heeseung is in my bedroom, so you shook your head no.
heeseung bent over your bed, allowing a small scent of alcohol to wash around your room. he was drunk.
"i wish sunghoon would let you join our parties." heeseung slurred, his hands holding his upper body up on your bed.
"why?" you asked, amused at heeseung's drunk confession.
"because i wanna hang out with you."
your heart raced faster, trying to piece words together to reply to him.
"sunghoon treats you like a little girl just because you're his little sister but i know you're not so little. you're a grown teenager now."
your heart swelled now, happy that finally, finally, someone didn't see you a baby. you were glad that that person was heeseung.
"thank you." you whispered back quietly, tryuing to hold your giant smile in from his words. you heard him deeply chuckle in response. "why'd you wanna come talk to me anyways?"
"because i wanted to see you, i always have fun with you."
"mm," you nodded, playing with your blanket out of nervousness, "i have fun with you, too." heeseung smiled at that.
"you look pretty in the moonlight."
your eyes widened at his compliment, unsure of what to say. heeseung's deep chuckle broke the silence between you, "fuck, i think i drank too much, sunghoon would kill me if he knew i was in here."
"no, it's okay." you shook your head, gaining some confidence to look at him as he stood up straight again.
heeseung scoffed, "sunghoon would most definetly not think it was okay."
"who cares what hoon thinks? you said so yourself, i'm not a little girl. i can talk to whoever i want."
you see heeseung bite his lip in your dark room, he stares at you intently as if he's contemplating on what to do before he snaps out of it. he turns his head away from you and brushes his bangs out of his face.
"fuck, i should go. i'll see you tomorrow, or at school now, i guess." heeseung smiled, "it's cool seeing you in the hallways now." you smiled down at your blanket again, not wanting heeseung to see your blush.
"see you at school, hee."
heeseung smiled once he was back in the hallway, happy to hear his nickname slip off of your tongue so easily.
heeseung never came into your bedroom ever again after then, and never mentionned the incident. you wondered if he even remembered talking to you that night since he was so intoxicated. if your little interaction affected him you'd never know, but it did increase your attraction to him.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
summer breaks at your house were always fun since your family had a pool. the parties were more fun in the summer, like you'd know since you never got to go to them, but you heard around school that everyone liked your pool.
you liked when just the regular boys would come over; jake, jay and of course heeseung, when sunghoon would let you hang out with him and his friends for once.
you were sitting on one of the chairs by the pool, reading a book that you weren't really interested in but you were so bored. the four boys were splashing around in the pool, having fun. you were in your own world until cold, wet hands came and picked you up from your chair, making you drop your book at the action.
"sunghoon! no!" you cried out while laughing, your older brother picking you up over his shoulder and making a straight bee-line to the pool. "no!" you laughed mid air as he threw you into the pool.
when you resurfaced you put a teasing scowl on your face as you looked up at your brother who still stood at the edge of the pool, bent over from laughing. "sunghoon, no!" he mocked your voice.
"shut up!" you whined, pushing your now wet hair back away from your face so it looked a bit cleaner.
"now you're gonna play chicken fight with us, right y/n?" jake smiled at you from across the pool.
"hell no!" you shook your head, you've seen them play chicken fight before and they were ruthless.
"just play one game y/n! we'll put you up against jake so you can win!" jay laughed, shoving jake beside him.
"what the hell is that suppose to mean? jake gasped looking offended.
"come man, you know you suck at chicken fight." sunghoon said, getting back into the pool.
"come on y/n, you can be on my team." heeseung said from beside you, you weren't sure how he got there, but his perfect smile and sun tanned skin easily persuaded you to cave in and play one game with them.
"okay." you agreed, and next thing you know you're being lifted out of the water and onto heeseung's shoulders. you laugh as you try to balance yourself ontop of him. his warm hands wrapping around your thighs to help you.
"you good?" heeseung asked you, trying to look up at you above him.
"yeah! we better win!" you cheered out.
"as if," jake responded, him now sitting ontop of jay's shoulders, "we're gonna win so don't even try y/n!"
heeseung and jay started moving closer to each other with you and jake on their shoulders. your hands were pushed out in front of you, ready to defend yourself against jake.
"come here, jakey." you teased out to him, showing him that you're ready.
"you're gonna get it, y/n, i mean it!" jake called out, his hands pushing against yours already.
it took a few pushes and pulls, but luckily, heeseung is really good balancing you and himself against jay and jake's efforts.
with one final push to jake's forearms, he goes falling back into the water, taking jay with him.
"god, jake! did you have to trap my head in between your legs?" jay sputtered as he came out from the water.
"Sorry! i was stressed!" jake replied sheepishly.
"woohoo! good game y/n!" heeseung cheered, setting. you down into the water and high fiving you.
"i told you we'd win!" you pointed your finger at jake who only pouted in response, making everyone else laugh at him. you felt an immense pride in yours and heeseung's team work, wishing that you could be on heeseung's team all the time now.
later on when you got out of the pool, ready to go back inside, you could feel someone's eyes on you. sunghoon had gone inside to get a drink, leabing only you and his three friends.
out of the corner of your eye you could see that it was jay staring at you. his lip tucked in between his teeth as he stared at your legs. feeling suddenly naked under his and probably the other twos' eyes, you went to grab your towel to find that it was already gone. fucking sunghoon. he probably didn't realize that he took your towel, but god what a wrong time to mistake it.
"here, y/n." heeseung said from beside you suddenly, "you can use mine." you look down and see that he's giving you his towel to wrap around your body.
"uh, thanks hee, i'll get sunghoon to bring out another one for you." you smiled, trying to quickly wrap it around your body so it was out of view for others to see. it's not like you cared if anyone looked, but you were so socially anxious around hot boys that it made you want to cover up before they could stare at you further.
"no problem." heeseung smiled, moving aside so you could go inside. you stayed by the screen door for a second once you were in, letting go of the breath you were apparently holding in.
"c'mon, man, sunghoon could've been right there!" you heard heeseung's voice grunt out suddenly.
"i know i know! i can't help it! did you see her?' jay's voice carried out, desperation evident in his voice.
"fuck, jay, we can't be talking about this, you know she's off limits." heeseung replied with frustration.
off limits.
it rang through your head over and over again and you hated it. you hated sunghoon for treating you like a baby. you hated him for having such hot friends. you hated him for ruining your chances with lee heeseung. if you even had any. it seemed like you could get any one of their attention besides heeseung's.
and that was something you would make sure would change.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
when heeseung graduated high school the next year, it was a sad day for everyone, including your parents. you tried to hide your sadness at the thought of not seeing heeseung around as much since he was to go to college in the capital city, a few hours away from your home town.
heeseung would no longer be caught raiding your fridge for food at 3am, no longer seen sitting on the bottom step waiting for sunghoon to finish getting ready and no longer heard laughing about something stupid in the living room.
but of course, you couldn't tell anyone about how upset you were about heeseung leaving. sunghoon would absolotely kill you if he heard that you had a crush on his best friend. plus, you knew that all heeseung ever saw you as was his best friends annoying little sister.
since your parents were basically losing their non-biological son to college, they decieded to have a huge dinner on the night after graduation. the night before, sunghoon, jay, jake and heeseung had all went to a graduation party and returned back to your house completely wasted at 5am. when your parents and you woke up the next day, you weren't even sure where the boys were until they all wandered down the stairs at dinner time. they all looked absolutely hungover that it made you chuckle when sunghoon sat down beside you.
"shut it, y/n." sunghoon grumbled to you, shoving your shoulder as he waitied or your parents to start bringing the dinner to the table.
"i didn't say anything, hoon." you teased, playing with your fork as you avoided eye contact with your older brother.
"you didn't have to, i can see what you're thinking on that stupid face of yours." sunghoon rolled his eyes.
"god, you're so-" you started but was cut off by your mother brining in the large chicken she had spent the past two days on making.
"okay!" she interrupted with a smile, obviously trying to avoid the both of you fighting. "here's the chicken! everyone start to dig in!"
immediatly all the boys began taking pieces of chicken and other side foods and putting them on your plate. your mother looked pleased at everyone hungrily taking the food and enjoying themselves with the taste. your father was even eating with a smile on his face.
"so y/n," jay smirked at your from across the table, "how's intak?" he tried to hide his smirk by taking a bite of his food.
"who the damn hell is, intak?" sunghoon grumbled, looking at you with a face of disgust.
"hwang intak." jay responded with a quirk of his eyebrows.
"sunghoon, do you have to use such language?" your mother tsked at your brother before turning to you, "i'm sure he's a nice boy, right y/n?"
"first of all, none of your business sunghoon, and how do you know about intak? NOT like there's much to know anyways." you pointed your fork at jay.
"jungwon." jay shrugged at you casually, "he told me he heard that intak has a crush on youu." jay teased you.
fucking jungwon. jungwon was a year younger you and somehow became friends with your brother and his friends. jungwon was known for starting or spreading drama. and you hated him. he was always spying on you and trying to suck up to your brother.
"ouuuu." jake added onto your teasing.
"and so what if he does?" you tried to fight back during your teasing, feeling embarassed in front of them. your eyes glanced towards heeseung quickly, expecting to see him with the same teasing smile that jay and jake adorned.
though instead, he wore a deep frown and look of worry was spread across his eyes, his fork loosely dragging around his food on the plate.
"if he has a crush on you, he's dead." sunghoon stated from beside you, stabbing his chicken with his fork harshly before plopping the piece in his mouth.
"my goodness, sunghoon! don't speak like that!" your mother tsked your brother again with a gasp at his words, "i think it's sweet that he has a crush on y/n." your mother smiled at you.
"it's whatever." you shrugged, turning your head away from everyone at the table, suddenly feeling self concious azt heeseung's reaction.
"do you not like him back, sweetie?" your mother asked you, watching your demeaner change.
the truth is is that you thought intak was cute, and he was sweet and kind to you. you tried to like him back at first, but you just couldn't find yourself liking him more than a friend. your friends thought that you were insane to not like a boy like intak back, but you couldn't help it- your heart was already in the depths with someone else even if you couldn't act upon it.
"not really." you mumbled back as an answer.
"good." sunghoon exaggertaly nodded at you.
"shut up, hoon." you rolled your eyes at him with a small smile, your eyes glancing at heeseung once again, this time his shoulders seemed more perky as his eyes met yours. a smirk on his pretty lips at you before digging into his food once again.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
the last satuday night before heeseung had to leave for college in early september, the boys had all decided to throw a party at your house as one final goodbye to their highschool days with heeseung. your parents went to your grandparents house for the weekend for a visit, leaving you, sunghoon and the rest of his friends alone in the house with enough time to party. sunghoon had begged his parents to force you to go with them to your grandparents house, but your parents said that it would be fine if you stayed, just so you could see heeseung for the last time, too.
sunghoon had even tried to get you to sleepover at one of your friends house for the night, "seriously y/n just go anywhere! i don't care where just somewhere far from here!" he groaned as he followed you to your bedroom, leaning on your door frame as he watched you sit down at your desk.
"i said no! i want to stay here! why can't i stay in my own house?" you responded, sitting back in your chair to look at your annoyed brother.
"because! its a senior welcome and goodbye party! no one wants your junior ass hanging around!"
"well i won't be the only junior there!"
"what do you mean?"
"i invited sunoo over for a sleepover." you smiled, crossing your arms over your chest.
"oh god!" sunghoon groaned, "fine you can stay! but you can't come downstairs!"
"hm, do you know what? i think i should tell mom about the party, i'm sure she'd want to be here to greet everyone."
"you wouldn't dare."
"you wanna bet?"
"god, you're the worst." sunghoon shook his head, grabbing the handle of your door and closing it after himself, leaving you alone with the feeling of success growing in your chest.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
sunoo rang your home's doorbell at 8pm sharp, an hour before the party was set to officially began. excitment filled you as you thought about the fun night ahead of you for your best friend and you.
"i'll get it!" you yelled from upstairs, rushing down the hall from your bedroom, down the stairs to the front door. you swung the door open and reveilled sunoo smiling to show that he was just as excited as you were. his pink hair was styled neatly you noticed as he wrapped you up in a hug.
"hi!" he excalimed, excitcdly rocking you back and forth in the embrace. "tonight's gonna be so much fun!"
"i know!" you responded, pulling away from him so he could enter your home, closing the door after him.
"what. the fuck. are you wearing." you heard sunghoon state from behind you, you sighed and turned around to face your older brother. the look of disappoinment and annoyance on his face made you want to curl up in a ball from embarassment and punch him in the face at the same time.
behind sunghoon you heard a surprised "oop" from jake as he saw your outfit and immeidately turned him and jay around to avoid sunghoon getting angry at them for looking at his sister.
though, beside sunghoon stood heeseung looking as attractive as ever with his eyes wide open in shock as he scanned your body. you noticed him gulp hard as his eyes seemed to not be able to leave your bare thighs. heeseung finally snapped out of his daze when you spoke back to sunghoon.
"what does it look like i'm a wearing? it's a dress." you rolled your eyes, your arms coming across your chest, pushing your breasts together, making heeseung bite his lip at the sight in front of him.
"THAT'S a DRESS?" sunghoon exclaimed, pointing at your outfit before walking up to you shaking his head, "no. no. no. you are not wearing that. go upstairs and change or you're not allowed to leave your room all night and i mean it." his words made sunoo pout from beside you, making sunghoon glance at him briefly with annoyance.
"what are you? my fucking dad? i can wear what i want, sunghoon." you argued, standing up to your brother.
"y/n i don't care what you want, just go fucking change." sunghoon's voice dropped to show that he was more serious than ever. your shoulders drooped in a sign of defeat to once again, your brother.
"you're the worst." you mumbled to him, turning away from him to go back to your bedroom, sunoo smiling awkwardly at him before he followed you.
at the top of the stairs you glanced back down and met heeseung's eyes, quickly smiling at him with a knowing smile before you were out of eachother's sight. it took heeseung a moment to realize you were smiling at him, shaking his head softly with a smirk as he turned away from the stairs and followed the rest of the boys to the kitchen again. he hoped to god no one noticed the effect you had on him.
"did you see heeseung eye fucking you!" sunoo practically yelled once you two were in your bedroom.
"shh!" you hurreidly shushed him, both of you straining to listen for any yelling but all seemed quiet downstairs, "imagine what sunghoon would've done if he heard you!" you laughed, "and yes i saw him!"
"oh my god, y/n! he was so close to just taking you right then and there i was about to just leave the room to make it easier for him!"
"shut up!" you hit sunoo's shoulder, "you're crazy!"
"i am not!" sunoo fell back onto your bed with a final laugh. "what are you gonna do about it?"
"what do you mean?" you asked him, going through your closet to find another outfit that would be deemed "sunghoon approved".
"i mean, now that we know that lee heeseung has the hots for you, what's the plan for getting him into bed with you?" sunoo shrugged casually as if he was pointing out the obvious.
"ohhh riight," you replied sarcastically, "cause as if that is ever gonna happen." you pulled out a long sleeved, dark blue dress and held it up to your body, looking at yourself in the mirror quickly before turning around to show sunoo it.
"why wouldn't it happen?" sunoo whined, "who cares about your brother, i'm sure heeseung doesn't since he couldn't force himself to look away from you! and yes! wear that dress." you laughed at sunoo before turning back to the mirror to examine yourself.
"don't let me get my hopes up sunoo," you sighed, "he's my brother's best friend, not in a million years would we get to be together."
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
by 10pm, your house was filled with intoxicated teenagers, all trying to fulfill their final senior in high school moments, or hang out with their now college freshmen friends for a final time.
you had lost sight of sunghoon or any of his friends an hour ago, all of them getting lost in the moment of the party with their other friends. though, you still knew that everyone at the party knew who you were- park sunghoon's sister- and that you were totally and strictly off limits. you rationalized that that was why no one was talking to you or sunoo, but it was also probably because you two were the youngest ones there and were deemed as 'losers' at school.
there was always a different thought that came to mind when someone thought of park sunghoon and then park y/n.
park sunghoon : popular, talented, hot- a guy that uses girls for sex just like all his friends.
and then park y/n : park sunghoon's geeky little sister that wasn't allowed to leave her house after 6pm.
"hey, cheer up," sunoo tried to reassure you, "don't let your asshole brother ruin tonight for you."
you smiled at your friend, greatful for him, "i know, i know. he just pisses me off so much."
"then drink," sunoo said, pushing your hand that held your cup towards your mouth, "and let it go so we can have fun!"
"fine." you stated, tipping yoru cup all the way back, finishing the full cup. you winced at the strong taste of liquor, making you and sunoo laugh before going and getting another.
it wasn't long before the alcohol started helping you relax a b it and forget about your reputation, wanting to just let go and fun. you had lost sunoo in the crowd in your house a while ago, both of you getting sucked into different dancing crowds. you couldn't force yourself to care, too focused on dancing and listening to the loud music.
everyone around you were too focused on having their own fun time to pay attention to you and others. you didn't recognize anyone around you. it felt great to let go for once and not worry about others. it felt you fit in normally for once and weren't marginizalied from the kids in your generation.
"you look like you're having fun." a male's voice said into your ear from behind you. you quietly gasped at the sudden voice, thanking the music for being loud enough for the boy behind you to hear it. you turn your head so you could glance at who it was.
you immediately recognized him as choi beomgyu, one of the boys that had just graduated with heeseung. you've seen him around a bunch of times at school, he was friends with your brother and they hung out a lot.
choi beomgyu was known for being an extremely good guitar player, he made a lot of girls fall for him due to it. when you were in year 9, a couple of girls in your year made a list of all the attractive 2001's in your school, and you rememeber beomgyu being second on the list- right after heeseung.
beomgyu was also known for having a thing for girls younger than him. of course he'd never go for a freshman while he was a senior, but tons of girls in your grade were played by him this year. you'd always hear about it in passing in the halls or in class. all the girls he'd talk to were pretty and outgoing, always on the cheer team or the dance team where they could show their extravertedness.
so you were shocked that the choi beomgyu would pay attention to you at a party. the shy, introverted and babied y/n.
"i am." you replied to beomgyu, looking him in the eyes without turning your body towards him. leaving his crotch to grind on your ass. his hands held onto your waist as he urged you to keep dancing like you were before without him.
"i see," beomgyu nodded before leaning further into your ear, his lips brushing against the shell of your ear, "do you think you could have fun with me, too?" the closeness and warmth of beomgyu was suddenly so vivid that you felt like you were drunk and high at the same time. your head become cloudy with thoughts of what will happen tonight and how much fun you could have espeically if choi beomgyu was around.
