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AU MEME → Brooklyn Nine-Nine, genderswapped

JENNY SLATE as LEAH PERALTA, a bisexual Jewish feminist detective with ADHD, an aversion to paperwork, and the investigative skills to match.
GAEL GARCÍA BERNAL as ALEX SANTIAGO, a first-grade detective with plans to become the youngest captain in the history of the NYPD.
VIOLA DAVIS as CAPT. RHONDA HOLT, the new head of the Nine-Nine; she’s been an openly gay Black police officer since 1985, and you can’t stop her.
TRACEE ELLIS ROSS as SGT. TERRI JEFFORDS, solid muscle with a heart of gold and a whopping case of PTSD who views the squad as an extension of her family (because they largely have the same emotional maturity as her twin toddler sons)
ALANO MILLER as (ROLANDO) DÍAZ, the silent type who’s slow to trust but feels deeply; rides a motorcycle, has brunch friends, carries an axe with him, adopts stray puppies.
MELISSA McCARTHY as CAROL BOYLE, effusive, diligent, and persistently positive, she isn’t a leader but will play every position on the team and be the cheerleader.
ADAM PALLY as GENO LINETTI, the ill-equipped personal assistant to Captain Holt and childhood BFF of Leah Peralta; believes he’s going to be the next tech billionaire or viral prank star.
KATE FLANNERY & JANE LYNCH as NORMA SCULLY & MARYELLEN HITCHCOCK, the two oldest members of the squad, stalled out circa 1994 as third-grade detectives – they might be married, but no one really wants to ask because they have no sense of boundaries.
NIECY NASH as JUDY DOUGLAS, a.k.a. THE PONTIAC BANDIT, Peralta’s nemesis slash best friend slash a car thief slash dog fraudster slash bar mitzvah deejay.

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You know, when you care about someone… Sometimes it’s hard to be eloquent, you know, about how you feel. To… to tell them how much… how much they mean, meant to you. How important they are in your life and how special.

Camille Bordey & Richard Poole in Death in Paradise Season 2, Episode 5

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