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#unordinary webtoon
What do think about all the comments saying "Remi is smart, but John is smarter" I think it's accurate but I wanna here other ppls opinions on it

Sorry for the late(ish) reply I didn’t see this until now 😅

I really do agree with this comment, like you. I’m not actually sure if my mind is being logical in agreeing, or if my views on John are affecting my answer in some way, though. I am a big fan of John because of the silent and sneaky type he is. He rules from the shadows and all that jazz. I think in my mind, that I kind of stereotyped him to be that genius villain because I just love those types of characters. So that might be acting as a bias for me, but I think that this comment is true, regardless.

I’ve actually been pretty impressed with Remi recently. She used to get on my nerves so much… but I think I started to like her a bit more in the middle of her X-Rei arc. Now, though, I think she’s becoming one of my favorite characters to watch out for and it’s because her ideals are changing. Before, she was so caught up in the “fact” that her brother was perfect and that every problem had a perfect solution. In the recent episodes, though, Remi is actually hearing and trying to learn about the world around her and forming her own opinions and observations on how things should be run. A lot of characters are going through this right now and it’s great.

I think the moment Remi decided that she needed to think for herself, or at least try to understand other people’s views, she became more adaptive and sharp. I think her mind has switched into a mode that makes her much more resourceful and it allows her to think outside the box.

The thing is… John is always able to outsmart her. I was actually seriously questioning if he was going to win their fight (I know it’s not over yet, but come on). Remi’s plan worried me and it’s typical for the characters that are so cocky and arrogant about their plans to fail spectacularly and learn a lesson. I’m grateful to uru-chans unique storytelling because she always surprises me :). Anyway, John outsmarted Remi this time, but even with my clouded mind (I admit that), I think it’s a likely possibility that Remi and John will fight again, but the next time it’ll be Remi whose plan comes out on top.

Thanks for the ask :).

(P.s. I might edit or add on to this later. Probably not, but just a warning)

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idea for a new ability in uno

a meta-ability type that is capable of transferring the affects of an ability experienced currently by the user onto another person of their choosing. i think most every ability in the meta-ability category has either aura detection or something similar as their passive so there’s that.

limitations would be that the user of this ability is incapable of storing the effects of multiple abilities at once and it gets harder to store the effects as the levels go up. also a time limit that forces the user to give the effects to someone else or they will experience the effects in full all at once like when a rubber band stretches too far (maybe they could also spread each effect over many people at once meaning each person would be affected very little). of course the user might get a little cheaty with this limitation and just use it to hold off on experiencing every effect all at once and at full strength. the user also can’t make the original user experience their own effects.

a person with this abilty could be VERY powerful if they were smart with it. but if they’re stupid well i guess this abilty would suck ass. I don’t know why i thought of all this i really want new meta-abilities in universe and not just nullification or amplification.

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I mean-


Rei is dead in first place after following a book ideology and became a hero!! the same book existed because of John, in order for him to develop empathy (obviously didn’t work). Dumbass kept bullying others after getting a boost to an extent of beating up his own friend Adrion who had his back, then sending every other school students who made a stand against his tyranny of a rule to ICU. He doesn’t deserve anyone’s frienship.

Bonus: Remi’s suggestion was better comparing to the way John’s actions, not perfect but better. Also, considering she has numbers (Isen & Blyke) who are real example of her changing them to a better version from their old self in 1st year. And in my opinion it would work long term considering her/other heroes are changing the system in a bigger scale, so the students in school know they’re returning to a better place e.g. no more segregated districts or threats living in areas based on ranks.

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UnOrdinary - Who’s the Hero?

So I see that “When the main character is the villain and the antagonist is the hero” post (you know the one, the one with John and Arlo) every time i look into the UnOrdinary tag - I suppose that’s due to the fact that it’s a popular post about UnOrdinary - and I disagree with that statement.

So obviously, I had to talk about it, in a new, less relevant post to avoid derailing.



The way I see it, neither John or Arlo are “heroes” - and I use the term loosely here, to mean “a person with a morally good stance”. I get what this post is trying to convey, that John is a chaotic bastard who does shit for his own gain only, and that Arlo, who’s been an antagonist to John since Day 1 actually has a “greater good” kind of reasoning for his actions, and wants to protect people from John.

