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this is actually a really good theory

he’s seemingly fine with other abilities because his other stats can change but the ones that favor trick are hard because his trick is perma-maxed

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Honorable mentions:

  • Elaine bowing to Remi is a whole mood.
  • I like that Isen’s trying to help the high-tiers take down Joker, but I sure as hell hope he doesn’t help them figure out who it is.
  • Why does the art just continue to get more and more amazing does uru-chan have no limits?
  • Poor Holden was just wanted friendship from Arlo since the beginning.
  • That picture of Arlo cracking his knuckles was big d energy, like guys, that’s alpha behavior right there. (sorry for this one)
  • Seeing arlo laying down on that roof looked so off to me. Like no that’s not arlo what is happening?
  • That picture with Cecile, Seraphina, Remi, and John was so hyyypppe.
  • Arlo sounds like Claire in this episode and, as a lot of you know, I love parallels.
  • When Arlo apologized, not gonna lie, some part of me died.
  • I’m genuinely going to be upset if Arlo and John don’t find some common ground after this. I hate wastes of scenes and the potential.

Loved the theory potential with this episode omg i’m geeking out

John’s ability:

    An important discovery was made by the superhero posse ft. Juni this episode. A game-changing discovery.

    John can’t copy abilities he can’t see!

    I am speechless, I am so impressed that uru-chan managed to add on even more detail to his power. Like yes. Now we know he’s got some sort of handicap (?) or at least a minor setback. It’s a chance for the high-tiers and gives them, gives us, the readers, hope. For them, a fair fight, for us the most epic climax we’ve ever seen (maybe, depends on how John reacts to Arlo [that’s later]).

    But as cool as that is and as impressive that it was that Isen was able to figure this out, it leaves some holes. Actually… not holes… questions.

Question 1: He copied Isen’s ability before?

  • Does this mean that Hunter is a visual ability?
  • John was able to copy not only Isen’s fighting skills like the target thing and whatnot (episode 126), but in episode 128, he’s shown using Isen’s ability to find people by like x-ray vision walls. So that either means:
    1. Plot hole, mistake, or it was written before uru-chan decided to add on more details of John’s power (unlikely because of how it explains much about Claire.
    2. Or: That ability was technically physical and had visual feedback. (likely)
  • It’s pretty similar to the healing abilities John used (Tanner and Elaine’s), but those are more visual than Isen’s so they’re not as critical.

Question 2: Where does the line between physical and abstract lie?

  • This is pretty similar to the last one. I’m just asking what exactly makes something “non-physical and have visual feedback?”
  • Like above, it’s pretty confusing to differ between the two.
  • I don’t really have any details for this just where does one become the other? I need more details to this.

Question 3: John’s dormant ability?

  • John’s dormant ability is ability-detection. He can sense when someone is using their ability
  • He used this against the invisible guy in episode 10 and was confused when he couldn’t detect Arlo’s in episode 72, where John said, “Arlo’s barrier is activated. But why can’t I sense it at all.” (I’m using this as confirmation that John’s dormant ability is canon)
  • I just want to know how this corresponds to the whole “can only copy what he can see”
  • What are the boundaries between ‘I know this person is using an ability’ and ‘i can tell what ability it is’?

    This development on John’s power is pretty confusing. At first I was thinking that maybe Isen was a bit off. Maybe he could only use ability that he knew how they worked, but that is questioned by the limits of John’s dormant ability and is completely debunked by the whole Claire situation a while ago, though John’s ability could have totally grown between now and then (or not, he was dormant for a long time, I’m not really sure how that works).

    I’m just hoping (it’s really likely) that Isen’s new theory about John’s power will get explored more in the future and we’ll get more details regarding it and any past events in the comic that somehow contradict or confuse the picture being painted for us now by uru-chan.

    Something real nice that Isen’s theory aided us with was clearing Claire’s ability and the potential plot holes her and John’s story held, which is actually the main reason why I don’t think Isen is wrong. John can’t use abstract abilities like the ‘flash forward’ Juni has, which is very similar (and probably a reflection of) Claire’s ability (likely the most important reason for uru-chan giving her such an ability). Isen’s theory gives a logical solution to why John never did or was never able to use Claire’s ability.

