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25/1/2020 // 14.36 // ❄️

I (half) cleaned my house this morning and did some outdoor jobs like washing my car, and now I’m doing some planning with a latte whilst I wait for a webinar to download.

This week has been so crazy (and cold!) I’ve been to the CCG, which makes decisions about funding treatments and was super interesting, and had a meeting about what should be on the formulary to guide prescribers. I’ve barely had chance to do any work, so tomorrow I’m going to try to smash out a lot.

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Any tips for OSCEs? Mine are in a week😓

Ahh good luck!

Main thing is to practice and get those examinations and communication skills down. 

And then, just make yourself feel confident, even if you aren’t! So much about OSCEs is presenting yourself, having confidence and just going for it. This didn’t come naturally to me and some people have to work at it, but it does make a big difference.

Also, smile! You want the examiner and actor/patient to like you. 

On the actual day of the OSCE make sure you’ve had a good night’s sleep, that’s far more important than staying up late the night before studying. Have a good breakfast, and do something calming or something you enjoy to take your mind off it. I never revise on the day of an OSCE because I think it freaks people out, I usually watch TV or read a book instead.

And then of course, if a station sadly doesn’t go well, just move on and forget about it. The worst thing is to get into a panic and let it affect your next station. Besides, I often find that the ones I thought went terribly are the ones I actually do ok in! It’s so hard to judge it on the day. x

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Marking the first years mock OSCEs and one of them washes their hand AFTER putting their gloves on


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so urm ya osce.. uni really got to us really bad. so about 30% failed out of 430 students. which is a lot. on average its about 10%... so ya...

Oh nooo, that is really harsh :( 30% is a ridiculous amount to fail. I think sometimes uni’s do that to scare people, but it’s kinda unnecessary imo. I hope they’re nicer next time! x

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What are your tips on doing well on an osce, we have ours on Monday and I'm dreading it. Thanks in advance

Hi! I have some tips on osce’s here, and some tips to study for them here. Good luck! Confidence is key. x

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I have my first summative exam for this semester’s final exam block tomorrow (it’s history taking + handovers + writeups) - and I am kind of worried I will go over time and not finish it; or not write up all the details in the 10 mins; or forget an important question I have to ask to get the marks like physical activity deets… wish me luck!

I think just writing down what’s stressing me helps a bit. 😬

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i failed my osce. i feel so bad and stupid especially since its the first time ive failed anything and i was one mark off passing and all my friends got much higher marks. can u give me some advice on how to ace osces?

Hey there, don’t feel bad. I know some people who failed OSCEs in my year, too.

It must be weird failing something, you seem really diligent and intelligent. OSCEs are a very different breed of exams when you aren’t used to them, so especially if it’s your first time, nerves and not knowing what to expect can really affect your performance.

Like you said, you were super close to passing, and if your OSCEs are like ours, there’s a series of boxes to be ticked and quite honestly, some of them seem a bit arbitrary, so it’s not really your fault.

As for practising, this is what I found helpful for radiography and medical OSCEs:

  • Practice with friends. There’s something about making mistakes with other people that makes me remember my mistakes better.
  • Practice saying things out loud. This is a huge one for me, because there is a huge difference between reading notes and trying to recall words with active memory. It comes out super awkward the first time you try it, but better awkwardness in practice than in the exam, right?
  • Scenarios from upper years or the internet can be really helpful.
  • Simulate the entire thing start to end. No skimping on anything.
  • Also, try it timed. I ran out of time for one of my histories and didn’t get to report. That can really put you off and create a domino effect for the rest of your stations.
  • That said, each station is a fresh station! Try to forget about the last one, go in there and smash it!
  • The OSCE’s a performance, like the driving test - be really obvious when checking under the armpits, etc.

I would love to share my notes with you if you want. Email me if you like?

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This is a basic resource with the bog standard preclinical skills we use when handling horses, as my Vet School would like me to learn them. If anyone spots any issues, or has any hints and tips for using these skills in the real world, please let me know, as I’m always looking for a better way to do things. Everything under the cut. 

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I recently finished up my Psychiatry rotation on an unhappy note. I studied my butt off and walked into those OSCEs ready to take on anything and everyone. Unfortunately I began with a station that just threw me off and I couldn’t recover. I babbled and sweated my way through the rest of the stations. I ummm’d and errrr’d thoughout. Lol the worst part was I barely showed the patients (actors) empathy. Reassurance? Ha! I couldn’t even reassure myself!

What followed however was what I have termed post osce Blues. The endless ruminating of every single thing I did wrong and more importantly everything I knew and didn’t say! It was akin to a mini breakdown. And it’s what’s led me to start this blog. I couldn’t stand the circling around of my thoughts in my head for hours and hours just needed to let it out. I think that’s what I’m most grateful for during my psych rotation. Building up an awareness of our minds and mental limits and capacities, something I’d never given enough thought to. It is not normal to spend hours going over an exam you had (literally hours) and I’m slowly but surely changing this energy draining part of my life and that’s what this blog is going to be about I guess.

It took a while but I finally conquered my blues, I talked to optimistic friends who’d also done the OSCEs but looked on the bright side and avoided the dark and gloomy ones. I spoke to my mother, my no. 1 cheerleader. And I prayed. Now? I’m relaxed, I binge watched all my tv shows and I’m ready to take on my next rotation.

But can I go back to OSCEs and say what a bullsnot way to examine psychiatry. Seriously a few minutes for a history?? In what universe 😑😑

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(Era is a jerkarse sometimes) Part 3
Jack: Cover your right eye, and read the last line of this (non-existent) Snellan's chart for me.
Me: A-B-C-D-E-F-G.
Jack: Wrong! Read the next line up!
Me: J-A-C-K-I-S-A-N-I-D-I-O-T.
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so over the past few days i had exams in

intubating a cat


performing nerve blocks on equine limb

clinical exam of a dog

telling a client that I had to put their dog down

injecting a rabbit

preparing blood samples

determining whether a dogs cranial cruciate ligament was ruptured

gloving and gowning for surgery

setting up an ECG on a dog

taking skin samples from a dog for ectoparasite diagnosis

and tomorrow i’ll have to do clinical exams on a horse, a sheep and a cow.

vet skls hard but id take doing all of that over sitting writing essays any day.

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Three major tests remaining in my second year of medical school before I take my boards. First one is tomorrow. It’s probably the easiest of the bunch, yet the one I’m most worried about. Try that on for logic. But I get to see my favorite after a week apart and have a girls night at the pub!!

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