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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

dailypokemoncrocheta month agoText

I have about 12 half done ideas

One of them is this October art challenge thing I made up for my Pokemon crochets and I can’t post it right now because it’s on my computer and my cat is on me so I can’t go

I don’t think I’ll be able to do something new for every day but I’ll try

Anyway the first prompt was moon

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dailypokemoncrocheta month agoText

Send me a Pokemon you want to know how to make

I want to try a thing to see if I can illustrate my “process” better. Maybe help folks figure out how to freehand their own amigurumi

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dailypokemoncrocheta month agoText

maybe i鈥檒l just make 50 of the same pokemon and sell each at super undercut price

it鈥檚 messed up how it鈥檚. cheaper to move across country and live with my folks than it is to try to stay in this area for even one more month.

i鈥檓 sorry for the negativity y鈥檃ll. i wanted this to be a happy space, but times are so. so tough.

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dailypokemoncrocheta month agoPhoto

#029 Nidoran F

Where do you stand on the whole聽鈥渞edo the national dex so the Nidoran lines are considered the same species鈥 issue? I鈥檓 torn between keeping the numbering the same so we don鈥檛 have to renumber most of the Pokemon, and updating it because we have other gender differentiated Pokemon that don鈥檛 have their own lines…

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dailypokemoncrocheta month agoText

When you’re pretty sure today is Sunday but it’s actually Saturday and it feels like it has been for the past 4 days and it is September but yesterday was only just February and there’s this weird deja vu almost because every week is blending into the next but this is distinctly a New day because outside is clear and you don’t have to wonder if it’s maybe 5am or noon or 7pm you can’t tell because the smoke and the world is on fire and wasn’t that how we rang in this new year with the world on fire? i guess it’s just been on fire this whole time but pretty sure it stopped at some point and it’s spring no summer right now or is it autumn because it’s almost spooky times but the past few months have been spooky times and probably the next following months years however long and your stomach grumbles again but you just ate pretty sure but actually that was..hours ago?

That’s a Jeremy Bearimy~

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