    We’ll see where this inference leads us in the future, but I know I’m excited to see where it takes us.


Arlo’s character development:

    Everyone’s absolutely raving over this.

    First off, I’d like to point out that it’s possible we’re back on track for the students to think Arlo is Joker. Yeah… not really… :( (I have hope that’s all i’m gonna say).

    But like… this episode.

    Arlo just retook the spot for my favorite character again, stealing it from Cecile, who’s reign was short, but mighty. What can I say, the King’s gotta take his throne (Arlo will always be king in my mind).

    But like goddamn Arlo really was so interesting and captivating to read. Idk. slkefkuhfj.

    I’m going to try to go in order.

    As much as it pains me to say this for Arlo’s sake, I would really love to see the students completely lose faith in Arlo like Holden predicted. I wanna see Arlo get broken. I want to see his core, I want to see him watch as everything he worked for after Rei left burns to the ground around him. I want to see the defeat on his face when after all his efforts and years of fighting to put everything in order, all of it is undone because he wasn’t careful enough with the one person who has the capability to do it. I want to watch Arlo suffer as his one mistake destroys everything he’s ever worked for and everyone he’s tried to keep safe and under control abandons him.

    Too far? Too far.

    But seriously though, do you know how powerful it would be to have the only mistake he ever made be one that completely ruins his life and damages his efforts beyond repair?


…. Moving on

    In this episode, Arlo just seems so lonely to me. When he walked away from Holden, when he was lying on the roof alone. I feel that those moments were deliberately put in to really sell the idea that Arlo really only has himself to rely on. He’s always been the most powerful, has always been distanced from everyone else because of what that power expected in return, because of his duty to lead. Now that’s he’s not on top, nothing has changed. He’s still the most powerful against Joker. He’s still is the king. He’s still the person that everyone looks up too, but who can Arlo look up too. The one person that Arlo was shown to truly respect and admire was Rei, and Rei let Arlo down. It never would have been important before because Arlo was always in complete control of every situation, he didn’t need anyone to look up too. But now, against a force that he’s already lost too, suddenly the fact that Arlo is alone is so significant. Arlo’s been distancing himself from others because it helped him when he was on top, but now he’s defeated, reversing the effect of reclusement. I don’t know. My boy just seemed real lonely. Iukghjksjhfujshgrn.

    Throughout all of this, though, Arlo’s logical mind is still in top shape. That cold and analytical breakdown of a Remi and John fight defines everything about Arlo’s character. And he uses his discernment that Remi can’t be allowed to fight John and turns it into a plan to prevent it. Love it. This is what made Arlo a king. Not his ability to make barriers, but his ability to know what to do and what must be done. It’s what got him to the top after Rei left everyone in chaos and hopefully, it will now.

    By the way, I’m loving the fact that Arlo’s logical mind overpowers his pride. Not many can say that, I can’t say that. But Arlo can and I respect him so much for it, especially because a large part of his character is reliant upon his pride and dignity. Arlo realized that it was his fault that everything was happening, realized that he made the initial mistake that led to John’s brutal takeover.

    And what does this badass, genius, cold, king do? He goes to apologize.

    Still. not . over. This.

    Arlo is going to apologize to John.

    Now, I have no idea where this is going to go. I don’t know to what extent Arlo is going to admit his wrong, or how much John will be willing to hear, so we can only wait

    Don’t mind me lowkey praying in the corner that now because Arlo really understands what John wants and has wanted from the beginning, they will someone become friends and respect each other.  