The problem with this line of logic, though, is that it implies that Arlo acts in a morally good manner, when he simply doesn’t. He’s just as self-centred as John, he just expresses it in a different way. Whilst John seeks to upset the heirarchy and destroy the status quo in his quest to fulfil his selfish desires, Arlo indulges his equally selfish motivations by using the heirarchy to his advantage. He’s the King, the strongest student, and everyone knows it, so he has recognised power withing the heirarchy, which he abuses. He saw someone not fitting into the heirarchy and fixated on making that person’s life miserable. Arlo is more Lawful Evil, whilst John, who hides behind a mask and attacks at random, is more Chaotic Evil.

If John is the terrorist of Wellston, then Arlo is the corrupt politician (I’d even go as far as to call him a dictator).

In the end, the protagonist isn’t the villain, and the antagonist isn’t the hero. They’re both the morally reprehensible products of a society in which this messed up heirarchy denotes how much worth you even have as a human being.

Right now, narratively, Arlo seems to be leaning more in the direction of “hero” because at the moment, his stance involves people not getting hurt, whilst John’s is “I’m gonna beat the shit out of everyone”. John is very clearly coded as a villain, but that doesn’t automatically make his oppoment the hero. Arlo has done some fucked up shit in his time (pretending to befriend John only to lure him into what was supposed to be a no-holds-barred torture session springs to mind), and currently his stance is preferable because he thrives on order, which doesn’t typically mesh well with the types of extensive beatings John is anonymously dishing out.

John is chaos. Arlo is order. They’re both incredibly selfish, manipulative, and callous individuals, neither of whom seem to be capable of feeling any kind of empathy towards people other than people close to them (come to think of it, both Arlo and John seem to be written as sociopaths, actually), least of all towards people lower down in the heirarchy.

If I had to pick a “hero”-esque character (actually, characters) in UnOrdinary, it’d be Blyke, Isen, and Remi. These three are motivated by a genuine desire to help people, do better, and prevent needless casualties, even though it means putting their life on the line, and nobody asked them to do it. Even if their motivations started out selfishly, they went past that and acted in genuine altruism, in my opinion.

So yeah, neither John or Arlo are the heroes of UnOrdinary, they’re both too self-absorbed to even conceptualise the notion of empathy.

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I know that everybody is very excited about the upcoming John vs Remi fight, but I just had a horrifying thought. John loves to go overboard in fights, continuing to beat/stab his enemies after theyve been beaten and usually with their own abilities. John is about to fight Remi whose ability is lightning. Black lightning would look cool, but electricity can stop hearts.

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So I just read the most recent chapter of Unordinary and I’d like to discuss this comment: 


[”I find it funny that they criticize him for beating everyone despite knowing he is stronger than them and not once even thinking about how that’s exactly what’s been happening to him this whole time as a cripple.”]

Which pretty much encompasses my feelings about the recent chapters. Like, I know everyone’s been hating on John ever since he started this whole crusade, but honestly, he’s just doing exactly what was done to him ever since he started at Wellston. I’m not saying he’s doing the right thing, but for everyone else to be so shocked and yet not acknowledge their own actions at all is rather hypocritical. 

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This episode of unordinary … . (149) 6/17

Remi, darling, I love you … But you are so clueless and dumb RN. You and allllllllll of your friends helped the problem. The “vitcims” were 0% innocent. In fact they were -100% innocent they helped the joker/John by pushing him to the point of no return.

I… . Girl.

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Honorable mentions:

  • Ksjbfg
  • Dumbass me is wondering when Seraphina found out that Arlo ambushed John in that field because I don’t remember her finding out, but at the same time she addresses it in this episode (?)
  • I love that Isen’s eyes turn almost a bright red whenever he’s using his ability
  • I would also like to point out that because he was using his ability while spying on Cecile and John, he probably has some sort of hearing enhancement, which would make a lot of sense because of the nature of his ability.
  • It just occurred to me that I would absolutely love it if Cecile developed a deep crush on John. It can be unhealthy and unreasonable (hell, that would be ideal), but think of the potential. How Cecile would react differently about everything even if she doesn’t tell him. How John would react to her. How Seraphina would (this is what I’d be looking forward to most).
  • Does John know that Remi knows who he is?

Shit went down. Let’s talk about it.

That beginning scene:

A.k.a. Where we were left off after last week’s cliffhanger.

There’s two things I want to talk about for this. One: Seraphina’s reaction. Two: Arlo’s.

Ladies first I guess.

