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Could we agree that David looks good in everything. If he a suit made of trash I’d still call him handsome. I mean, what a man

my Exact thoughts

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tegged by @leavenopathuntaken thank you <3

tagging @cryptcombat @mvbsva @mactirian @balamist @cullensbooty @refinedstorage @thatjessopgirl @neegan @lyriumrain @johnathot-seed @dolcesiva @amchitka no pressure of course !!!

oh man only ten??? ????? thats rough but ok my all-time faves and more recent obsessions:
1. Soap MacTavish
2. Vaas Montenegro
3. Остап Бендер
4. Arcade Gannon
5. Anders
6. Jules Merit
7. Ignacio Varga
8. James McGill (Saul Goodman)
9. Joseph Seed 
10. Jafar

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I never get enough of compilation videos with this beautiful human being 😍

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calum’s face was sculpted by a god. hell, all of him was. i love his lil chubby cheeks and i wish he would smile more bc when he smiled he looks so cuddly and cute. also, he’s 100% the funniest member of the band, those snapchats had me laughing so hard. i just really really love calum 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰

He is a walking conundrum with a jaw line that could cut glass but cheeks made of clouds they look so damn soft 😭 his sense of humor is top tier and hits my funny bone like a damn truck‼️

What is your favorite thing about Calum?

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