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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#Final Fantasy XIV

February 1st 2016:
My early adult life as an Archer had started in Gridania with nothing much in my pockets, some lousy jobs to handle, and a messed up family background like many families at that time… after the calamity.

February 4st 2020:
I had slept on streets for 4 years. 4 damn, long years of begging for coin, food, or clothing, with zero dignity, and my lost soul stuck in Ul'dah. Out of all places I ended up there with all the other beggars. And trust me, when you hear about the competition on the street: it’s real. People will fight to their death to get a piece of fabric from you to sell it to the dealer down Pearl Lane. I spent countless nights hiding at places that, I thought, anyone had never thought of, but guess what? I am not that creative afterall. So I hid in the desert, froze at night, sweated during the day, drank Cactus Juice to have nutrition (thanks Mom!), and met strange, lost people along the way.
I had enough living like this. Yes, I got depressed after that freaking blowball came down the sky. How can one not? All we ever took for granted was destroyed so easily, vastly, within such a short time. All that had taken forever to build, generations to generations, traditions to traditions. All gone.
I digress. This Caelumtree Wine is working I guess.
So yes, enough of being a beggar. Homeless… well, let’s say I am nomadic by nature so a home seems somewhat surreal but I want to earn my money in an honest way without being afraid to get stabbed every second I breathe.
Waiting for change doesn’t work.
But realizing that in a true sense takes longer.
Maybe that is what maturing means. Understanding the metaphors, the subtleties of existence, the very woven fabric of life.

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i wonder how much data there is correlating picking pugilist as your first class and dropping FFXIV after like a week and never coming back just because low-level monk is the most boring shit ever put into a videogame

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Gotta love when you pug 1 healer, wipe on Refulgence multiple times, they leave in a huff because y’all are “bad”, get a new healer…and one shot with ease.

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