I’ve said this a couple of times in a handful of different posts, but Seraphina really does tend to automatically assume things have to do with her. I’m surprised that nobody’s complained about this opinion yet. She seems to be a really popular character. Actually I’m not that surprised i made a post titled “Why i’m not a big fan of Seraphina” where i just dissed her for 3 pages and none of y’all reacted.

But honestly, whenever something happens, Seraphina’s mind somehow tells her that it has something to do with her. I believe a month or two ago, there was an episode review where I said that I believed she’d finally moved on from that due to her loss of abilities. lit

Unfortunately, her self-involved tunnel vision, or whatever it is I’m trying to say, has made a comeback. When Arlo tells Seraphina about John, her first thought is that he’s still obsessed with her friendship with John. She doesn’t even consider that maybe what Arlo’s saying actually has some truth or even has to do with John. Even knowing that something happened between Arlo and John. I’m sorry to say that this is also one of the main reasons why I will never consider Seraphina to be one of my favorite characters.

This point in general isn’t all that important, I just like to analyze characters and their thought process lmao sorry I’m extra.

Something else about Seraphina (positive this time don’t worry) is her automatic loyalty to John. I’ve talked about John’s loyalty towards her loads of times before, but don’t believe I’ve ever addressed Sera’s. I don’t really have much to say about this, but know that I’d like to aknowledge this thank you.

Now on to Arlo.

After Seraphina tells him to basically fuck off, Arlo shows off that character development more. He knows that he can’t continue to tell Seraphina the truth, that she’ll never believe him. Arlo realizes that he won’t have any success with her. His past actions have given him an untrustworthy reputation and he’s aware. I’m such a fan of that. Arlo’s logic always overpowers his other traits in the end. That’s what I love about Arlo.

Also: he apologized to Seraphina. She was shocked and I’m not sure if it was genuine or not, but this actually is pretty important. By apologizing to Sera, Arlo is:

  • Changing her opinion of him. She’s not used to him acknowledging that he is wrong or backing off. By acting more friendly and respectful towards Sera, Arlo is raising his reputation in her mind. This could help her actually believe him later if he tries to tell her something again.
  • Saving their friendship. Or at least creating a new one, one that’s based more off of mutual respect and happiness rather than the friendship they had before: based off of their powers alone. I would absolutely love to see a genuine Sera and Arlo friendship.


Guys. Isen is now aware of Cecile’s involvement with Joker. That makes me really happy. He knew before that Cecile knew who John was, but not that the two were allied. I’d really enjoy him trying to find connections between the two and figure out how long they’ve been working together. I’m not sure how, but I would like him to figure out that Cecile helped him find Seraphina and that Joker k.o.ed those students at the abandoned house. I’m sure there’s something else he could piece together.

Isen’s character really revolves around the things he knows and last time he found out something big, it was really cool seeing him trying to sway other’s minds of adjust ideas because he knows more than everyone else and knows better than them. I just want that back. That’s the whole point of this ksdjhgfkehjgfn.

John and his ability:

Guess what? John’s ability isn’t actually ability mimicry lmao. It’s aura manipulation, which not only sounds more exotic, it leaves a bit more leeway for me to theorize about it. :)

But before that, can I just say. Two years ago, John was a 7.0. His ability probably hasn’t grown all that much because of how dormant it’s been, but at least recently, it has to have grown some. Like… damn.

Okay back to aura manipulation lmao.

More so than the straight forwardness of ability-mimicry, aura manipulation sounds like it has more effect on other’s abilities. Rather than copying, John is changing, evolving in a way, his target’s ability. Like in the first ambush way back in like episode 60 or something, when John used Ventus’s ability, he changed it in a way, creating blades of wind. Meili even thought during the fight, “Blades of wind!? That’s not part of Ventus’s kit!” At this time, John obviously manipulated Ventus’s ability, creating something new out of it.

Don’t get all annoyed with me because of this. This isn’t anything new I’m saying. Nothing he did changed because we suddenly knew what to call it. I get that. We already knew everything his power entailed, or at least had a good sense. So this isn’t really all that important. I just hope the rest of John’s power or at least his boundaries will come into light soon.

That’s it for this week I want to post because I’ve been behind and want to get back on schedule :)

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Honorable mentions:

  • Hgfjhgf
  • I talk a lot about Remi being into EMBER. This includes the theory that EMBER are the authorities. So just be aware that that also falls under that name when you read it.
  • Even I’m getting a bit confused about John’s motives right now lmaooo sksndjks
  • John saying he’s rooting for Joker… idk that hit hard for some reason it really shouldn’t have
  • This is one of those rare episodes where literally everything that happens is big enough to get its own explanation and analysis so that’s why my honorable mentions this week is a little bare lmao

I’m really sorry about how late this is, but I had to step back and take a deep breath… like… wow.

