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I’ll always be around by waterparks with Cal :)

Thanks for the song suggestion!


Chosen Family 

It isn’t even late. The sun is starting to kiss the horizon but hasn’t fully committed itself to dip below. Calum’s phone shakes and he is tempted to let the notification, whether it be a text or something from an app, just sit until he felt like dealing with it. But then he remembers you telling him that it was a rough day so he pushes up from the sofa and gathers the phone into his hand. 

Can we go on a drive? It’s a simple text. It shouldn’t punch his chest like it does. But he knows. You only want to go on drives when you want to escape when the weight’s finally cracked your spine and there’s nothing left in you to carry the weight. 

Of course. Calum scrambles to collect his sneakers from next to the door and his keys. Duke sniffs around his feet and when Calum pulls the leash down from the hook next to the door, Duke sits immediately. You’ve always loved having Duke along too. Calum doesn’t need you to say it to know that you find comfort in the old dog just like he does. 

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I spent all last summer in Hidden Hills and Laurel Canyon, and no some of it is not gated but there are many private streets you’re prohibited from entering, via car or on foot, unless you’re a resident. You’re taped and everything and could easily the cops called you on for trespassing. So yeah, I think it’s unlikely people are coming to his house as often as he’s claiming... maybe once or twice but I doubt it’s just for Sierra. It’s prob go talk to Luke. And it’s super hard to pull off so.....

Yeah, I agree that it would be way too hard for fans to find Luke’s house and then manage to go to it without causing trouble. Also, like I said before, I definitely think that if it was a problem, Luke would have said something earlier or called the police on the fans or something because invasion of privacy is no joke.

Also, I agree that fans probably wouldn’t go to his house for Sierra. They’d probably be going for Luke because again, that takes a lot of work. Either way, whether fans went to his house, whether they went for Luke or Sierra, it’s not okay to venture to celebrities’ houses for any reason.

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Teaser for my latest Luke fic

January 12th 2020

It’s a universal idea that there are certain areas on earth that feel as though reality is manipulated, and things aren’t as they should usually be. Some of which include walking down the street at night and using a different McDonald’s (than the go-to) at service stations, on long drives across the country or state. Another popular twilight zone is a bathroom at a party: where the music is muffled by the wood of the door, and you’re left alone and still as people live to the highest of highs just one room away.

This is where you stood now, with your hands clasping the cool porcelain of the sink rim, eyes focused on the reflection before you: staring, as if challenging the girl you were observing. It was hard to believe that that person was you, and that that was the person everyone saw every time they talked to you or merely glanced in your direction. What was more mind-blowing (or at least, it was for a tipsy person such as yourself) was that this was what Luke saw on the rare occasions that you’d catch his eye. The thought of the curly haired giant made your fingers tighten their grip, knuckles slightly fading from pink to white, as you felt the sickening nausea creep up on you once more. But you shook your head, almost violently, willing to keep it together. It couldn’t be that difficult to do so, either, as you’d been keeping it together around Luke for years now.

Let’s say that you had a crush on Luke the first time you met him. You were young, as was he, which meant that your eighteen-year-old self could easily conjure up a fantasy of which Luke was the focal point. Most people had a crush on Luke (then and now), as he was simply the most charming guy to ever walk the earth second to Young Leonardo Decaprio – who was, in your eyes, unbeatably attractive in all aspects. Every time he laughed heads turned and girls visibly swooned, and he added in the odd sarcastic quip here and there that made you want to listen to his voice on a podcast as you tried to fall asleep at night. He had a heart of gold, keeping a concerned eye on someone who felt sickly or was slightly too high or drunk, which was practically a torture weapon when this was combined with his devilishly handsome looks. Luke reminded you of the glow off the pavement just after it had finished raining, with the lamp light shimmering on it, reflecting the patchy pattern of the leafy canopy of the tree above: artistic and individual.

This crush faded away. Well, actually, you forced yourself to get over it because you weren’t going to do anything and he was mostly unaware of your existence. Instead, you’d stare after him dreamily – like a girl in a sappy rom-com – as he talked with his friends and glowed in his corner of the planet, with you dawdling about confused and dazed from one thing to the next. Luke then vanished for a while, spending most of his time in the studio and on tours most likely, so you found the idea of him a pipe dream. He was nothing more than a whirlwind crush built off of a daydream.