"dance with me a little longer and you'll find out." you whispered back to him with a tonse of teasing in your voice. beomgyu obviously liked your answer by the deep chuckle that escaped his lips and the grip on your waist tightened as if to say you're his for the night now.
dancing with beomgyu gave you so much confidence that it made you wish everyone could see you now- park sunghoon's baby sister is grinding with choi beomgyu. you wonder what they would all think if they saw it. you wonder what heeseung would think.
at the thought of heeseung you opened your eyes was visibly shocked when they were met with heeseungs from across the living room. the world no longer felt like it was just you sand beomgyu, but as if it was you and heeseung and beomgyu was just a major side character that ruining things for the mains.
heeseung was sat in the arm chair that faced you. the arm chair where he'd sit with sunghoon and play video games with him, the arm chair where you'd do your homework and ask sunghoon for help but ultimately get helped by heeseung- the arm chair where heeseung had sat so many times before that always made you think how easy it would be to just sit on his lap and makeout until you could no longer breathe.
heeseung's legs were streched out manspreading and covered in his black ripped jeans. in his hand he held a red solo cup as he tried to stay in the conversation with his friend on his one side and a girl on his other side. the girl was very obviously trying to get the attention of heeseung- and maybe she was actually getting it before he saw you dancing with his friend across the room.
at first, heeseung told himself that he's watching you swivel your hips so fucking beautifully against beomgyu to make sure neither of the two of you went any further. he was looking out for you! he was making sure beomgyu wasn't going to be pumelled to death by sunghoon after tonight and that you wouldn't be ejected from society because sunghoon wouldn't trust you after.
but the more and more heeseung watched, the more and more he couldn't help the jealousy growing in his chest as he watched the way beomgyu would whisper into your ear, the way you would put your hand over beomgyu's hand on your waist- the fucking way you were making yourself and beomgyu feel so good by the grinding of your hips that makes him wish that it was him behind you and not the stupid bastard choi beomgyu.
heeseung knew that the pretty girl beside him, minjeong, wanted his dick. he knew that as soon as he said the word she would follow him up to the guest bedroom that more like his bedroom since he's been at this house practically everyday since he was 15. he had planned to hold off on her until the end of night, but you had put a fat hold on those plans the second he saw you.
every part in heeseung knew that he shouldn't be thinking about you this way. he knew that if sunghoon ever found out that he'd be dead in a millisecond. he tried to avoid those thoughts of you by listening to jeongin talk beside him- he tried to keep up the conversation with jeongin- he tried to keep minjeong interested in him but all that would come up in his head was that you were grinding against beomgyu when it should be him there instead.
when you opened your eyes and was met with heeseung. he could sense the worry rush through your body from across the room. he could see how blown out your pupils were from a mix of shock and all the alcohol you had been drinking tonight.
when heeseung just continued to watch you with beomgyu, you decided to put on a show not only for beomgyu, but for heeseung as well. and quickly, the excitment for tonight with beomgyu turned into the excitrement for tonight with heeseung.
you tilted your head back to lay on beomgyu's shoulder, pushing your chest out and ass more into beomgyu's crotch. you could feel beomgyu get harder every minute you've been dancing together.
"oh fuck." beomgyu groaned out quietly, his eyes directed right at your tits that were in his view now. your soft skin visible to anyone that would see.
heeseung smirked at you once he realized what you were up to. you didn't break eye contact with him as you grutted your hips against beomgyu harder, your panties becoming soaked now that you were imagining what heeseung would do to you. you imagined that heeseung was behind you instead of beomgyu.
the moment between you and heeseung was ruined when beomgyu offered for you to go to the bathroom with him to "continue our fun in a more pirvate area.". it was like you were brought back to reality and not some future imagination that you once thought you were in. you still your dancing on beomgyuy and turned away from your brother's best friend. "hm?" beomgyu urged you for an answer, putting his forehead to yours as you stared into each other's eyes, pure lust was set in his as he scanned your face.
"i-, um," you tried to answer, but your words all meshed into one, unaware of how you should answer him.
"i think it's time for you to leave, y/n." a voice answered for you, causing you and beomgyu to pull apart.
heeseung stood right in front of you two with an expression you weren't able to read but made you try to sober up quickly.
"oh, hey heeseung!" beomgyu smiled once he saw who it was, "how are you, my man?" beomgyu and heeseung dapped each other up warmly.
"eh, i'm good," heeseung shurrged, "it was nice to see you, but i gotta get y/n to bed." you scoffed beside beomgyu at heeseung's words not believing what you were hearing.
"oh? for real?" beomgyu asked confusedly, looking between you and heeseung. you couldn't bare to look up at any of them because you could feel the heat go to your cheeks from embarassment yet again- only this time it wasn't because of your brother- it was becasue of his best friend.
"yeah, man, sunghoon's looking for her." you physically cringed at your brother's name.
"oh?" beomgyu said with a confused tone, "OH!" he said again a second later, obviously realizing who you were, "oh shit." beomgyu stepped away from you. "look, - i didn't-"
"hey, it's okay, it'll stay between you and me and i'm sure y/n won't tell sunghoonie, right?" heeseung patted beomgyu's shoulder as he looked at you.
all you could do was shake your head no, still not being able to look at the two older boys from humilation.
"great! well uh, see you around, i guess." beomgyu said to no one in particular before walking back and getting lost in the crowd.
"c'mon." heeseung stated suddenly, wrapping his arm around your shoudlers and guiding you through the crowd of people towards the stairs to the second floor.
heeseung's so familiar scent put your mind in a haze, a different haze than the drunk one it was previously in. the music downstairs was somewhat quieter upstairs, quiet enough for heeseung to hear how loud your heart was pounding in your chest.
when you got to your bedroom in the hall heeseung backed away from you slightly and stared at you, the same unreadable expresssion plastered on his face. the atmoshpere between you two felt awkward to point where you felt like you couldn't breathe.
"why were you with beomgyu?" heeseung broke the silence with a disgusted and disappointed face.
you scoffed, feeling as if you were talking to your father yet again, "who cares who i was talking to? i can do what i want."
"i care!" heeseung said, walking closer to you so your back was up against the wall. "what would've happened if sunghoon saw the two of you like that?"
"i don't care about what sunghoon would've done! i'm my own person i can make my own decisons!"
heeseung sighed at your statement, his eyebrows coming together as his fingers pressed against the crease in his forehead, "fuck y/n," he shook his head before looking at you, "i know that. just- did it have to be beomgyu?"
"jesus, then who do you deem acceptable for me?" you stood up straight, looking heeseung in his eyes now, both of you carrying serious expressions. please say you, please say you, you mentally begged heeseung.
heeseung slowly leaned his face towards yours, his scent intoxicating you more. his face was so close to yours that you could see all his freckles and blemishes. you could hear his quiet, heavy breathing that indicated he was just as nervous as you were. you stared in each others eyes, neither one of you moving as if the other was daring the other one to move first.
heeseung's hand came up and you thought he was going to rest it on your cheek, but it rested on the wall behind your head, trapping you in. and just when you thought you were going to get all your senses filled by heeseung, he pushed off the wall so he was farther away from you now. you felt cold when he stood a meter in front of you, not even glancing at you as he put his hand on his waist and the other wiped his jaw to show that he was stressed.
"we can't, y/n." heeseung whispered, barely audible over the music and the cheers from downstairs.
"and why not?" you asked, pushing yourself off of your closed, bedroom door and took a few steps ahead, your body only a centimeter away from heeseung's.
"you know why." heeseung glanced at you as you stood in front of him now.
you rolled your eyes in frustation now at his response, a huff coming out of your mouth, "no. i don't. so why don't you say it."
a beat of silence went between you two again before he said outloud, "because you're my best friend's little sister. that's so-..."
"so what?" you urged him to finish his sentence.
"so... ugh, there just shouldn't be an attraction here!" you could see heeseung was getting just as frustrated as you were, though his words dug into your heart a little. heeseung and you knew how sensitive you were, you could both feel the drop in the atmoshpere because of the hurt that was now playing on your heart strings.
you back away form heeseung while looking down at the ground, digging your shoe into your carpeted floor, "so then, what now?"
heeseung looked up at you with a meloncholic look on his face that told you what he was going to say next wouldn't be good, "we- you have a good night. everyone will be leaving soon anyways and i'll find sunoo and send him up here, too."
both of you could barely look at one another; there were too many emotions in the air to control at the moment; anger, frustration, lust. heeseung was caught up in his mind until he heard a soft sniffle coming from you. he shot his head up and he felt a rush of guilt wash over him at your weakened figure.
"y/n-" he started, reaching out towards you.
"you have a good night, heeseung." you cut him off, turning and walking into your bedroom, closing the door quickly behind you. all of your emotions hit you at once and you felt so weak. you were frustrated with sunghoon, upset that your night didn't go as planned, sad that you were rejected by heeseung and wouldn't see him for a long time. you felt like your whole life changed drastically in a span of one night and it became over whelming.
heeseung slowly went back downstairs, upset and confused with what he had done tonight. he gathered up jake and jay and told them to kick everyone out. he asked them where sunghoon had went but they hadn't seen him for a while.
when people started leaving, it made it easier for heeseung to find sunoo.
"hey, y/n's in her room already." heeseung reached out and tapped sunoo on the shoulder so he would turn around.
"already?" sunoo slurred his short question. it was so obvious that sunoo was wasted which made heeseung chuckle a bit.
"yeah, do you need help getting to her room or are you okay?"
"i'll be okay, heeseungie." sunoo smiled his usual eye smile, pinched heeseung's cheek and walked towards the stairs, holding tihglty onto the railing. heeseung fel this cheeks blush at sunoo's sudden nickname for him, but brushed it off and went to look for sunghoon.
five minutes later and he found him on the floor of the upstairs bathroom.
"sunghoon, what the hell?" heeseung exclaimed loudly, rushing to his friend's side. sunghoon only grumbled in response. "did you throw up?" sunghoon nodded with his eyes barely opened. "how many times?" sunghoon held up three fingers. "jesus."
heeseung got his best friend all cleaned up and then tucked him into bed with the help of jake and jay. he heard giggling coming from your bedroom and figured that sunoo had made you feel better from the last time he had seen you.
jake and jay fell asleep on the couches downstairs, too drunk and exhausted to make their ways back to their houses. and then finally heeseung lied down in his second bedroom. the one that was referred to as the guest bedroom, but the guest that occupied it was not even a guest to this house anymore.
as soon as heeseung's head hit the guests' pillow, his phone went off from a notifcation on instagram.
[hee.heesung] k.minjexng : sent an image.
heeseung sighed when he opened the dm from the girl he was talking with earlier, realizing that she was defintely upset he dissapeared on her.
the image was a picture of her pale legs and a man's head of hair inbetween them.
k.minjexng : this is what you missed out on 😘
heeseung rolled his eyes and exited instagram, instead he opened his messages app, his thumb circling around his previous messages with you.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
when you woke up in the morning, sunoo was snoring beside you softly. his pink hair was sprawled out on your white pillowcase and a soft smile was stuck on his face while he slept. it was evident that he had a fun night last night.
unlike you.
your phone held a bunch of notifications from the night, but not one of them was from heeseung. disappointment sunk into your chest farther, making it feel heavy.
sunoo had made you feel better before you went to bed, but it was still upsetting that your crush of three years had flat out rejected you.
when sunoo had finally woken up about an hour later, his headache was killing him. you went downstairs to get him some advil, and was surprised to see that the house was ordinarly clean.
"good morning, sweetie!" your mom called out to you from the island. you were shocked that your parents were home this early, as well that sunghoon, jake and jay were awake as well. "you just missed heeseung." your mom pouted, the statement making your chest feel heavier.
"what?" you asked her, hoping that you misunderstood her.
"yeah, he leaves for college in an hour." sunghoon mumbled, it was obvious that your brother was upset that he was losing his best friend because of the way life goes.
"oh." you said, trying to hide the sadness you were feeling, wishing you had woken up earlier.
"it's okay, kids, he'll be back for winter break." your dad spoke, feeling the tense atmoshpere in the kitchen now. even jake and jay were upset that heeseung was leaving them.
"yeah, you're right, it's just weird to think that there's only going to be three of us now." jay nodded, taking a bite of his cereal.
they all continued to converse but you couldn't even hear what they were saying. your thoughts took over so much room in your head now that you could barely focused. you managed to get sunoo some medicine and make your way back up to your room without another word from you to your family.
you felt like you were just about to accept the fact that you and heeseung are 1000% never being together when your phone got a text.
heeseung 🤎
- i'm sorry for last night. i hope you have a good year at school though
- and btw i liked the first dress more
a smile crept onto your face at his last text, and the butterfly of hope flew around your stomach once again.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
the fall season quickly came and left, and your junior year of high school was already half way over when christmas break begun.
you hadn't heard from heeseung directly since you had last seen him at the end of summer party that your brother threw. you never texted him, in fear of making it awkward between you two.
though you haven't spoken to heeseung, sunghoon has. they are still best friends even though they live hours apart in different parts of the country. sunghoon was definetely looking forward for heeseung's return during their winter break, and secretly you were too.
the only person who knew about your little crush and interaction with heeseung was sunoo, who constantly tried to persuade you to text heeseung. of course, you never did.
"so are you excited?" sunoo asked, his scarf muffling his voice as you walked home from school with him.
"for what?" you asked, shoving yoru hands deep into your pockets to try to keep them warm from the winter breeze. the snow crunched under your feet with each step the two fo you took. your large jackets rustled with each step.
"for heeseung to come home, you idiot!" sunoo yelled out, hopefully no one else had turned onto the street with you that you knew.
"well i mean, yes but no." you responded in a normal tone.
"maybe he forgot about the last time you saw him!" sunoo tried to make you feel better about the rejected and crying moment you last had with heeseung, "the last thing he texted you about was your dress! maybe all he rememebers is how hot you looked!"
"yeah, before sunghoon made me change!" you shoved sunoo, trying to force yourself to feel a bit more happier that heeseung was returning.
"you looked hot in the other outfit, too!" sunoo shoved you back, "but seriously y/n, it's gonna fun! he'll probably just act around you like he usually does."
"like i'm sunghoon's baby sister and that i barely exist?" you deadpanned rolling your eyes at the thought of your older brother again.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
walking into your home alone after sunoo turned down his own street was walking into a different atmoshpere than you expected. sunghoon was sat on the couch with an annoyed look on his face, while your mother was beside him rubbing his back and your father was standing by the tv trying to support his son from afar.
"uh, hey guys?" you announced yourself awkwardly, not sure of what you had just walked into.
"hi, sweetie." your mom forced a smile.
"is everything okay?" you asked the three of them.
"yeah! heeseung's not coming." sunghoon mumbled a response without looking away from the wall in front of him.
"what? why?" you asked, your heart racing with disappointment and fear. was he not coming because of you? did he think it would be too uncomfortable to be in the same room with you again?
"because he thinks it'd be too stressful on his grades, so he wants to stay to study more." sunghoon grunted before standing up, "i'm going to my room." your parents and you watched your older brother storm up the stairs into his bedroom. he was obviously upset that he still wouldn't be seeing his best friend after months.
"are you okay about it?" your mother asked, worried for you as well.
"what? yeah i'm fine. why would i care if heeseung came home or not?" you asked quickly, hoping that they weren't onto you about having a crush on heeseung.
"oh, i thought you were close with him too, no? he was over all the time before he went to college." your mother replied with a look of confusion on her face about the speed of your resposne.
"eh, well, i still have jake and jay and my real brother, right?" you forced a laugh out, hoping that it wasn't obvious you were trying to hide something.
"yeah, right." your parents nodded, shrugging before heading to the ktichen together to prepare dinner.
you let out a sigh of relief once they left the room with no further questions, but that didn't relieve the anxiety of heeseung not returining. as you headb ack to your room you do figure that it would be weird without having heeseung around for winter break. it was almost tradition to have him and the other boys sleeping over for two weeks straight. you wonder what they would do this break? would it just be the three of them?
before you push open your door something inside of you stops and glances over at sunghoon's closed door. you ponder about what he's feeling inside. he's never been good with showing his emotions, not even to your parents. when he got hurt as a little boy he would hide it until your parents would notice blood seeping through his pants from falling off his bike and scraping his entire leg right open. he still insisted he fine when they took him to the doctors and said he needed stitches.
you sighed and walked over to his bedroom, hesitating once before knocking on his door.
"what?" you heard him grunt out.
"can i come in?" you called out to him.
a beat of silence passed and you thought he was just ignoring you at this point, "sure."
you pushed open his door to find him sitting on his bed in the dark, only the screen of his tv was on and it was on mute. "what is it? i'm tired." you fought the urge to roll your eyes at him blaming his sadness on fatigue. you walked over to his bed and sat down beside him.
"you know i think you're a good older brother, right? you've always looked out for me, made sure i was safe. you spent your christmas allowance on me when we were younger so you could buy me a present."
sunghoon left his window open a crack, making his room a bit chillly as the sound of someone's car starting outside ruins the silence between you two. you knew that sunghoon always wanted to take care of you, and now you feel like it's your turn to take care of him. though, you feel nothing like your older brother.
in his senior year, you never thought that you would have to take care of your older brother in a way that he takes care of his little sister. but you never know what sunghoon is going through. he keeps things to himself to when he gets to the point where he feels like breaking down he stays silent. the only person he's ever trusted was heeseung.
"you always seem so happy when you're with your friends, truly, and i swear i've never seen so many people stop what they were doing just to listen to someone speak- but you do that to people."
you use to be jealous of sunghoon about it. how did he get to be so popular while you were jsut the school's runt? how did he get to have girls falling at his feet and guys begging to be his friend? you loved sunoo, but sometimes you wished that you had a friendgroup to hang out with other than sunoo and sunghoon's friends that weren't allowed to even look at you.
"and you know i worry about you at the same time. i know how introverted you are and how hard you try to be so outgoing at school so people will still like you. that's so much stress on a person mentally. and still at home, i try to be a good sister for you but i feel like i'm no good at that, so i'm glad you've found a brother within heeseung. so i'm sorry that heeseung isn't coming back for winter break, that must really fucking hurt, hoon. but i love you, and i'm trying to be a good sister now, and i want to change our sibling relationship for the better."
you don't realize that you've started crying until sunghoon wraps his arm around you and pulls you into his side. that's when you notice he's started crying too. you think at that moment that you've never seen your brother cry before. you've never shared this much of a brother-sister moment before. it feels like the two of you are just little kids again, trying to figure out this world before the world figures it out for you instead. an expression of relief washes over sunghoon's face as you both take in the peaceful silence between you too.
when sunghoon speaks it's quiet, but you know he means it with his whole body and soul, "i wouldn't trade having you as a little sister for the world. heeseung's my friend, never my sibling."
