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this post is dedicated to freedom fighter general winston schott from earth-x who i totally am NOT absolutely in love with.

 I absolutely do not want him to be overly protective of me and snap at anyone who even looks at me the wrong way. nor do i want him to insist on going with me on EVERY mission because he wants to ensure that im safe during what’s basically the apocalypse. and i DEFINITELY do not want him to be cold and hard towards others but open and soft around me, nope, nada, negatory. and GOD FORBID he tell everyone that they should be just as afraid of me as they are of him, and that i’m no pushover. 

really, that would be the worst.

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Patrick, looking at Spencer: Patrick loves SPENCER! - Patrick looking at Olivia: Patrick loves OLIVIA! - Patrick looking at Anthony S.: Patrick loves... r e v o l u t i o n.


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Okay but Gwilym Lee could legit be a hypnotist or something. He’s certainly got the eyes for it. Like literally the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen

you know what? you’re right and you should say it, god knows he’s got me hooked on some level! maybe it’s some ancient welsh magic he possesses? god, tall tree man tell us your ways!!!

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