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#bo rhap

Queen songs but their in my native language

Don’t stop me now


Beith t-am go bra, agam.

Tá mé beo, beo beo beo, agus and domhan beidh se chuir taobh istigh (yeah)

Tá mé ag snamh lé ecstasy

So, na cuir stád liom, na cuir stad

Mar táim ag bhaint sult as, bhaint sult as!

Is réalt mé in san spéir, beith me ag léim thart, níl is agam chád é gravity

Anois is mé carr, ag ghoil thart tú, cosúil lé béan Godiva

Tá mé ag ghul ghul ghul

Ní thig leat cuir stád liomsa

Tá tiné orm (sa)

Dhá céad céimeanna

Ach níl mó anim Fahrenheit

Tá mé ag súil leis an spéir

An bhfuil tú abalta beidh fear

Na cuir stád liom, mar tá an t-am leat, go brá!

Na curi stád liom, tá t-am leat tú!

Na cuir stád liom, (mar tá an t-am leat, go brá)

Na cuir stád liom (sa, an t-am go brá)

an gcaithfimid stopadh?

Yeah, is mé roicéad, ag eitilt go to dtí Mars

Ar cúrsa imbhuailte

Is satailíte mé, tá mé as smach

Is grá liom gnéas

Cosúil lé buama

Oh, oh, oh, oh, boom!

Tá tiné orm, (sa)

Dhá céad céimeanna

Ach níl mo anim Fahrenheit

Tá mé ag súil leis an spéir

An bhfuil tú abalta beidh béan

Na cuir stád, na cuir stád, na cuir stád, hey hey hey hey!

Na cuir stád, na cuir stád, oh oh oh

Is mhaith liom

Na cuir stád liom, na cuir stád

T-am go brá, go brá

Na cuir stád liom, na cuir stád, ah!

Oh sa!

Ceart go leor

Tá tiné orm, (sa)

Dhá céad céimeanna

Ach níl mo anim Fahrenheit

Tá mé ag súil leis an spéir

An bhfuil tú abalta beidh fear

Na cuir stád liom, mar tá an t-am leat go brá

Na cuir stád liom, tá t-am leat tú

Na cuir stád liom (mar tá an t-am leat go brá)

Na cuir stád liom ( tá an t-am leat tú)

An gcaithfimid stopadh?

La da da da daah

Da da da haa

Ha da da ha ha haaa

Ha da daa ha da da aaa

Ooh ooh ooh

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Halloweed - Bri uwu


Word Count: 1,469 words, 7,484 characters

Warings: Although there is no use of marijuana as the title may suggest there is ALOT of drug use. In addition, im sorry mom.

Y'all bitches already know its spooky season and I always try to come thru with a bomb-ass costume. But this year I was feeling a bit uninspired…It took some time along with various drugs until I came up with the best costume ever created. For this Halloween, I’m gonna be a slutty Mothman. I know Mothman is already sexi as is with all that junk in the trunk but I have one thing that Mothman WISHES he had. What is that you may ask? TIDDIES. I got some nice motherfucking tiddies and they gon be out all night so I can catch me a mans at my friend’s Halloween party.

I know she would have died if she saw my costume before the party. But she wasn’t gonna see or hear much of anything since she was going as a slutty Helen Keller. The whole set up was pretty wack and boring so I won’t bother you with the details. But shit got fucking crazy when they party started to pop off. So many people adored my wings, tiddies, and big bludging eyes. They thought I was really good with makeup but in reality, I just cut off my eyelids and replaced them with pieces from my screen door. All costumes were pretty underwhelming not gonna lie. Sure tiddies were dropping and asses were shaking but I wanted something more meaningful than that. At some point, I got bored as shit and went outside for some fresh air. A kid walked by and said, “wHat ArE yOU sUpPosEd TO bE?” while laughing. His tone pissed me off so I whacked him with my wing and stole his candy. I rushed back inside to the nearest bathroom. I dumped all his candy in the sink and found exactly what I was looking for. Pixie sticks. Most kids enjoy the powdery candy like a bunch of basic bitches. But not me. I dumped all those motherfuckers on the toilet lid, cut them with my expired WalMart gift card, and snorted the fuck outta them. Once the pixie hit I stuffed all his candy back into his bag. I began to feel bad to I walked outside to find him laying on the pavement where I left him. I tried to nudge him to apologize but he was too busy faking having a seizure. I got annoyed so I yeeted his bag into his face. Luckily that stopped his “seizure”. Music started blasting from inside and he began to breakdance so I left him alone with his candy.