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
after winter break, your relationship with sunghoon seemed to change drastically, and for the better. he no longer had this over-protectivess of you. it was like you had aged from 5 years old to 17 years old in a week.
this winter break was defeintly the weirdest one, but the best one. sumghoon invited you to hang out with jay, jake and him, even allowing for sunoo to join, too. you all played video games, made gingerbread houses and freaked out your parents by how strangely you two were getting along.
you heard sunghoon running around your house at 7am on the first day of summer break- the morning after sunghoon had graduated from high school. you groaned and threw your pillow over your head, mentally punchiung your brother for waking you up so early for no reason.
you were just about to drift off to sleep again when your bedroom door slammed open, "y/n!" sunghoon yelled excitedly.
you groaned in response, sleep still fogging up your mind and body.
"y/n! wake up!" sunghoon jumped on yoru beed, shaking your body awake.
"what?" you sat up finally, looking at your brother with anger. "what is it?"
"heeseung's coming home today!" sunghoon grabbed onto your shoulders, shaking you with excitement.
"oh my god!" you yelled back, a smile on your face.
"we're picking him up in an hour, wake up!"
'i'm awake now, okay!?"
sunghoon shook you once last time and jumped off your bed with a ginormous smile on his face, "wooooo!" sunghoon cheered as he ran out of your room.
the excitment you felt about heeseung's return quickly faded when you started to actualy realize what it would mean to see heeseung again. it's been 10 months since you had seen him in person. 10 months since you had almost (maybe?) kissed in your hallway, meters away from your drunk brother.
you felt a sudden feeling of stress begin to bubble up in your chest at the fact about standing in front of heeseung again. a lot can change in 10 months, and you wonder if that included his feelings towards you...
throughout the school year, you had noticed that over time, there would be a day or two that would go by that you wouldn't think about heeseung, your heart would ache at the sudden realization that you had forgotten about him for a second. but when sunghoon would mention his name later, or show you a picture that heeseung had sent him of himself, the familiar feeling of the attraction you had for heeseung would come swirling back at you.
there were days where your finger would hover over heeseung's contact name in your phone, contemplating whether or not you should text him or not. what would you say though? what would he think? "oh god, my best friend's little sister is obsessed with me?". at that thought, you would instantly put your phone away, trying to distract yourself from the thoughts of heeseung again.
you basically spent the whole early morning getting your appearance to look as best as it could for heeseung's return. you wanted to look good for heeseung. you think it's the longest time you've spent on your appearance all school year.
when you heard the familiar tires of your car pull up into the front of your house, your heart froze. you weren't mentally prepared to see heeseung.
"y/n! they're here!" your mother called you from downstairs.
on shaky legs you made your way downstairs, standing on the last stair as you watched your mother swing up the front door to reveal your dad and sunghoon laughing, carrying a bag in each hand.
"heeseung! honey!" your mother yelled excitedly, you could see her hands fly up and around someone's shoulders, but your vision was blocked by your family. "god, how was the flight? how are you?"
"i'm good! it was good!" a light chuckle spoke, it had been awhile since you had heard heeseung's voice- it sounded the same yet different at the same time.
your family finally moved out of the way for heeseung to enter your house once again. you took in a breath as you locked eyes with him standing in your front doorway.
he was still the heeseung that you rememebered him as, but he seemed broader and stronger, and his black hair was dyed a blueish green colour that fell so prettily against his skin. his rosey lips held the smirk that you've always known as he takes in your appearnce as well.
you look more mature now, more confident in your own skin and he wonders what happened to you in the past 10 months that finally allowed for you to come out of your shell. you look more pretty than heeseung remembers and it's making him weak in the knees as he continues to stare at you until he speaks, "hi, y/n."
"hi." you force yourself to reply. the scene being so coincedentllay like the first time you two had met, but this time you're older and you're both aware of your forbidden feelings towards one another.
"are you hungry? come you should sit and eat!" your mother put her hand on his back, ushering him into your house.
"yeah, i'm a bbit hungry!" heeseung laughed, "but i can't stay for too long today! i need to visit my mom later on today."
"oh of course heeseungie! she must've missed you terribly!"
"yeah, something like that." heeseung replied, sitting down at his usual chair at the table, sunghoon and you following him and sitting in your spots : sunghoon sat across from you with heeseung on his left while heeseung was on your right at the very end of the table, across from your father.
"bro, it's been too long." sunghoon sat back in his chair, smiling at heeseung. this has been the most that you've seen your brother smile since heeseung had left last august. it made you happy that sunghoon seemed to be out of the little slump that he's been in.
"i know! i'm glad that you're coming with me this year!" heeseung shoved sunghoon's shoulder.
sunghoon had gotten accepted into the same university as heeseung along with jake. jay had chosen to go to a univeristy abroad in the united states so he could live with his father again.
"it's gonna be so much fun!" heeseung laughed.
"so i guess you're liking univeristy then, son." your father spoke from across the table.
"yeah, it's been great!" heeseung smiled. suddenly, you felt a foot graxe across your own. you figured one of the boys had done it by accident, but the foot came back and started to slowly drag it's way up your calve and down. you gulped and looked over a heeseung, who only spared you a sneaky glance as he continued to talk to your dad, "i got pretty good grades this year so i'm happy."
"that's great, honey!" your mother chimed in, bringing in a plate of sandwiches for you all to eat.
your mother placed a plate in front of you, you forced a smile at her in return, trying to not focus on heeseung's foot playing with your leg.
"are you okay, y/n?" your mother asked you as she sat down beside your dad.
"hm? yeah! of course!" you replied, grabbing a sandwich quickly and placing it on your plate. almost dropping it when heeseung's hand plopped down on your thigh underneath the table. you looked up at him in shock, he placed his body so it looked like he was leaning his hand on his chair underneath him, and took a bite of his sandwich with his other.
you felt the eyes of everyone on you turn away at your response, opting to be more interested in the freshly-back-in-town-heeseung.
"so do you like your roommate?" your mother continued the conversation with heeseung. his fingers slowly started to move up and down your thigh, dangerously close to your core. you tried to focus on eating your sandwich but he was making it so difficult to focus on anything other than his warm fingers.
"yeah, he was cool, but i'm hoping to move in with hoon and jake next year." heeseung shrugged, managing to keep his cool so perfectly.
"do you have a girlfriend, yet?" your mother continued to ask, making sunghoon snort and look at his friend. the question also made your ears perk up, ready for his answer as his fingers continued to do small circles on the inside of your thight.
"nah, not yet." heeseung shook his head with a sheep smile. a sigh of relief almost escaped your lips, but you covered it by taking a bite of your sandwich.
"hey, do you know who's also back in town for the summer?" sunghoon asked heeseung.
"minjeong." sunghoon spoke, quirking his eyebrows up as he said her name.
you hadn't thought about kim minjeong since the goodbye party last year. you rememebered then that she was practically climbing ontop of heeseung before he pulled you away from beomgyu. you felt a cold shrill go down your spine at the memory.
"ah, who's this minjeong?" your father asked heeseung with a teasing grin.
"ah, nobody." heeseung shook his head, his fingers coming to halt on your thigh as he glanced at your unreadable expression at the mention of another girl's name.
"what do you mean 'nobody'?" sunghoon laughed out, "she's some girl that's had the hots for heeseung since his sophmore year! you literally called her hot like last month!"
at that you pushed away heesueng's hand under the table, feeling digustetd by his touch suddenly. you tried to go back to casually eating your sandwich, but it felt like your stomach was doing twirls and spins. the cold shver down your spine turned into embarrassment that you'd let yourself be so easy towards heeseung- just like every other girl he usually gets with. you don't know why you thought that you'd be someone different to heeseung.
you saw heeseung glance at you from the corner of your eye, but you didn't dare look at him.
"bro, she's whatever, i'm not into her like that." heeseung shrugged, but you knew that he was just trying to downplay it so you weren't mad at him.
"hm, i see." your mother gave a knowing look and stood up from her spot, taking hers and your fathers empty plate, "anyways, me and your dad need to go visit your aunt this weekend since she's tying to sell the house, so it'll just be you guys, i'm sorry hee, but we'll be around more next week!"
"Ah that's okay, don't worry!" heeseung replied calmy, seemingly not phased by you being upset with him. when your parents left the room, sunghoon and heeseung gave eachother a look. a look that you've seen multiple times throughout the years : party time.
they were obviously planning to throw a big 'start of summer' party this weekend while your parents away. and this time- you knew that sunghoon wouldn't make a big deal out of you being there as well. though you weren't even sure if you wanted to go- as you knew heeseung would be there. as of righht now, you wanted nothing to do with him.
you knew that you and heeseung weren't together, but the idea of him talking about another girl he's obviously attracted to while touching you under the table made you sick. you didn't want to be just some other girl to him.
"are you gonna invite minjeong, heeseungie?" sunghoon smiled teasingly, her name making you almoist throw up. the thought of her being in your house- the thought of her and heeseung fucking in the room right next door to yours. god- you couldn't bare it.
"hey, are you okay?" sunghoon asked you, making you snap your eyes open to look at him. "you've barely even eaten your sandwich." you glanced at heeseung again, beore nodding your head.
"yeah, i'm just not that hungry right now," you stood up, taking yoru plate with you, "i'm just gonna go back to bed, see you guys."
"okay." sunghoon nodded, pulling out his phone to most likely start sending invitations to the party this weekend. as you started to return back to your bedroom, you felt heeseung's eyes at the back o f yuir head as you went pt ehstairs, but you forced yourself not to look at him. disgust still filling your mind.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
you've been pretty good at avoiding heeseung all week.
telling your parents that you weren't feeling good so you wouldn't have to join the rest of your family and heeseung at the dinner table to eat. basically just camping out in your bedroom for four days until friday night, after your parents had left for the weekend and sunghoon and heeseung's party had started up.
you guess you've also been pretty good at making heeseung mad all week by the way he was glaring at you from across the living room right now.
the red dress you wore matched the anger that boiling u inside of him as he watched you skamper around the party with hwang intak. heeseung usually wouldn't mind seeing you wearing something so sexy, but the fact that he wasn't allowed to touch you meanwhile intak seemed to have to problem doing so.
heeseung knew that things between you and your brother had calmed down- sunghoon had let go of his protective-brother facade and you had grew into a girl that was so confident it made all the others girls in the place look something close to nothing. but he didn't think that would mean you would be wearing a tight dress wrapped under some guy's arm right in front of him. it made him almost want over protective sunghoon to make a return.
"oh my god, heeseungie!" a high pitch shrill pulled heeseung out of his thoughts about you and back into the harsh reality. "how have you been, i missed you so much!" minjeong was wrapping her arms tight around his neck as he pulled him down into a hug. insticntly, his free hand that wasn't holding his cup wrapped loosely around her tiny waist.
"hey! i've been good," heeseung replied, trying to force a smile on his face as he looked at minjeong. it was hard to say that she wasn't a pretty girl- because she certainly was- but her beauty was no match to yours. there was hardly any resemblance between the two of you and maybe that's why heeseung would never find himself in a bed with minjeong.
heeseung glanced towards the direction where he last saw you, and smirked to himself when he saw you staring at the scene going on between him and minjeong. you had been ignoring him and advoiding him all week, but this is what got your attention finally. he was just about to think that you were truly over him, but now with the way he could see the jealousy growing so green in your eyes he knew that his feelings were still atleast somewhat requited.
"ah! i'm so glad you're here! i've been wanting to see you!" minjeong pulled away from him, but still wrapping her tiny hand around his upper arm.
heeseung smirked down at her, "yeah?" he used a teasing tone with her, hoping that you would be trying to listen in. knowing you though, you most definetly were.
anyone could hear minjeong's obnoxious shrill so it was hard not to notice when she came running up to heeseung. you felt your blood run cold as you watched the two embrace each other.
"hey, are you okay?" intak whispered to you, feeling your change in aura suddenly beside him.
"hm? yeah i'm fine." you responded, looking at the black haired boy for a second before glancing back at heeseung and minjeong.
"are you sure? do you want another drink?"
"yeah! okay!" you responded, handing him your red cup.
"okay, i'll be right back!" intak smiled, shoulder shoving you gently before he left you alone.
you tried to not make it obvious that you were staring at heeseung and minjeong but it was so hard not to. it was unfair that the two of them could be affectionate towards one another in public meanwhile you and heeseung couldn't be together, period.
the way minjeong was clinging onto him to protectively, as if she was telling every other girl at the party that heeseung was hers- at least for tonight he was- was something that you'd only ever dreamt of doing with him. you wanted to show him off at a party, show everyone that you were together and that you were his and he was yours.
heeseung was paying so much attention to minjeong, focusing only on her as he answered her questions, making her laugh her annoying laugh. hurt and anger was growing inside of you, you wanted to scream.
"here you go." a red cup came into your view again. you looked up at intak, his easy going smile calmed you.
"thanks." you replied, taking the full cup from him and leaning back against the wall again.
"are you sure you're okay, y/n?" intak asked you once again, leaning his shoulder on the wall beside you.
"yeah, i'm good, just needed another drink!" you reassured him.
the past year, you and intak have gotten quite close. though you shot him down last summer, you still turned out to be great friends. but you still got the feeling that intak had some feelings towards you. his constant staring, and overly-kind gestures were a dead give away but you never did any actions towards him that would give him hope. you were friends- and that was it. until you got the idea to make heeseung just as mad as you were.
if you had to watch him get climbed on by the girl who defintely wanted to fuck him- and who he apparently thought was so hot, then he could watch you have somre fun with your friend.
you turned so your shoulder was against the wall, your front facing intak's, "are you having fun?" you asked him, titling your head to the side as you looked up at him.
"yeah, i am," intak took a sip of his drink, "are you?"
"mm, i am, but only because you're here." you smiled, biting your lip. you noticed the way intak gulped, before trying to laugh your statement off casually. you glanced over at heeseung and minjeong, who had moved over to sit on the lawson chair your family had in the living room. you almost threw up when you saw that she was sitting on his lap. when you glanced up heeseung, you didn't expect to meet his eyes.
there was a tone of amusmant and arrogance in his eyes as he looked at you, as if he was saying, "how's that?" you internally huffed at him, which was probably evident on your face as a smile spread across his lips.
minjeong put her hand on his shoulder, grabbing his attention away from you as she spoke to him.
"y/n?" intak asked, you forgot that he was standing there.
"i asked if you wanted to go outside."
"oh, uh, i-"
"look, what's wrong? you seem distant and you're acting weird." intak sighed, standing up straight in front of you.
"nothing's wrong! i'm fine!" you urged him to believe you. his hand suddenly came up and was placed on your forehead, checking to see if you had a fever. you glanced at heeseung, who had an eyebrow raised at you.
you put your hand on top of intak's, looking up at him through your eyelashes, "do i feel okay?"
"y-yeah, i think so." intak stuttered, shocked at your tone of voice, he pulled his hand away from you, trying to ignore the warmth that is sent through his body.
part of you felt bad because you were obviously just playing intak, but it would only be for tonight. you cared about him as a friend and you wouldn't go any further than a little flurting with him.
you moved closer to intak, so that your bodies were only a mere centimere apart, you could still see heeseung and minjeong's bodies over intak's shoulder. "i think i just want to stay in here, i like listening to the music." you nodded to intak.
"oh, okay." intak whispered out, not being able to take his eyes off of you. he's trying to rememeber if he's even been this close to you before. your perfume that he's become so familiar with is literally surrounding him because you're so close to one another. your pretty eyes seem so clear as you look up at him. he's trying so hard to keep his cool around you.
heeseung can hear minjeong speaking, but he doesn't know or to be honest, care, about what exactly she is saying. you're basically standing ontop of intak and he can most likely see right down your dress from his angle. minjeong brings heeseung back to her when she wraps her arm around his neck behind him, leaning closer to him now. heeseung smiles at her, and wraps his free arm around her back, basically cuddling her into his side as he looks at you.
you tsk lowly, watching the two of them pretend to be a couple while you know heeseung is only thinking about you right now. it hurts that he's touching another girl right in front of you, it seems to be pushing you farther and farther away from him, but the both of you can't give up so easily. both too stubborn to let the other one win. you don't know where this sudden 'game' of jealousy came from but you were determined to win.
you grab intak's free arm and put it on your waist, letting his fingers grab a hold of your side. through the thin layer of your dress you can feel his warmth. intak stumbles a second before gripping onto you tighter, shocked at how bold you are being with him. his inner monologue is fighting between either you're just really drunk or you're finally realizing that you have feelings for him.
heeseung takes a deep breath out of anger as he watches intak enjoy holding on to you, any guy in their right mind would kill to be intak right now.
throughout the high school days, it was so obvious that every guy in your school thought you were hot, but of course sunghoon would kill anyone that tried to hit on you. heeseung always wondered if you knew just how attractive you were. there had been so many convversations that he's overheard about what the guys in your school would do to you if they ever got the chance. if they ever got permission from sunghoon.
why did sunghoon have to let go of his protective stance when he went to college? he couldn't have done it sooner so maybe that he would get a chance himself?
heeseung almost laughs at the thought, as if sunghoon would let you date his best friend.
"are you tired, heeseungie?" minjeong purrs into his ear.
"you seem tired, do you want to go lay down?" he turns to look at the girl who's basically crawling ontop of him and forces a smile.
"maybe in a bit, yeah?"
"okay." she whispers into his ear. he feels her breath against his skin. on any other occassion he's sure he would've taken her up to his room by now, but he had no desire to pull anyone else except for you upstairs with him.
with minjeong leaning against his neck so closely, heeseung makes perfect eye contact with you. you tilt your head as a sign of confusion as you watch minjeong pucker her lips, leaning her face into heeseung's neck now.
and all at once, she's kissing slowly onto his skin, wanting to mark him as her's.
you and heeseung take a deep breath at once.
now, you weren't feeling well.
heeseung's eyes never left yours as minjeong made her way down his neck. you felt a heat wave go down your body as you pushed away from intak suddenly.
