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Everyone… it’s February 22, 2020 (in my time at least), and the 40th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice! 

This game, whether a victory or a tragedy, has affected so many from the night it took place, and many more in the years since. It inspired and rekindled American patriotism at its time. It inspired future generations of American hockey, it inspired others that they too could do great things even if the odds were against them. It inspired stories, it inspired movies. One in 1981 and another in 2004. 

And for me, Admin Sunset, on a much more personal level, it inspired the making of nine characters who I love so much, along with a whole universe (albeit somewhat similar to the real world) they live and operate in. It inspired me to learn more about hockey even though I don’t play. 

However this game might have affected you from when you first heard of it, there’s no doubt it touched the hearts and changed the lives of many. Here’s to the miracles of the past, the present, and the future! 

- Admin Sunset

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MASS EFFECT the first title in the popular franchise is known for a lot of things. Its story, lore, characters etc are most evidently what is remembered most fondly.

But what has been lost to time over the years in popular memory is the series iconic art style, the very soul of its visual identify.

This was an artstyle born from many classic science fiction influences, specifically the conceptualisation of a 1970s and 80s vision of the future, as imagined by artists like Ron Cobb and Syd Mead. The look of ME1 is like one of their vivid paintings, and mechanically accurate drawings come to life in the virtual world.


Everything in the MASS EFFECT universe follows this distinct visual language. The fashions, ships, vehicles, planets, space stations and architecture follow it so completely that you have probably confused the paintings here for concept art for the first game just looking at their matching game equivalents. It is my personal belief that this legacy is being lost, in the years following the release of the first game, and many artstyle changes later… The original look of ME has almost completely disappeared off the face of the franchise, lost in the sea of popular visual homogenisation and more “Grounded” aesthetics which prioritise technical spectacle over paying respect to what came before.


It is both tragic and expected… As the series has all but been a mere sponge of its surrounding popular science fiction influences through the decades. For the first game it was the former already listed. For the 2nd it was JJ Abram’s factory fresh/high tech, lens flare driven futurism, and for the 3rd it was a complete focus on creating gritty post 911 realism.

I love all the original games in their own way, even appreciating some of the technical accomplishments in Andromeda… Though I do miss that original look. Will it ever return? Given the state of BioWare and the franchise, probably not.


Still… Ill be curious if they do bring it back.

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