And then you reunited. Tonight, to be precise.

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luke’s house is not “gated” it’s just in a place where there a load of windy streets. you would absolutely have to know where you’re going to get there, you cannot find it “by accident”

Well, his house might not be gated, but the question was referring as to whether his community is gated. He lives in one of the Hollywood Hills neighborhoods, and those areas are inhabited by a lot of celebrities. So some of the areas are gated communities, meaning you have to live there or be invited in to get into the community. So if he lived in a gated community, there’s no way fans would be able to get in. If he doesn’t, it’s still not very plausible fans would be able to find his house because 1.) it would be hard to find his address online and 2.) fans could easily have the cops called on them for showing up at Luke’s house randomly and wandering the neighborhood.

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I find it odd that people could show up to Luke’s house to say nasty things about Sierra because he lives in a gated community. How are the fans getting access to his home? Sometimes I really don’t believe a word the boys say I think they lie just as much as their gfs do which isn’t that healthy.

First and foremost, let me just say I have a lot of feelings about Luke’s tweets from two days ago. I first read them yesterday morning because I saw a bunch of people talking about them, and it just seemed very weird to me. And there’s so many points that I want to make about those tweets, but I don’t want to bore you all.

But I agree that it seems highly unlikely that fans could show up at Luke’s house in general. I’m not necessarily sure if Laurel Canyon is gated. I looked it up, and the answers were inconclusive (so if anyone can confirm this for me, that would be lovely!) I think if fans going to Luke’s house was actually a problem, then it would have been brought up earlier and that he wouldn’t have waited to bring it up until he made a series of tweets defending this “girlfriend” from a small minority of fans that don’t like her purely because she is “dating” Luke. And I could go into a long tangent, but I’ll once again spare you all that in favor of sticking to the topic of the ask.

I don’t like thinking that Luke would lie about all that stuff, but because I think Lierra is a PR relationship, I feel that the whole thing was very conveniently timed but poorly executed because again, if fans going to Luke’s house to harass Sierra was a serious problem, it would have been brought up when it started happening.

I also don’t know of any fans who have Luke’s address, and I highly doubt there are fans who care enough to go through the trouble of finding Luke’s address to go to his house to harass Sierra. It all just seems highly un plausible and exaggerated. It might be true, but as of right now, I’m inclined to believe it’s not.

That being said, I do recognize that there is a minority of fans that harasses Sierra online with hateful comments. I’m not trying to minimize that. I’m sure that it affects her mentally everyday, and it saddens me that there are people who harass her for no reason other than her race and her association with Luke. That is not okay.

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4 Gods, 4 Men, 4 Pillars of Life–One band. 

The final installment in my mythology!sos fic. 

Read the first part here. 

You can support me on ko-fi–I’m saving for graduate school expenses (mostly the plane ticket over and the first couple of months rent)

Read the completed second part on Wattpad. Link in source!


Michael finds himself as the next one in a museum. This time not as accidental as Ashton’s trip. He decided to go out for the day, see some sights, to get away. They need a break. Recording and writing, more writing, more recording. He just wants to shut his brain off for a moment, just enjoy his time while it’s still mostly his. As he’s walking through the exhibits, awestruck by the use of colors and the line work that’s still incorporated into the final details of the piece, he jokingly poses in front of some pieces. He’s only doing it for the jokes, the giggle behind the camera.

But at the conclusion of his journey through art, he realizes that some of those poses were pretty spot on. He posts the set of recreations with the caption, Immerse yourself. Become art. He wants to add more. You are art. Everyone is art. Everything is art. There’s an art in just existing, in just breathing when everything feels like it’s telling you not to breathe, to not exist. However, he figures it best to stay positive, to keep it light and funny. He’s becoming art and that reminds him, even in all the struggle of making this album he still has a duty to himself.

So he leaves it at just that. Become art. Becoming is the best part of existence. He can become anyone. He can become anything, even if in some ways he is still restricted by another’s diction. He will always be becoming something in this human form. He hopes he never stops becoming either, even in the old age when bones are more brittle.


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