The strobe lights began to trip me out so I grabbed someone’s dip spit juice and hung out as a wallflower for a bit. That was until the most beautiful man caught my eye. For some fucking reason 72-year-old, astrophysicist, guitarist of Queen was at this party in all his glory. I thought I was trippin until he came up to me and asked me to dance. His big curly grey hair was mesmerizing. As soon as he walked up to be I impulsively blurted out, “DAMN BOI. You lookin like a fineass chia pet.”

He laughed and I followed his lead as we slow danced to cotton eyed joe. His cold, dead, lifeless eyes gazed into mine with lust. He leaned in close and told me. Damn those eyes of yours look nice BUT DAMMNNN LOOK AT THEM TIDDIES. Brian was known for being a hopeless romantic. We danced the night away until he informed me that he needed to take his meds and prune juice. So we went to his car and hung out for a while. After about 20 minutes of staring out into space in a painfully awkward silence, he asked if I wanted to spend the night with him. I said “sure, I guess.” That made him pretty happy.

When we pulled up to his house his shaking hands dropped his house keys and he made a sexy grunt as he bent down to pick them up. I couldn’t stop looming at his ass.

“Oooh, damnnn! Grandaddy Bri be thicc.”

“Well, your either thick in the arse or thick in the head my love.”

I had a raging erection. As soon as he locked the door behind him I pounced on his and began to rip off my clothes. To my surprise, this bitch was a whole ass Chia pet. His curly hair was everywhere. And by everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE BITCH. I could make clothes for my entire tribe to keep warm for the winter. He yelped in pain as I pinned him to the floor and I looked at him with concern.

“What’s wrong ya fucking geezer?”

“Don’t you remember I’m old as shit? I’m fucking fragile…I think you broke my hip, you dumb bitch!”

“RIP…lmao. Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you grandaddy.”

“I’d like to see you try.”


I peeled myself off of him. He couldn’t walk (yes I really did fuck up) so I grabbed his skinny and frail ankles and dragged his body upstairs. I think the head trauma from his head banging on each marble step lessened the pain in his hip. Once I got to the top of the stairs I threw him over my back. Sadly I forgot he was more top-heavy than bottom heavy so I dropped him…and he gently slid down the stairs. I ran to aid him as he wailed in pain. I put my finger to his lips and said, “Your not supposed to make that noise just yet.” I grabbed his cold liver-spotted hands and dragged him up the stairs once again. This time I made it to his master bedroom and was able to lug him on the bed. He had passed out at some point so I bitch smacked him awake. He was groggy and grumpy so I gave him a present. Out of my bag, I pulled out a pipe and some meth.

After a while, we began tweaking and he was feeling much better. I crawled up on top of him and stuck my tongue down his throat. It was all fun and games until my tongue got stuck in his dentures. He laughed causing him to bite down and rip my tongue in half. He was now dying laughing as I profusely bled out of my mouth. Out of anger I shoved my hand in his mouth and yoinked his dentures. I didn’t hesitate to yeet them out the window. I had the last laugh seeing him trying to talk with all that gum. He wouldn’t shut up with all his nonsense. I ripped off his Depends™ and slobbed on his knob to shut him up. He then sat up and began to roughly pet me like a kid petting a puppy. I looked up at him and smiled. He slowly peeled off the fencing that protected my eyes and gave it the mothlike effect. Soon I was not only bleeding out of my mouth onto his dick but I was now bleeding out where my eyelids used to me.

“Beauthiful” he whispered to me before picking me up by my septum piercing and throwing me onto the bed.