"do you know what?" you said, passing your cup to intak who was greatly confused, "i really am not feeling good, i'm just going to go to bed, i'll text you tomorrow, tak."
"oh? do you want me to walk you to your room or-" intak asked, concer painted on his face.
"no!" you got out quickly, "just, can you make sure sunoo gets home okay? if you ever see him around."
"yeah for sure." intak nodded, moving so that you could leave, "i hope you feel better, y/n."
"thanks." you mumbled, putting yoru head down as you made an escape to your bedroom. you felt tears prickle at your eyes. you were so hurt and embarrassed you just wanted to get away from everyone before anyone saw you cry- especially if sunghoon found out you were crying.
you didn't even glance at heeseung as you walked past the sitting area and towards the stairs. you couldn't bear to see him and minjeong anymore- it was all too much. you didn't think he'd actually fuck another girl in your house with you there.
so now, you're alone in your bedroom with thoughts of heeseung replaying in your mind, while he's in the room beside you, legs tangled with another girl.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
you didn't leave your room all saturday.
sunghoon knocked around noon hour, and you told him you were hungover, making him leave you alone to sleep all day.
you were far from hungover.
you were heartbroken.
you and heeseung weren't a couple, so you shouldn't be this upset. but you couldn't help but feel disappointed. all your hopes were just crushed within the span of 20 minutes last night right in front of you with a girl that was obviously perfect for heeseung.
any girl that wasn't sunghoon's sister seemed to be perfect for him.
when your parents came home sunday night, you were forced out of your room so you could all eat dinner together.
you weren't sure if everyone else could tell how awkward it was between you and heeseung, but the tension was so thick you felt like you were being smothered.
"so, did you guys do anything fun this weekend?" your mother asked the three of you.
"nah, not really, just watched movies and played video games." sunghoon shrugged, smirking at heeseung.
"oh i see, y/n? did you do anything?"
"i hung out with sunoo and intak, that's about it." you saw heeseung tense at the mention of intak, forcing yourself to not roll your eyes at him.
"ah, so just the usual stuff happened around here, then i see." your father joked, eating his meal.
"yeah, pretty much." heeseung nodded at him from across the table.
you felt like dinner was going on much longer than it usually does. you were waiting for the right time to excuse yourself back to your room but the time seemed to never come. your parents were explaining how their weekened went at your aunt's. sunghoon and heeseung were talking about university. you kept quiet the entire time until they were all finished and tired.
your parents went to bed early that night, tired from the weekend's long work. you heard sunghoon and heeseung watching a movie downstairs in the living while you sat awake in your bedroom, scrolling through social media aimlessly.
over time you heard less and less of heeseung and sunghoon's voices being carried up the stairs, and wondered if they had gone to bed. you open you bedroom door and head to the bathroom, seeing the flashing lights of the tv on downstairs still, and the quiet voices coming from it.
heeseung hears someone in the bathroom from his guest bedroom as he starts to change for bed. he figures maybe sunghoon woke up and is going to his bed after falling asleep on the couch.
when you walk out of the bathroom you don't really expect to see heeseung standing there, staring at you solemly. you see him open his mouth to speak but you start to make a beeline straight to your bedroom.
"no, y/n!" heeseung whisper shouts, putting his hand out to stop you. you sigh but stop and look at him, "i'm sorry."
you scoff and start to walk again, this time his hand meets your upper arm, stopping you in place.
"y/n, seriously i'm sorry. i- i didn't know she'd do that- that she'd kiss me." heeseung keeps his voice low, afraid that sunghoon or your parents would wake up and hear your conversation.
"you don't need to be sorry, hee. it's not like we're together or anything." you force smiled, trying to end the conversation before you bursted out in tears in front of him. "you can fuck who you want."
"i didn't fuck her y/n."
your breath hitched at his statement, "w-well i'm sorry to hear that." you tried to turn away from him.
"y/n, would you stop acting like this?" heeseung grunted lowly, "i didn't want to fuck her anyways. i- i don't like her like that."
"acting like what? i'm being myself." you defended yourself, trying to make him believe the false facade you were putting on. you didn't want him to know just how much he had hurt you.
no you're not," heeseung shook his head in frustration, "i-i'm sorry y/n, it was the only way i could get your attention, you were ignoring me!"
you scoffed at his explaination, "i think i simple fucking text would've sufficed."
"a text?" heeseung laughed dryly, "what was i suppose to say to you over text? hey stop ignoring me and get away from the stupid asshole intak?"
"he is not a stupid asshole, are you kidding me? and you could've texted me at least once throughout the school year!" you pushed a hand through your hair out of frustration, "look we can't talk right now, i don't want to wake anyone up."
a beat of silence went through the air as heeseung took in your words, "well why didn't you text me?" he spoke softer, barely audible in the quiet hallway.
"because you're away in the captial city in university. you're busy and i didn't want to bother you like all the other girls you use."
heeseung's eyes softened at your statement.
"you could've fucking texted me y/n. i'd never think of you as any of the other girls i've screwed around with because you are nothing like them." heeseung took a step closer to you, "you are so much more."
you shook your head and looked down at your clammy hands.
"what is it, y/n?"
"it's just- last time i saw you you were pushing me away and saying we can't be together and- and now you're like saying the opposite."
heeseung moved closer to you now, making you look up at him in the dark, "god," he said almost out of breath, "why did you have to be related to sunghoon?"
a small smile cracked onto your face, "why did you have to be sunghoon's best friend?"
you can see heeseung smile down at you, his face slowly getting closer to yours. you see his tongue dart across his bottom lip as he scans your entire face. his hand comes up and brushes your nestled hair out of your face. it's so quiet as you faces inch closer and closer, both of you forgretting about the consequences of you being together.
it's so quiet that when the faint sound of the tv turns of you pull apart immediately in shock. rustling from downstairs getting closer to the stairs makes you both freak out and stumble away from each other in the hall.
a tired looking sunghoon appears at the top of the stairwell. his balck hair all tangled up, indicating that he had just woken up. he looks at the two of you in confusion. "hey, guys? what's going on?"
"uh, nothing. i'm just going to bed now, saying bye to y/n, you know." heeseung shrugged casually. sunghoon looked over at you, and you just nodded, unable to speak with the amount of adrenaline and fear rushing through your body.
"uh, ok, i'm going to bed up here now, that couch fucken killed my neck." sunghoon lazily chuckled, "night." he spoke and turned to go to his bedroom.
"night." heeseung and you replied to your brother, a sigh of relief coming from the both of you as his door closed after him.
you looked at heeseung, standing in front of his bedroom with an unreadable expression on his. "have a good sleep, y/n."
"yeah, you too."
heeseung and you both went into your separate bedrooms, wishing that there wasn't a wall in between you as your thoughts raced about eachother.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
the next week started with heeseung and you creating some sort of tension with one another- it was awkward, but full of need and lust that neither one of you could act out on.
the amount of lust that had built up between you two was no joke.
there were so many times where heeseung just wanted to wrap his arms around your waist and whisper all the dirty thing he wanted to do to you in your ear.
and if it wasn't for sunghoon being around all the time you would've jumped heeseung's bones by now.
your parents were both at work, while sunghoon and heeseung had went over to jake's house for the day. the house would finally be silent and you could be alone with your thoughts for a minute. of course, all your thoughts went straight to heeseung- and how his body would look ontop of you- how he would fuck you.
you tried to put it off as much as you could, but when your hand started to trail it's way down your core and slip so easily into your shorts and panties there was no way you could pull it back out.
you slowly started to rub your clit in small, slow circles. imagining that heeseung was doing it instead. it felt so good, but you knew that heeseung could make it feel even better.
you imagined heeseung whispering dirty things in your ear like the way he's been whispering all week to you when sunghoon was just around the corner. you imagine his warmth ontop of you as he tries to get you to climax all over his fingers. he would tell you just how much of a good girl you were being for him.
your other hand slid up and started to massage your breast through your tight tank top. your tumb and fore finger squeezed your nipple in between them, adding the pleasure to your core. your fingers started going at a faster pace, chasing after the climax that you so desired.
heeseung had left jake's house early, wanting to go to bed early tonight because he planned on spending time with his actual family tomorrow, needing for him to wake up early.
he didn't think he was neccesarrily being quiet when he walked into your house, not even aware that you were even still home.
"heeseung." he heard your voice from down the hall, you sounded whiny and out of breath, concern retching onto his face at the thought that you were possibly hurt.
your bedroom door was open by the smallest amount, just enough for heeseung to look in and see you layed out on top of your bed. your hair was flayed out against your pillow, your eyes were closed and your mouth was slightly open in a blissed out way.
heeseung's own mouth dropped open once he scanned down your body and saw what you were doing under your little shorts.
heeseung was having an internal conflict with himself. you're sunghoon's little fucking sister! but you're y/n and my god were you hot. he was about to turn and leave until his name left your mouth again, signalling that he wasn't hearing things beforehand.
your fingers were rubbing your little clit at the thought of him.
"fuck." heeseung let out, in awe of how cute and sexy you looked at the same time with the strap of your tank top slipping off of your shoulder.
you immediately sat up, ripping your hand out of your pants at the sound of someone outside your door. you had thought had closed it all the way!
your cheeks flushed red once you met eyes with heeseung. intneral dread took over you as your grabbed a pillow from behind you and tried to cover your body more from his eye sight.
heeseung's mouth opened and closed as he tried to find some words to say.
"heeseung~!" sunghoon singsonged as he entered his house.
fear filled both you and heeseung more as heerseung's hand scrambled out and pulled the door knob of your bedroom closed before rushing down the stairs, fixing his jeans so sunghoon wouldn't see his (hopefully not) obvious boner.
"hey, man!" heeseung greeted his younger friend at the bottom stair, "thought you'd stay at jake's for a bit longer, nio?"
"nah, i wanted to eat dinner here tonight." sunghoon replied, taking off his shoes, "is y/n home?"
"uh, i'm not sure, if she is i haven't seen her, i kinda just got here."
"ah, ok." sunghoon nodded, "do you wanna play some fifa until my parents get home?"
'"yeah for sure! i just have to get in the shower first, okay?" heeseung replied, pointing his thumb ovre his shoulder.
"okay, but hurry! i want at least one game before they're home!"
"okay okay!" heeseung laughed, turning around and quickly running into the bathroom. he shut the door and locked it before anyone else could come in.
"fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck." heeseung mumbled to himself, looking down at his crotch. thank god sunghoon wasn't looking at him while he was downstairs.
heeseung quickly turned on the shower and got undressed. his pale body uncovering it's self and releasing his boner. he cursed his past self for putting on jeans this morning. the tightness of them were suffocating and he basically ripped them off.
god, heeseung felt so guilty for masturbating in the shower. he felt like he was fourteen years old again and just starting puberty. but he felt even more guilty that he was masturbating to the thought of his best friend's little sister.
he had tried so hard to get rid of his feelings for you- because there was just o way that the two fo you could work anything out between you two without runing things with sunghoon for the both of you.
but after 10 months of not seeing you or talking to you, it had just seeemed to make his feelings for you stronger. you were so much more mature now, you had finally finished growing into your body, and yiur voice had toned down a pitch that made him almost melt everytime you spoke.
your breasts were more perky, and your clothes were tighter, god he wonders what the guys at your school must think of you now.
he'd be so quick to brag to any of them that he was the one that you thought of when you got yourself off. lee heeseung was the one that park sunghoon's little sister thought of.
though, to heeseung, you were so much more to him than sunghoon's little sister, though in reality he knew that you'd have to stay that way. no matter how many times he's thought about- or almost kissed you, you were off limits. and sunghoon has made that very clear.
still, he couldn't get his mind away from your little whines and your fingers rubbing your clit. his hand got faster and faster as he got himself off in the shower- in your shower.
heeseung thought of fucking you so that you would whine his name outloud so breathessly again. he thought about how tight your pussy must be- how he'd be the first one to fuck you properly. he wanted to get you to come undone on his cock- for you to scream out his name then as you cling onto him for dearlife as your climax hit you.
"god." heeseung whined out quietly, thanking the shower for sounding out his volume. he couldn't hold it any longer, letting his release go, squirting his cum all over his hand and shower wall. his red tip pulsating as he put his forehead on the shower wall beside him.
"fuck." he let out a frustrated sigh, what has he done to himself?
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
it had been two weeks into your summer vaction with heeseung back to living in your house. it would be the last summer where sunghoon would be living with you for good since he was leaving with heeseung in late august.
you hadn't spoken or even seen heeseung since he caught you masturbating the other day. sunghoon and him had been out with their other friends.
that's good for you though. you didn't know how you could face heeseung after the scene of you that he had seen. you prayed that maybe he'd hit his head and forget about it, but you knew that the chances of that were very slim.
since it was summer break, your sleeping schedule was out of control. you'd stay up until the early hours of the morning and not wake up until dinner time.
your stomach growled as you layed in bed, watching a tv series that you had found online. you glanced up at the time; 3:28 am. you groaned but decided that you should get up and get a little night snack.
at this hour, your house was either blasting with music, or as quiet as mouse- depending on whether or not your parents were home. tonight, it was quiet. you could see the flash of the tv on downstairs, but it was obviously muted with no sound coming out of it. you checked and saw that all bedroom doors were closed in the hall- making you wonder who was downstairs at this hour. though, they were probably passed out on the couch.
you quietly made your way down the stairs, walking past the living room and seeing an empty room, thanking the gods that heeseung wasn't there.
the cold kitchen tiles made you thankful that you had socks on as you opened the fridge door, preparing to get some leftovers from the dinner that your mother had made hours ago. you were tryuing so hard to be quiet, not wanting to wake up anyone upstairs.
"can i have some?" a voice said from behind you, making you jump and cover your mouth with your hand, preventing you from screaming out loud.
heeseung stood in the doorway of the kitchen, wearing a white shirt and his usual grey sweatpants that he normally slept in.
"uh. yeah sure." you replied, turning away from him to avoid eye contact. how was he able to act so normal around you?
"great." heeseung said, you could hear him behind you shuffle to sit down at the small island in your kitchen. "what're you doing awake at this hour?"
"i slept all day today, so i'm wide awake now." you spoke softly, trying not to die out of embarrassent right on the spot. you focused on putting some of your mothers food on a plate for you and heeseung.
"ah, i see." heeseung acknowledged, his fist holding his head up as he looked at you. all you could feel were his eyes on your back. you wished you could have worn something other than your shorts and a tank top. "i like your shorts." you felt the hairs on your body go up at heeseung's compliment as if he was reading your mind. these were the exact shorts you were wearing the other day when he caught you getting off to him.
you cleared your throat as you turned to him with your plates in hand, "uh, thanks." you practically whispered, too afraid to use your voice fully.
heeseung took his plate from you, "thank you for the food." he smiled up at you, his hand covered your own as you transferred the plate from one another. instantly you felt your fingers weaken as his fingers covered your own. they were so long and dainty, so much more prettier than your own. "and i'm sorry about the other day, i thought you would've heard me come in."
your eyes wideneed at his 'apology', humilation filled you as you turned and looked at him again, a cocky smirk was evident on his face.
"i-i," you started but you had no idea what to say, you wanted to run and hide upstairs in your bedroom for the next month and a half and never come out.
"do you always think of me when you do that?" you could hear small laughter in his tone with his question.
"heeseung." you stated, no hint of laughter in your own, only pure seriousness and humiliation. "i don't think of you, like that. ever." you lied, you can't rememebr the last time you didn't think about him when your fingers were playing with your pussy.
"c'mon y/n. i heard you moan my name." heeseung shook his head with a knowing look. "at first i thought i was hearing things, but with the way that you couldn't just stop at fingers just now, i don't think i was just hearing things." you cursed yoruself for moaning his name so idiotically loud last time you got off.
heeseung took a step towards you again, so now you're bodies were almost touching as he looked down at you. he towered over you when he stood. "plus, youa re such a bad liar y/n, you only ever call me 'heeseung' when you're hiding something." suddenly you were thrown back into all the memories that you were hiding something when he spoke to you. did you really only use his full name when you were trying to keep someting hidden? how did he know you so well?
"so? do you always think of me when you get yourself off, y/n?" heeseung repeated himself, a cocky smirk on his face as he watched you try to avoid eye contact. when you could only offer a meak nod and a shy smile, a big smile spread across heeseung's pretty lips. "how about i give you something to think about next time you need to cum?" you looked up at him in shock at his words, not expecting him to speak to you like this. this was something that you only ever imagined he say to you. "can i touch you y/n?" he bent his head down so he could look right into your eyes. you nodded in response. "yeah?" he wanted to confirm.
"yes. hee, please touch me." heeseung's body pushed you up against the kitchen wall behind you suddenly. his warm core meeting your own as his scent filled your senses. you turned your head to the side and could see directly out of the kitchen doorway the stairs and part of the living room. if anyone came down they could totally see you and heeseung,.
"relax, y/n, sunghoonie passed out hours ago and you know how heavy your parents sleep, we'll be fine." heeseung whispered into your ear, sensing your worry.
"okay." you whispered out to him, relaxing into his touch. you thought he was going to kiss you when he face got close to yours, but he turned down and started to kiss down your neck. you moved your head to the side so he could have better acces to finding your sweet spot. you bucked your hips into his when he found it. making him smile against your neck as he continued to kiss there. "you can't leave marks, hee." you reminded him, making him grunt out at the realization.
"you're sure i can touch you, y/n?" heeseung pulled away once more, hoping to not ruin things between the two of you and your brother.
"please, hee, i wanna feel you." heeseung smiled at your response kissing your forehead before running his hands down your sides and began playing with the hem of your shorts. your faces were close together as you both looked down at his dainty fingers slipping into your shorts. it surprised him when he realized you weren't wearing any panties.
his fingers were instantly met with your wetness, spreading your juices around and coating your fingers. if it was anyone else besides heeseung you were sure that you'd be embarrassed, but you couldn't help it now. this was something that you had thought about for years, and now it was finally happening.
heeseung slipped one fingers into your core, making you close your eyes at the impact at first, ready to feel more of him. he kissed your shoulder as he slowly worked his one finger in and out of you, warming you up.
his thumb started to circle your engorged clit, making you buck your hips up at the tension. you could feel him smile against your skin at your actions. no matter what situation you were in, heeseung would always find you cute.
when heeseung adds another finger inside of you, he slowly starts to curl his fingers inside , trying to find your sensitive spot. you have to bite back your moan when he finds it, your grip tighening on his shoulder, letting him know. heeseung's pace slowly starts to speed up as he watches your face curl up in pleasure.
