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Things I noticed rereading unOrdinary part 1

Elaine is horrible. Like, worse than the rest of the cast. I would dare say worse than arlo, because of the visible disgust she shows upon talking with or about John. Like wtheck

Arlo seems flirtatious towards sera

The reason sera had to fill in for remi at turf wars was because her brother had passed away that week. We see in the news. When she comes back to school, she is talking to Blyke about how if she tried to break a fight between arlo and sera she could get killed, but stops midway the last word

Arlo’s shield reflects damage and inflicts internal damage on arlo when broken. The reflection part is not just recoil. He can create multiple barriers

Blyke had a much more powerful looking beam in the first episodes, maybe got nerfed

The art was much more detailed

John’s ability foreshadowing till now:

  • Avoids the touch of the ability reader very aggressively
  • He knows they’re being followed by a freaking invisible guy, go as far as hitting it with a t-shirt
  • When he talks about the book with sera on episode 22, says he would step up if he was qualified, not powerful enough. It’s subtle, but the choice of words makes all the difference
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Arlo:If you have 10 cookies, and I give you five, how many cookies would you have?


Arlo:Thats basic math,how did you even get that wrong?

Remi:I would give them all to you because I love you and you deserve a lot of cookies

Arlo,holding back tears:Gross,absolutely disgusting, get out of my room.

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