He went down on me gnawing at my flaps with his gums. His hands crawled up my body. He had a tight grip on my tiddies and said: “honk, honk.” He was poetry in motion. He slid his wholeass hand up my snatch and began to smile.

“What’s got you so happy you dirty whore?” I asked.

“Thereths blud on my handths.”

I was confused for a sec. I thought I was only bleeding from my eyes and mouth but naw…I got my period. As soon as this realization hit I blushed in embarrassment. He saw my distress and held my hand.

“Don’t worry baby. Bludy puthy flapths are the bestht kind of puthy flapths.”

He really has all the right words. Before he was gonna dick me down he asked, “Yo, do you goth that stuth…thaths like baby repellant?”

“Is the blood out of my snatch enough baby repellant?”

“Sthiiit, you right.”

Bri made passionate love to me for a whole 60 seconds. He really wus the best I ever had. His sweaty body laid on top of mine. He nuzzled his head into my neck and began to kiss me.

“I have sthomthing to tell you.” He whispered.

“You can tell me anything dawg. I’m here 4 u.”

He shakily pulled his body off of mine…His faced changed into a young blond Swedish boy with rosy cheeks with a wide and disturbing smile. He leaned into my ear and whispered, “You’re my little toaster strudel”. Right before he soaked up my blood with stale crumpets he had kept in his hair. Before I knew it he vanished without a trace.

The end.

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Roger: This is so typical. I’m always the last one to know everything!
John: No, you are not. We tell you stuff.
Roger: Yuh-huh! I was the last one to know when Freddie accidentally got those cops high! I was the last to know Brian had quitted teaching! I was the last one to know when you had a crush on Freddie last year.
John: *gestures at Roger to shut up*
Freddie: *looks really surprised but pleased*
Roger: Oh
Roger *smugly*: Well, looks like I was second to last
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Freddie, raising his glass to make a toast: I’d like to say something about my wonderful gorgeous sexy husband.

Jim, ducking down in his seat: Oh no.

Freddie: Darling, you make my life less hard and my dick harder. I love you. [swallows his drink in one go]

John, covering the ears of his child next to him: Why do we let him speak without a script?

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I swear every blog I follow is inactive now so please like/reblog/follow if you post any of the following

  1. Queen
  2. Bo Rhap cast
  3. Beatles
  4. Classic Rock
  5. 70s stuff
  6. Elton John
  7. Rocketman cast
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Joe, to Ben: Ily bro pro homo

Gwil: Did you mean “no homo”?

Rami and Lucy, in unison: It’s the 21st century, we support the gays now



Absolutely no one:

Us, fans, whenever we’re making chats between Joe and Ben: Yeah they gay keep scrollin’

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Originally posted by onegoldenglance

warning: smut; public, oral, people watching, swearing, mentions of anal

The one where Rog eats you out while the boys are in the same room.

| Requests are Open |

“Come here for me darling.” Roger demands more than asks, looking at me through his sunglasses as he rests his head on his arm.

I obey is command, sitting next to him on the bench seat as I run my hand through his hair. “Hmm?” I ask sweetly as he takes his sunglasses off his head and chucks them onto the table.

“Move closer.” Roger demands, pulling my hips towards his head as he licks his lips.

I look around nervously, everyone else seems to be pre-occupied enough not to notice. I bite my lip and obey his demand, shuffling so that my pussy is inches away from his face. I knew what he was up to, but Roger made me so horny, I could never deny him.

Roger looks at the sight in front of him, kissing my thigh gently as I move my hand to play with his hair softly. I smile down at him and spread my legs a little wider.

His hands move around to my ass, playing with it under my mini skirt. “No panties?” Roger raises his eyebrow as he looks up at me from where he’s laying.

“Fuck, Rog, just put your mouth on me.” I whine, impatient with all his teasing. Roger chuckles and leans forward, pecking my pussy lips softly.

I bite back a moan as he repeats the action over and over as if he were kissing the lips on my face. I shuffle slightly to get comfy, his hands staying on my ass as I take a look around the crowded room.