"god princess, you don't understand how long i've wanted to feel you like this." he whispers out to you, your shampoo filling his senses as he leans his face into your head, pressing soft kisses against you, an action that was so different compared to the speed he was going at on your core.
his confession sent butterflies to your stomach and your heart, you could only shake your head as a response to him, looking him in the eyes.
"do you not know how many guys would fucking kill to see you like this, y/n? why do you think sunghoon is so protective of you? do you know how many times he's had to deal with sleazy guys talking about what they'd do to you if they had the chance? and god it pisses me off when i have to hear it, too."
"w-why does it piss you off, hee?" you whimper out to him, the pressure on your clit growing as his actions continue. heeseung swears his cock grows harder at the way you say his nickname.
"because no guy deserves to see you like this, to feel you like this, to get you to come undone on their fingers like this. except for me right y/n? you're just for me, yeah?"
"yes, hee, o-only for you."
heeseung bends his head into your neck again, kissing everyone as a sign of appreciation for being such a good girl for him. you're always such a good girl.
he feels your hole clench around his fingers as he speeds up his actions. "are you gonna come for me y/n?" you nodded weakly as a response, your lower stomach becoming tight as you feel heeseung all around you, wishing that it wouldn't stop ever.
"come on, y/n. i wanna feel you come all over my fingers." heeseung whispers into your ear, biting gently on the tip of it.
"i'm- i, coming." you moaned out, wrapping your hand around heeseung's wrist as he speeds up even faster.
at once, your climax hits you hard, your eyes shutting close at the pleasure heeseung gave you. heeseung slowed down his pace when you were calming down, kissing your forehead gently before he pulled out, not wanting to overstimulate you.
he put his fingers inbetween you two so you could see. his fingers were wet and glistening from your juices. he slipped his fingers into his mouth, humming around them.
"hee." you meekly whispered out, your hand coming onto hold his wrist, embarassaed that he was tasting you so feverishly.
"what?" heeseung put his fingers away from you with a laugh, "you taste good."
"hee." you whine, a smile of your own coming onto your face through humiliation.
"you're so cute." heeseung confessed yet again, backing away from you so you could straighten out against the wall.
the kitchen fell into the same silence that filled the rest of the house. you were still basking in the fact that lee heeseung just fingered you into the kitchen. it was seriously a dream come true.
"so, i guess i'll you go eat now." heeseung said casually, looking at your untouched plate of food on the island.
"yeah, okay. i'll see you tomorrow, right?"
"yeah if you don't sleep all day again." heeseung teased you, passing you your plate of food.
"whatever." you rolled your eyes with a smile, backing out of the kitchen and heading back to your bedroom up the stairs. at the top you turned around and saw heeseung leaning onto the kitchen doorway, his arms crossed across his chest, a smirk on his face as he watched you smile back at him and disappear out of sight.
you left a feeling in his chest that he couldn't explain, but he didn't want to get rid of it.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
the morning, you woke up with tiredness still filling your body. you definietly should sleep more, but you wanted to see what heeseung and your brother were doing.
opening your bedroom door, you heard your family's chatter downstairs. you hurriedly skipped downstairs and into the kitchen where they were all sat. your eyes fell immeditadely onto heeseung, who definitely looked like he needed more sleep as well.
"we'll only be gone three days!" sunghoon said, patting your mom on the shoulder as she raised an eyebrow at him.
"okay, you boys better have fun and be safe ok?" your mother responded, rolling her eyes when heeseung and sunghoon high fived each other across the table.
"what's going on?" you asked from the doorway, glancing at the spot where heeseung had fingered just mere hours before. your family and heeseung turned and looked at you.
"the boys and us are going to jay's cabin for the weekend." sunghoon teasingly smiled, "and NO you cannot come." you saw heeseung smile down at the table behind sunghoon.
"i wouldn't want to be trapped in the middle of the woods with you guys anyways." you rolled your eyes, grabbing some water from the fridge.
"yeah right, i knew you were gonna ask as soon as i finished the sentence, y/n." sunghoon nudged you teasingly.
"whatever hoonie, i hope you guys have fun." you leanedback against the counter.
"god i hope you guys stay safe, seriously." your mother desperated, your father wrapping his arm around her while winking at the boys.
you were a little upset that you wouldn't be able to see heeseung for a couple of days, after just being so intimate with him. but it's not like you guys were together! no, he just fingered you, that's all. and called you cute. and told you that he gets pissed when other guys talk about you. okay fuck, maybe you were gonna miss him a lot for the next three days.
"let's go pack, hee." sunghoon grabbed heeseung's shoulder, taking him away from the table and back upstiars. heeseung barely looked at you as he left, making your chest feel empty. of course, he probably just didn't want sunghoon to think there way anything going on between you two.
you sat down at the island in your kitchen and started scrolling through social media while your mother prepared a breakfast for everyone. you almost dropped your phone in your water when you just so happened to press minjeong's snapchat story.
it was a selfie of her and her friends in their bikini tops : so excited for this weekend! see you guys soon! @ heeseung @ sunghoon @ jay @ jake.
the sinking feeling returned into your stomach as you stared at the four girls that would be going on the trip with them. you already knew what minjeong looked like very well, but in thius picture she looked extra pretty. she was the complete oppisote of what you looked like, and she was heeseung's age, making her more mature than you.
heeseung would defintly be into more mature girls. they were sexy and experienced and knew what they wanted. you were younger and cute. that's what he called you. cute. the once compoliment now added onto the sinking feeling in your stomach. maybe that's why heeseung wasn't looking at you this morning. you were sunghoon's baby sister, so cute and easy to forget. now he gets to spend three days with sexy minjeong, who's already tried to get into heeseung's pants before. maybe she's succeeded when they were away at univeristy, who knows?
fuck. now you really didn't want heeseung to go.
you stayed put in your bedroom for the rest of the morning, even when you heard sunghoon and heeseung leaving. you watched them jump into jake's jeep when him and jay pulled up to pick them up. their bags were thrown into the truck before jumping into the backseat. when they drove away you thought for sure you stomach had gone with them it felt so low and empty.
heeseung 🤎 : i'll see you sunday :)
your phone buzzed when he texted you.
you stared at his message for a while, not sure if you should answer or not. by the time you stopped contemplating if you should reply or not, it had been hours and you decided to just leave it. it's not his fault that there's so many sexy girls that would kill to have him ontop of them, but still, you wanted him to just be yours.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
you avoided going onto snapchat for the first day while they were away. you couldn't deal with seeing them all have fun without. and god forbid you see any of the girls and heeseung being a little too close.
you had to deal with heeseung bringing girls to your house, making out iwth them in front of you or talking about fucking some girl from your school for years. so now, when you've finally had your chance with heeseung, you didn;'t know how you could ever go back to pretending that what he was saying wasn't bothering you.
sunoo came over saturday night, hoping to cheer you up a little.
"heeseung did what to you in your kitchen?" sunoo gasped loudly, making you cover his mouth in fear that your parents would hear and put two and two together about what he was talking about.
"shh god! do you always have to be so loud! you tsked at your best friend.
"i'm sorry! but i mean, this is something that we've only ever joked about for years!"
"that's what im saying!" you nodded to him, glad that it wasn't just you that was shocked.
"god, was it good?"
"really good." you raised your eyebrows, making the both of you laugh.
"so now what? are you guys finally gonna date?"
"of course not! are you kidding me?" you layed back on your bed, thinking about how that could never happen in a million years. not when heeseung is so important to sunghoon.
"why not? i'm sure sunghoon wouldn't kill his best friend?" sunoo layed down beside you on his stomach so he could face you.
"i'm sure he would." you nodded sarcastically, "heeseung is the only person that sunghoon's ever 100 percent trusted. how would he feel if that person went and started dating me?! his little sister?!" you exclaimed, your hands shaking out in the air.
"god, you need a drink." sunoo laughed.
"fuck, yeah i do."
sunoo and you drank quietly in your room until it was approaching 10pm. you were both upset, and drunk and you couldn't stop thinking about heeseung.
"i cannot believe he's with that minjeong girl right now!" you slurred, trying to apply some lip gloss in your mirror as sunoo layed on your bed.
"i heard that she slept with that yeonjun guy before he graduated." sunoo nodded, looking at you through your mirror's reflection.
"choi yeonjun?!" you gasped in shock. he was only the school's hottest it boy for years. even when you were in elementary school you heard about his beauty. "my god, this minjeong is living the dream." you continued to stare at yourself in the mirror with a frown. "i wish i was as sexy as her. guys seem to only like the sexy girls, i swear."
"you're sexy, y/n!" sunoo cheered, coming up behind you and squeezing your cheeks.
"god, sunoo." you pushed his hands off of your face, "i am definetly not sexy when you squeeze my face like that." making both of you laugh.
"i say, you get all dressed up and send a sexy pic to heeseung, i'm sure that'll make him realize just how sexy you are, he'll want to come home right away!" sunoo planted the idea in your head, allowing for you to contemplate it. if you hadn't been drinking for five hours already, you're sure that you would've been totally against the idea. but you were so intoxicated, and jealous of minjeong and missing heeseung that you agreed to the idea immediately.
sunoo and you tore through your closet for a while, trying to figure out what to wear for the picture.
"what about this?" sunoo pulled out a black lined, mesh bralette from the back of your closet. "i think this is sexy."
"that isd too sexy and i think i'll be too weird if i wear that." you gasped. you had only wore it once underneath your clothes and you felt uncomfortable all day. but maybe that wsas a good thing. you should get out of your cute comfortableness and into something more sexy and mature like.
"what? no! heeseung will love this, y/n. when has he ever seen you in something like this?" sunoo asked, which made you think about it. all he ever really saw you in was your school uniform and your pyjamas. you never really tried to go all out when you were in your own home.
"fine, give me the thing i'll go put it on." you sntached the mesh fabric out of sunoo's hand, a devilish grin on sunoo's face as he cheered you on.
pulling the bralette over your head and down your body seemed to be the only easy part of this 'mission'. staring at yourself in the mirror while wearing it was hard to get use to. you had never worn such a thing so carelessly before.
sunoo gasped when you walked back into your bedroom with the bralette on.
"my god y/n, you really are sexy!" he jumped up, shaking your shoulders, making you feel a little better about your appearance.
trying to take the sexy selfie was definetly the hardest thing you've had to do in your life up to this point. sunoo was trying to teach you tips on how to find a good selfie angle that would broadcast to heeseung that you are done being cute- you're sexy now.
"now, put the camera higher up!" sunoo instructed, with following right after. "yeah like that! now only put one side of your face in it! - and make sure your chest is in it still!"
"well, let's see it." sunoo said, pushing so he sat beside you as you pressed the picture. both of you gasping as it appeared on screen.
"sexy." you said in unision, high fiving eachother.
you stood up and put your sweater back on over your body, wanting to cover up as soon as possible again, "god and now i'm scared to send it to him." you told sunoo nervously.
"what? why? it's a good picture!"
"yeah, its a good picture but its heeseung and it's me." you explained to your pink haired friend.
"i don't understand. don't you want to do this? i thought you liked him."
"i do! but i don't know. what if he doesn't like it?"
"y/n, trust me, he'll love it. here come sit, let's press send together."
you sat close to sunoo, oopening up heeseung's and yours messages, his unanswered text from the day before still there.
"okay, ready?" sunoo asked you, holding your phone with you.
"three, two, one." you both press send at the same time with your thumbs.
"ahhhh! what did we just do?" you stood up, fear coursing through you.
"i don't know! you just sent lee heeseung a sexy picture!" sunoo stood up after you, feared for you.
"why did we do that?!"
"i don't know!"
"i need a drink!" you gasped, searching around your room for the liquor bottle that sunoo had brought over.
heeseung wanted to go home as soon as they got to the cabin yesterday.
he didn't know what was wrong with him.
usually, this was his type of scene: a party, four hot chicks and his three best friends. what else could he ask for? he laughed at himself as he thought this.
y/n. that's what else he could ask for.
he'd trade all the hot chicks in the world if it meant that he could have you all to himself.
heeseung remembers the first time he saw park sunghoon. it was the first day of his year 10 and he saw a short year 9 wandering lost around the hallways. heeseung remembers thinking, 'hey give that kid some height and a good fashion sense and he wouldn't be that embarrassing to hang around with.". heeseung laughs at the memory.
heeseung and sunghoon clicked almost instantly when heeseung introduced himself in the hallway. they were both driven, and had goals, and they really liked to fucking party. sunghoon introduced heeseung to jay and jake later that day at lunch, and that's how their little friend group had started. the 02z and their 'grandpa'.
"i told you not to call me that, jake!" heeseung shoved jake's shoulder in the cafeteria.
"i know i know! i'm sorry, grandpa- i mean heeseung! heeseung!!" jake screeched in shock, making the jay and sunghoon laugh jake's slip up. "i really didn't mean to call you it that time!"
"yeah, whatever." heeseung rolled his eyes, trying to hide his smile as he continued to eat his ramen for lunch.
he remembers when park sunghoon first invited him to his house. he was so honoured that someone was giving him a chance to get out of his own house.
heeseung never really got a long with the rest of his family. he loved them, and they loved him, but they all had the same morals and values in life that were opposite of heeseungs. it was difficult to get through a conversation with them about anything. that's why he was so happy when sunghoon invited him over- it meant that he could stay somewhere away from his family.
he remembers the first time that he saw you. you were sitting at the island in your kitchen. sunghoon was introducing him to his mother, but heeseung could barely take his eyes off of you.
he knew that sunghoon had a little sister, but he didn't know that she'd be so cute. you were sitting there eating the dinner that your mom had made you, your black hair that matched sunghoon's was thrown up in a messy ponytail and your knee was pressed against the counter from the position you sat in in the chair.
heeseung remembers the way that you tried to avoid eye contact with him as you blushed when you two made eye contact. the mole on your nose bridge matched sunghoon's, but it looked so much more appealing on you than it did your brother. he remembers your quiet little 'hi' that you spoke out, making heeseung smile at the memory.
when sunghoon pulled him away from his family, he remembers wishing for excuse to go back downstairs so that he could see you again, but no ideas really came to his head.
the next day at school, heeseung asked jay and jake about you.
"god, don't even mention her when sunghoon's around." jay shook his head, taking a bite out of his food.
"what? why?" heeseung asked curiously.
"has sunghoon not had the 'stay away from my sister or i'll rip your balls off personally' convo with you?" jake asked him from across the table.
"no? what the hell is that?" heeseung asked, surprised when jay and jake made a knowing look at each other.
"trust me, you'll get it some day." jay poionted his fork at heeseung.
"basically, sunghoon is just really protective over y/n. he tells everyone that if they even sstare at her for longer than five seconds he'll kill them. so yeah, don't even try to mess around with park y/n." jake explained to the older boy, who could only nod in response. heeseung mentally kicked you out of his brain that day, wishing to never think of you again while he was friends with sunghoon.
but it was so hard not to think about you when he saw you everyday. and everyday you seemed to get more and more attractive to him. the sarcasm that you used with your brother, the care that used with your friends and parents, the natural beauty that you gave off in the morning when you just wake up. it was all too much for heeseung to be able to ignore.
so heeseung waited, and waited, and waited for the day that sunghoon would have the 'stay away from my sister or i'll rip your balls off personally' convo with him.
but the day never came.
heeseung had heard sunghoon have the conversation with practically everyone that he had ever interacted with- except for heeseung. it made heeseung nervous. so nervous.
he waiting for the day that he'd let it slip that he thinks sunghoon's little sister is the hottest fucking thing he's ever seen and would mess up his years long friendship with his best friend- but it never happened. sunghoon had so much trust in heeseung that anything about you and heeseung together never really bothered sunghoon.
heeseung wondered if it was maybe because he was older than sunghoon. he was more mature and responsible. but that didn't explain as to why sunghoon had held lee jeno by the collar when he heard that jeno wanted to 'fuck park y/n from behind' since jeno was a year older than heeseung himself.
he didn't know exaclty what it was with himself that sunghoon had trusted so much. sunghoon has personally seen how heeseung has treated some of the girls in the school. he has heard heeseung explain all the dirty things he wants to do to certain girls that they all find hot. but still, he's the only boy that sunghoon trusts around his 'baby' sister.
when he graduated last year and almost kissed you in the hall, he knew that he was in some dangerous territory. he wished then that sunghoon would have had the 'stay away from my sister or i'll rip your balls off personally' convo with him because there was nothing stopping him from taking you right then and there. it pained him to come to his senses and pull away from you. how could he be such a terrible friend to his best friend?
heeseung thought that his feelings would go away over his first year at university. there were so many new, hot girls around! new hot girls that he wouldn't have time to think about you he'd be so busy with them. but that only worked for the first month.
no girls could compare to you, not even the ones he knew had some good pussy; like minjeong. he had heard so many stories about kim minjeong (choi yeonjun even fucked her!) but he couldn't bear to hook up with her when all he could see was your face and hear your laughter.
when he returned home three weeks ago, he didn't expect you to have matured to much. sure you were still cute but he couldn't even look at you without thinking of all the nasty things he would do to you. 'thank god sunghoon can't read minds' he remembers thinking when he stepped into the door and saw you standing there on the steps.
ever since he's been back he's had a hard time holding himself back from you. before all he had to do was think of his friendship with your brother, but now, he felt like that meant almost nothing to him if it meant that he could be with you.
heeseung felt guilty after fingering you in your kitchen. the home where a family welcomes him with big arms when his own family doesn't. under the same roof where his best friend lies asleep, trusting him with his life. just for what? for him to use you like all the other girls he's used before? it's not like you could ever be together. it was a one time thing and that's it and now he's probably hurt you since you didn't even answer his text yesterday.
his mind was just full of park y/n that it was pooling out the sides of his ears.
his phone vibrating shook him out of his thoughts of you for a milisecond, before bringing him right back in.
park y/n <3 : Slide to view image.
heeseung instantly opened his phone to see what you had sent him. thinking that it was probably some stupid meme, or had some sort of inside joke that would be between the two of you.
god was he wrong.
he abruptly put his phone to his chest, in fear that any of the seven other people (including your brother!!!!!) would see. they all seemed to be in their own worlds as he sat in front of the small campfire they had built. sunghoon had one of minjeong's friends on his lap, so he totally wasn't interested in anything that anyone else was doing.
heeseung put his phone's brightness on low as he pressed the picture you had sent him. never in his life did he think you'd send him such a picture or wear such a revealing top.
the more he looked at your picture, the more he could feel his cock grow hard in his pants. your tits were basically on full display for him as the black mesh bralette you were wearing hid almost nothing. the way you were biting your red tinted lip drove him crazy. your pretty hair swivelled down your exposed shoulder- the shoulder where he had kissed you so soft before that it had made you whine out so needily for him.