Oh, who am i kidding

See ya next week. :)

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Honorable mentions:

  • It’s really hard to talk about action scenes because they are so straight forward ugh so i’m not exactly going to have a bit about that
  • For a minute I got excited because I thought Joker was trying to help the low-tiers and he threatened them in this episode, then I realized he doesn’t care about them and just wants to take down Arlo… just nevermind
  • Right as the episode switches to Sera, some student says, “There’s obviously a Joker running around school!” which makes me ask. She said a joker. Has there been other’s before at other schools? Is Joker an established term? Maybe Joker’s not a unique name, only labeling what he is like Arlo is ‘King’ and Remi is ‘Queen’
  • Honestly can’t report on Sera either because she literally said she don’t care… *sigh*
  • John being either oblivious idiot or badass villain is a mood and the reason I love him
  • It physically pains me to hear John refer to himself in the 3rd person while wholeheartedly being serious
  • The top comments for this episode were great lmao

I guess let’s begin

I’m not prepared this was such a hype episode

But before getting into the events of this actual episode: I recently (like 5 hours ago) had what I can only describe as an epiphany

A theory (kind of?):

    Y’all know how Blyke wanted to discover who Joker is? I know he got beat up and all that jazz, but I don’t truly believe he’d give it up. Even if Blyke has, surely someone, anyone, else would feel motivated to figure out who Tuesday is. And you know what… It’ll be a short time before someone figures out that they have the perfect tool to do so.

    Before I’ve joked that maybe Blyke could just find the good fighters to narrow it down. I don’t know if I’m forgetful or a bit slow. I’m really shocked that I’ve not thought of this. Like, Blyke’s solution is really simple actually, especially considering who his best friend is. You would think that he at least would realize his opportunity. During all of this, it seems everyone has forgotten about one person, one person whose ability is hunting people down. Who’s ability enables him to lock onto targets and see their whereabouts. Isen’s hunter ability would let him get a lock on Joker and then watch him until he takes the mask off.

    Like… I’m surprised I’ve thought of this only now.

    Obviously, Isen isn’t exactly going to be bringing it up though. He already knows who Joker is. I doubt he wants other people to find out. He’s scared of John. We’ve seen this on multiple occasions. In fact, if anyone asked him to help them figure out who Joker is using his ability, I’m almost positive he would flat out refuse them, reputation be damned.

    But, like I said, it’s only a matter of time until someone figures out his potential.

    Now I don’t know about all of you, but now I really want a scene in the upcoming episodes of someone asking Isen to use his ability to figure out who the Joker is. I need it.

    Okay I’ll just leave this small theory here for a bit of brain food I guess. I don’t know lol.

OKAY MOVING ON (this skips right to the end because there’s not a lot of things I can write about in this episode. Everything’s been pretty straight-forward)


    Okay, I wasn’t really noticing this part when I read the episode for the first time, just enjoying the story, but while rereading it to write this, I noticed something. At the end of the episode, John says (to Cecile), “That would make me a pushover, just like Arlo. And you don’t want that, do you?”

    Cecile replies, “……..” (eloquent I know).

    Then John says, “That’s what I thought.”

    But then.

    Cecile begins to say, “Actually…” before being cut off by John.

    She says “Actually…”


    I love this pairing so much I’m not sure if I would hate a betrayal or love it even more ikjbhfhjsbefjkhf.

The end meeting thing:

    I dunno what to think of this. What could Juni give the high-tiers that they couldn’t get on their own? What’s so important about her. She really doesn’t know anything at all, she just got beat up by Joker a while ago.

    Well. Yeah… she knows something, whether or not she realizes it. Juni was attacked after harming Seraphina. I forgot if they’re any clearer leads that might have led her to believe that Tuesday’s attack was a retaliation of that incident, but the connection can still be made. In fact I’m certain the high-tiers will come to this conclusion after talking with her. Otherwise, it’s kind of a waste of a scene, and I like to believe I know uru-chan’s storytelling style well enough to know that she doesn’t just throw useless scenes into her story.

    Something that confused me was Isen. Like I said before in my theory, I doubt he would try to help the high-tiers unmask Joker. He’d been trying to dissuade Arlo of the same thing for the longest time and when Arlo went through with his plan anyway, it started this whole mess. But Isen didn’t seem to be holding anything back in those few panels we saw him. Who knows though, we’ll have to wait for next week.