Roger didn’t give a shit who saw us. He just loved proving to the boys that he could make me feel good.

I push my hips closer to him as he continues to kiss my pussy over and over. His kisses getting slightly soppier which made my pussy leak down onto his chest.

“Rog.” I whimper, bucking my hips forward as Roger licks a strip up my folds. His hands squeezing my ass cheeks and pulling them apart slightly.

He keeps on teasing me, never more than kissing my slit as he nudged his nose against my clit. I moan softly, tugging him closer by his hair.

“Could stay like this forever.” Roger tells me, which makes me smile widely. My boobs are begging for attention under my top.

Rog lets his tongue open my folds slightly before retracting, a cheeky smile on his face as he does so.

“Well I can’t Rog,” I beg, looking down into his piercing blue eyes. “So please, just get on with it.”

He chuckles, delving his tongue inside my aching pussy as I bite back a moan. My eyes quickly scan the room, everyone still too busy to notice what me and Rog were up to in the corner.

The way the tour bus vibrates as we drive along the open road only intensifies the pleasure. I’d never normally let Rog talk me into something so risky, but I’d been begging for any sort of intamacy for weeks, not getting much of it sharing the small bus with all the boys.

“Oh.” A whimper escapes my lips as my head is thrown back. I let one of my legs drop from the seat, being the other one up as far as possible to give Rog more room.

“Shh.” Rog stops, putting a finger to his lips before rubbing the same finger against my folds. My breath quickens as I watch him intently, pushing his finger half way inside me before retracting.

“Asshole.” I breathlessly growl at him, his eyebrows raising with a cocky smirk on his lips. Lust took over my body as I began to not care about the other people present.

“Oh, is that where you want it?” Rog chuckles, letting his finger run down my pussy and ever so close to my ass.

“Don’t you dare.” I make a quick grab of his wrist, squirming as he moves his lips to quickly bite my thigh.

“You like that?” Rog winks teasingly, making me chuckle at how sure of himself he was.

“Mmh.” I nod, licking my lips as he slowly leans up, I meet him half way and peck his lips gently, tasting myself on his lips.

His head moves back down and without warning, starts eating me out. I gasp, squeezing my thighs slightly around his head as I dig my nails into his hair.

“Rog.” I whimper as his pace quickens, my back arches towards him as I rock my hips towards his mouth.

My eyes are glazed and full of lust as his tongue enters my pussy, hitting my walls just right.

Roger’s eyes meet mine as he tongues me, swirling it inside me. I bite my lip, using my hand that isn’t in Roger’s hair to grip onto the table next to me. It was the only thing that was really hiding our activities from the others.

I moan a little louder than I should have considering the circumstances when Roger’s nose nudged against my clit.

“Oh fucking hell,” Freddie’s annoyed voice jolted me out of my euphoric state. “They’re at it again.”

I widen my eyes and try to push Rog’s head away but he doesn’t budge. I look over at the others in a state of panic and notice Freddie smirking. Brian was shaking his head and Deaky stood up in an effort to move away.

“Rog.” I squeal, hearing him chuckle against me as his grip tightened on my hips, keeping me in place.

“You could at least have the decency to stop!” Brian chuckles, scrunching his nose.

“Fuck, Rog!” I bite my lip, unable to stop the moan from escaping my lips as I give up, tugging his head on to me more.

Roger sucks on my pussy lips, letting his tongue slip in and out as he fucks me with his wet muscle.

“Come on princess.” Roger mumbles against me, flicking his tongue against my clit.

I moan loudly, feeling my orgasm take over as I jolt my hips towards Roger’s face. He squeezes my thighs, keeping his tongue inside me.

I clench around him, not being able to stop even though the boys were watching. I cum over his tongue, watching him intently as his eyes gaze up to watch me come undone.

“Sorry boys.” I breath out shakily, coming down from my high as I glance over at the other three.

“Don’t apologise to us darling,” Freddie waltzes over to pour himself another glass of wine. “I may be gay, but even I can admit that was sexy to watch. Rog is a lucky man.” He winks at me cheekily, making me giggle.

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