"fuck." heeseung mumbled out, trying to hide his boner.
"what's wrong heeseungie, are you okay?" minjeong suddenly appeared beside him, making him lock his phone immediately.
"what? yeah! i'm fine!" heeseung said with a forced cheery voice.
"hm," minjeong pouted, sitting on the chair's handle beside him, "you haven't been yourself since we've gotten here, are you sure you're okay?"
yeah! i'm fine! i have a boner bc of sunghoon's little sister and SUNGHOON IS SITTING RIGHT OVER THERE! heeseung mentally screamed at the clueless girl beside him.
"yeah, i'm good." heeseung nodded, pulling his sweater done more to cover his bulge.
"how about you come up to my room with me? maybe i could make you feel great!" minjeong winked at him.
and if heeseung was his past self. the self that didn't know what your pussy tasted like, that didn't know you liked to be called princess when you're getting off, that didn't know just how much you liked him back- then sure, he'd follow kim minjeong up to her temporary room and fuck her. he'd fuck her so that he'd forget about not being able to ever be with his best friend's sister. but he was just not that heeseung anymore.
uh, i don'-" heeseung was about to decline when someone from across their small little outdoor kickback had answered practically for him.
"yeah, heeseung, why don't you go have fun upstairs? you really haven't been yourself." sunghoon spoke to him, the girl on his lips smilling at minjeong with a knowing look that made heeseung want to scream.
but of course sunghoon could see that heeseung hadn't been self this weekend. sunghoon could see that heeseung was anything other than practically in love with his little sister.
"come on heeseungie~!" minjeong whined out, grabbing a hold of his hand.
"okay." heeseung had to force out, smiling at the girl. he remembers thinking about how pretty minjeong was last year. he remembers how all the guys in the school use to drool over her. he'd kill to get inside minjeong just based on how pretty she was. but now, as he's looking up at her from his seat, and the campfire is lighting up her small face, he can't help but think about how average looking she is. she is no longer the girl that belonged in magazines, or the girl that looks like she could be a princess- she's just okay.
and heeseung thinks that every girl from now will just be 'okay' looking since he's seen how beautiful you are.
minjeong drags him up to her room in the cabin, a small but cozy room and pushes him on her bed. fuck, i still have a boner and it's NOT from this girl fuck, is all that heeseung can think.
"look, minjeong-" heeseung starts, but is interrupted by her sitting on his lap. her lips start kissing up his neck, glad to finally have lee heeseung under neath her.
"minjeong." heeseung states, his hands resting on her skin so she can't move closer.
"hm?" she whimpers out to him, too entranced on trying to make him feel good.
"i can't do this... with you." heeseung finishes, the once pretty girl pulls away from him and looks at him with confusion.
"well what do you mean, heeseungie?" she asks, her nickname for him rolls off her tongue so easily and he hates it. heeseung gently pushes her off of him so that she sits beside him on the bed. "what are you doing?"
"we can't have sex, minjeong."
minjeong scoffs at heeseung, "are you being serious?" she asks, her once cute tone of a voice drops drastically. "we've been screwing around for how long now? and you're just telling me now that you're uninterested?"
"yeah, pretty much. and i'm sorry."
"oh shut the fuck up." minjeong stands up now, fixing her shirt so it's back in place. her outburst takes heeseung aback as he looks up at her. "i've wanted you since we were in year 10, lee heeseung. and now that i've almost finally get you, i just can't? what is it? seriously? why can't you just want me back?"
heeseung stares at minjeong with an unreadable expredssion. he has no idea how to respond to such a confession from a girl who's never thought anything about besides that maybe at one time she was hot.
"hm?" minjeong urges him when he doesn't answer.
"i just... don't like you, like that- i'm sorry! i am! but-"
"you're so pathetic, heeseung. and i mean it. you go around fucking every other girl around here, so many girls that you can't even remember if you've fucked them already or not, and you just can't settle down for one girl? why can't you just be with me? are you really that much of a douchebag?"
heeseung starts to smile at how wrong her statement is about him.
"you think it's funny do you? that you can break so many girls' hearts?" minjeong scoffs at him, crossing her arms across her chest.
"no, that's not the funny part." heeseung shakes his head and looks straight into minjeong's eyes, "the funny part is that i can settle down for one girl. i already have the girl that i can settle down with- but we can't be together. and that's why we can't have sex minjeong, because i love her and it's too painful now to be with anyone but her."
minjeong's eyes soften at his explaination, her arms becoming loose and hanging at her sides as she stares at heeseung. she feels tears well up in her eyes as she realizes that she boy she truly wants has fallen inlove with someone else right in front of her.
"well, who ever the girl is, she's one lucky son of a bitch." minjeong states and then takes a deep breath, backing up and opening her bedroom door for heeseung to leave, now counting down the seconds for when she can leave this cabin tomorrow.
"fuck sunoo, he read it and hasn't responded." you groan, sitting down on the edge of your bed, your heart beating out of your chest at the word read, "i really fucked it up didn't i?"
"no! you didn't! he's probably just masturbating to it because he couldn't handle your sexiness." sunoo reassured you, coming to rest his head on your stressed shoulder.
"or sunghoon saw it and he's not shoving heeseung's dead body into the lake."
"right, or that." sunoo pointed out sarcastically, making you smile a little bit. "he's probably just drunk and fell asleep. they're coming back tomorrow so you can talk about it then, right?"
"yeah, i guess." you shrugged, laying down in frustration, "ugh, what have i done?"
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
you dreaded the sound of your brothers voice echoeing through the house on the late sunday afternoon, the day after you sent lee heeseung a 'sexy selfie'.
"we're home~!" sunghoon called out, cheers from your parents downstairs were heard then. you made your way out of your bedroom and down the stairs to greet your brother and his best friend. your heart was pounding as you saw heeseung's dark green hair in the front hall.
"how was it you guys?" your mother asked, hugging them as they came through the door, your dad was helping move their bags to the side.
"it was fun! jay got so sunburnt he can hardly move!" sunghoon laughed outloud, making heeseung smile.
"oh no," your mother frowned, obviosly not finding it as funny as they did. "you guys must be hungry! dinner is ready now so come and eat, you can put away your stuff later! you come down now too, y/n!" your mother pointed you out in your 'hiding' spot in the middle of the staircase. sunghoon and heeseung turned at the mention of your name. sunghoon backing up to the staircase with his knees bent for you to get on his back.
you climbed on and pulled his hair as a joke, "hey! watch it!" sunghoon grunted out at you, a teasing smile on his face. "one of us has got to have some good hair and it's obviously not gonna be you so you have to protect this one."
"shut up! oh my god!" you laughed out, holding onto his shoulders as he carried you through the house to the table. you rested your cheek on his back and glanced at heeseung, who held a soft smile on his face as he watched you and your brother interact somewhat lovingly.
"so, what did you do at the cabin?" your father asked once you were all sat down in your usual spots.
"eh, just swam and hung around, listened to some music, the usual stuff i guess but in a different location." sunghoon shrugged, winking at heeseung. the wink sent a heavy feeling into your stomach again- a feeling that you're starting to get use to at this point since it happens so much. "i am really tired though." sunghoon suddenly yawned into his plate.
"well that's because it was the first fresh air you've gotten in the past five years- all you do is play video games inside." you teased your brother. "ow!" you yelped, feeling the harsh jab of his foot in your calf.
"seriously, you guys? will you ever get along properly?" your mother asked, exhaustion shown on her face, "how do you deal with it, heeseung?"
heeseung smiled awkwardly now that all the attention was on him, "i have no idea." he deadpanned, making you all laugh around the table.
since sunghoon was so tired from this weekend, he went to bed early, along with your parents who had to prepare for a week full of work starting tomorrow.
so basically your house was silent by 10pm as you layed awake in your bed once again.
heeseung 🤎 : are you awake?
you got flashbacks from when he had texted you this before years ago, you wondered if he was having the same memory as he sent it.
you : yes
heeseung 🤎 : can i come over?
you : my door's open lol
you sat up in your bed waiting for him, unlike the last time he asked to come into your room late at night, it only took him a minute for him to quietly slip in your bedroom.
"hi." he spoke out softly to you as he stood beside your bed, he seemed to be shy as he stood in front of you now.
"do you wanna lay down?" you asked him, figuring that he was just as tired as sunghoon was from being away all weekend.
"if you don't mind." heeseung agreed to it, you removed the corner of your blanket so he could lay down underneath it as an answer.
so now you and lee heeseung were laying together in your bed. both of your hearts were racing as you thought about what to say.
"i uh," heeseung spoke finally, "i liked the picture you sent."
"you did?"
heeseung turned his head to look at you, you were just as pretty in the moonlight as he rememebred, "of course i did." his answer made you smile so big, that you felt like you had to hide it. "why wouldn't i have liked it?"
"i don't know," you shurgged, embarassed at the real reason. heeseung turned so that he was on his side now, his head on your pillow, smelling your shampoo.
"you must know, so just tell me." he urged you gently.
"i'm not- i'm not very sexy, so i wanted to be sexy for you." you confessed with a blush on your pale cheeks.
"y/n," heeseung called you after a minute of silence, his fingers wrapping around your chin so you could look at him, "i think you're sexy all the time. no matter what you do. you don't have to try to be sexy for me when you already are."
"you think i'm sexy?"
"mhm," heeseung nodded against your sheets, you wondered if when he left would his own shampoo be mixed in with yours now, "i think you're cute too, a beautiful, and funny, sarcastic, smart, caring. i mean the list could go on about how many great things i find you."
your heart immediately swelled at heeseung's words, this all that you ever wanted to hear from him and now it's happening. instead of answering, you pushed your lips against his. so you were finally kissing.
instantly, like as if it was a habit that's been built up over years, heeseung tangles his fingers into your hair, pulling you closer to him to deepen the kiss. it was a sloppy but meaningful kiss, filled of words that neither of you could speak out loud to each other.
heeseung pulled away when both of you were out of breath, "Fuck, y/n." he stared at you with such adornation on his face. your brushed against his grey sweatpants as you tried to pull the blanket over him more, feeling the soft stir of his dick twitch at your movement.
"are you?-" you didn't know how to exactly say what you were thinking but heeseung got it and nodded, a shy smile on his face.
"i'm sorry, i told you that you were sexy."
you grabbed his face in your hands and pressed his lips to yours again in a more feverish way. a way that both of you have been thinking about since you first saw each other.
"i want you heeseung." you whispered to him - to only him.
"yeah?" heeseung asked, pulling your lips onto his again.
"yeah, i want you to be my first." heeseung pulled away far from you then in shock.
"you're first?" heeseung repeated, "you mean, last time- that was the first time you've ever been, you know, finger-?"
"no! that wasn't the first, i mean it was the first time i guy's made me cum, but i now i mean, first as in, sex. full on sex." you mumbled, feeling slightly embarrassed.
"oh my god okay, you scared me for a second, jesus." heeseung put a hand over his heart to calm it down. "being fingered really slopily in a kitchen does not sound like a good first fingering my god."
"yeah, well at least you made me cum." you smiled at him, kissing his cute lips once again.
"i don't want to hurt you though, princess." heeseung pulled away, ;"it always hurts the first time, no?"
"i know you'll be gentle, hee, i trust you." his heart thumped at his chest at your words- now both park siblings trusted him too much,.
"okay, okay." heeseung nodded, kissing you deeply again. you felt his hands sneak over your body going underneath your tank top and pulling it up over your head. even in the dark moon light he could see how pretty your breasts were.
"shit, even prettier than how i imagined." heeseung spoke out, his hands coming up to squeeze your hardened nipples, making you whine out.
"sensitive still." you spoke softly, no one's touched like this before, especially no one that you've wanted this long to before.
heeseung felt his cock twitch in his sweatpants again at your words. you were going to kill him. you were going to fucking kill him with how hot you are.
"fuck." heeseung shook his head, wrapping his hands around your waist now and moving so that you sat on top of him, right on his bulge that was aching for you.
"i want your top off, too." you whined, your hands roaming over his chest, tugging his shirt off of his head, making him laugh at how cute you're being. you flung his shirt onto the floor once it was over his head. his tan skin still glowing in the moon light. you had seen heeseung shirtless countless of times around your house, in pictures or in your pool, but never in a situation like this. he was always pretty, but he was beautiful while laying underneath you. all his pretty freckles and scars, free for your eyes only in a time like this.
"beautiful." you spoke your mind, bending down and kissing down his chest until you were above his sweatpant waist band.
"y/n/" heeseung moaned out once your hand brushed over his cock.
"i wanna suck you off, hee." heeseung eyes rolled to the back of his head at your words. he's been sucked off so many times before, but he knows that none of them will ever live up to how you will do it.
"next time, princess, okay? i just wanna focus on you now."
you pouted, but let him slip off those fucking shorts he loves seeing you in so much. your bare core open for him to see. "so cute." he admired as his soft hands grazed around your bare body for him to see. his cock was dripping at the thought that he's the only one and will always be the only one to see you like this.
your hands slipped underneath heeseung's sweatpants, your hands encircling his hard cock and pulling it out for you to see. your thighs twitched as it came into eye contact, your pussy leaking onto his sweatpants at how pretty it looked. it matched the rest of him perfectly. it's red tip look painful for how hard it was, and precum was flowing out everywhere for how turn on he was.
your hands jerked him off gently, spreading his precum around so it would fit in your tiny hole. you stood up on your knees, ready for him to finally enter you when he grabbed your wrist.
"wait!" heeseung whisper shouted at you, "Are you wet enough?" he asked, suddenly his hand slipped between your legs, making you almost cry out from the sudden pleasure. his fingers easily slipped inside of your hole, finding your sensitive spot effortlessly now. when he figured that you were ready for him, he lets you carry on, holding onto his dick and ready to enter you.
slowly but surely you pushed his cock inside of you, his hands ran up and down your sides, encouraging you that you were doing well. you tried to keep your walls unclenched as he eased more inside of you. when you couldn't take anymore of him, you put your hands on his chest and sat still for a moment, trying to calm all your nerves and the pain that shooting through your core.
heeseung had to phsyically hold himself back from bucking up into you or moving at all. he was pushing his hips away from you, intowards the bed so he wouldn't make you hurt further.
"you're doing so well, princess, feel so good around me already." heeseung moaned out to you, his finger slipping towards your clit and circliing it, making you have to bite down on his shoulder to keep you quiet.
"fuck, hee, i really don't know if i can be quiet with you inside of me." you admitted, the feeling of his cock so much.
"i know baby, me neither, but we're gonna have to be unless you want your family to find us." heeseung replied, his fingers still playing with your clit as he waited for you to move. at his words he felt you clench around his cock tightly, making him bite his lip from pleasure, "do you like the thought of people walking in on us? at least then people would know how much we care about each other then, yeah?"
you nodded as you started to your hips up and down on his cock, it was already hitting all the perfect spots inside of you.
"god, hee i might cum." you moaned out quietly into his ear.
"already?" heeseung mocked, but was also pretty shocked. his fingers sped up around your clit, wanted to feel how tight your walls would clench around him whe you came.
your orgasm hit you hard as you continued to move your hips on his cock, rocking your clit into his fingers. your mouth formed a quiet 'O' as your orgasm hit its peak before fading away. "so pretty, my princess." heeseung kissed your forehead, "so pretty when you come undone on my cock."
"you just feel so good." you groaned, grinding your clit down on his pelvis now, feeling his cock twitch inside of you as he watched you get yourself off on him.
heeseung was still holding back from coming as he watched you work yourself up again, using him like a toy. you were seriously the hottest thing he's ever seen and the only think that was preventing him from coming right then and there was the idea of getting you to come again before him.
your pussy was so wet that if anyone wakled past your door they could hear it squelch from the impact of you bouncing up and down on heeseung's cock.
"fuck hee!" you moaned out, leaning down to bite on his shoulder to keep yourself quiet. another orgasm came from you as heeseung played with your clit once again, sending you over the edge.
"shit y/n, you feel so tight around me. i can fucking feel you come on me." heeseung groaned, his eyes rolling back to his head again as he held himself back from coming inside of you. you stopped your movements as your second orgasm subsided, needing a breather for coming so hard twice so quick.
"are you good, princess?" heeseung whispered to you, kissing your head as you calmed down.
"yeah, so good." you slurred back to him, feeling drunk off the pleasure that his cock was giving you, you've never felt so good in your entire life.
"can you come again for me? just once more, i'm so close." heeseung asked you, his hips grinding in slow circles underneath you.
"y-yeah, only if you fuck me now."
"i got yo, princess." heeseung nodded, before gently flipping you over so that he was ontop of you, his cock not slipping out of you once.
the two of you were silent as heeseung slowly pounded into you, taking his time with you as if this would be the first and last time he's gotten you like this.
he;'s taken his time to remember how you feel, how you look and how you sound when you're so fucked out for him. it's surely only what dreams are made out of.
heeseung gives you a few more hard thrusts until his cum was filling you up, a moan of your own escaping at the feeling, a smaller orgasm taking over your body as you both still against each other, taking in the moment of pleasure between you two.
you feel heeseung's cum gush out of you as he pulls his limp dick out of you now, careful not to touch your sensitive clit.
"mm, heeseung." you called his full name, catching his full attention now, "i wanna taste you this time."
"you're gonna get me hard again, fuck." heeseung shook his head at you, gently pushing his fingers between your slit, making your hips buck up at the sensitivy. his cum was on his two fingers as he brought them to your mouth.
you happily sucked them into your mouth, tasting his sweet cum as if it was the last thing you'd ever taste. "y/n." he moaned out as he watched you slurp every drop from his fingers. "i really am gonna need a blowjob from you." he admitted, feeling his cock twitch at the sight of you.
"next time." you smiled up at him, an innocent smile during something that is the complete opposite.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
to say that you and heeseung felt guilty from hiding your relationship from sunghoon and your parents was an understatement- you were both pratically ripping your hair out from the stress and anxirty of them finding out and sunghoon killing his best friend and your boyfriend.
you : what the fuck am i gonna do sunoo? i can't keep hiding it for much longer, they leave next week for uni.
sunoo ❤️ : you're gonna have to tell your brother, y/n! heeseung's his best friend! he trusts him! im sure he won't be that mad!! maybe, hopefully, haha
you : fuck, we're gonna have too. ugh!! im fucking scared.
sunoo❤️: you can do it!!!! i love you!!!!