This hasn’t been all that thorough, but what else is new

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Honorable mentions:

  • Leilah is adorable

So basically, the only interesting thing that happened in this episode was Leilah talking about her job.

Knowing that the author wouldn’t just include this random company that focuses on researching abilities and uses gadgets for no reason. Make no mistake, it is likely that Leilah is working for the company that is creating the ability enhancement drugs we saw in around episode 115 (and before {the late 90’s chapters} [the remi arc]). I looked through that episode and no genuine organization was named, but I mean, “We’re just a small company working on some cool little gadgets.” It’s an obvious reference.

After I looked through that episode, I wanted to see if Leilah’s work thing lined up with anything involving either Remi’s arc or Seraphina’s power loss (mostly Remi). We first learn that Leilah is going to be going on a sudden work trip in episode 67 (this took me over 30+ minutes to find ;-;). Turns out this is before both Remi’s entanglement with the ability-enhancers and Seraphina’s initial ability loss. This really surprised me because I always considered Sera’s ability loss to be very early on. The first episode of Sera’s loss is actually episode 68, the one right after Leilah’s announcement to Darren. This lined up better than I had ever hoped! The injections that took Seraphina’s powers and gave a mid-tier powers for Remi to fight both fit relatively into Leilah’s work trip (which was initially going to be 2 weeks, but as she said to Darren this episode, “It took a bit longer than expected.”). Now, I don’t know if she had anything to do that directly involved her with both of these incidents, not only because she doesn’t know about Seraphina (or at least that it was Sera), but she tells Darren that on her work trip, she, “They wanted me to fly over to train the new guys.” Because all the best lies have some truths, I’m going to assume that she was training some people. And because the sentence I quoted before about the trip taking a while was directly after, whoever she trained had some difficulties/failures requiring Leilah to stay later.

Now who involved with the ability drug injections had some sort of failure or hold up? This took me a while, but then I realized. Considering that Leilah said she was heading back home in episode 132. I think the people that Leilah trained were the guys that tried to kidnap Seraphina. I know that this is pretty early on in the story for Leilah to just be heading home in episode 132, but i mean in the same episode you see her at the beach so I’m just going to say that she took a lil vacay (yeah actually no there’s to big a gap, I really don’t know what to say or what she could’ve been doing).

The people first involved with Sera were the ones that injected her in episode 68. The very first was a woman that asked her for the time. But the most pivotal person was the one that shot Seraphina with what I can assume is a very short-term ability loss serum. It causes Seraphina to become unfocused and shaky, even allowing the main horde of people to try to hit her with a truck (that Sera barely avoids). Her ability is still there because her eyes are still glowing, but it’s been lowered so much that she’s barely able to use it. (same stuff given to Arlo, John, and Elaine later back at John’s place.) After the group tries to trick her into their van and fails, they attack her, one of them injecting her with what is basically confirmed to be the real deal. The total ability loss. It doesn’t come into effect right away because she still used her ability to totally beat up everyone.

And there’s the failure. That team was meant to bring her in (i’m inferring). And that’s why Leilah had to stay longer, she had to help them with their attempt to kidnap Seraphina from John’s house.

Honestly that’s all I got for that

But in the future, do you know how cool this could be? I think that now, Leilah knows what she was working on, or who she was working on. Will she be able to help Remi defeat the organization, will she help Sera get her powers back, or will she stay loyal to her job. After all, she had to have known what she was doing. Otherwise how would she have been able to do er job?

Idk leave your thoughts below :)

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Sorry it took a week oof. Not even more content, just the usual lol

Honorable mentions:

  • Neither John nor Sera got a mango boba drink thing and that makes me sad
  • John looked so innocent this episode wow
  • John talking about his motivations for becoming joker cleansed my soul
  • Sometimes i really like that UnOrdinary doesn’t have any romance because it would take away from the amazing plot, but damn. Sera and John this episode…
  • Didn’t really write a lot on Sera because she’s just been saying the same stuff on repeat for weeks, just none of the other characters are paying attention to her R.I.P.
  • “I’ll keep fighting back. Just like you! You don’t have to do it alone anymore!” -Sera. Rip out my heart why don’t ya (or more accurately John’s heart)
  • Darren cleans UP (his hAIR haha)
  • But on a more important note, how tf are doc and leilah gonna affect the plot. I’m waiting

And yet again, chronological order


    Blyke has really grown on me lemme say.

