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Here are the current high tiers and their powers, as far as we know (no spoilers)

1- Sera (I still believe her powers will return one day) LVL- 8

Power: Time Manipulation 

Passive: Slower perception of time, AKA faster reflexes

2- John 

Power & LVL: you’ll find out soon 

Passive: Aura detection or something like that??? He can see auras

3- Asslo Arlo (lol) LVL- 6.3

Power: Barrier

Passive: Super strength (something like that idk)

4- Remi LVL- 5.4

Power: Lightning

Passive: Sensing electric flow

5- Cecile LVL- somewhere between 5-5.3

Power: Some weird rope thing (unknown)

Passive: also unknown (if you guys have an idea of what it could be then tell me!)

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I have another blog!

I use it strictly for writing, and things to do with writing, and I want to build it up while I’m waiting for my new laptop to get here so I can actually get back to writing. A lot of people seem to pay more attention to this blog, so I figured a good step to take would be to spread awareness. nevermore-the-dragon-sings is the name of it, and you’ll know you’ve found it because of the amateur death note theme(the profile pic is L with Misa’s phone, and it has a bad apple pattern background.)

One perk is that you can ask me questions on there, if you’re at all interested in the writing ideas I propose. I’ll probably reblog with a link or something later.

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My favorite



All might








All for one



Spider man

Peter Parker

Iron man

Tony stark








Lapis lazuli

White diamond

Blue pearl

Blue diamond





















Lady bug

Chat noir



President mick










Uraraka x deku (idk the name :’) )

John x Seraphina (again ^)

Arlo x Remi. (^^^)

Haha (Hana x haru)


Eraser head x president mick (I still don’t remember the names,I’m going to look for a doctor :’[ )


Barney is a dinosaur

—Strange fangirl.

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I started reading the webtoon Unordinary.

I get the feeling that John DOES have powers. He is just pretending he doesn’t.

Also that he is the mysterious vigilante.

We shall see..

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Honorable mentions:

  • Was it just me, or was john’s edginess this episode so much more electrifying than usual. I don’t know, i’m not sure if “edginess” is the right word, more like he’s being like such a snake and those are my favorite type of characters. The ones that know they hold the strings and take full advantage of it. God, that’s the best
  • John has so much potential to be the tom riddle of unordinary if he just stopped instinctively slapping and yelling at everyone that pissed him off like really bro?
  • It feels really weird to see submissive arlo
  • I’ve recently realized that we are nowhere near the end of Unordinary as a story because the ultimate climax is going to be that drug company, ember, and invisible guy because those were introduced in the beginning and have been peppered in so far, you can tell that it’s going to be the final boss
  • For some reason now, I’m like hyped to see a tiny, evil (I’m kind of picturing a mini john) Terrence shoot
  • But like seriously, i want to see what’s happening now get so hyped up, this big war between hierarchy and vengeance, but then it just like zooms out and you realize that it’s all been pretty insignificant. I don’t really know what I’m saying, but I know it’s likely I will sit down to write a whole ass theory after this. Not even a theory, just like a hype post lmao.
  • Also want to make a for and against post about the hierarchy I don’t know
  • John’s a little whiny bitch ain’t he
  • But a manipulative whiny bitch recently, and I live for that. It’s so weird to compare him to how he was at the start of the comic…
  • On one hand, I don’t know whether I’d like the repetition of a john and Remi fight because he’s really fought everyone and we know he’s going to win, but then i just want to see black lightning
  • It’s been too long since I’ve seen Arlo’s barrier please it adds on to my lifespan, uru-chan
  • John in the middle of a deserted alley like “oop you don’t want people to see you fighting me”
  • None of you can understand how much I want Blyke to figure it all out. Like pleeease show the readers and the characters what he can do, that he’s not just a fighter. I know this is where you’re going uru.
  • Honestly, Blyke is going to be (I’m optimistic) such a great king.
  • “What’s he like when the abilities he collects wear off?” Is that foreshadowing
  • Is it too much to ask that Blyke didn’t think anything of John’s muscles other than ‘damn he’s hot”?
  • I’m so sorry for not having an actually section for that ending, but I don’t really have any solid theory, I’m just excited
  • Like, everyone’s wondering if Blyke finally figured out who Joker is, but literally how would he have recognized it from John in a tank top…??
  • One of the top comments said “Blyke you smart ma***.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN. WHAT IS “MA***”??????? What kind of swear is that…? (sorry it’s just bothering me)

Was gonna procrastinate this, but it was such a good episode, I couldn’t god this is why I started writing these

John vs. Arlo:

    God, even though this conflict is more flattering towards Arlo, I can’t help but side with both of them. Arlo is that classic redeemed douche that you can’t help but root for, the one with understandable morals and his logical brain yesss. But then there’s John with his snakey behind-the-scenes controlling (lmao i already talked about this in the honorable mentions). I don’t know. Just know the dynamic is phenomenal (dynamic is everything, always remember).

    You know, I have to say I am disappointed in a small way at the way this scene played out, though it didn’t end as bad as i thought it would if that happened. I was expecting John and Arlo to come to some sort of compromise. I thought at least Arlo would have figured out a way to stop John from defeating Remi. I’m sad because of two big reasons. One: kind of repetitive and a waste of a scene, if i’m going to be harsh. We’ve had loads of scenes where John gets away because of what he holds over Arlo’s head and I wanted something different so bad. I thought it would be different because Arlo apologized this time, but nothing really progressed or got accomplished in this scene. Two: neither of the characters acted any different than they had. I know that Arlo apologized, and that was intriguing in the start, but when John got annoyed, he went right back to aggressiveness (which is completely understandable, but just so overused). John, obviously, acted very much the same, or at least had the same mindset. Only new development there was that he showed Arlo that he knew how everything worked and knew the places that Arlo couldn’t hurt him (am I being clear enough?), but I mean, he’s always been about intimidation. *sigh.* I really only enjoyed this scene because of how powerful and in charge John acted. Not like, he was on top, but more like he was aware of how to use it. Different from just bossing people around, but I was getting a small bit of old Arlo from him, and I loved that kdhfksjfh.

    I have to say that I don’t fully understand when John says, “With this, you’d be sabotaging yourself even further (about Arlo being seen fighting John).” Like… boy. Arlo isn’t really looking for support from the students. That won’t help him and yet the threat works. I don’t know. Lmao do neither of them realize nobody likes Arlo anyway? Not like that would help. A bunch of low-tiers ain’t gonna be able to take John down, it’s a canon fact. I don’t know…

Isen’s theory:

Also, Isen’s theory is at least partly wrong because someone said that when Cecile and John collected the powers, he didn’t look at them, yet he used them, so I don’t really know what’s going on about this. I’ve already posted this on this account, but whatever 

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