"hey sunoo, get off you're phone and come play a game with us!" riki called out to his older friend, who distracted him from texting you about your problem.
"give me a second!" sunoo called back to him.
"who're you texting, sunoo?" jungwon teased him, his eyebrows raising up and down.
"as if you'd like to know." sunoo rolled his eyes at his younger friend who always seemed to be in everyone's business except for his own.
"sunoo! come on~!" riki whined, wanting so badly for someone to play ping pong with him.
"fine, i'm coming," sunoo huffed, standing up and tossing his phone on the couch. sunoo had thought that he was turned off his phone, but was too distracted by riki to really pay attention.
as jungwon still sat on the couch, he couldn't help but glance over at sunoo's opened messages, his eyes going wide by reading the latest ones with you.
"holy shit." jungwon whispered, throwing sunoo's phone back onto the couch before he came back.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
as the final weekend of sunghoon living with you before he went to univeristy came, it was almost for tradition that he throw a party in honour of going away. your town's infamous party boy and his friends would be leaving to party somewhere else. what would your town do without them?
almost everyone in sunghoon's grade and your own were filling in your house. it was the biggest party that they've ever thrown in all four years of high school. even the '01 liners that graduated last year had come to see heeseung and send sunghoon off for univeristy.
unlike last year's going away party, you were actually allowed to come to this once thanks to sunghoon's less strict protectiveness of you.
of course, heeseung and you couldn't be seen beside each other, but you were both planning on telling sunghoon the big news tomorrow. you both weren't sure of how he would react. hopefully he'd be happy though since him and heeseung have already put a down payment on the apartment that they're going to be sharing for the year.
as midnight approached, a loud clinking sound captured everyone's attention and the loud music turned off.
"excuse me everyone!" a loud voice boomed, getting everyone to be quiet. there stood hwang intak on your coffee table in the living room. you have't heard from intak since the beginning of the summer, you figured that he was just busy or that he found a new friendgroup to hang around with. he was holding a fork up to a beer bottle, "as i'm sure everyone is so sad to see the '02's leave this year, i have some happy news that i'm sure. everyone would love to hear!" intak started, everyone in your house nodded and made sounds of agreement, "i'm sure the one and only park sunghoon will love to hear this one especially,"
you stopped smiling at the mention of your brother's name, glancing at him and then heeseung from across the room. heeseung was looking uncertain as well.
"it has been brought to my attention, that park y/n is fucking her brother's best friend!" intak smiled, a gasp going through the room and your blood ran cold as you made eye contact with your very furious brother from across the room. "isn't that right, heeseung?" everyone in the room turned and looked at heeseung who was standing right beside sunghoon like he normally does. heeseung immdiately put his hands up in defense as your brother pushed his chest against his, a betrayed look on his face. you couldn't hear what exactly was being said from all the whispering going around you, but it ended up with sunghoon pushing heeseung onto the chair behind him and then pushing everyone else out of the way to storm up to his room.
"okay! i think that's about it for tonight. everyone have a good school year and get the fuck out!" jay stood up on your coffee table now, pushing intak out of the way.
a pleased looking intak came up to you right after.
"intak, why would you do that?" you asked him, tears welling up in your eyes from humiliation and fear of what's going to happen to you and heeseung and your brother.
"you know i've liked you since the day i met you park y/n. and what do you do? you turn me down, treat me like just a friend in front of everyone and then go and use me at some party- never to speak to me again?" intak explained to you, you shook your head no, trying to find some words to speak, "no! don't y/n. i thought it was weird when you were suddenly all up on me at the first party of the summer, and i knew you were acting weird all night! i saw you looking at heeseung too! i just never put two and two together until jungwon told me that you've been fucking him behind eveyron'e back!"
"intak! it's not like that! i'm sorry! what i did was wrong and i'm truly sorry! but you didn't have to go and do that! you just ruined my own relationship with my brother!" you cried out to him, your hands shaking at your sides.
"yeah? well maybe you should've thought about that before you went whoring around with your brother's best friend." intak spat in your face.
"would you shut the fuck up?" a voice came from behind him, making both of you jump. there stood an even more angry sunghoon as he listened to what intak had to say about you. "you are some little fucking pathetic rat. you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about do you? you just say whatever comes to mind and don't care about the conincidences, don't you?" sunghoon pushed intak up against the wall beside you.
"sunghoon!" you tried to reach out to him, only to have your hand pulled away from behind you, jake was holding you back. "no jake! let go of me." you struggled.
"bro, what? i'm trying to do you a favour? your best friend is the rat! he went behind your back and fucked your sister!" intak managed to get out through fear.
sunghoon faked laugh, "if you talk about my sister fucking someone one more time, i'm going to rip your balls off personally." sunghoon threatened the younger boy.
"there it is." jay pointed out from beside you.
"yep." jake quickly agreed, glancing at him briefly before returning back to sunghoon and itak.
"bro i'm sorry." intak started but was cut off.
"don't call me bro, okay bro?" sunghoon mocked intak, pulling the collar of his shirt up as he stared right into his eyes, "if you talk about my sister, or any of my friernds again, i will make sure to come back to town and hurt you, really bad. got it?"
"yes, i got it. i'm sorry." intak shook his head quickly, wanting to get away from your brother as soon as he could. sunghoon backed away from the wall, letting intak run out of your house, slamming the door after him. jake let you go once it seemed like sunghoon wasn't in fighting mode anymore.
"sunghoon." you cried out softly.
"don't y/n." he replied, sitting down on the living chair with his head in his hands.
"sunghoonie, i'm sorry." heeseung stated, still standing on the other side of the living room from you all.
you heard sunghoon sigh as he listened to his best friend, "i mean like, for how long has it been happening?" sunghoon looked up at you two, his head turning from the left to the right.
"not long." heeseung said quickly.
"we were planning on telling you, we swear!" you added on, "we were waiting for a good time!"
"did you guys know?" sunghoon glanced at jake and jay behind you.
"nope!" jake said quickly.
"no idea, man!" jay agreed.
"sunghoonie," heeseung took a step closer to his best friend, "they had no idea, it was just me and y/n." sunghoon nodded, sitting back in the chair, trying to take it all in. "i love her, hoon. i mean it." sunghoon looked up at his best friend in shock. jay and jake gasped from behind you. jake nudged you, a look of shock on his face, making you shrug in response.
"do you love him?" sunghoon asked you suddenly.
"yes, a lot." you smiled at heeseung softly, love only fills your mind when you think of him.
sunghoon scoffs, "i mean, how blind am i? my own best friend and my sister fall in love and i don't even notice?"
"we're sorry sunghoon, we didn't want to make you upset. but i've loved her for a long time now, i've just always tried to push the feeling away because i care so much about you, you're my best friend sunghoon, i don't want to lose you. i can't stand to lose you and her." heeseung confessed, holding onto sunghoon's shoulder now.
sunghoon sighed before glancing up at you, "and you're happy?"
"so happy, hoon." you nodded, your hands coming together to show how happy you are.
"okay." sunghoon nodded.
"okay?" you all said in unision out of confusion.
"yes okay, it's something i can get use to if you're both happy. and it's not something i can stop if you both love each other, right?" sunghoon said, a small smile on his face when he spoke now.
"oh my god! thank you sunghoon! thank you!" you cried out, jumping up and down before running to heeseung who hugged you so tight. squeals left your mouth as the dreading feeling in your stomach finally surpassed after weeks of it being there. heeseung pulled you into a kiss, showing how happy he was as well.
"okay!" sunghoon yelled, "it's gonna take some time to get used to that." sunghoon said, looking away from you guys, "but i'm sure i'll be okay."
"i love you sunghoon, so much! really!" you pulled away from heeseung and pulled your brother up from his chair, pulling him into his own hug.
"i love you too, y./n, you're always gonna be my little sister, right?" he teased, pushing your hair around.
"of course!" you smiled and pulled away from him.
"you're always gonna be my best friend, right?" heeseung spoke from behind you, a soft smile of hopefulness on his face.
"c'mon man, of course i will be!" sunghoon smiled, opening his arms for heeseung to hug him as well.
"awww!" jay and jake gushed from behind you all, rushing and hugging their friends into one big group hug.
when they all pulled apart, it felt like everything was right between everyone. every friendship and relationship in the room seemed healed over with love.
"bro, i can't belive you're dating park sunghoon's little sister." jake said to heeseung, shock still settling in.
"shut it, jake!" you all said unision again, laughing before hugging everyone again.
"you guys are so mean!" jake cried out, still hugging you guys tightly as if it would be the last time.
heeseung winked at you from over sunghoon's shoulder, making you smile up at him, unafraid of what everyone would think now knowing that you and heeseung are in love.
"what do you think your parents are gonna say?" heeseung asked you all.
"god heeseung, you know that they love you." sunghoon rolled his eyes at his best friend, making you and heeseung smile at eachother, knowing that finally you could be together afterall.
it's truly all that you ever wanted, and now you have it.
you couldn't be more happy with your older brother's best friend.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
@ taeghi, 2022. do not repost or reuse in anyway.
stay safe everyone :)
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angrythingstarlight · 5 months ago
For the sleepover: can we please talk about alpha beefy bucky who never thought he'd be able to find an omega after everything. But now there's reader, the most precious thing in his life and ready to have pups with him...
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Alpha Bucky x Reader. Mentions of prior relationship (before reader)
Warnings: Fluff, angst, Bucky getting hurt, protective Bucky, minors, DNI, implied smut. Omegaverse dynamics, canon-level violence. He's a lumberjack.
A/N: Another ask while I work on my roommate fic. As always do not copy, repost, rewrite or translate my work (even if you credit me.) I appreciate likes, comments and reblogs.
It was obvious since he was a toddler that Bucky was going to be an alpha. He was always one of the bravest kids, a staunch defender of all his friends, including a reckless Steve who constantly got them in trouble. The lively duo has always been protective of their clan even when they stressed the poor omegas out with their antics.
As he got older, he became taller, and bigger, towering over everyone except Steve, the 6'5 alpha beat him out by half an inch. Bucky packed on the muscles without even trying. His thick corded arms and chest drew the attention of every omega and beta in town. No matter how many layers he wore, it was impossible to hide his chiseled physique.
But it was his eyes, a piercing slate-blue, almost grey at times, that had them mesmerized. All anyone had to do was follow the sounds of preening chirps and the heady scents of their arousals to find him. The Alpha surrounded by omegas offering him baked goods, sweaters, and other little gifts.
Bucky dated one or two until he found one that he thought was the love of his life. Soon the Alpha only had eyes for Dot, no other woman existed for him after they became a couple. The cute little omega grew up next door to him and he just knew he was going to marry her. He had it all planned out, get married under the row of trees in his backyard like his parents did. Become a lumberjack like his father and grandfather before him. Have a few little ones running around and spend his life making Dot and their family happy.
But fate had its own plans for Bucky.
Before his birthday, there had been an unsettling tension in the air. The kind that had the entire clan on edge, something was coming their way according to the elders. Whispers of a rouge clan tearing the countryside came an hour too late. Walker and his men swept through their small town in the middle of the day. They were ravagers who stole from weaker clans, killing their stronger members to prevent retaliation, leaving them shattered and without resources.
They weren't ready for this clan though, definitely unprepared for its Alphas. Bucky, Sam, Steve and Nat fiercely defended their home. Only a few of the others were hurt, mostly scrapes and bruises that would easily heal.
The battle was over before it had begun.
But somehow during his forced retreat, Walker caught Dot, recognizing her as Bucky's omega by his scent lingering on her clothes, threatening to harm her if Bucky didn't back down.
He saw red, unable to fathom anyone hurting an omega, let alone his girl. He rushed Walker, managing to free Dot from his grasp. The two alphas locked in a fierce battle near the woods bordering his home.
During the fight, Walker took a cheap shot, causing him to fall down a sharp ravine, crushing his left arm under his body when he landed on the mossy floor of the forest. It wasn't enough that Bucky was incapacitated, Walker's fragile ego was wounded so before he fled, he rolled a broken log down the ravine, trapping an already injured beneath the heavy rotting wood.
It took the clan four days to get him out, he lost consciousness around the same time he lost feeling in his arm.
His very first concern when he woke up was his clan. He looked around the hospital room, his bleary eyes checking his parents sleeping in the chair across him from, relief settling in his chest when he saw they were okay, to his left was Steve, his face bruised but otherwise unharmed.
He felt strange, out of it but he pushed aside the feeling that something was wrong, calling out Steve's name, everyone in the room waking at the sound of his gravelly voice.
"Is everyone alright? Is Dot safe?" His mother burst into tears. "Ma please, is she okay? Where is she? Are you okay, are you hurt? She only cried harder. "What's wrong? Did something happen to Dot?"
Steve sighed and grabbed his right hand.
"Bucky." He started, clearing his throat, holding back tears as he looked at his best friend with quiet despair that had Bucky falling silent.
"Everyone is safe. No one was hurt except you." Steve gestured to his shoulder. "I'm so sorry Buck."
Bucky stared at what remained of his arm for hours. Only breaking his silence once. "Where's Dot?" Their heavy silence in response to his quiet, hesitant question told him everything he needed to know.
He no longer felt like an Alpha. No longer felt worthy of carrying that title. No longer worthy of anything.
During his recovery, everyone visited him, spending time with him, reassuring the young Alpha that he still had a place in the clan, his place. Everybody except one. When Bucky was released from the hospital, he saw Dot as he was passing by her yard to get to his home. His heart twisted in his chest, the dull ache that had settled there since the day he woke deepened at the sight of her.
A small part of him hoped that maybe she was just scared because he was hurt, that she really loved him.
She wasn't and she didn't.
Dot rejected him, the humiliating scene playing out in front of the large crowd welcoming him home. "I need a real Alpha Bucky. Not some broken-You,- what- jesus," she huffed, rolling her eyes at the glowering people around her. "Oh, c'mon what am I supposed to do with him, he can't even work and I don't want to deal with that for the rest of my life." She gestured at his marred shoulder, her floral scent soured with disgust
His heart didn't break, it crumbled as he watched her flounce inside her home. He plastered on a fake smile and pretended as he wasn't dying inside. He sat through the welcome home party, laughed all the jokes, ate enough to make his ma happy and then he excused himself and wept in the bathroom. Steve found him hunched over the toilet, his best friend sat beside him and hugged him until he had no more tears left. They never spoke about it again and he returned to the party with the same fake smile that only a few saw through.
A few weeks passed and he watched with a heavy heart as Dot replaced him with another Alpha, Brock. She took him to all the places Bucky used to take her. She even requested to use their backyard for her upcoming wedding ceremony. His mother, a dainty old fashion omega, almost clawed her eyes out on their front porch.
It wasn't long after that doctor told him he qualified for a new prototype prosthetic created by Tony Stark. It was top of the line, designed for Alphas with his type of injuries. Maria leaned over her desk, her stethoscope swaying as she grabbed his hand. "And James, one day you're not even going to notice it."
The pointed look Bucky gave her when Tony unveiled the vibrant metal arm had Maria ducking her head and Steve in tears from laughing so hard. He wasn't upset though, especially after Tony explained all the features, most importantly that he would be able to work again, he needed to be productive. He wanted to feel like himself again.
It took a long time for Bucky to get used to gold-laced appendage. Months of intense physical therapy and many rough nights as he fought the urge to scream in pain, not wanting his ma or sisters to worry more than they did. He refused to seem weaker than he already felt.
There were a few omegas that tried to date him from time to time, he quickly discovered it was more out of morbid curiosity about his arm than wanting to be with him. He gave up after finding out that one, Michelle, was only with him on a dare. Something about finding out if the arm was detachable.
So he gave up. But he was okay. He was slowly feeling like a true Alpha again, he spent his days at the lumber site with Steve and Nat, nights hanging with his friends. That dull ache in his chest was fading day by day as he rediscovered himself.
Early one summer morning, he was coming home from work when the smell of brown sugar and vanilla surrounded him. He stopped in his tracks, inhaling the heavenly scent. Bucky was blinded by his alpha instincts telling him his omegas here, go get her she's here Bucky, she's here. He's never had such a strong urge in his life, he was unable to resist it, needing to follow the scent filling his nose and making him dizzy.
He turned the corner to see you unpacking your small car. Without knowing a thing about you, he could tell you were perfect. He's never seen someone so pretty in his life. Your head sprung up and he could see your nostrils flare as you took in his teakwood and evergreen scent, a visible shiver moving down your body.
He walks to you without thinking, something deep inside him pushing towards you. Your beautiful eyes flickered to his arm and his heart splintered. You gazed at it for a second and then looked up at him with a genuine smile, offering your name. A small happy chirp bubbled out when he repeated it.
Bucky couldn't believe how cute it sounded or how adorable you looked when your eyes widen in embarrassment. You immediately slapped your hand over your mouth when another chirp slipped out in response to his smile, you stumbled over your suitcase as you apologized. Bucky lept forward, saving you before you hit the ground, his large hands cradling your face after he helped you back up.
"I'm so sorry-"
"I'm Bucky."
"Bucky," you breathed out, staring into his blue eyes. He liked the way you said his name, Bucky could tell he was going to everything about you. Both of you blissfully unaware of all the neighbors peeking out their curtains, the older women already speed dialing his ma and making wedding plans.
After that, everything seemed to click. It was hard to explain but all he could say was that he found his person. That you were the one he had been waiting for it. And you felt the same, the more you learned about him, the more you loved the tall beefy man with kind blue eyes. The dates started off small, coffee at the local diner, then movies, walks in the park, dinner at an overpriced restaurant in the city that ended with the two of you eating some of the best greasy, delicious burgers from a somewhat sketchy food truck two blocks away.
You'll never forget the first kiss or the way you chirped into his mouth when his tongue slid into yours. You were sure your face was going to melt off from how embarrassed you were. Bucky couldn't get enough of that and kept doing it over and over until you were lightheaded.
You and his mother got along, he knew you were perfect but the day he caught you sitting in the middle of his living room, plotting with his ma, Nat and Yelena about how to make Dot suffer, cemented that. Bucky thought it was cute, that his fierce little omega was protective of her Alpha.