How do all those fast-passers keep quiet like-? I’m so happy they do, but how do you not just get up and start screaming about this episode?

Anyway. Let’s get into this in chronological order.


When I first saw Terrence in this week’s episode, I was ecstatic. I genuinely thought that that would be the most interesting thing about the chapter (…). 

Terrence grabs my attention whenever he is shown, mentioned, or even whenever i can manage to fit him into a theory. The reason is: Terrence is endgame. I’m so sorry i don’t know how to word this correctly. Please be aware I don’t mean the movie. What I’m trying to say is that, Terrence is one of the plot points that have been sewn into the story since the very beginning. He’s been the background/behind the scenes force. No matter what is happening now, you always know there’s something bigger happening silently and that it will be the ultimate climax. Terrence has a special connection with that.

Though it is not technically canon, most people believe that Terrence is the invisible guy that tried to sneak up on Seraphina and John in episode 10 and the invisible person that was involved with the whole situation at Kovoro mall. Neither cases were dwelt upon long or pushed into further investigation by the characters. Sure, Remi might have gotten a bit worked up, but she never actually decided to look into the initial person from the mall and his invisible friend. When John and Seraphina got followed, neither one of them tried to figure out why. 

This theme is rather uncommon in the story of UnOrdinary as a whole. The characters often investigate and look into anything suspicious around them. Arlo and Isen looked into John. Remi chased after EMBER (one of the more… special cases), When Seraphina got kidnapped- literally everyone’s perspective revolved around it. Uru-Chan allowed her characters to look into the ultimately lesser conflicts. Yes, Arlo discovering John’s abilities proved to be maybe the biggest plot point/ turning point in UnOrdinary, but after that happened, the story still went on. Seraphina getting kidnapped? Not much to do with that endgame climax we’re all waiting for. I’ll say it again for the people in the back who aren’t paying attention.

Uru-Chan doesn’t let her characters investigate anything that will be endgame conflict.

Am I saying that right? Whatever, you all get the gist of what I’m saying.

The events that aren’t directly crucial to UnOrdinary’s ultimate climax have all been examined.

Which means: Whatever hasn’t been properly addressed by the comic that should’ve based on the character’s usual actions will be important to the eventual and overall plot. 

I mentioned above that there is a special case regarding this rule. EMBER. EMBER is difficult to really put into the black and white classification that I’m talking about. EMBER has been investigated by Remi. 

The reason that I’m still claiming my whole classification as correct is because of the unique ties Remi has to the organization. We all know her brother was murdered by EMBER, She tried to warn students about EMBER, she became a superhero to defeat EMBER. These are facts that have been drilled into our heads since the beginning of the comic.

The beginning of the comic.

Almost from the very moment we met Remi, she had her intimate connection and interest in the organization that lurked in the back of the story. She is the character we see most interact and react to EMBER. I’m going to go as far as saying that her entire character has been revolving around EMBER for basically the entire story. Yes, she’s helped with some side plot like love triangles and whatnot. I don’t really know. But when you really look into Remi, what you find is EMBER. Remi’s character boils down to EMBER.

Remi investigating EMBER is an exception to my classification hypothesis of sorts, but at the same time, it really isn’t… Because her involvement with the group is endgame. Again, I’ll try to explain better…

Because Remi’s character has been onto EMBER since the beginning, she in a way joins the hidden plot. Her character is one of the more subtle plot points, like Terrence or EMBER. I don’t know whether or not to call it a foreshadowing technique, but Remi’s always been in the back warning her friends, Arlo, Wellston about EMBER. 

I’d like to move on from this because this is just meant to be an answer to any holes that my theory (?) many have. I hope I’ve been clear. I would love to talk more, but I don’t know what else to say. Have at it in the comments though :).

Back to Terrence… (sorry I hope this long ramble didn’t distract from my topic too much). Terrence, and the person we readers believe him to be, falls under the category of things that should have been addressed more and were not. Like I listed before: the chase outside the mall, the teddy-bear scandal with the superhero posse. I can’t imagine John just letting someone who was invisible sneak up on him and Seraphina and just not give them another thought. I know, times have changed since then, but still… It seems like something you would remember. Same with the mall thing. Isen and Blyke got kind of into the whole EMBER is authorities thing, but I mean they just were surprised. Neither of them has really delved into it. They didn’t even give another thought to the invisible guy on the motorcycle… 

So yeah… I get excited whenever Terrence is involved because he represents the ultimate climax that Uru-Chan’s been building up to for years. I don’t even think he’s going to play that big of a role, it’s just his involvement in general that I’m intrigued by. I’ve explained myself above and now I’m tired so let’s just move on to what happened this episode sjkdjfghsjikdfh.