    In this episode, Blyke is sad, upset, but most of all, he’s deflated. He’s accepted defeat, he knows that he is weak and will always be. This is such a sad thing to read after that episode of him and Arlo talking about the responsibilities of the king. Then, Blyke was worried he wouldn’t be up to the task. Knowing how he felt before, it’s just really hard to read that what he was worried about happened. It’s even worse to know that he tried to believe Arlo who said that he would be able to do the right thing or conquer the problem if he needed to. Even through his fear, Blyke listened to Arlo and because of that he went after Joker. (this [every] paragraph has bad writing but bear with me)

    Recently, Blyke had become one of my favorite characters. I used to kind of get bored whenever he was involved because whatever he was doing was insignificant, but more than that, it had no feeling. We never knew who Blyke was or how he thought in the past. It’s a shame that we’ve been let into most other character’s heads before Blyke’s and it had caused a lot of fans to kind of neglect him or just not acknowledge his character as much as the other’s. That’s understandable though (because like I said, his character wasn’t really expressed till now). Now that we have been let into Blyke’s head, however, we see his ambitions and his personality. While Blyke always came off as that nonchalant, popular jock, with his new insight, we get to see that he is also insecure about his abilities and scared to have a lot of responsibility put onto him. Just like that, he’s become a person.

    Watching Blyke talk to John this episode was really tough for me because of how much he tried. He promised John that he would take Joker down and he promised Arlo that he would be prepared to stay on top, despite his own internal struggle and worries. Him confronting John about what happened and admitting to both John and himself that he was too weak was so powerful. Blyke’s character has always been about power. I don’t mean that he wants in, but every bit of plot he’s been in, he’s only been included because of the ability he possessed, not really his ideas or personality. Him admitting that he is no longer that person, even if it’s only this small admission to John, must be so difficult for his character because everything he’s been raised to be and everything he’s strived to become has been contradicted. This reminds me of what Arlo and Seraphina went through (mostly Sera). Arlo because of the realization (more of a confirmation in Blyke’s case) that he really isn’t untouchable. Mostly Seraphina because of how he takes it. They both grow sad with the realization that they aren’t enough. Though I’m not too sure if I can compare Seraphina’s and Blyke’s situations because of their different natures. Obviously Blyke didn’t lose his powers. I had a point. Where was I going with this…? (idk)

    That last couple of panels though leave me wondering. Blyke thinks, “Damn it! If only I were stronger!” Is he going to try to get stronger? How is he going to do that? Train? Power enhancement drug? (please).


    You can really tell that what John wants isn’t total control over Wellston. He doesn’t want what he had at New Bostin. He doesn’t want the consequences he know it will likely bring. In this episode, John says, “Besides, I’d rather just spend time like this! Away from the other students and away from all the school’s nonsense.” Those aren’t the sentences of an antagonist who enjoys hurting people or the life he lives. John isn’t the stereotypical bad guy. I am very grateful for that. You know, John used to be my favorite character. I would’ve been kind of disappointed if he was written off as this total ass and irredeemable. Because that’s not who is. He’s a guy trying to do his best for everyone. That’s why he has to fight everyone. Doing so will plant doubt into Arlo’s hierarchy and therefore, hopefully create a world safer for low-tiers. Because I really believe that to be John’s motive now. Though he’s really being portrayed as the villain right now, he’s trying to do what he thinks is best and the only way he can achieve that is by fighting, at least for him, a cripple that nobody would listen to if he just tried to solve his problems with words (without revealing himself because that would create more problems). I don’t know. His situation is really complicated and I love that. It’s realistic, creates great storytelling, and leaves room for more development for his character. Thank you and goodnight.

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