"I'm fine," he whispered in your ear, pulling you in a warm hug. You grumbled that you were only going to hit her a couple times. When Bucky shook his head, you countered that she deserves at least one black eye. You turned to the girls who wholeheartedly agreed with you. He laughed, lifting you in his arm. " I don't need all that. I got you, sweetheart." He turned his gaze to his family and friends watching with watery grins. "And you all knock it off, leave her alone," he warned. "And stop encouraging my girl, I don't wanna bail her out of jail."
A few days later, you were walking around the farmers market, holding hands with Bucky when you ran into Dot. You waved at her, admiring your handiwork, a petty part of you wishing you had blackened both her eyes instead of just one. Bucky looked over his former love, noting the split lip and the way her eyes dropped in fear. He slowly turned to you, his brow raised.
"I didn't do anything." Your lips twitch, failing to hold back a smirk, holding up your hands. "Nope, not me, your sweet little omega-Bucky," you screamed, running away from the growling Alpha. He caught you before you reached the next stall, swinging you up into his large arms. He gazed down at you, his love for you making it impossible to even pretend to be upset. "What am I going to do with you?" He sighed as you pulled him down for a kiss.
"Love me for the rest of your life." You replied, kissing his chin. "Mark me as yours, give me some cute babies." You preened when he melted into your touch. "Oh, and at least three orgasms a night."
You turned at the shocked spluttering cough behind you. Heat flooded your face when you saw his family standing next to the display of apples only inches from you. "Hey," you said slowly before hiding your face in your chuckling alpha's chest.
He proposed a week later. It was perfect, stars glimmering in the night sky, colorful lights wrapped around the branches of the trees in the backyard, soft blankets covering the ground, holding an array of food and wine. His mother's ring in his trembling hand as he knelt before you. You said yes before he finished the question.
You got married under those same trees. Bucky didn't think you could get more beautiful until he saw you walking down the aisle. His knees nearly buckled, and he was sure everyone could hear his heart pounding in his chest. The rest of the ceremony passed by in a daze of whispered promises and heartfelt vows and by the end, he couldn't believe that you were his.
That was three years ago.
Tonight is your anniversary. You've been puttering around the house, getting ready for it. All day he's felt your happiness and excitement burst through the bond. Bucky can't keep the grin off his face, he knows what has you so giddy. He sensed the change in your scent three months ago, it became a little sweeter, more potent. You've been nesting more, stealing more and more of his clothing, he's down to one good shirt (which he caught you scenting this morning before you ruefully gave it back) and the spare boxers he has to hide at his parent's house.
At first, he wondered why you weren't saying anything but then he remembered that you promised him a very special gift today. He's going to be a father.
Bucky steps out of his truck and he leans against the side, looking up at his house, his home. Every light is on, music drifting out from an open window. He can see your shadow dancing in the kitchen. A grin stretches across his face as he thinks about tonight.
He's going to open that door, you're going to jump in his arms, the way you do every time he comes home. He's going to carry you around the house while you tell each other about your day. Bucky's going to enjoy an amazing dinner with you on his lap and then you're going to give him the second-best gift of his life.
And when you ask him 'what's better than this Bucky?' He's going to lean down until your foreheads are pressed against each other and whisper 'you.'
Bucky strolls through the door, silent thanking fate for giving him someone as special as you. He toes off his boots, putting his coat on the hook next to yours. Bucky turns at the sound of your feet padding across the hardwood, his name on your lips. And he opens his arms.
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incubum · 27 days ago
mi vida
NSFW, 18+ only, minors dni
bruno madrigal x reader, gender neutral reader, female genitalia
cw: light choking, stalking, age difference
AO3 link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/35982292
summary: reader is obsessed with bruno madrigal. they stalk him for a few months, but he's naive and grows feelings for them, inviting him to dinner with his familia and planning to confess his feelings after dinner in his bedroom.
bruno madrigal was everything to you. ever since you met him, he was your sun, your moon, and your stars.
you knew of him before he returned, but only formally met him after the rebuilding of la casita, and after laying eyes on him, so small, so skinny and nervous, you developed a crush. a big one.
it started with you seeking him out a couple times a week, approaching him once or twice and trying to have friendly conversation as he readjusted to life outside the walls of la casita. he never reciprocated much, but you figured you could warm him up to you.
but a couple times a week turned into 3 or 4, and 3 or 4 turned into every single day. every single day you watched him from afar, sitting by the riverbank, or walking along the stone paths watching everyone who walked past. he was always taking in nature, always analyzing all of the things he didn't get to have when he was locked away.
and you always found him, no matter where he was. it was like you two knew each other already, even though he seemed bashful and avoidant every time you spoke to him. and there he was, sitting at bottom of one of the mountains that surrounded the encanto, looking up towards the peak silently.
"bruno!" you exclaimed, waving at him from about 20 feet away, and running towards him, "it's good to see you today! how have you been?"
you beamed at him and he smiled sheepishly. "hey, (y/n). i'm doing alright today."
bruno wasn't much of a talker for anyone who wasn't in the family, but he was warming up. he'd started saying significantly more since you started coming to see him almost every day of the week.
he continued to look up at the peaks and cliffs of the lush mountains, so you sat down next to him. every time you approached him or sat with him, you got a little closer than the time before, slowly enough that he wouldn't notice but enough to plant it in his head that he wants to be close to you.
"they're pretty, aren't they?" you reached out to place your hand on the lush grass at the base of the mountain. you heard him hum, and you sat in silence for a bit.
bruno was oblivious to you watching him constantly. he, truly, just saw it as you making an effort to get to know him. it was nice to have someone genuinely interested in his existence. sure, he had family, but meeting someone outside of la familia madrigal was different, and everyone he knew in town were still avoidant of him; except for you. you made an effort.
he pulled himself out of his train of thought and cleared his throat. "(y/n..." he started, and your ears perked up, your head snapping to his direction, "do you want to come over tonight? to eat with us. we could-- we could hang out in my room after."
your heart spun flips at the idea. all this work you had been putting into getting him to like you and, finally, he was breaking out of his shell. "of course!" you responded, almost before he could even get the question out.
he smiled softly, and thanked you, and you both looked up at the mountains for a bit, before he stood up and offered his hand for you to take. you couldn't contain your grin when he offered it to you, and took it graciously, pretending to use the support of his arm to stand up but mostly doing it on your own because he was so skinny you didn't want to make him fall over.
"it's almost dinnertime," he said, looking down at his hands and avoiding eye contact with you, "if you wanted to come now that would be great." you looked over at the horizon and saw...the sun already setting? had you really been sitting there with him that long?
"oh yeah, definitely!"
you followed in tow as he made his way to la casita, it wasn't as long of a walk as the river was but it took a good few minutes to get there, and once you arrived at the front door bruno waved at la casita and led you into the house.
julieta was already in the kitchen finishing up the food, and bruno smiled WIDELY, like you'd never seen him do before, and gave her a hug when he approached her, leaving you standing in the doorway. you couldn't stop looking around at the inside of the house; it was beautiful. you wondered if it looked this way before it was rebuilt, or if it was different before.
you were broken out of your train of thought by the mention of your name.
"'manita, this is my friend, (y/n). i invited them over for cena tonight, i hope that's alright." bruno twiddled his thumbs and glanced over at you, and you were just beaming. he considered you his friend? "hola, julieta! it's good to see you!" you said through your smile, and she smiled back at you. you were trying your hardest to charm la familia madrigal, it was one of the few ways you learned to get closer to bruno.
"it's good to see you too, (y/n). that's perfectly fine with me." she responded, and you saw bruno smile a little out of the corner of your eye, "it's just about ready. brunito, will you go tell everyone to come down?"
and that caused his face to drop. now, he had to go to every single door in this huge house and tell every member of his large family to come eat dinner. "(y/n), would you help me set the table?" julieta requested, and as badly as you wanted to follow bruno around, you couldn't say no, so you agreed. bruno wandered off, and left you alone with julieta.
julieta placed the plates down on the kitchen counter, one more than usual to accommodate you, and she laughed when you went to grab the stack of plates and la casita took them from you, spreading them out across the table, as if she knew what she was doing and just wanted to play a little trick on you. you could only look on in awe, even when the casita produced an extra chair...and placed it next to bruno's.
everything was going the way you had been planning all this time, and before long the kitchen was filled with every member of la familia madrigal, chattering over dinner and getting to know you. the table was clearly made for only the 13 people who inhabited the casita, and that meant your chair was just barely squeezed in to fit, and you were so close to bruno.
every question you answered was littered with an air of distraction, and hopefully they didn't notice, but you couldn't help it. you had your eyes on bruno the entire time, studying his movements intently and only eating your meal very slowly. you were almost touching, arm to arm, you would bump elbows when one of you moved wrong. but you couldn't stop looking at him.
bruno could seriously put it away. you thought maybe that might have been the most attractive thing about him. he wasn't afraid to eat; he ate all of his food within minutes and went back for seconds and even thirds before everyone retired from the kitchen to their rooms.
you and bruno stayed behind to clean up, wash the dishes, and it was an intimate moment; one of you on each side of the sink, you scrubbing the soapy plates and utensils and him rinsing them, and every time you passed something to him, your hands touched briefly. and every time it happened, your stomach did flips. he seemed concentrated the whole time, only sneaking little glances at you in his peripheral vision.
but, once the washing up was done and it was time to retreat to his room, he got visibly nervous; almost giddy. few words were exchanged, mostly him asking if you were sure you wanted to stay over for a bit and you, very adamantly, saying that you would LOVE to.
it didn't take long to make it to his room, and when he sheepishly opened the door and let you inside, it was like all of your efforts had been sealed. what happened in this room didn't matter now; just the fact that you had made it here, and how his tan face was stippled with a soft blush as he offered for you to take a seat on his bed.
the room was comfy, it had an easy chair and a desk, and bookshelves on almost every wall. there was also a dresser, and a door leading to somewhere else; you didn't know where to, but you also didn't want to pry. you wondered, once again, if his room had been more fantastical before the fall of la casita.
after you sat on the bed, bruno looked like he didn't know what to do. there were multiple seating options, but he looked between them for a few moments before he decided on sitting on the bed next to you. it was so hard to contain your excitement when he sat with you, but you felt your heart drop a little when he cleared his throat and spoke up.
"um-- (y/n). i have something i need to talk to you about."
it was the same feeling as your parents telling you that you have to have 'a conversation' when you get home. nervous, and already heartbroken before he could even say anything. it scared you, but you swallowed the lump in your throat.
"we've been seeing each other a lot..." he started, and you could already tell where it was going. he was going to say it was too much, that he wanted you to leave him alone. "i just wanted to ask if you wanted to go out sometime."
your rollercoaster of emotions came to a screeching halt and your heart started beating again.
"on...on like, a date?" you pondered, and you watched as his face turned beet red. "w-well, you know, i just-- i've been having a lot of fun talking to you, it's-- it's like you know me so well! i..." he was stuttering and bringing his hands up to his face to cover his cheeks. it was the cutest you had ever seen him, and finally, after resisting the urge all night, you couldn't help yourself any longer and leaned in to kiss him.
he was startled by it at first, but once he realized what was happening his eyes fluttered closed and he leaned into it. you placed a hand on the side of his neck, and you could feel just how warm his skin was; you were just happy he was kissing you back, and he seemed so into it too. it didn't take long before he pulled away, gasping for air, and you saw his eyes widen as he tugged the end of his ruana over his lap, trying to be subtle.
"bruno..." you started, and he cut you off before you could continue. "i-i'm so sorry, this doesn't usually happen, i don't know why i'm like this tonight! i probably just screwed it all up!" he squeezed his eyes shut tightly and whiteknuckled the bottom of his ruana. instead of responding, you placed your palm back on his cheek and turned his head towards you.
"i don't mind, bruno...do you want to do something about it?"
you could almost hear his heart beating in his chest, his eyes snapped open and he stared at you, studying your face to make sure you weren't joking. "i-i-- um...i-if you want to!" he fumbled his words, but that was enough for you. placing your hands on his chest, you pushed him down against the bed with a soft shove. he let out a quiet 'woah!' and he stared up at you with his glistening eyes.
his hair was spread out in a halo above his head, and he had this hopelessly innocent look in his eyes. like he hadn't done anything like this in a long time. you wanted to take him in like this forever.
you leaned down to kiss him again, him immediately responding to it this time and bringing his hand up to your face hesitantly. licking his lower lip to ask for entry, you stuck your hand under the edge of his ruana and underneath his shirt, and placed it on his bare stomach. you could feel him tense up a little at the touch, but he soon opened his mouth and let you inside.
you massaged his tongue with yours, and explored his mouth; you wanted to know everything about him, including the depths of his body and soul. he tasted like the arroz atollado all of you had eaten for dinner, and you were close enough to smell him now; up-close he smelled of amber and patchouli. he was able to stand it for a little longer this time, but you could tell he was losing oxygen so you pulled away.
brushing his hair behind his ear, you looked into his eyes. it was so easy to tell what was behind them. they were so beautiful and expressive. you could see the longing in his eyes as he stared back at you dreamily. you took your time and thought out your actions for a moment, before swinging your leg over his waist and reaching for the hem of your shirt to pull it over your head.
all bruno could do was stare at your chest in awe, a clear urge to touch you but unsure if he was allowed.
smiling faintly, you grabbed both of his hands from where they were planted by his side and placed them on his chest. as if it was possible for his face to turn redder, it did, and he began to slowly run his hands all over your body, feeling your soft skin and reveling in the moment.
"can i take yours off too?" you asked, tugging at the bottom of his ruana a bit. "yep!-- uh, yes!" he scrambled to help you pull it off, followed by you unbuttoning and opening his shirt. you ran your hands along his chest, studying every bit you could; the salt and pepper hairs on his chest and stomach and the way he was built so skinny but still had a bit of pudge to his stomach.
"i-i'm sorry, my body is--" bruno covered his face, lip quivering a bit, "i don't know. i don't like it."
"well, i do. you have a lovely body." you responded, moving his hand away from his face and cupping his cheek tenderly. "yeah, but i bet it isn't what you expected..." his sentence trailed off, and he was trying hard not to make eye contact like usual.
you leaned down to kiss his cheek, trailing kisses down to his jawline and then to his neck. his skin was so warm; you could tell he was getting uncomfortably flustered as you nipped and at his collarbones, leaving lighter bruises at first but soon sinking your teeth into his skin harder than before, leading to darker, purple hickeys.
he couldn't stop watching you. you kept telling him to lay back and let you do the work, but he kept lifting his head to watch you as you trailed kisses down his chest and stomach, leaving your marks along the way. he was whimpering quietly, trying not to let you hear because he thought you would make fun of him for it.
god, he was so touch starved; just the feeling of your face and breath against his skin was making him strain aggressively against his trousers, and there was already a wet stain forming in his underwear.
when your kisses reached the top edge of his pants, you placed your hand on the buckle of his belt and looked up at him through your eyelashes, letting out a "can i continue?" only for him to excitedly nod and get his pants down himself before you can even try to.
and there he is; laid out on the bed, almost completely naked, every part of his body exposed to you and every inch of him yours to take. you can hear his breathing become more laboured as you take his length into your hand. he closes his eyes in anticipation, it's throbbing and already dripping with precum, and you had to stop and think for a moment before deciding, ultimately, not to take him into your mouth. you were afraid he would cum too quickly and you wanted him to be able to feel you too.
he let out a quiet groan when he felt your hand displace itself from his cock, and opened his eyes half-lidded to look down at you. there was a rush of disappointment for a moment, but when he saw you standing up to free yourself of your bottoms, he began to chew on his bottom lip.
throwing your leg back over his stomach, you began to grind against him, not yet letting him enter you but teasing him just to see how he reacted. you could feel him trembling beneath you, his arms both thrown over his face as he panted like a dog in heat.
at this rate, he felt like he was never going to be able to cum, and he felt tears well up in his eyes at the knot in his stomach. he was so hard that it was physically painful. why did you like torturing him so badly? you said you liked him, and you said you liked his body, why weren't you letting him have what he needed?
he looked like a total wreck, and it drove you crazy. you couldn't help but move his arms so you could see his face again, you wanted to watch it for every moment you were together. he whimpered as you held his arms above his head, but let out a sharp gasp when he felt you reaching around with your free hand to finally guide him into your heat.
"i'm sorry, brunito, i shouldn't tease you like that, i know it hurts." you teased as you slowly, painfully slowly, sunk down onto his throbbing cock. you watched as his eyes began to glow a beautiful chartreuse green, and you rocked your hips back and forth against him for a bit, indulging in the beautiful way he teethed at his bottom lip and his eyes tried to flutter closed.
"here, help me." you loosened your grip on his arms, so you could guide one of his hands to your soaked cunt, showing him where to rub; you didn't want him to be the only one to cum, your clit was throbbing almost as hard as his cock was and you knew that if he didn't put in some effort you would be left hanging.
he started off slow at first, circling your little bundle of nerves with one finger, but when he brushed his thumb across it he felt your hips buck forward. excitedly, he pressed his thumb firmly against your clit and rubbed at a quick, steady pace, watching with wide eyes as you fell apart under his touch. it was making you move, making your hips rock, and thats what he needed.
"that feels really good, bruno, keep going!" you gasped out, and you held his hand against you by the wrist, beginning to bounce up and down against him. the feeling of your warmth around him, sliding in and out of you, was too much; he was losing his rhythm on your clit and squirming around underneath you.
without thinking, you reached down and wrapped your free hand around his neck. it made him yelp, which snapped you out of it, and you removed it from its place around his throat, but when you did he let out a loud whine, and used his other hand to place it back where it was.
"do you-- do you like that? you like being choked?" you asked between moans, and he nodded as best as he could with your hand around his neck.
when you put just a little pressure down against it, he moaned primally; he couldn't hold it anymore, and bucked up into you erratically as he spilled into you, grabbing your thighs, calling your name and pleading with you to forgive him for letting go so quickly. the feeling of his hot seed inside of you only made you closer to your climax, and by the time his hips stilled, you were gushing around him, face in his neck and arms around his body.
you both laid in the afterglow for a good few minutes, panting and sweating and running your hands along each other's bodies, getting to know each other better with the tips of your fingers.
"thank you," bruno choked out, "thank you for-- for seeing something in me, thank you for seeing me as more than everyone else sees me as."
you sat up a bit, and saw tears welling up in his eyes, so you grabbed his cheeks with both hands and wiped them away with your thumbs, before leaning down to kiss him.
"you're so welcome, bruno. you mean the world to me."
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