Okay Terrence isn’t all that important this episode actually lmao sorry for the big dramatic buildup. He just sits at a table with Seraphina and tells good lies. Honestly, it’s kind of scary how normal he looks while acting like everyone else. Terrence never says anything that directly contradicts what we know to be true, so it’s not that interesting, but stillllll. Terrence sitting and talking with Seraphina so normally??? I eat that shit up i stg. If you didn’t know that he’s been watching everything since the beginning, he wouldn’t stand out and even if you were given some inkling that he was, honestly, he seems too boring and innocent. I usually don’t like this, but the things that the readers know is too much and like I said, I’m living for this. Yeah I don’t know what I’m saying either R.I.P..

The more important part of what I wanted to say is in my explanation of the ultimate plot so I’m going to let myself move on now.

Seraphina on Joker:

Seraphina said something this episode that I guess really got me thinking. She said, “Is he [Joker] really that bad? He’s just climbing the ladder, isn’t he?”

I felt that.

This really intrigued me for some reason. Like… honestly. The low-tiers are scared, but what Joker’s doing is just climbing the hierarchy ladder. This happens all the time, so why be scared now.

When asked about this, the low-tiers said that Joker was scary because he covers his face, meaning he won’t face any consequences (okay this is understandable) and because nobody understands his motives.

Do… Do the low-tiers really believe that they understand every high-tier’s motive? Do they? I don’t know. That’s irrelevant right now lol. 

I made this it’s own section because I’m intrigued that Seraphina seems to be one of the first ones to consider Joker differently. She isn’t instantly scared of him like everyone else and even when she does find out about him and his actions, her immediate reaction isn’t horror. I liked this because it shows a person with a different perspective. With everyone scared of him, readers are limited in the way they see Joker, if that makes sense. Because everyone shown in the comic previously has been terrified of him, when we think of Joker, we think of a badass guy that’s kicking everyone’s asses for the hell of it. That holds so much appeal, don’t get me wrong, but I loved the new way of thinking about him that Seraphina really pointed out to me. Joker is  only climbing the ladder. Joker’s just doing what is acceptable and everyone is being so dramatic about it. I don’t completely understand or agree with Seraphina’s thoughts, but just their presence changed how I thought of something, so thank you for that :).

My new take on Joker: symbolism:

I don’t know what made me really think of this, but I did and I think this kind of makes sense…? I thought it was good enough to put in here so I mean y’all are going to have to read this either way lol.

Joker symbolizes EMBER. 

Let me explain. In UnOrdinary, Joker is this hidden antagonist who is defeating all of the high-tiers. Generally, none of the students know Joker’s motives or who is behind the mask (they said this is why they are scared of him). Joker leaves a trail of his victims bodies. Joker steals his victims powers. Some students know Joker’s true identity, and it’s not who’d you expect.

Now… consider this.

Replace Joker with EMBER (don’t actually do it, I’ll do it for you :))

  1. EMBER is a hidden enemy defeating high-tiers.
  2. The general public is not aware of who is a part of EMBER or what they want.
  3. EMBER leaves a trail of bodies, all of which they brand with their symbol.
  4. An early theory that one of the characters thought of was that EMBER had to be messing with high-tier’s powers to be defeating all of them. This was proved right with that whole Seraphina fiasco and everything that followed.
  5. Remi, Blyke, and Isen all have pretty strong suspicions that EMBER and the authorities are one and the same, which all shocked them at first.

I don’t know what this means. I don’t know how else to elaborate. I’m just going to leave this here. Make of it what you will… But I’m living for thissss.

“John is Joker”:

I hate to say this, but… I just can’t… It-… It’s been a week already (lmao while writing this, the new episode came out) and all I can say is… awsihlkdaklshfjkslhfiuwghr87uivayiukrfhrwauyegvhrwqwc4zszvedrbfygutnymhi,i8ngt67rd64vbe5sw exb6dcnf7vt8m9by8,u09ji

I don’t really have anything to add to this scene so don’t be mad at me for not saying anything  ._.

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