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self-taught digital artist, B.Sc. biology. creating animal art and pet portraits.

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shrimpu-art·2 months agoAnswer
This is the first time I've seen an artist featured for two different pieces on the radar in less than 24 hours! (First that cat from a month ago, and then the one from four days ago.) Must've realized it was just too good to pass up! So naturally, can't help but follow your blog and wish you a great day!

Hold up - two? The plot thickens.


Seriously though, this is bizarre!

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shrimpu-art·2 months agoAnswer
you were featured on my radar too! (or is tumblr radar not individualised? but either way) i've got to agree with the previous askers, your art is fantastic! the attention to detail of each individual fur, the luminosity of the eyes, really makes it feel like the animals are staring out of the screen at you! and you give us all who studied non-art degrees hope that with enough practice, we can still reach our art goals even without formal art training! keep being awesome and all the best!

Thank you so much!  

And apparently I’m on the login page as well. So cool!

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shrimpu-art·2 months agoAnswer
Man I just...... your art is amazing!!! The color, the texture, THE LIGHTING??? Stunning. Istg I'm so glad tumblr highlighted one of your posts so I could find you. I just recently decided to start studying art and seeing that you too come from a different study background is an inspiration on its own. I hope you keep doing what you love and wish you all the best :D and here's hoping I get the chance to commission your work someday hahaha

I’m featured on the radar? That’s insane! 

Really appreciate you checking my art out. :)

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shrimpu-art·2 months agoAnswer
Hi ! I'm really blown away by the quality of your art. I saw that you have a bachelor degree and decided to go another way after your studies. I'm in the same situation (law bachelor) and I'm wondering if I should continue to be self-taught or to go to an illlustration school. Any advice ?

This is THE question, isn’t it? :) I’m definitely not yet qualified to answer since I’m completely self-taught and at the veeery beginning of my career.

I personally think art school is only worth it if you can go to a really good one and/or if you’re prepared to take full advantage of it to network. You can absolutely learn how to draw/paint/whatever by yourself. Learning how the industry works and how to get jobs is the tricky part.

Best of luck!

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shrimpu-art·2 months agoAnswer
Hey!! Weird question but what brushes do you use for photoshop? Do you have them posted anywhere?

My brushset is a combination of brushes I’ve found/purchased online. I just try out tons of them and add the ones I find comfortable to use into my collection. It’s a pretty individual process. 

I’m currently experimenting with making my own brushes as well and these will be made available eventually. 

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shrimpu-art·3 months agoAnswer
Your work is insanely incredible. The skill! The dedication! The lighting! The texture! I love it!

(cont)  I forgot colour! Your use of colour! Makes me want to eat the paint! Not in a serious way but in a, I love they way you use highlights and shadows with different colours and just oof. Very impressive”

Thank you anon, really appreciate it man. Colour especially is something I really love pushing but at the same time struggle with in almost every piece so it’s good to know I’m getting somewhere w it. 

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